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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 6)

In her room, Kyouko thinks about the events earlier, and it makes her heart beat faster. She is really glad she sought his help. She wonders about Shiori's feelings for REN, is it anything like her and Tsuruga? She convinces herself it is not. Anyone would have seen Tsuruga as sexy. She tells herself not to get the wrong idea.

Kyouko goes to sleep, feeling tired. She is determined to do her best at the shoot tomorrow.

The next morning, they start the shoot. It is time for Kyouko's part. Ren asks her if she is ready, she confirms. The director gives instructions to get into position.

Kyouko feels far more confident. Today, her role is no longer just a nameless girl. Today, she is Sumeragi Shiori, who came here in search of the model REN. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and concentrates. When she opens her eyes, they are both in their roles. The director gives the action order.

The thoughts kept flowing through. "REN, he came here." "There is no place to run anymore." "I'll never let anyone else have him." "I'm prepared for this, so you better be prepared for this too." "Be honest with me." "You now belong to me."

She walks step by step until she's right in front of him, staring at each other. This is the point where the passion flows, this is where everything begins.

The director gives the "cut" order. Kyouko returns back to herself. She did the scene in similar to how she did yesterday. She wonders if she managed to pull it off. All the director did, is to simply gives instructions to the other staff. Kyouko hurries over to him, and ask him if her take was okay. They talked a bit, but he simply implies that she was merely better than yesterday. Apparently, she is still not at the standards he expects. He says he is placing his bets that Kyouko will be able to do it. But he also implies to her the negative effects of prolonging this shoot. Kyouko fully understands the implications. A 3 way option at this point.

The best option is to ask for another chance with spirit. She will say she just can't give up. The director is expecting that of course, and he laughs with amazement. He says he will give her one more chance. It's still evident that she doesn't quite have the right feeling yet.

Ren is coming over. The director comments he has a very worried look on his face. He asks who is she to Ren. She answers she is just his junior from the same workplace. The director is not satisfied with that response of course. He says that Ren has lots of juniors, but this has to be the first time he treated someone like this. Kyouko says he's just worried about her. Unable to convince her, the director simply tells her, he's hoping to see improvements by tomorrow, then he goes off.

Ren comes over and asks Kyouko if she is okay. She says she gets another chance for a retake tomorrow. Ren says that's good to hear. Kyouko is still sad that her act today was all cut. Ren adds that despite, it is amazing for someone like this director to actually give chances. In her negativity, she comments the execution date is merely postponed by one day. Ren says it's not over yet. She agrees, and says she will start from scratch. She says she will not be satisfied to just give up like that. Ren agrees.

Kyouko apologises, and it surprises Ren. She says that even after all that guidance, it still was not enough. Ren tells her it's fine, it's good they made it this far.

Kyouko thinks to herself, and remembers what the director said about feeling passion for Ren. She doesn't believe she can do it. Is she really able to play the part of his lover? She knows they have gotten this significantly far. In only there was something extra to add as a plus to this. She quickly remembers an important detail Yashiro told her. A single kiss from Ren is enough to make anyone fall head over heels for him. What if...

Ren asks Kyouko is she okay. Her eyesight had moved to his lips, and her heart pounded at the thought. She desperately tries to calm down. She thinks to herself, a kiss scene should be normal for couples, and if she has to do something like that with someone, it is a lot better that it is Ren than someone else she doesn't know.

Kyouko asks Ren, will he be able to help her practice again tonight. The pounding in her heart is unstoppable. Ren says of course, he doesn't mind at all. She tries to speak out her request, but she stutters, unable to say it. Ren asks her about it, saying he will help in whatever way he can. Kyouko thinks to herself, Tsuruga-san is an experienced actor who have done scenes like this many times, a kiss is probably no big deal to him. But it is a first for her. She finds it hard to say to the face that's always giving her courage, and always smiling at her. To Kyouko, a kiss is not a simple thing, unlike for Ren.

Kyouko seems hesitant, so he asks again. Finally, she speaks her request. She asks Ren to kiss her! She says, even if it is just for the sake of acting as lovers, and even if it is acted out.

Ren becomes silent, and his gaze becomes sharp, scaring Kyouko. He then asks her in a cold voice, to explain herself what she meant by that. Kyouko realizes that he is offended, so she apologises and begs him to forget what she just said, it was just some babbling on her part. Ren declares that she wouldn't have asked this on her own accord. Somebody must have placed this idea in her head. Kyouko becomes quiet, unable to speak out that it was Yashiro who mentioned it. Ren speaks in a low voice, "I see you have decided to become silent, hmm?"

Kyouko can tell that he is speaking in disdain now. She is unable to say anything in her defense. He asks her, does she really think that acting is such a simple thing, where a kiss can simply put her in the right mood? Kyouko apologises again, saying she understands that acting is a complex thing, and it it was shameful of her to ask such a request. She bows her head, but she can still feel the dark aura from Ren growing.

"To be able to kiss in an act with such a feeling, I am unable to do it." Kyouko can sense Ren controlling his anger, and she is trembling. "...especially if you are that person."

Kyouko could not say anything. She just watches as Ren turns around and walks way. She wants to call out to him, but she can't. She just stands there, feeling that she can cry. She thinks to herself, she was so thoughtless, how could he not be angry? He must hate her for certain now. What if she never speaks to him again? What if she never sees him again after all of this? Her heart grows cold at the thought. She must have lost his trust. She felt she was such a fool. Time cannot be rewinded, and words spoken cannot be unspoken. She probably will not be forgiven. Her heart sinks lower. She returns to the hotel with low spirits.

(One can tell that Ren doesn't want to kiss Kyouko for a reason like that. But she doesn't know that of course.)

Back at the lobby, Yashiro asks Kyouko what happened with Ren. She answers she angered him. "I'm sorry. That guy is totally unpredictable when it's about you. You'll probably step on a land mine without even realizing it." Kyouko agrees. She says she must be an unpleasant seed. Yashiro says that's not it, she is special in a way, that's why it's nothing like that. Kyouko says this has to be one of his angriest times. Yashiro says Ren is a sensible person. He won't hold it against her. She still has misgivings. Yashiro says he will follow up on Ren's side. He says he will have to go to Ren's shoot later. Kyouko says "otsukare-sama" in low spirits. Yashiro is worried about her, so he says he will check back with her later.

