Sunday, August 30, 2009

Please discuss anything on Skip Beat here.

The entire place for Skip Beat discussion is shut down. AGAIN! For 2 weeks this time.

I'm now keeping this post as a mini-forum, where you can discuss anything Skip Beat related, until the forum reopens. ANYTHING AT ALL.

You can also use this forum.
Skip Beat Forum
I'm not the admin there, so I can't allow guest posting, sorry.


  1. Is it just me, or is the current scantalation taking waaay to long? It has already been a week since the raws are released, and they were actually leaked 2 days earlier at that.

  2. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention. Please tell us your screennames, so we know who you are.

    For those that use different screennames, please state again. I forgot some. >_<

  3. Screenname - ejoandrlo

    I think its gotten to a point where their heads are to far up their ass to listen to people anymore.They don't get it. If they really do piss to many of us off, and we go find somewhere else, than they lose business and they'll be the ones without a job. Seems like they expect everyone to kiss ass because we can't "read/speak" Japanese. And if the damn forums were so bad, than make it DELETE the oldest posts on its own, and only the pinned ones stay. How hard could that possibly be? Or do they just want a reason to bitch?

    I'm usually the type who sits back and watches things. And it makes me glad I never posted back on the forums. They would have banned me that instant. >_>

  4. i usually posted on
    they are more friendly, but not so quick replies.

    about the scanlation. well, they are not getting paid on it and they have their own lives. so, i couldn't complain if it takes a long time.

  5. I agree with you mechgouki!!! I mean, it's been a week and they'll probably delay it even longer because of our "bad behavior" on the forums! Die Schlampes!

  6. In any case, I just went and read the forum rules and I really don't get why they are throwing so a BF!!! I mean, the only real two rules most people broke was the spam rule and the thing with the dragons. And really, that spam rule is stupid. It reminds me of how crappy American system is in some cases for instance, some girl was suspended from her school because she was caught taking her birth control pills on school grounds! Not to mention the school wanted her EXPELLED!!! EXPELLED for taking birth control! And the government doesn't even recognize the difference between drugs like birth control and meth or LCD or any of the other EXTREMELY dangerous and detremental drugs because of the Substance Free rule thing. And the forums are just like that! I mean if a person replies, "Yeah, I agree." they consider that SPAM! I mean, what if there is nothing else to say but you still want that person to know that you agree with whatever they think! Ugh, they really need to change their rules! Also, I didn't see anywhere that you couldn't tell people to respond or comment, the thing that got mechgouki banned! Those forum people bite the big one!

  7. Yeah, I wanted to post somewhere in this blog that the Skip Beat! forums were locked yesterday, but I figured that you probably knew or will know as soon as you guys got there. xD

    Ok, moving on, since, this is the "New Skip Beat forum", might as well, start a topic from that place! I'll start with the Skip Beat! Quiz.
    (Since I miss that thread the most. D:)

    Rules: I ask a question from Skip Beat! and the person who correctly answers it, gets to ask the next question. :D

    Question: What's the name of the soft drink in that commercial Kanae and Kyoko did?

    ~Cherryblossomangel16 (Screen Name)

    P.S. Thank you for doing this, you're a really nice person! :)

  8. Well, regarding the scans of the Skip Beat! raws, it's NOT because of our bad behavior, Franky House isn't get paid at all for it, so it might take a while to clean, edit, translate, and all of that, so I doubt it's our behavior problems because Shugo Chara had LOTS of behavior problems, but they still got their chapters(Sure they were probably 2-3 weeks late, but at least they still got them)

    Just be patient and it WILL come! :D

    I'm off to go to school, wish me luck because I have TONS of running to do! :)

    A plus tard!

    (French for "See you Later", yeah,
    I'm learning French! *w*)


  9. finally!you've removed posting restrictions!!!i wanted to comment for a long time now :)))
    so thanks for all the translating you're doing it's really a great job!!!
    and about sb all i can say is: kyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!omg!!! i hope the manga will be like this also:D
    can't wait for the kiss..hehehhehe

  10. Well, I never posted in MF and I never read their rules, but the rules for deleting messages like "I agree with that" always go associated with a forum with post count to get the releases. I think that if a post count isn't needed, then they should be more relaxed in it.

    Talking about the english release... I think (I haven't asked them) that the problem is that there isn't a dedicated translator for SB in franky-house. If you look at the credits you can see that the translator for the last bunch of chapter is an outsider from franky-house, for example, unrelated-waffle ( or shirayuri-hazu ( Because of that, I think that the delay for the 144 chapter is the lack of a translator :(

  11. A: Kyurara?

    Q: Describe the pendant that Ren wears.

  12. Personally, I think MF would be a WHOLE LOT BETTER OFF, without some stupid rules and some stupid mods.

    It's like they're intentionally finding things to bitch about!

    Anyway, I hope this wouldn't disrupt your daily activities, so that's why I'm creating this.

    We should also have a latest chapter discussion.

    What are you guys hoping to see next? I hope that Ren sees Shou, realizes he has to do something. He probably still has a shoot, so he can't leave the set. So what should he do? He should hand over Yashiro his credit card, ask him to get the most expensive present he can find.

    And Yashiro will rush out to find this present as if his life depends on it. (Because it does. :D )

  13. Hrm... I KNOW I posted already this morning... BLOGGER ATE MY POST! Anyway...

    The person working on SB 144 for Frankyhouse posted on one of the SB forums there a few days ago. The reason it's taking so long is that they have no outside translation this time and have only one person on staff working on the translation.

