Sunday, October 23, 2011

Most Revered Heroines.

Most of the time, the stories that you see, the role of the hero, the one who saves lives, protect the innocent and fights villains, is a guy.

But occasionally, there are some stories that feature Heroines. The savior of the story is a woman. Such stories are rare, but there is definitely a number.

I personally have 2 heroines which I admire the most.

Name: Shanoa
Appearances: Castlevania Order of Ecclesia / Akumajo Ubaware no Kokuin

Shanoa is a user of Glyphs. Using the Glyphs that are inscribed on her body, she is able conjure up various weapons and elements.

Near the start of the story, Shanoa lost much of her memory and personality. She was sent to track down her brother. He stole the glyphs and escaped, and ultimately died, revealing that he had wanted to save her from a similar fate. She later discovered her master's true plan was to revive Dracula, but she finally defeated Dracula herself.

Among the Caslevania series, Shanoa isn't just the strongest woman, she is probably the strongest character. With the right tools, she is capable of unleashing massive damage, and she is able to kill almost all bosses in one hit. None of the other characters in the series have as much power as her. Shanoa has the highest attack power. (Not the highest defense power though.) Unlike other Vampire Hunters though, she needs to use a powerful spell that almost cost her her own life to defeat Dracula, because she wasn't able to finish him off through normal means.

What I admire most about Shanoa, is her power.

Shanoa's choice of clothing is an odd combination. She wears a normal sexy looking bare-backed evening gown, but she also wears a half-plate armor in front. Not a very conventional combination, I'd say. I would describe her beauty as a "dark and eerie beauty".


Name: Angelique
Appearence: Neo Angelique (PS2 game), Neo Angelique Abyss (Anime, 2 seasons)

Neo Angelique first started as a game in the Angelique series, on the PS2. Later, the story was adapted into an anime spanning 2 seasons, with some changes to the plot. Several new characters were added into the anime. In addition, by the time the first season ended, it was already near the end of the game. In short, season 2 was largely original. Personally, I prefer the anime artwork much more than the game artwork.

Angelique was a seemingly normal girl, attending school with the hopes of becoming a doctor. Her world was constantly attacked by thanatos, creatures which drain the life of their victims. Only a select few individuals have the purification ability, the ability to fight the thanatos. Angelique is discovered to have a special purification ability. She can completely purify any thanatos that is already wounded, and she also has the ability to heal victims of the thanatos. Not only that, she is the Queen's Egg, which means that she can become the queen who will watch over the world. However, Angelique has the physique of an ordinary girl, which means she is incapable of fighting physically. (The anime changed that a little in season 2.) Angelique's powers also only work on a thanatos already wounded, which means a partner must aid and defend her. During dinners, her 4 partners insist on cooking every time, which means she doesn't cook. But she's very good at making desserts though.

Angelique is kind, gentle, beautiful, brave, and even selfless. I personally think that she is the very image of a perfect girl. Obviously a fairy tale, lol. What I admired most about Angelique is her personality.

Neo Angelique is actually a dating-sim game, which means she can have a romantic relationship with one of the 6 guys. There is a choice of any of the 4 partners, as well as 2 more extras. She doesn't actually get a chance to openly flirt with her 4 partners, except during the dinner meetings, where she can smile or wink at them. (Can have an adverse effect if she overdoes it though.) In the ending of the anime, she doesn't actually end up with anyone.

My greatest complaint is that Angelique can't have a harem. I mean, among the girls who deserve to get all the guys, Angelique probably deserves that more than any other girl. She deserves to get all 4 of the guys, to be honest. But sadly, that can't be possible.


So, there you have it. Those are the top 2 heroines I admire most. Who do you admire?

Some favorite nominations so far.

Aya (Parasite Eve)
Lightning (Final Fantasy 13)
Leyna (Saver)
Maximum Ride (Maximum Ride)
Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
Nanoha (Lyrical Magical Nanoha)
Tsukasa (Tokyo Crazy Paradise)
Sarasa (Basara)
Balsa (Seirei no Moribito)
Clare (Claymore)
Yoko (12 Kingdoms)

I know what some of you are thinking, but I don't consider Kyouko to be a world-saving heroine, and she's not really on the top of my most admired list.