Kyouko continues to have worries. What if she is hated by Ren? What if she is not forgiven? How could she act as a lover if the other person looks at her with such hatred? She decides to return to her room with a heavy heart.

Back in her room, Kyouko falls in her bed. "What should I do... I couldn't get any practice at all." She felt she must apologise again. But that's not the only thing. Even if she does complete the shoot, what if she is still unforgiven? She becomes restless. She tells herself, this wouldn't do at all! She has to do something. A 3 way option here.

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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 5)

Kyouko gets into Shiori spirit, and gets ready to walk towards Ren. She closes her eyes, and fills herself with thoughts of Shiori. She remembers the feelings of jealousy she has earlier today. "Don't touch my REN." She can feel those feelings getting stronger, and she knows she can do it. "I am Shiori!"

The "Action!" sound goes off in her mind, and she opens her eyes. She walks towards Ren slowly, eyes fixed on him. The possessive feelings are very strong. Her entire body desires for REN. And REN looks at her, surprised.

Shiori: REN, come here.
REN: Shiori...
Shiori: Please don't say things like "go back".
REN: I won't. You seem troubled.
Shiori: You being with someone... I cannot allow that.
REN: Including you?
Shiori: Hu, as expected of REN. It would be meaningless if you go down this easy. Hold me tight, just like that.

And so she enters his arms, resting on his chest.

Kyouko returns to her normal self. Realizing what she is doing, she quickly steps back, panicking. "E-e-e-e-excuse me!" Ren asks her if she managed to get a good feel of her role now. She confidently says yes. He thinks so too. "Really?" She feels really delighted by his encouragement. But then he adds, "Yes, but the decision still lies with the director." Truth hurts. Kyouko wants to practice more, but Ren doesn't think it's a good idea. The important thing is to remember the effect.

Kyouko feels really fortunate to have a senior like him. He's always guiding her, he's great, and she respects him the most. Yet "respect" doesn't seem like the right feeling. Admire? Worship? Grateful? She suddenly falls silent again. Ren asks her is she still uncertain. She says she feels bad for dragging him out to this. Ren replies it's returning her the favor of what happened to Dark Moon. She says that she was of very little help that time, but Ren tells her that's not true at all. She says she is really grateful, but stammers, unable to get the right words out, her thoughts disoriented. 3 way option here.

If she says she is so happy, she could cry, she surprises Ren. Then she says she's not going to cry, fighting back tears. It's just a strong feeling of gratitude, right? No, it's not love, she tells herself.

Ren says he understands, and suggests to go back. Kyouko doesn't want to go back yet, wanting to stay with Ren a bit more. She becomes silent. Ren says he's glad, because he thinks it's too early to return too. They've walked most of the places, so he asks her if she wishes to go anywhere.

Kyouko suggested fireworks. Ren is surprised, she actually prepared them. Ren asks her if she was planning on using them with someone, or alone. She says alone.

Ren says okay then, there's no meaning if she do it alone. He smiles at her gently, and she tries to control her heartbeat. She seems to be dazed, so Ren calls her. Kyouko asks Ren to wait, and she will get the fireworks.

Regardless of what happened, Kyouko brings the fireworks to where Ren is waiting. So they light them.

Kyouko is delighted with the sparks. Ren warns her about getting to close to the sea. She answers the reflection of the sparks on the waves look pretty.

Ren's sparks finished first, so Kyouko asks Ren to get a new one, and use hers to ignite it. Kyouko is really having fun. She couldn't have this much fun alone. She knows it's because Ren is here with her. Next her sparks ran out, so she relight her the same way.

Ren comments that Kyouko bought a lot of the fireworks. Kyouko asks if he thinks badly of her playing when she couldn't even do the shoot properly. Ren confirms not at all, he has felt her acting passion firsthand. She feels pain within again. After all, such a scene could not be acted out with a total stranger. She goes into deep thought again, so Ren calls her. Kyouko says she wishes to return. Wondering about her sudden mood change, he asks if he had said anything to upset her. Kyouko, having some doubts, wonder if Ren is doing all this just to patronize her. Ren eases her by saying that is definitely not it, he had fun too. Kyouko felt really at ease by him. It is as if it was a form of magic. She says sorry for saying such strange things, but he says it's okay.

Ren stands close to Kyouko. Both their sparks finishes, so Kyouko tries to use a lighter, but it won't work. He stands even closer. Fortunately, the darkness hides th red of her face. Ren tells her she's using the lighter the wrong way. In her fluster, she burns herself with the burnt end of the stick. Ren insists on looking at her hand, but fortunately, it is only a minor injury.

Surprised at how close Ren is, she steps back. Her heart won't stop pounding. Ren looks saddened by her reaction. Anyway, Kyouko says it is time they return, so they cleared the discarded fireworks. She tries to control her thoughts. Anyway, they cleaned the area, so Ren says it's time they return. A 3 way option at this point.

If Kyouko stands still, Ren will ask her what is wrong. She says there is still something she wants to do. He asks about what. His face comes close to her again. Kyouko says the starry sky look pretty, she wish to see it with him. He says, "Shall we watch them together?" It sounds as if he was the one making the request. Kyouko stutters a bit, accepting. She wonders if she is willful for making such requests.

Ren spots a shooting star. Kyouko desperately tries to catch sight of it, but is not able to. Ren chuckles at her reaction. She asks if he made it up, but he insists it was there. He says another one just appeared. She tries to catch sight of it, but fails again. She comments it's unfair how Tsuruga caught sight of 2 in just a short time.

Ren offers out his hand. He says he will show her the shooting stars. Kyouko is hesitant at first, but she takes his hand, and says to leave it to him. She secretly wonders if he is this caring to others, and wonders how much she means to him.

Kyouko: Ah! Shooting stars! I see them too!
Ren: That's great. You won't be saying "It's not fair!" anymore, right?
Kyouko: I'm sorry for saying something like that!
Ren: So, what did you wish for?
Kyouko: That's right. I was so happy that I found them that I forgot to make a wish...
Ren: Well, let's continue until we find one again.