    That one person is dealing with school issues and has a sketchy internet connection right now, so it's taking longer than expected.

    She posted a few days ago that she should be finished soon (a day or two)... but that was a few days ago.

    My only guess is that it's her net connection not letting her proceed.

  14. Screen name-the robot
    I'm glad that you still are continuing with the translations even though mf removed you kudos on the perserverence XD thanks and continue plz!!

  15. Someone else might pick up Ch 144 since the Franky-house J-E translator is busy and the Chinese scanslations are out


  16. Yeah. Perhaps I should do the scantalations for the next one! :D

    Seriously, my photoshop skills suck though. >_<

    Anyway, what are you guys hoping for in next chapter? I am hoping to see presents war! Ren will find an even better present for Kyouko, and show off to Shou!

  17. I can´t think about the next chapter until I´ve read the translation of the lastest one ^.^ But I hope that Ren won´t let them be alone, because he hates the "atmosphere" between them^^ I want him to send Sho off (I also wouln´t mind if would would use violence to do so, but I guess Nakamura-Sensei woulnd´t do this -.-)

  18. Honestly, I wished for that too! He should have sent Shou off last time, or make sure he does not leave Kyouko alone with him.

  19. Mechgouki, you do the translations and I'll work with you for the scanlation! Sounds like a plan to me!

  20. Re. to mechgouki:

    I think that there should be rules and mods, but not to the extreme where there is absoultly no say in anything you do.

    BUT no rules at all, and it'll be HELL.

    Fights in EVERY single forum and thread known to man, LOTS of cuss words, stupid pairing wars, and etc.

    My point is that it's good to have rules for serveral reasons, but I perfer that rules shouldn't be set to an extreme that you get banned to just breathing. ._.

    Re. to Skip Beat! Quiz

    A: am I suppose to describe it?
    It's silver and Ren wears it almost all the time.

    Go google Skip Beat Volume 6 for what the necklace looks like in color and it was also shown when Ren was "Kuon" again. :)

    Personally, I always thought that Nakamura-sensei drew it just because, I don't think it has any meaning until Nakamura-sensei says otherwise.

    Q: What are the names of Hiou's parents?

    (Got from RenxKyoko313 from MangaFox because that was the last question asked before the forums got locked.)

  21. (Cont.)

    I'd love to help with the scans, but sadly, I wouldn't know what to do and I'm busy with schoolwork. So yeah. :3

    Re. to Latest Chapter Discussion:

    I'd LOVE to see what Kyoko's reaction is!
    She's be SO freaked out and reject them almost immediately! I'm not in the mood to see any "Ren vs Sho" action because it'll be TOO predictable that it's boring even if Ren punches Sho's headlights out.


    P.S. I meant to say "A plus" not "A plus tard" in my 2nd comment, but whatever, at least I'm back, so it probably doesn't even matter anymore. xD

  22. The pendant has a ring and a diamond, sigh. (As in ring and diamond shaped objects.)

  23. *headdesk*

    I feel so stupid now. T.T
    The picture that I found had the pendant, but I was an IDIOT for not paying attention to it. D:

    Stupid Stupid Stupid
    *bonks head excessively*


  24. Re: to megouchi

    I can also help with the scans, I do scanslation work for other series ^^

    Re: Skip Beat Quiz

    A: Uesegi Nabatame and Uesegi Ryotaro

    I had to look it up this time, but I wanted to keep the game alive.

    Q: Easy one this time ^^: What did Ren say to Ogata to put him at ease when he was about to break down on set?


  25. actually his mother is Nabatame Yuuko, my bad*

    ~ Kili

  26. A: You are different than your father.

    Q: What is the name of the modeling agency Ren frequently models for?

  27. Re. xsilverrozenx:

    Well, let me just say that I think that I think this "forum" is going quiet well for no rules. Although, I do agree that some rules are necessary for a forum becuase, like you said, without them, things get waaayyy too out of hand!

    Re. to Latest Chapter Discussion:

    I must has said this like a thousand times on MF but I really don't think that Ren is going to do much. I doubt he'll leave Kyoko's side and possibly hold her again, but probably not. Anyway, I think before he even has time to really do anything or shake off his shock Sho will say something like...

    "Here Kyoko. These flowers are for you." Kyoko stares at him just as shocked and baffled as Ren now.

    "Are the poisoned?" she asks incredulously that her sworn enemy is giving her flowers and unknowningly entering the two enter into their own world ignoring all around them and by doing so angering one big important person. Ren, unable to take the scene before him leaves with his manager in tow.

    Or the director calls on Ren and tells him that he has to get on the set or whatever.

    "How could she of possibly gone back to him?" Ren thinks to himself, dejected and enraged, as he walks to his dressing room, or just anywhere away from where those two are.

    "R-r-ren?" a voice squeaks from behind Ren but he decides to ignore his manager. After all, Yashiro had told him that something like this might happen but he didn't-couldn't believe it.

    "Why do you always think so badly of me?!?" Sho asks, angry now.

    "That's because you're a bad person!" she'll spit back out with no hesitation.

    "Jeez! I come all the way here to congratulate you on your relationship with that Beagle and this is how you treat me!?" He says enraged. Not only was she still treating him like dirt but she was in relationship with that man (Reino).

    And then Kyoko asks him what is he talking about and the situation is cleared up with Sho but there is still Ren left. Kyoko finds him but he acts very cold toward her and she knows he is angry but can't figure out why. Somehow, she explains to him the situation and it is all cleared up but that will take like 3 more chapters or...

