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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 6)

In her room, Kyouko thinks about the events earlier, and it makes her heart beat faster. She is really glad she sought his help. She wonders about Shiori's feelings for REN, is it anything like her and Tsuruga? She convinces herself it is not. Anyone would have seen Tsuruga as sexy. She tells herself not to get the wrong idea.

Kyouko goes to sleep, feeling tired. She is determined to do her best at the shoot tomorrow.

The next morning, they start the shoot. It is time for Kyouko's part. Ren asks her if she is ready, she confirms. The director gives instructions to get into position.

Kyouko feels far more confident. Today, her role is no longer just a nameless girl. Today, she is Sumeragi Shiori, who came here in search of the model REN. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and concentrates. When she opens her eyes, they are both in their roles. The director gives the action order.

The thoughts kept flowing through. "REN, he came here." "There is no place to run anymore." "I'll never let anyone else have him." "I'm prepared for this, so you better be prepared for this too." "Be honest with me." "You now belong to me."

She walks step by step until she's right in front of him, staring at each other. This is the point where the passion flows, this is where everything begins.

The director gives the "cut" order. Kyouko returns back to herself. She did the scene in similar to how she did yesterday. She wonders if she managed to pull it off. All the director did, is to simply gives instructions to the other staff. Kyouko hurries over to him, and ask him if her take was okay. They talked a bit, but he simply implies that she was merely better than yesterday. Apparently, she is still not at the standards he expects. He says he is placing his bets that Kyouko will be able to do it. But he also implies to her the negative effects of prolonging this shoot. Kyouko fully understands the implications. A 3 way option at this point.

The best option is to ask for another chance with spirit. She will say she just can't give up. The director is expecting that of course, and he laughs with amazement. He says he will give her one more chance. It's still evident that she doesn't quite have the right feeling yet.

Ren is coming over. The director comments he has a very worried look on his face. He asks who is she to Ren. She answers she is just his junior from the same workplace. The director is not satisfied with that response of course. He says that Ren has lots of juniors, but this has to be the first time he treated someone like this. Kyouko says he's just worried about her. Unable to convince her, the director simply tells her, he's hoping to see improvements by tomorrow, then he goes off.

Ren comes over and asks Kyouko if she is okay. She says she gets another chance for a retake tomorrow. Ren says that's good to hear. Kyouko is still sad that her act today was all cut. Ren adds that despite, it is amazing for someone like this director to actually give chances. In her negativity, she comments the execution date is merely postponed by one day. Ren says it's not over yet. She agrees, and says she will start from scratch. She says she will not be satisfied to just give up like that. Ren agrees.

Kyouko apologises, and it surprises Ren. She says that even after all that guidance, it still was not enough. Ren tells her it's fine, it's good they made it this far.

Kyouko thinks to herself, and remembers what the director said about feeling passion for Ren. She doesn't believe she can do it. Is she really able to play the part of his lover? She knows they have gotten this significantly far. In only there was something extra to add as a plus to this. She quickly remembers an important detail Yashiro told her. A single kiss from Ren is enough to make anyone fall head over heels for him. What if...

Ren asks Kyouko is she okay. Her eyesight had moved to his lips, and her heart pounded at the thought. She desperately tries to calm down. She thinks to herself, a kiss scene should be normal for couples, and if she has to do something like that with someone, it is a lot better that it is Ren than someone else she doesn't know.

Kyouko asks Ren, will he be able to help her practice again tonight. The pounding in her heart is unstoppable. Ren says of course, he doesn't mind at all. She tries to speak out her request, but she stutters, unable to say it. Ren asks her about it, saying he will help in whatever way he can. Kyouko thinks to herself, Tsuruga-san is an experienced actor who have done scenes like this many times, a kiss is probably no big deal to him. But it is a first for her. She finds it hard to say to the face that's always giving her courage, and always smiling at her. To Kyouko, a kiss is not a simple thing, unlike for Ren.

Kyouko seems hesitant, so he asks again. Finally, she speaks her request. She asks Ren to kiss her! She says, even if it is just for the sake of acting as lovers, and even if it is acted out.

Ren becomes silent, and his gaze becomes sharp, scaring Kyouko. He then asks her in a cold voice, to explain herself what she meant by that. Kyouko realizes that he is offended, so she apologises and begs him to forget what she just said, it was just some babbling on her part. Ren declares that she wouldn't have asked this on her own accord. Somebody must have placed this idea in her head. Kyouko becomes quiet, unable to speak out that it was Yashiro who mentioned it. Ren speaks in a low voice, "I see you have decided to become silent, hmm?"

Kyouko can tell that he is speaking in disdain now. She is unable to say anything in her defense. He asks her, does she really think that acting is such a simple thing, where a kiss can simply put her in the right mood? Kyouko apologises again, saying she understands that acting is a complex thing, and it it was shameful of her to ask such a request. She bows her head, but she can still feel the dark aura from Ren growing.

"To be able to kiss in an act with such a feeling, I am unable to do it." Kyouko can sense Ren controlling his anger, and she is trembling. "...especially if you are that person."

Kyouko could not say anything. She just watches as Ren turns around and walks way. She wants to call out to him, but she can't. She just stands there, feeling that she can cry. She thinks to herself, she was so thoughtless, how could he not be angry? He must hate her for certain now. What if she never speaks to him again? What if she never sees him again after all of this? Her heart grows cold at the thought. She must have lost his trust. She felt she was such a fool. Time cannot be rewinded, and words spoken cannot be unspoken. She probably will not be forgiven. Her heart sinks lower. She returns to the hotel with low spirits.

(One can tell that Ren doesn't want to kiss Kyouko for a reason like that. But she doesn't know that of course.)

Back at the lobby, Yashiro asks Kyouko what happened with Ren. She answers she angered him. "I'm sorry. That guy is totally unpredictable when it's about you. You'll probably step on a land mine without even realizing it." Kyouko agrees. She says she must be an unpleasant seed. Yashiro says that's not it, she is special in a way, that's why it's nothing like that. Kyouko says this has to be one of his angriest times. Yashiro says Ren is a sensible person. He won't hold it against her. She still has misgivings. Yashiro says he will follow up on Ren's side. He says he will have to go to Ren's shoot later. Kyouko says "otsukare-sama" in low spirits. Yashiro is worried about her, so he says he will check back with her later.

Kyouko continues to have worries. What if she is hated by Ren? What if she is not forgiven? How could she act as a lover if the other person looks at her with such hatred? She decides to return to her room with a heavy heart.

Back in her room, Kyouko falls in her bed. "What should I do... I couldn't get any practice at all." She felt she must apologise again. But that's not the only thing. Even if she does complete the shoot, what if she is still unforgiven? She becomes restless. She tells herself, this wouldn't do at all! She has to do something. A 3 way option here.


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