He continues to lead her by the hand again. He holds on to her the whole time. They didn't find any shooting stars again that night, but Kyouko is still happy when she returns to the hotel.

Anyway, regardless of what happened, Ren sees Kyouko to her room. She says she will do her best tomorrow. Ren says not to think too much in case it affects her sleep. Kyouko comments she had fun, but is tired. So they bid each other good night.

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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 4)

At evening, Kyouko is back in her room, depressed about her failures. At this rate, she may be fired. Even so, the director still gives her a chance. She lay in bed, thinking of these. She is unable to feel, for real.

Kyouko bites her lips, then she remembers Ren's words. If you get hurt, it will affect the filming. She immediately stops. She tells herself getting angry won't help, and she takes a deep breath. She feels that she is a small glimmer of light that can't be noticed by Tsuruga-san.

She feels that she really has to talk to someone. She has to ask for advice on her acting. But who? 3 way Option.

Like you have to ask who. :P

Kyouko calls Ren. He answers. She stays silent, but he immediately knew it was her. She wonders how he knows, he says he was about to call her himself. There is still much to discuss about her role. So he asks her over to his room, which she complies.

Outside his door, she apologises for disturbing him, but he says it's okay, he was the one who called her over.

Inside, he pours out some coffee. Kyouko comments that Ren's room has a great ocean view. They start to discuss about tomorrow's part. Most likely, she is unable to put all her feelings, and enter the role totally. He pinpointed the problem, to that the role itself doesn't have a complete image. This is not like a drama, where every part of the character have already been put into detail. The situation now is that she has to feel passion for the guy. Of course it's not going to solve the problem totally, but it's best to start with this. So what they have to do, is to "characterize" the roles.

Kyouko's spirits have lightened by this. Ren says it's good, she looked lifeless just a while ago. Kyouko says she's glad she came over to talk with him. Ren gives a calm, almost expressionless face, and Kyouko starts wondering about this "iron mask" of his. He comes back with pen and paper, and says to write all their thoughts down.

So they begin to set the character. Ren mentions about difficulty in becoming the character, if the age difference is great, so they set her age at 20. Next, Kyouko is to choose her name. Ren says Kyouko is really excited about this part. Kyouko says she must take it more seriously, but Ren tells her, there is nothing wrong with enjoying your work. Being passionate about it is a good thing. So she thinks of a rich lady name. Sumeragi Shiori. Ren almost laughs.

So the next thing, they have to think about how her passion would be. So Ren asks, what kind of men would this girl like? The moment Ren mentions this, the first thing that enters her mind.... another 3 way option.

First option, one who is headstrong.
Second option, one who is mature, and always accepting.
Third option, one who is always encouraging, and is never mean.

The first one is actually pointing to Shou. The second is actually pointing to Ren. And the third one, you're gonna get a kick out of this one! Guess who it points to!



Anyway, if Kyouko answers the mature person, she would suddenly think of how Ren always kept his anger in check, how he always treat people with respect, and it makes her heart race. But she immediately adds, "I wasn't referring to Tsuruga-san in particular." "It's saddening how you deny it like that." "Sorry! I guess your type will do too!" "Nevermind...." Realizing she probably offended him, she makes up an excuse of how anyone would like him. Ren became silent, but she knows he's not angry. (She has an anger sensor.)

Regardless of what she chose, they go into the next topic, choosing a name for Ren's part. So, Kyouko chose a name. REN. Capitalized. (Real creative. >_< ) Ren comments the name is the same, Kyouko says "REN" is to be in alphabets. So next is his personality. Ren asks if it is okay to be same as his. Kyouko suddenly comments that Tsuruga-san acts like a kid at times. Ren has no memory of that. So it appears that she was the only one who noticed. It sort of makes her happy.

So next, they set the characters' relation. They haven't started going out yet. Their relation was like love at first sight. And Shiori is in love with REN. Then Kyouko says there is still something on her mind. How does REN feel about Shiori? Ren asks Kyouko first, what does Shiori think of REN? Another 3 way option.

If she says someone she has not captured yet, she will talk about how she must get him no matter what, and she has the confidence to make her love him back.

Anyway, thoughts of Shiori are already filling Kyouko's head. Ren says that his role doesn't have a lover or someone he likes yet. Kyouko says Shiori will not let anyone else get in the way. Just pure desire, nothing more than that.

"I want you too."

Ren does this without warning, it almost makes her heart leap out. All sorts of thoughts filled her, but she figures this must be the acting role he has. She stiffens up.

Ren cuts off his act, and asks her what's wrong. She says she's not prepared yet, so he suggests practicing outside. At the sandy beach, she adds. Ren asks Kyouko have they thought of the situation why they were there. Kyouko has thought about it. REN was going there to do a job, but Shiori chased after and followed him there when she found out. She also referred it to like stalking a prey, or a final battle. Ren laughs, saying that is like Mio. Kyouko also agrees that Mio just wouldn't do here. Ren says that something more elegant is more suitable for Shiori.

Kyouko doesn't have any good ideas on that, so Ren suggest working outside. He puts on his coat. He also suggests that she puts on her coat to, so she goes back to her room before they head outside.

(They're wearing the same clothes again. >_< )

Outside, it is already dark, and the moon is shining brightly. Ren says they will do it from the same positions. He says they will also try ad lib, the same thing they did during Katsuki's practice for Dark Moon. Kyouko remembers that incident, they practiced this for his Katsuki. The situation is the same now. Now she is having trouble, and they will have ad lib for practice. Ren's Katsuki was amazing. She must do her best too.

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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 3)

If Kyouko decides to confide in Ren, she suddenly goes into deep thought again, and Ren had to pat her shoulder to get a response. She asks, how would Ren react in such a love scene. The moment she said that, she became embarassed, and she asks him to forget what she said. Ren says, he treats acting very seriously, especially towards Kyouko. Kyouko feels very helpless for being unable to react to Ren's acting. She is about to cry. Ren talks to her again, she says some dust got in her eyes.

He says she isn't defeated yet. Kyouko says she still didn't go far as an actress. He also tells her not to cry. He tells her honestly that he fully understands those feelings of resentment and self-reproach, of not being able to do well, even after you have taken it so seriously. Kyouko is surprised that Ren has such moments too. He seems so perfect. Then she remembers that there is one such moment, that time he was unable to act as Katsuki. And he had also mentioned this before, he was fired many times in the past.