    Ren doesn't leave Kyoko's side and watches the entire scene and both men learn the truth at the same time and everything is resolved. But I doubt that is going to happen since the last chapter said something so forboding like, "little did she know that the day she had been waiting for, had just begun".

    Sorry for the long post. ;p

  28. @Aphrodite931: Sounds like a good scenario...

    Just hate that this valentine arc is being dragged sooooo much...The speed in which it is going, I think by the time Valentine arc finishes, we would be celebrating valentine's day in real life ={

    @Spherrow: Gomainasai...I don't know the answer to your question...

    Argh...I should die...I cant answer some question about Skip Beat even after reading it sooo many times...
    Tsuruga-san grill me, chop me...then only I can feel better!!!

  29. Yeah, I like aphrodite's scenario too.

    Though, you know, I'd prefer he get desperate and stat a presents war. :P

  30. For the scantalations, I'm not making any promises though. I do my translations on 2 levels, meaning I need both Chinese and Japanese raws.

    When the next raws are out, I think I'll do a little preview and let you guys see it first, before I decide how to continue.

  31. BTW, guys, they are reshowing Skip Beat again in my area. So I'm viewing the start again.

    Truth is, when I first watched the anime, I didn't like it that much. It was funny and exaggerated, but not of the characters were likeable. Shou is downright rotten, Ren is just plain rude, and I didn't like Kyouko either. I didn't like the idea of someone joining showbiz for the sake of revenge. It's insulting to people who want to join for true reasons. Just take a look at all the (Insert Blank) Idol competitions. Those are the people with the right motivation. I felt Kyouko could do so much better if she leaves it all behind her.

    I continued to watch it. By the time I reached Episode 13, I started liking the series, and I decided that I'll follow the manga too.

    I wonder if anyone here shared the same sentiments as I did.

  32. *comes back in the room with an ice pack*

    Owwie, I should never try that headdesk until necessary. T.T

    Let's see...

    I found Skip Beat! at a Book Fair and thought, "Hm...the artwork seems nice and it sounds like an interesting story, I'll buy it! I read it and fell in love with it!

    It wasn't long before I found MangaFox and started reading it, then I heard that Skip Beat! was gonna become a drama and an anime.

    I had a feeling I was gonna be dissappointed somehow, but I didn't care and I watched it. I was ok with it, but not satisfied. D:

    I watched more episodes and got really dissappointed when they started cutting away my favorite parts in the manga(Mainly, the Moko arc) After the anime was over, I was kinda sad, but I got over it after making some Skip Beat! AMVs. xD

    So, yeah, I was kinda disappointed as you were, but I was ok with it because Skip Beat! was getting more popular because of the anime, so I was fine with that.

    And as for the drama, I got SUPER Disappointed!!
    I mean I was happy that Taiwan was making the drama until I found out that Jerry Yan was Ren and Arial Lin was Kyoko. >:O I'll leave it like that, since I'm Super happy that it got postponed and Arial quit to join the Music Industry.

    (I seriously can't wait for a collb with her and Joe Cheng! >3< *sigh* I'm such an AreJoe fangirl xD)

    That's basically my story of Skip Beat!
    Sorry, it's super long. ._.

    Anyway, Ciao!
    (Until I come back come)


  33. YAY!!! I'm glad everyone liked my scenario! Although, I do think a present war would be funny. Kyoko would just be dumbfounded wondering what celestial quirk or anomaly (that is actually spelled correctly. I even took the time to look it up) was causing Ren and Sho give her gifts. She probably wouldn't accept them though. I mean, Ren had to tell her some ridiculous story so she wouldn't return his gift...poor guy.

    P.S. I apologize for my bad grammar, particularly in my last post. I reread it and realized all of my various errors, from using the wrong tense, to just stringing together words into the something that shouldn't even be recognized as a sentence. Sometimes, I just think too fast for my hands to type or even for my mouth to speak.

    Re. mechgouki:

    I found Skip Beat! because I was bored and randomly looking through mangas on MF. I would read the summaries of each manga (P.S. If you ever want to know of some good mangas, I'm your go to girl ;p) and from there I would decided if I wanted to read it. For the first few chapters, I was really bored but I kept with it because the story seemed so interesting and I knew that it had to pick up at some point. And when it did, I became an addict.

    Now that I look back on it, the fact that the story starts out a bit slow is another aspect of it that I enjoy. I mean, it adds an element of reality to the story, minus Kyoko's demons. Also, the way Ren began falling in love with Kyoko was so gradual I couldn't even remember when his feelings had changed because it had been such a slow transition, and I sort of think that that is how love works. You get to know a person well enough, and begin to love their quirks without even realizing it at first. You look forward to seeing them and aren't quite sure why you are in begining, and that is similar to how it happened to Ren.

    Back on topic, after a month or so, I heard they were going to be making an anime out of Skip Beat! and I was sooo excited. However, I really don't feel that the anime does the manga justice. They cut out certain little things that aren't necessary but add more to the story, and one big thing, Moko's arc. Also, I feel that the beauty of Nakamura's drawing are lost in the animation process. I still like the anime but I love the manga so much more.

  34. I found Skip Beat! when I was searching on the internet for good manga. I read the description and it seemed like a good plot line. It is by far one of the funniest manga I've ever read, next to Azumanga Daioh! which cannot be beaten(in my opinion). I love funny manga, and creatively made manga. Skip Beat! to me is both.
    I love the little Kyouko dopple gangers and I love how whenever she gets angry, she releases them on other people. The symbolism used is great and funny, and its plot is original. I love Skip Beat! because it's just great. I think the manga's the absolute best, so I can't wait for chapter 144 to come out. I agree with aphrodite931 all the way!

