Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I need to ask this favor from all my readers.

Whenever the raws come out, and you know where to obtain them, please inform me ASAP.

The speed of my releases depend a lot on when I can get the raws. That is why I need to get them at the first chance possible. If I obtain the raws late, the translations will be delayed, often by a great deal.

This is my request. If any of you happen to know that the raws are out before anyone else, please make sure I am the first person you inform. Please make sure you inform me first, not another forum, not the rest of the world. If you get the raws, inform me ASAP.

To all of my supporters, I hope you understand that this is very important to me. This is a critical factor in getting the translations done fast, as I have stated many times. I could never stress the importance of this enough, yet every time I turn this into a big issue, the insults come my way.

If you guys like my work and wish to support me, then please do this for me. If you know where to get the raws, and I don't already know about it, please inform me by posting everywhere on my blog, and please make sure I am the first person you inform, not the MF forums, not the rest of the world. Please tell me you will do this much for me.

I have been called egotistical, self-centered, and even arrogant, for making such a request repeatedly. But I have a very good reason for doing so, and I hope you guys understand my position.

Other people may curse and swear at me, but I hope that you guys, as my supporters, can understand me, and the reason why I ask this.

To Xilan/Mini_yang,
Thank you for your help. Please continue to support me.