Ren says, of course he doesn't face this problem now. But when he first started acting, he would get into all sorts of barriers. Anyone would face difficulty at the start. If they try to rush it, it would only get worse. It is only natural for her to feel this way. Ren also talks about his difficulty at that time as Katsuki. "But Tsuruga-san, you overcame it." "That's why you can do it too."

She is really thankful for his words, and his support. She feels her courage returning. She starts to think she might have looked like a fool just now. Will Tsuruga-san be this kind to me even if I am not his acting partner? Anyway, she gathers her spirits. She plans to return to the hotel, wash her face, then return with renewed spirit. She plans to do much better later.

At the set, the director ask if she is better now. She confirms, and sincerely asks to try again. The director comments the light in her eyes has returned. So Ren and Kyouko start again from the same position as they were. Kyouko gets herself in the right mind. She is not Kyouko Mogami now. She is some other girl. A girl from Tsuruga Ren's dreams. She must have him. On hearing the director's orders, Kyouko walks, with the wind blowing in her hair.

There is not a woman who could possibly not be fascinated by this man. But the moment she thinks of that, she starts to hurt. A man who charms all. She is just one person. A person in a large crowd. This phrase, she hates it. She starts to feel strange again, her own feelings coming in. She loses her spirit, and she becomes unable to act. The director has no choice but to restart.

After several takes, it still wasn't good. The director states this just wouldn't do. The other staff are saying they shouldn't continue like this. Kyouko stands up, and says she can still go on. The director and the staff have a little discussion, then he asks to speak to her alone. As she walks, she sees Ren's worried face, and her chest hurts again. She starts to worry about getting fired on the first day of the job.

The director tells her this will not do, and normally, he would just fire her. This line shocks her. But he hasn't given up on her yet, that's why he will give her one more day. Kyouko could sense some warmth in his voice. She thanks him profusely for giving her another chance. He warns her not to get too happy yet, she only gets one more chance. She still isn't too confident. He once again says, what he wants are the passions of love. But it is a complicated feeling that can even relate to hate itself. It has to be something that transcends to that man only. (I have absolutely no clue what he is talking about. *_* ) He points to her eyes. "Those are the eyes I want." She agrees to do it immediately. The director said her eyes are full of spirit, that's why he has confidence in her. Then he remarks she doesn't seem to have any reaction to love at all. He's hoping that one night can change it. He says not to disappoint him. With that, he tells everyone, the shoot is finished for today. They continue tomorrow. The staff starts packing.

(Quite frankly, I don't see a point in doing all this, if all they want are her eyes. What's with the wig and costume? Why not get some explosives, hire stunt-doubles, and film from the top of a volcano while you're at it?)

Kyouko is still at a loss what to do. Eyes in love. She doesn't believe she can do that. The sound of her own heartbeat rings in her head. Ren comes over to check her. His voice seems far away. He asks her is she alright. She is sorry to have caused this many delays, but he says it's okay. They should remove their make-up and costumes now, so they head to the staff. Yashiro comes over and gives her some mineral water. He seems worried too. She tries to take it, but drops it. Yashiro quickly picks it up. He asks Kyouko is she really okay. She didn't have the strength to give a firm answer.

Kyouko notices some shouts. It seems that some of Tsuruga's fans have gathered around him, all shouting "Kyaa!". Yashiro comments that Ren has been discovered by the tourists. Ren is doing a lot of signing with a smile. Kyouko comments, he really is famous and popular. Yashiro says of course, he's Tsuruga Ren. The screaming of the fans is ceaseless. Kyouko watches Ren. It seems he is always this kind to everybody. Her chest feels strange, and she wonders if she is truly feeling envious of these girls. Is it because she hasn't pulled out of her role?

One of the fans hugs Ren's neck and takes a photo. On seeing that, Kyouko flares up. What is that fan doing to Tsuruga-san?! Yashiro points out her face becoming scary again. He asks her, "Don't tell me, you're jealous of these girls?" 3 way Options again.

The best option is to deny it calmly. Although her normal reaction is probably to deny it strongly. Anyway, if she denies it calmly, Yashiro asks her, maybe she hasn't completely pulled out of her role yet. Kyouko replies that she doesn't know. A lot of things had been going through her head. Yashiro says, either way, it's not a bad thing. This feeling she has can be put to good use in her act. Kyouko says it indeed is a feeling, that she doesn't want to let anyone else have him. She doesn't know this feeling herself. Everytime she sees him get close to someone else, it hurts. She wants to know, who does she mean to Tsuruga. That feeling, it probably is jealousy.

Anyway, regardless of what she did, she goes to the staff and gets changed.

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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 2)

Kyouko can choose to react calmly or coldly towards Yashiro's comment. But where's the fun in that? ;) Best option, overreact to it.


She scares the hell out of Yashiro. He says she doesn't have to deny it this strongly. She insists it wasn't a date. He says he understands and pleads with her to calm down. She says she can't be calm, as this would cause trouble for Ren too. Ren says he doesn't particularly mind. She calms down, and says if it's no problem with him, it's no problem with her too.

Soon, the staff are all gathered at the lobby, getting ready for the shoot soon. Kyouko and Ren already have their costumes on. (Finally they change their clothes. :P ) Kyouko still has some doubt, and she is not confident at all. Yashiro and Ren both encourage Kyouko. They managed to motivate her. She gets in the right spirit, and becomes ready to do this. After all, Ren is the co-star.

The set is prepared at the beach. Kyouko is wearing a long red dress. It was something which Mio would wear, so she wonders if she should be like Mio. She goes into deep thought, concentrating on how Mio would act if she was in love with Tsuraga.

The director gave instructions to Kyouko that she is to keep her eyes on him as she walk towards him. Then the director says, "Start!" Kyouko opens her eyes, and fills herself with thoughts. "I want him no matter what." "He belongs to me." "He cannot escape. I won't let him." "I won't let anyone else have him." She walks towards him, eyes fixed on him.