  35. Yup.. I saw the skip beat forum in the website was closed as well.. but they did warned people about it few days earlier.. so I guess it's unavoidable *sigh*..
    as for the scanlation taking so long.. I agree w/ most people.. it's probably because of lack of translator.. normally translation came out from outside (other personal site) within 2 to 3 days after the raw was out, so the english scanlation would be out within 1 to 2 days after that.. so, everything was within or less than a week.. but this time.. didn't see any translation out, only the raw.. oh, well.. since all of those are free sites, and fans doing it at their own pace.. can't really complain about it..

    btw.. I'm Shiroyuki-chan

  36. Re. to Skip Beat! Quiz

    A: R. Mandy!

    Q: What's the name of the television station that shows popular shows, like Bridge Rock. :)

    Re. to everything else. xD

    It's nice to see some people from MangaFox again. :)

  37. Heeey, everyone! I'm so sad that the Skip Beat forum is closed. (I think it's only for a week though, but I have nothing else to do.)

    You know what I wannna do? Talk bad about Seeliespright! I rarely talk bad about people, but I'm so annoyed. He banned our beloved mechgouki and shut down our home! And doesn't he flirt wth a ton of people online or something? Can't he find a real girlfriend!

    Besides, the real offenders in the Skip Beat forum are the people who are posting for the first time, people who have never read Skip Beat ("Is it worth reading?"), and the disgusting people who don't like Skip Beat ("Why is this popular?"). They are a little annoying, but they happen in every forum. The larger the forum, the more idiots. Really, mods shouldn't take it out on those who frequent the forum and don't make those stupid mistakes!

  38. Re: aphrodite931

    I also found Skip Beat! when I was randomly looking through mangas on mf. I read the summary twice actually before I decided to read it. The first time I read the summary, I thought "revenge, huh? Doesn't excite me at all", then I just dropped it. A few months later, I was looking through a forum and realised that quite a lot of people are using the images and quotes from SB (since people tend to do that for really nice manga/ manga they like) Then, I read the summary again. This time I thought "I'll give it a try". As what aphrodite931 said, I was quite bored on the first few chapters, but I didn't drop it 'cause the story is different from the normal shoujo mangas. When the plot began to pick up, I'm already in love with it XD Now SB is ranked top on my favourite manga list.

    ---Although a member of mf, I never commented in the forum LOL

  39. Oh right, thanks for posting summaries for the game and also the translated chapter (I've waited for it for such a looooonng time >.<). I still prefer the manga. The Kyoko in the game seems really different to me somehow *shrugs*

  40. Re: Skip beat Quiz

    alright back to this page.

    A: Reino (vocals), Shizuru (bass), Miroku (drums), Guitarist-san, Keyboarder-san. Sorry, I remember you asked in the forums before. I can't remember more than that.

    Q: This one is tricky, I only remember cause she looks so much like a character from TCP:

    What is the name of the girl Mouko-san is impersonating when Kyouko sees her face to face with an old man? (She totally looks like Asago from TCP)

  41. FYI, Ch. 144 is posted up on MF for those who don't know yet. Also, does anyone know if the raws for ch. 145 are out? I know they aren't officially released until Wednesday but last time they were avialable online a few days before the release date. Just wondering. Thanks!

  42. The forums will be opening in one week. It has been 6 days since the forum closed down. Please wait a few more days everyone~

    -Eternal Lover

  43. Eternal Lover, aren't you going to put my site in your sig?

  44. By the way, I hope someone posts here if the raws are up.

  45. I had the same hope (about the raws) ^^

    Darn, I was hoping the MF forums would be reopening sooner. ;_; I thought I read that if they were closed, the first time would be just a week.

  46. for any of you who are interested i found 145ch teaser..(i don't want to promote this's just for the sb addicts who are dying to know what's gonna happen next!)

  47. WHOOOAAAAA I knew it would be an awful cliffhanger with no's always like that before our 1-month wait. >_< But DANNGG I really didn't think the mangaka hated Kyoko that much. No girl deserves that. Poor Kyoko. Poor Ren. But it looks like we're getting the catalyst I was expecting from this arc. There's definitely going to be some kind of fallout. Ooooh I can't wait til September! =O

  48. I'm the same Anonymous as above. ^^

    Some people are going to be really happy though. I don't know if people predicted it or just wished for it. I wasn't one of the ones wishing for it though....

    Hm, and I was intentionally cryptic...don't want to give anything away to anyone who doesn't want spoilers. But maaaan it is a big chapter.

    It's an unfortunate time for the MF forums to be down. Those forums would be going CRAZY right now!

  49. Hmm, I was confusing. I'm NOT the same anonymous that posted the link though. Sorry. >_< I was just finishing my thought from the previous post. More of an afterthought really.

  50. it's probably better that SB forums are down. I think if the mods saw the mess that would be there, they'd shut it down for good. Can you imagine the number of "CHAPTER 145 SPOILER SHOU KISSED HER" threads by people with no sense? Then all the KyoukoxRen and KyoukoxShou flaming...

    Who do you think will react first: Shou, Kyouko, Ren, other?

  51. Unfortunately, a large portion of us can't access the BW forums to see the raws. Kilimonian, can anything be done about that?

    If I'm not mistaken, the scanner didn't want them distributed... can you do a private showing maybe?

  52. I'm trying to decide if Kyoko will be too stunned to react for a while...or FLIP OUT.

  53. It's opening again?!


    *spins around and dances like crazy*

    I'm kinda glad the forums are still down otherwise, there would have probably been 5 threads of Shouko vs Renko. ._.

    (Just a note: Once they open the forums again, please don't post anymore Sho vs Ren, I refuse to let the forums be closed again, Thank you. :D)

    Re. to Skip Beat! Quiz:

    A: Wow, she really does look like her! :O
    Anyway, the name was...Katsumi! xD

    Q: What do those girls from the LME Acting Training Students Call Kyoko and Moko?

  54. ah, well, BW is confusing. Someone will have to take the scans off the site or another to show the rest of us but the scanner was unhappy how it was handled last time.

    If you can access BW:

    There are forums on it that include how to access if you aren't registered at But the username there does not work anymore because of heightened security at BW it seems.

    Honestly, if the scanner is that upset I'll wait until someone else scans and posts. Since I don't speak Chinese, navigating through all this is hard enough for me.

  55. yup yup.. thanks for the teaser of ch.145.. I hope I can read the actual raw chapter..

    I can only imagine what the forum in MF would look like.. LOL.. it will be going crazy w/ duplicates threads and people creating new threads that could be/already being discussed in the new chapter discussion threads... and it might get closed down for good.. **horrified**

    to Anonymous..
    I think Kyoko would be too stunned for few seconds.. then she would flipped out and cried miserably.. "How am I going to act as MIO now??".. something like that.. just imagine.. she's in MIO costume.. Her MIO image just got ruined... Kyoko (Mio) getting kissed by her #1 enemy (Sho).. that's unthinkable, right??
    as for Ren.. we can expect the demon lord to come back again.. the heavenly smile will be gone for quite a while... LOL

  56. (Cont.)

    Re. to Skip Beat! Latest Chappie Discussion

    As most people already said, I didn't see that coming! ._.

    Well, at least the people who said that Sho will steal her first kiss were right, so kudos to them! 8D

    Renko fans, please keep your anger down with an icepack.

    *hands ice pack filled with Renko pics*

    I'm pretty sure, Renko moments ARE coming,
    just not at this time.

    Shouko fans, congrats, you got your Shouko moment. :)

    Don't even start bashing or else, you'd be an immature bastard and I like eating immature bastards. 8D

    (Just kidding, I won't eat you, but the Rabid Renko fangirls will. xD)

    Re. to Skip Beat! Quiz (again)

    Ok, the other two's names are:


    Dammit, I'm suppose to be doing my homework. >_<

    k bye bye for now!


  57. P.S. I'll take the scans off, luckily, I can speak/read Chinese.

    (Don't even start with the ChingChangCong, I'm sick of hearing that crap, I'm a Taiwanese-American freak! x3 Living in America, La La La)


  58. P.S.S.

    [Forget that post above. xD]

    Darn it, I can't register until September!

    "Sorry, the current ban on new members registered forum."

    Looks like everyone's gonna have to wait until the 20th.

    (Sorry, if I got any hopes up and crashed hard to the ground. D:)

  59. You're right, Kilimonian... The "CHAPTER 145 SPOILER SHOU KISSED HER" threads would really piss off the mods...but I would be sooooo amused! I love it when people try to hide spoilers by putting it capitalized in the title! ^_^

    Anyway, I'm kinda glad Shotaro got her first kiss. I hate him so much, but I believe a girl (Kyoko) shouldn't have her first kiss with a guy (Ren) who's been kissed before if they are soulmates (Kyoko and Ren!!!)

    I hope you guys might be able to understand my logic.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. xsilverrozenx--- How do you know the names of the keyboardist and guitarist of Vie Ghoul? I couldn't find their names anywhere in the manga!

  62. "I'm pretty sure, Renko moments ARE coming,
    just not at this time."

    "Anyway, I'm kinda glad Shotaro got her first kiss. I hate him so much, but I believe a girl (Kyoko) shouldn't have her first kiss with a guy (Ren) who's been kissed before if they are soulmates (Kyoko and Ren!!!)"
    --No way, a girl should never get her first kiss from someone she doesn't want it from. :-P

    I've posted a few times now as anonymous...but I'm MissInformed. Didn't want to say at first b/c I have no siggy and I don't want a siggy and...yeah. ^^;;

  63. MissInformed, I also don't like when a girl has her first kiss from a guy she hates, but I find that better than a girl having her first kiss with her more experienced soulmate. It just really irritates me! RAAAWR!!!

    So Shotaro has kissed Kyoko... Who's next in line to kiss her? Ren? Reino? Hikaru?

    I am predicting an order like this...
    1. Reino
    2. Ren (If he's next then that would mean the manga's ending soon! NOOOOO...!!!!!)
    3. Hikaru (He's third because I doubt it's ever gonna happen... Poor guy...)

  64. I think Ren's gonna be next. Might take a long time. Might be sooner if he has to erase Sho's. Bwahahaha.

    Hm, maybe my opinion is slanted b/c I got my first kiss from my more experienced soul mate. (Now husband.) Ehehehehe.... ^^ It worked out just fine, btw. ;-)


  65. ok..sho kissed kyoko
    but i will be sooooooooo pissed if after this she realizes that she loves him!!!
    nakamura sensei is very sadic!!!(a genius..but still sadic)..i'm a supporter of, nakamura, why did it HAVE to happen right in front of ren??????????????
    poor guy...