The director yells "CUT!" of course. "Kyouko-chan. You look at him as if you're about to kill him!" :P He points out that she was acting as Mio. He talks to her in private. He says he did choose her because of her powerful eyes as Mio, and he wants that powerful stare which Mio has, but the situation is different. What he wants is someone who is madly in love, deeply passionate for Ren, that kind of feeling. That's why Mio cannot do.

He tells her in detail, she should look at him with seductive eyes, yet full of desire, possessing pride and dominance. (Did you guys get any of that? Cos' I sure didn't. @_@ ) He tells her it's okay, anyone who's been in love before should know about that feeling. He pats her shoulder and say they'll try again.

She isn't supposed to be in love again. How could she feel it? Ren seems worried about her. She is stumped, she couldn't get a good idea of how a girl loves a man.

The director shouts "Start!", but shouts "Cut!" almost immediately. The director just shook his head. The next few takes were unsuccessful as well. By take 7, she can no longer go on. She just couldn't do it. She couldn't even bring herself to look at Ren. With little choice, the director says for everyone to take a break. They will continue again at 2 o'clock.

Kyouko just couldn't do it. She couldn't feel any love at all in her act. She just couldn't feel a deep passion for that man.

Ren and Yashiro come over to her. They are worried about her. Kyouko feels terrible for causing this much problems, but Ren and Yashiro tells her it is okay. Ren adds that furthermore, if she places too much pressure on herself, it will only make her unable to act properly. Yashiro suggests getting lunch together for a change of mood. Kyouko is thankful, but she declines. She says needs to be alone for a while, so she'll return to her room. She turns away from them and returns to the hotel.

Kyouko returns to her room, tired. It feels as though she is running away. Yet she is unable to change the fact that she cannot play the part well. She wonders what she should do. She thinks about the clam-shells, Corn, and the legend of the crying sands. She decides to go there again. So she sets off, holding Corn in her hand.

Kyouko came to the exact same place they came together in the morning. She thinks about the legend of the princess, but doubts the princess would offer blessing to an acted love. She tells herself not to feel down. She looks at Daruma Cape. There should be enough time for her to go there. So that's where she heads.

Back at the hotel, Ren is outside Kyouko's room. He knocks on the door, but there is no response. Yashiro also goes up, and sees Ren there.

Yashiro makes full use of this oppotunity to tease Ren of course. XD Yashiro insists that Ren is especially worried about Kyouko. Ren says as a co-star, of course. Yashiro says as usual, Ren isn't going to admit his special concern. Ren just replies he can believe what he wants to believe.

Anyway, Kyouko isn't in her room. Yashiro is wondering if she ran away, but remembers she did the same thing in her Mio act previously, so she should be fine. To find out how she is, Yashiro gives Kyouko a call.

That is when he finds out something. There is a ringing sound coming from the inside of the room. Kyouko did not take her cellphone with her. >_< They decide to search for her. Yashiro is to search inside the hotel, Ren is to search outside. Yashiro asks Ren to call him if he finds Kyouko. Yashiro also adds that Ren should have a talk with her. So Ren sets off, having an idea where to look.

Kyouko arrives at the Daruma cape. She is glad she came here. She thinks about her job, and starts to worry about being fired. She just couldn't get the right feeling. Furthermore, she is afraid of something she cannot explain herself. Is an acted love anything like true love? She starts to hurt inside. "What am I to do? I..."

"Found you."

Kyouko cries out in shock. That voice behind her almost made her heart jump out. Ren apologises for startling her. It's good that he managed to find her. He says he had searched the clam shores and the crying sands spot before here.

Kyouko: Eh...? Tsuruga-san, you were searching for me...?
Ren: You weren't in your room. I was a little worried.

He adds that he isn't worried that she will run away, but he just wants to make sure she is alright. Kyouko is happy to hear that, but it doesn't change the fact that she can't do anything about her predicament.

Ren says they should talk. He will listen to anything she has to say. Kyouko doesn't know how to begin. A 3 way option at this point.

There is not much difference. Anyway, Ren smiles at her, and says that she can always depend on him. He says she should tell him everything. She slumps. She says her confidence has shattered. He tries to cheer her up, and says she should not look so gloomy, or it will be like Mio. That didn't lift her spirits of course. So he says they should try to think of something together.

Kyouko thinks to herself. Ren is really kind. But is he so kind to me because I am his co-star? She thinks carefully about her position. She wonders if she should confide in him. 3 way options at this point.

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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 1)

Ren Path
Chapter 4

Kyouko wakes up early, refreshed, woken by the sound of the gentle splashing waves, just before her alarm clock went off. She decides to go for a morning walk, hoping to hear the crying sands. Despite Tsuruga's warning, she felt it should be okay.

She goes down to the lobby. "Mogami-san?"

Imagine her surprise. (And fear.) She says good morning immediately. Ren greets back. Then he asks her where is she headed.

Kyouko: Uhm.... yeah, I was thinking of getting breakfast, so I'm going to the cafeteria!
Ren: The cafeteria doesn't open until 30 minutes later.
Kyouko: Oh! I see.
Ren: Yashiro has already explained this yesterday.
Kyouko: Ooo.. Ha...

Ren sighs. He knows what she's up to. He says she could have called him if she wanted a walk by the shore. She says she couldn't have troubled him this early in the morning, especially since most people are still asleep. She hopes that he wasn't angry. He says it's fine, since she probably was in a difficult position to ask.

Kyouko asks Ren why is he here so early. Now it's his turn to be fidgety. ;) He answers a morning walk help improves health and lifestyle. Kyouko is impressed by that answer. (She actually believes it?)

Apparently, Ren knew exactly what Kyouko was planning, so he lay in ambush here. ^_^

Anyway, Ren knows that she wishes to see the crying sands, so he says to go there. Kyouko says she heard from people at the lobby talking about crying sands near the Daruma Cape. Ren comments it is close to where they were yesterday.

Kyouko almost loses it again, thinking about how if Shou hadn't butt in, they probably would have visited there yesterday. She quickly recovers herself, reminding herself not to go off the deep end again. So Ren and Kyouko heads there.

They reached the spot. Kyouko steps in the sand. She is amazed that it really does give off a "Kyu" sound. Even Ren is impressed. Ren notices something oddly familiar about Kyouko's footsteps. Kyouko gulps, wondering if he is thinking of Bo. 3 options at this point.