  66. There's still no way there'll be a Sho X Kyoko ending. Of this I am convinced. So I pity Kyoko and Ren right now, but I'm still not too concerned about the overall outcome.


  67. Oh, I kept forgetting to ask. To those lucky enough to be able to view the raws.... Does it show Kyoko's face when THAT happens? Enough to see any sort of expression on her face? Any reaction from her shown at all?


  68. well.. I think Nakamura-sensei has a big one coming after this.. she made it happened right in front of Ren for a purpose..
    hey, what else can drive Ren to act faster on pursuing Kyoko now?? Ren has been taking his time.. giving hints here and there, being nice, but never really show her in a more oblivious way what he's thinking about her....

    now, he gotta do something better if he doesn't want to lose to Sho completely...
    what Ren hates the most? losing to that "guy"(Sho)..
    remember the Karuizawa incident? he was angry w/ himself when he found out Sho had saved Kyoko, and the reason was he didn't wanna lose to Sho.. later he felt better only because he found out that Sho had the advantage of knowing the situation w/ Reino before hand, and being there at the right time only...

  69. No, Ren... Don't act faster... Take your time... Make the manga go on foreeeverrrrr...

    (I really don't want it to end any time soon.)

  70. hm? but isn't it better that it happens right in front of Ren??
    Not only it might drive Ren to act more actively towards pursuing Kyoko.. but it also erase any possible misunderstandings later..

    imagine, if it happens somewhere else.. .
    Kyoko is not the type to confess things like that to others, especially Ren (doesn't want Ren to think she's pathetic for losing to her own enemy/can't protect herself afterall)..

    So, here could be a worse scenario... if Sho forced kissed Kyoko and Ren didn't know about it, then Sho showed up and mentioned the kiss later and Ren heard it, wouldn't he would have misunderstood the situation completely?? Kyoko's reluctant (as always) vague explanation plus Sho's cocky expression, Ren might thought they already reconciled??
    since now he sees the 1st kiss himself.. he can see that Sho was the one to force kiss Kyoko unexpectedly all of a sudden by pulling on her collar (adding her expression, I bet she's shocked w/ eyes wide-open)... can't blame Kyoko this time.. LOL

  71. Yeah, Ren's not gonna be happy, but at least he knows the truth of it all.
    I still feel bad for Kyoko, lol. At least she didn't kiss back (I can't imagine her kissing back). So she can make it count whenever she DOES kiss someone back (*cough*ren*cough*)


  72. Yeah, I'm with everyone. I'm actually that for once, even though Ren is uber-jealous, he actually knows what's going on versus a couple chapters to clear the mess. I'm happy Kyouko was just like "no, here is what happened" throughout the chapter.

    I disagree that you shouldn't have a partner who hasn't been kissed but you have. It really depends on the people. Though I understand why it can seem unfair.


    Yeah, people were talking about that, too. Sorry I should have stressed if you are a member ALREADY.

    Re: Skip Beat Quiz

    A: No 1 and No 2. I remember cause I thought of so many funny situations using those names. Unless there is another name from the angel arc or sometime

    Q: Speaking of the acting classes, give me the line Kyouko loves saying at the end of the tongue twisters in either romanji or what it roughly translates to.

  73. I'm actually glad that*

    Also, I think this moves makes it clear that ShouxKyouko is not gonna happen. Kyouko dealing with her past feelings now has one outcome. I can't see her relationship with Shou ending up as the whole point of the manga anymore.

  74. You know, looking back at 144... Kyoko looks so cheerful. She's completely unaware of the coming storm...

    All we need is Reino to try to attack her again and it'll make the worst Vain Day ever!

  75. @post-above ^^

    more less, no?

  76. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm am so excited!!! I feel just like an obsessed school girl!

    Anyway, I still don't believe the manag is going to end with a Kyoko x Sho pairing. I would be pretty upset if it did. I mean, he broke her heart and warped her personality. Ren loves anyway she is, from when she was a child to now. Besides, there are so many hints to Ren and Kyoko. They've been through so much together and besides Ren is Kyoko's REAL prince, her fairy prince. ;p Yeah, so even though Sho stole Kyoko's first kiss, I know that they won't end up together, but I can't wait to SEE IT!!!

  77. Re. to Killimonian:

    I'm not a member, but I wanted to
    registar when the Chapter 144 raws came. xD

    (Stupid me for not listening to myself before they closed the registration part for new members!)

    Re. to zerelja-mar:

    Darn It! I can't copy and paste the link! T.T
    Might as well, type it out.

    I found most of the hard answers here.
    (Like when Momose's birthday is. xD)

    Re. to Skip Beat! Quiz:

    A: I loved that part, it brings back memories. xD

    Korosou to Omou No!!!

    Translation: That man...I think I want to kill him!!!"

    Q: What kind of stone did Kuon give Kyoko?


  78. P.S. I think there's a better picture of the Shoko kiss and people's reaction to it on the front page on that site. :)

    It still doesn't show Kyoko's face, but at least you can see the faces. (My reaction was the same as Yashiro's xD)

    Talk/Type/Chat with you guys later!
    (School time. T.T)


  79. does everybody feel a little bit like me???
    i feel sad..because of that kiss... i hate sho's ego!!!to do it just to consolidate his 1st place in kyoko's heart without even considering hurting her all over again!!! baka shotaro!!!

  80. so...from feeling so sad and depressed over this kiss..i can't really think clear about what can possibly do ren after this???????help me out here!!(i'm so obsessed with sb!!)
    i mean for sure kyoko's grudges and hate come in multiplied now!! so her ability to love has gotten even lower than before...what can ren possibly do?? i mean... anything that he does..she'll just flip!thinking that he's teasing her and bulying sho..
    damn it!!!!:((((((((((((

  81. I can only hope that Demon Ren appears. Make him show Shou who's boss. "You touch her one more time, you'll die!"

  82. @Anonymous
    Yeah, I'm kinda sad about it. Because like I said's SO unfair for a girl (at least a girl who would care about that sort of thing) to get her first kiss from someone she doesn't want it from. But as long as she didn't kiss back, she can choose to make it count whenever she is kissing someone she wants to kiss. (Haha, it's like I'm trying to reassure Kyoko like she's a real person...maybe I'm just reassuring myself.) =P

    I don't think Sho planned the kiss part though. Heheh. Oopsie.

    And yeah, I never thought there was a chance of a Sho X Kyoko ending. And I still don't think there's a chance. So even though it sucks for Kyoko (sucks for Ren, too, but at least he'll have no choice now but to buck up) ...I'm looking at this as throwing a bone to the Sho X Kyoko fans. They get to see some lip action, but the Renko fans will definitely get the final victory. Heheheh.


    (btw/random--I'm technically MrsInformed, but that doesn't sound as I've kept the same name all this time ^^)

  83. I'm about to start a meeting and will read later but here is the link to raws:

  84. i haven't been so touched by manga characters since candy&terry... i hope it doesn't turn out the same for kyko&ren

  85. You know, it's really interesting that Kyoko got her old wish of Shotaro being in love with her and kissing her...

    I think this might be able to emphasize how Kyoko has changed. (And be careful what you wish for, Kyoko-chan...)

  86. Thanks for the raws!!! The kiss is now my new screensaver! Not really but I'm so jazzed for the next chapter now!!! Too bad we all have to wait like a month to see/read it. But on the bright side, it's sure to be action packed!!!

    I wonder how Nakamura is going to play this kiss down though. I mean, I always thought that Kyoko would get her first kiss around the end of the story and then she would realize she was in love with Ren but now..... Well obviously, the story can't end now or even that soon! There is so much left to be answered and discovered, like more of Ren's past, maybe some stuff about Kyoko's mother, the truth about Korn and Bo, etc., so the story still has quite a few more chapters to go.

    Will this harden Kyoko's thoughts or soften them? Will she maybe end up going out with Sho for a while and then realize Ren is the guy for her? Actually I even doubt that one so please people, don't respond back saying, "I don't think that will happen" unless you have something to add, cause I don't either, but I'm just throwing it out there.

    It would be so great if Kyoko knee'd Sho in the groin or something. I think Ren would appreciate that, although, he might be more afraid to act on his feelings then too!

  87. i've calmed down a little since this morning when i read the raws i was feeling dispair..
    so..skip beat won't finish now..impossible!! there's still the corn stuff and kyoko's mother it ended now with shoko together..the whole plot developed in 145 chapters would be absolutely in vain!! (and stupid)
    i am also curious how will the actress from "box r" who got in the loveme section will blend with the story??perhaps a gf for reino??...hehehe

  88. KYAA! thanks for the raws... you're awesome...
    Well, I think Kyoko will be too stunned to say anything.. then cry w/ horrified face, thinking Sho had played w/ her again.. she would think he's just making fun of her by doing that..and think herself pathetic for not being able protect herself from it, despite what she always say that she would not let him get his way again...

  89. Re. Anonymous:

    Perhaps Chiori will become Reino's girlfriend. I mean, she is very dark and in some ways, similar to Kyoko.

    Re. Viola:

    I'd be a little disappointed if Kyoko just cries. I could understand it but if she does just cry that would mean she WAITED for him to break the kiss rather than ending herself by hurting him. If some guy I REALLY HATED just pulled me in for a kiss and held the kiss, around 3-5 seconds in, I would be like, "WHAT THE F***!" and kick him and beat his a$$ down! Of course, Sho might not kiss her that long but still... I would love to she her hit him!

    In the end though, You may be right. Crying would be pretty symbolic of Kyoko. Though, I'm a bit concerned on how she is going to act Mio after this. Maybe she'll do it even better since she has more to be upset about or maybe she'll be too tramitized by the incident.

    OH! What if Kyoko reacts as Ren believes she would and say something like, "Shoutaro!? How could you?! I DESPISE YOU!!!" and erase him from her heart forever!!! Yay! No more Sho! Although that would be sad since he really spices things up, like now for instance! ;p

    Also, am the only one who noticed how cute it was that Sho kissed out of jealousy! I mean, he asked her about if she gave chocolates to Ren and she blushed all the way up to the tips of her ears! He must of realized that she wanted to or she had some feelings for Ren or else I doubt he would have done that. I will give him props for that. I mean, he has some class. Officially, Ren and Kyoko aren't an item even if they have feelings for one another so Kyoko is still fair game, which is why Sho kissed her while when Sho believed Kyoko was in a relationship with the Beagle he actually RESPECTED that and didn't try to kiss her or anything. And Kyoko being in a relationship with the Beagle is worse!

    Sorry for the long and a bit random post! I'm just excited! ;p

  90. Kyoko's eyes were definitely open.

  91. OMG! I spelled object wrong. Damn! Sorry for any other spelling/grammar errors.

  92. Ok, well I just reread my script thing and I realized I did it AGAIN! And by "it" I mean I switched which person the story was being told in! So, I deleted the entire post, fixed it, and am reposting it, enjoy:


    One more thing, when Sho is kissing Kyoko are Kyoko's eyes open or closed? I think they're open but I can't really tell for sure.