To choose to say it is like Bo, will be like digging her own grave.

Best choice is to probably pretend to not hear him. She talks about bringing back some sand to change the subject. Ren talks about foreigners referring this to musical sand or singing sand. Kyouko starts imagining sandman dancing and making music, and she hums some tunes.

Ren talks about this sort of thing being something she likes. He chuckles at her.

Kyouko: Sorry... I'm being weird.
Ren: Nope. You're just being you.

Kyouko felt irritated, at the same time embarrassed by that comment.

Anyway, regardless of what she said, they see some markings in the sand. They are scribblings of a heart and some initials. It must have been left by a couple on a date last night. Ren remarks it must have been tough considering the wind last night. Kyouko asks is Ren thinking that those people must be a stupid couple. He says that's not what he was thinking.

Kyouko: So, you wouldn't do anything like that?
Ren: Well, that really depends on the person involved. And about you.
Kyouko: M-me?!
Ren: I was talking about what you're drawing.

Kyouko is actually drawing something in the sand, but she didn't fully noticed it herself until he pointed out. She draws a face of Corn, but it doesn't look at all like him. "Does Corn have such a round face?"

Ren wrote out "Corn" in English, and Kyouko wrote out in Katakana. Kyouko's and Ren's faces came really close. Suddenly, he warns her of danger, then he pulls her away. The tide has come in, and it washes away the writings and all, erasing everything. Ren says she doesn't have to look this sad. He adds that it's a good thing they aren't drenched this time.

Ren comments she really likes Corn. Kyouko confirms, but explains it is different from love, it was like she really misses him. She says her heart races every time she thinks of him, and it always gives her such a warm feeling. Ren says he is envious. How wonderful it must be to carry such memories. (For a moment there, she thought Ren had meant that he was envious of Corn.)

Ren says it's about time they head back. He says they will go to Daruma Cape next time. Kyouko agrees, determined to be there next time.

They head to the Cafeteria, where Yashiro is waiting to greet them. He says they were both gone, so he figures they must be together. Kyouko apologises for not informing him. Yashiro says it's okay, since she will be safe as long as Ren is with her.

Ren tells Yashiro that he is grinning too much. Yashiro says it's normal. He asks where Ren and Kyouko went. Ren says it's just a normal walk. Kyouko says they went to the crying sands spot near Daruma Cape. Yashiro was surprised it existed, and says it's good that they found it.

Anyway, Yashiro talks about the legend of the crying sands. (Kyouko's eyes sparkles at that.) Yashiro says it is a tragic love story. (His glasses shine.) He talks about a war in the area that happened long ago. The son of a shogun, fell in love with the princess of the enemy shogun. The boat they were on capsized, and they drowned. And the crying of the princess reached the sands.

Kyouko immediately worries about being cursed. Yashiro tells her that no one has been cursed so far. He tells her what legend this place is famous for. The couples that have a date by the shore will be together forever. Kyouko comments the princess is kind.

Yashiro cheekily states, "In other words, the 2 of you who went out on a date this morning, your future is set in stone!" 3 options on what response to give.

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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 3 Ren Path (part 5)

In her room, Kyouko yawns, tired out. She decides to sleep early, so she dives into bed. The pain in her finger tells her that her right-hand is injured. It was probably that fall earlier. She looks for medication, but realizes she has forgotten to bring any. She has to take care of the injury before it gets worse. 3 Options at this point.

The logical choice is actually to call Yashiro. She would have figured that Ren wouldn't normally care too much about such things, and Yashiro is usually the one who handles things like this, and would have thought against troubling Ren.

If Kyouko calls Yashiro, he says it's absolutely okay. He says he has that medication. Kyouko says she will get it from him, but he insists on coming over to her. After a while, he arrives. He offers to help her dress the injury, since she can't use both hands.

He asks he about the injury, but she doesn't know exactly how she got it. Anyway, he finishes and she thanks him.

However, the best choice is to call Tsuruga-san of course. She calls him, with some apprehension. She asks Ren if he has medication, but he doesn't have any, as expected. It seems that she has to buy some from the Convenience store herself. Ren says he'll be coming along too, and he'll drive her there. She complies.

Ren drove a borrowed car to the store. They have just finished their purchases from the store. She says she's fine now. They talk about her injury. It was likely to be the fall from just now. He apologises for that, but she insists that she is still thankful for what he did. He bought some mineral water he wanted, which is not available in the hotel.

Anyway, Ren says she should not hesitate if she needs help. Kyouko says she had wanted to call Yashiro, but Ren came to mind first. Ren is delighted to hear that.

Ren asks Kyouko if she wants to stop by the viewing platform near the lighthouse. The moment she hears that, she immediately wants to go. Ren already knows her answer before she says it.

They reach the place. The view is great. But the wind is strong. The force of the wind pushes her towards Ren. Ren asks her if she is cold. Her heart beats faster again now that they are this close. She says only a little. So he finds the perfect excuse he needs. ^_^

He keeps her warm this way. She asks him if he is cold, he answers he is being kept warm too. :) She becomes unable to think straight. Ren says the scenery is beautiful. Kyouko agrees, stuttering. She wonders if is Ren treating her like a child, he says that's not it, but says nothing more. She keeps pondering about her situation, what it could possible mean.

Ren says the wind is getting stronger, so they should return. She agrees. He gets some coffee from a vending machine to warm them up. (Coffee? Wouldn't that make it difficult to sleep later?) So they return back.

Regardless of what she chose, after that, she goes to bed, thinking about her role of acting the girl who really likes Tsuruga. She felt confident, considering her partner is Tsuruga, she will be able to return his acting.

The sound of the waves soothes her, and she soon falls into a deep sleep.

End of Chapter 3.

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Rants. And CGs

This is life.

One moment, I am happily posting summaries of the PS2 Skip Beat game in the Mangafox forums, so that everyone can enjoy them, the next moment, my ass was banned by an asshole mod for minding my own business! Gee, I didn't realize that asking for replies and attention was a crime!

Well, that's life.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the overall community of MF. Except for that jackass known as Seeliespright. That bitch didn't even care about the needs of other people. He was fully aware that by banning me and shifting my topic, I won't be able to post the summaries there any more, yet he still did it. I don't believe that he isn't aware of the fact that many people want my summaries. What an asshole.