    I think it would be pretty weird if they were closed as seeing how Sho pulled her into the kiss and all. I can't imagine anyone having their eyes closed unless the other person was like, "Close your eyes. I have a present for you." or something of the sort. If her eyes are closed I have a scenario as how it went and if they aren't then just enjoy this, or don't, I don't care.

    --------(ACTION!) (Hehe! I'm like Ogata!)--------

    "You're such a commoner. You can't even use make-up correctly." Sho said with a sneer.

    "What are you going on about?" responded Kyoko with murderous intent behind her words coupled with a dark look on her face that would even frighten the devil himself.

    "You have a smudge." Sho answered unfazed by her reaction. He had gotten that face and heard that evil stained voice so many times, it was really losing it potency, like viruses or diseases that become harder to kill because of overexpoture to the cure. Kyoko's eyes widened a bit in shock. She expected some sort of rude comment like,

    "It's pointless putting make-up on a plain, boring girl like you. I really don't see why you even bother trying to catch up with me! You should just give up and go back home." Kyoko's imaginary impression of Sho said.

    "Here, close your eyes and I'll get it for you so you won't have to bother the make-up artists again. They probably have enough work cut out for them and don't need to be bothered by you." Sho said, emphasizing the word "you" in a way that would remind Kyoko just how new she is in this world and how lowly she is. Of course, he only said it this way because she would refuse to close her eyes and let him fix her make-up otherwise. Sho marveled at how well he could make her do what he wanted even after everything. Angered and infuriated by Sho's words at first, Kyoko couldn't help but agree with him. She hadn't even been in the showbiz world for a year yet! Begrudingly, Kyoko complied with Sho's request and closed her eyes. Her last thoughts before she felt two hands grip her collar and forcely pull her forward was,

    "That stupid man is right again. I can't become a nuisance-"

    Suddenly, she felt herself falling forward, something was pulling her. The next thing she felt was an object crashing against her face, her lips to be exact. The abruptness of the entire sitaution temporarily shut down Kyoko's thinking process. If she would have opened her eyes she would have realized that the "object" that was pressed firmly against her lips were lips of her hated rival, Sho.


    Soooo, whatcha think? Obviously, I'm very excited for this chapter and have nothing better to do.

  93. I'm REALLY curious to the moments between Shotaro and Kyoko leading up to the kiss. Shotaro is saying something to Kyoko before it... I wonder what it is...

    Maybe the next chapter will begin with their conversation right before the kiss...


  94. I'd go to Hana to Yume to complain, not Nakamura-sensei, I mean they're the ones deciding when to release it. xD

    But I'll go with you!
    (Because I want to meet sensei and go to Japan, which is a dream come true! >3)


    P.S. Does Nakamura-sensei have demons? ._.

    (Rhethorcal Question You Don't Have to Answer)

  95. Sounds like people's prediction of people making threads saying "OMG KISS SPOILER" were right.

    There are already a thread on it

    (I think that there might be more later
    after Chapter 145 is shown on MangaFox)

    and lots of signatures with the kiss. ._.


  96. Who voiced Reino in the game?

  97. Re. to Anonymous:

    A guy from a band called SMILY SPIKY.

    (I forgot his name, but I KNOW he was in SMILY SPIKY)

    Who the hell is "SMILY SPIKY"?
    The band that sang "Blow Wind" for the Skip Beat! videogame.


  98. i have to's a bad thing being nakamura sensei:))) i have a question about her..:
    so i googled a little but i haven't been able to find anything about her:(( i only found an information about an interview in which she declared that skip beat is inspired by her own life....(wowwww!!!)..
    so i was wondering if any of you knew anything about this...

    skip beat started in 2002 right?? and in 2009 we get to see a kiss... will it be another 7 years until kyoko and ren live happily ever after????sigh...

  99. I think Kyoko might laugh. Any kind of laugh. A icy laugh would work well with, "Funny after all these years you'd do that now," demonic- "I'll kill you!", empty- "Why would you DO that?", victorious, "I suppose that you loving me is suitable revenge!", that kind of thing? Or maybe I feel like she'd just revert to an autopilot of her characters, so the happy viewers will watch Natsu/Mio take over. I believe in many possibilities. I just don't think she'll go back to him. Even if she still cares about him- they ARE childhood friends- I think she'll have moved on enough to not want him despite having him. Just some thoughts...

  100. Thanks for linking the forums, mechgouki.

    Sorry, everyone...that I'm not comfortable allowing guests to post. It's for the security of the people there. I know all of you would be awesome, but I've seen too many forums with some nasty spam by bots. >_< If I get enough consensus that it would really make a difference in forum activity to allow guest posting, I might change it on a trial basis. I'm not trying to be a jerk...I'm just not trusting by nature, and I want to do the safest thing for everyone.

    If you want to make an account, you just have to verify it by clicking a link in an email sent to the email address you provided. Your email address will not appear in your profile or anything, so no one else will see it.

    Of course, if you want to talk here, that's fine. Mechgouki was here first. :) I just set up the forums because I thought it might be easier for discussing a number of different topics, and a few people had requested something like it.

  101. Hi I can't read japanesse but I really want to play skipbeat game and I already buy it. The problem is I want to play and end up with Ren but cause I not understand the language at all I could not pick the right option so I could end with ren so could you gave me a complete guide like in choice 1 pick number 1 from the top, choice 2 pick number 3 etc. I would really apreciated it