But enough about that sad twisted fucked up pitiful excuse for a mod, who defiles Hugh Jackman's image simply by using his pictures. I don't want to talk about him any more.

I want to thank the rest of you guys for your support.

I actually have a gift. I acquired a complete set of CGs of the game from a Chinese Forum. I use these pics for my summary.

Here's a sample.

So I'm providing to you guys the complete set of CGs that I have acquired. I also want to thank Zerelja for helping me spread the word, so I named the zip file with her name. Get the file here.

Here is the CG. Most unfortunately, I do not have higher resolution than these. If you have a complete set with higher resolution than mine, please share with me.

And by the way, my exams start ON MONDAY! Don't expect frequent updates.

Thank you for your support.

Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 3 Ren Path (part 4)

Anyway, regardless of what she did. Ren continues walking, as if called by the wind. Kyouko dons her heels and follows. Night was to fall soon. They continue silently, and Kyouko feels for certain that he must still be angry from Shou's phone-call. Kyouko finally calls to him from behind. Another 3 way option at this point.

The best option is for her to say she wishes to continue to walk together. She says it too soft, it couldn't reach him. She holds on to the clam-shells, hoping for more courage. Then she finally shouts out to Ren, "Tsuruga-san! Is it okay if we walk together?!"

Ren turns back and goes to her. "I'm sorry, I was walking too fast. There were just some things on my mind. It was careless of me to leave you alone. I failed in my duty as a guard."

Kyouko says it's not his fault, it's that guy who always stirs up some things. He asks is she still feeling unhappy. She says there is no point getting angry over this.

Anyway, Ren smiles, extends out his hand, and asks to walk together.

Kyouko: Eh?
Ren: I'm not going to leave you behind and go off on my own again.
Kyouko: Ah...
Ren: Am I causing trouble?
Kyouko: No, not at all.

Kyouko continues to walk with Ren holding her hand.

Kyouko looks back at their footprints. They are now of the same pace. Kyouko comments she hopes to be as with him on her job one day. The situation was like her job. She says when she chases after him, she can't even be seen. And she says that at least now, she is closer to where he is. He looks at her, and she feels her heart racing again. He lets go of her hand and shows her something.

Anyway, regardless of what happened, Ren tells her about the Daruma Cape. It was somewhere at the edge of the sea, within sight. He tells her why is it called the Daruma Cape, from what he heard from Yashiro.

Kyouko is amazed. It was the same name as Darumaya. She remarks that she has a fate with Darumas. She tells Ren her story of how the Boss of Darumaya encouraged her to move onward, and how the spirit of the Daruma always getting back up gives her courage. She then talks about how she finally made it in LME and Love Me. She also talks about how Ren was very scary at that time.

Ren: Was I really that scary?
Kyouko: Yes, I thought for sure you must hate me.
Ren: I see. That's why you were always running away from me.
Kyouko: .....Sorry.
Ren: But it's different now.
Kyouko: ...Yes, I know you don't hate me any more.
Ren: That's good to hear.
Kyouko: I... don't hate you either.

She feels embarrassed the moment she said that.

Anyway, he gives her the god smile again. :D

She almost forgets to breathe.

Kyouko stirs herself back. Her thinking had stopped again. Ren calls her, and she says it's nothing, and they should continue walking. She walks forward, thinking to herself that she has to stop looking at him. Ren calls out urgently to Kyouko to stop.

Kyouko is caught by the water, and she slips. She can feel herself falling down. "Kyaa!"

Ren breaks her fall. She desperately apologizes, and he asks he if she is hurt. He remarks this is a failed rescue attempt, since they are now both wet. She says that's not true. Anyway, she seems no less worried about him, than he about her.

She sneezes, and Ren says they should hurry up and return, before they catch a cold. He says not blame herself what happened, it was just an accident.

They walk towards the hotel. Ren tells her, if she wishes to go to the Daruma Cape, she should not be going in the morning alone. She gulps, that was exactly what she was thinking. He warns how little people there are in the morning, and how dangerous it can be. She says she understand, she's not that stupid. Ren looks at her with suspicious eyes. :P She asks would it be okay for him to accompany her if she wishes to go. He replies he would be happy to oblige.

She also talks about finding the crying sands. He says to her not to do anything dangerous again. Anyway, night falls by the time they returned to the hotel.

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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 3 Ren Path (part 3)

They went outside. It was sunset. Kyouko removed her heels to walk barefoot in the sand. Ren says to be careful.

Kyouko finds something in the sand. She gives Ren one of the clam-shells she finds. She wonders if he will refuse, but he accepts it. He asks is it okay if he takes it. Kyouko says she also has another of the same one.

It seems the clam-shells were a match. Ren comments that the clams were originally as one. Ren thanks her for finding something like that. He says for Kyouko to keep them. Kyouko is worried if Ren didn't want them after all, but he says that's not it. He says it will be such a pity to split them up.

Kyouko says she will find more shells. Ren thanks her, but says not to go all the way out. He says she'll probably treat it like a duty again. She couldn't deny it. He asks Kyouko if he can see the shells again in future, she says of course. He replies that will be all he needs.

Ren also tells her the clam-shells are lucky charms of love. He comments it will be helpful for the shoot. She says she's really happy.

They stared at each other for a while. Then Ren tells her there is some sand on her face. He says to her to close her eyes. She does so. She could hear the waves splash, and she could feel the gentle touch on her face.

Then, the phone rang. ">_<" Sigh..........

Ren says the ring was not from his phone. It was Kyouko's. She took out her phone and answered it. It was a familiar irritating voice. It was Shou. ">_<" Typical...

She wonders how he got her number, but figured must have been that time he took the phone. Ren asks her what is wrong. She says its nothing. She faces away from him to deal with the phone call. 3 options at this point.

The worst option would be to listen to what he has to say. Believe me, nothing good can come out of that one. >_<

A better option, she can choose to hang up on him immediately. But Ren will still get suspicious about the call. He shows that fake gentleman shiny smile, and asks her what was that all about. She panics, desperately explains to him. And he finally accepts it.

If Kyouko chooses to argue with Shou, she tells him not to call for no reason. Shou asks why is she picking a fight all of a sudden. She says a fight has long been decided between them. He asks why she feels that way. She says it's because of their past history. She says, "Do you want me to bury the phone in the sand?" "You're the one who will have a problem if you do that, no?"

He talks about her going "Shou-chan, Shou-chan" in the past. "STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT!! I'LL KILL YOU!!" She gets angry enough to want to fling the phone in the water, but calms herself. Ren calls her. She says she will be done soon.

Shou: Hey, is that Tsuruga Ren over there?
Kyouko: Of course he is. We're working together on a job.
Shou: Huh? Why did you refuse my job, but grab Tsuruga Ren's job instead!?
Kyouko: It was fate.
Shou: What do you mean fate? This is something you asked for, right?
Kyouko: It was just an example, it's not like I take orders from you!

Ren takes the phone from Kyouko, and speaks to Shou himself. (Fake gentleman mode, of course.) Kyouko can still hear Shou's angry voice.

Ren: Sorry to have to disappoint you on the jobs. But this is the way things work in the Entertainment world.
Shou: You must have said something bad to Kyouko!
Ren: I did no such thing. This is the world of the Pros. This world will not be moved by personal feelings.

Kyouko thinks to herself, Ren is definitely angry. There is not a person whom Shoutaro cannot piss off.

Shou demands to speak to Kyouko. Ren asks Kyouko if she wants to. (He did so with a very shiny smile that hides a dark aura of course. :p ) Kyouko says that it wouldn't be necessary, it will just lead to another unwanted fight. "I, see," he says.

Ren: Mogami-san is unable to come to the phone right now. We have come here for work. I will appreciate it if you do not do anything that will give her problems.
Shou: What are you talking about?! Since when have I done something like that?!
Ren: You're doing it right now. I am hanging up now.
Shou: Hey! Wait--

Ren returns the phone with a smile. Kyouko apologizes, but Ren says the phone call was not her fault.

Ren sighs. He says he sometimes wonder if she actually likes to fight with him. She says that's not true. She can't suppress those feelings of resentment. He remarks that unsuppressable feelings were like love. But he says not to talk about him any more and to continue their walk.

Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 3 Ren Path (part 2)

At the set, they start filming Ren.

Kyouko notices the air around Ren is different. She is amazed by his aura and style. He finishes this part easily, and moves to the next part.

Kyouko watches Ren intently, not just amazed, but literally mesmerized. Yashiro had to call her repeatedly to get a reaction out of her. Kyouko felt her mind stopping but heart racing. During his next scene, she tells herself to pay attention and observe carefully. But she simply gets mesmerized by Ren again.

Ren finishes the shoot, and Kyouko regained herself. She slaps herself and it surprised Ren and Yashiro. She says she's charging herself up. Yashiro teases her how intently she was watching the whole time. Kyouko is impressed to the point where she gets intimidated by the fact that she might not be able to match up. Yet she is still excited.

Ren comments that he is happy that Mogami-san is fired up. Kyouko reminds herself not to have the eyes unable to peel away feeling again. Yashiro is called away to confirm the schedule. Ren asks Kyouko if there was something wrong. 3 way option here.

If Kyouko admits that her thinking has stopped, they talked for quite a bit. He says she didn't have to worry so much, she is just inexperienced. He encourages her again.

Ren is called away again for the costume. Yashiro offers Kyouko some canned tea. He says to call him if she needs anything, since he's not just Ren's manager now. Yashiro says her part is the next day. They talked about her reaction earlier. Kyouko is feeling bad about being stunned by his act, but Yashiro assures her that's it's nothing to apologize about. He also adds that she isn't the only person to have that reaction when watching Ren, and it isn't anything special. Yashiro actually hits a raw nerve unintentionally with that "not anything special" quote. Kyouko starts to feel down again, thinking about her past experience. She feels she is nothing special.

The director came, and told her again her part is tomorrow. He gives her some motivation and advices her to relax. She seemed so stiff. If the heart is tense, the body will be tense too. Mind and body affect each other. Kyouko finds herself more relaxed now.

The director tells her to observer Ren carefully. "Fall in love with him." This sentence shocks her. He explains that her part is a character deeply in love with Ren, and has a burning passion for him. He says she must feel passion for him.

Basically, he wants to capture real emotions, and he wants Kyouko to have that kind of emotions. He also mentions something about the way she looks at him.

Another 3 way option here.
(Quite frankly, I have no idea what the question is asking, and the answers don't even seem to relate to each other.)

If Kyouko chooses to stay on her ground, the director says she is interesting, but says that will only have the reverse effect. He also warns that he will remove anyone who can't do the job. He says there's hope for her yet, but her pressure increases.

Anyway, Ren comes along, and Kyouko panics. Yashiro was there the whole time, so he heard the director's advice. Kyouko is in a spot. She doesn't want Ren to know anything about what the director said about wanting her to feel for Ren. So, she gives Yashiro "The Stare". Yashiro is scared into submission.

Yashiro: Uhm, the director just gave some advice about the role, that's all. Right Kyouko?
Kyouko: Right.
Ren: So, I see.
Yashiro: Yep.
Kyouko: Yep
Ren: What are you guys hiding!

Yashiro makes an excuse to get Ren away. Finally a breather. Yashiro tells Kyouko there is no use hiding this. The director is already speaking with Ren. Kyouko goes into panic mode again. Yashiro says she shouldn't get so down. After all, it doesn't seem to have that big an impact on Ren. She wonders if this was an everyday thing for him.

Kyouko is down, worried about getting into the right feel. Unlike a drama, a CM doesn't give as much time. Yashiro says everything will be fine. After all, Ren is a Co-Star Killer. Yashiro says Kyouko could easily hate Katsuki as Mio. So she could do something similar here.

Kyouko still isn't in the right mood. So Yashiro asks her, if she hates Ren. She answers there's no way she could hate him. He asks how she feels for Ren then. She says respect. Yashiro whispers to himself about not quite there yet. Yashiro asks Kyouko if there is someone that she like.

A 3 way option here. One of the options is an image of Shoutaro flashes in her mind. BUT WHY THE FREAKING HELL WOULD ANYONE CHOOSE THAT KIND OF OPTION?!

If an image of Ren flashes before Kyouko, she asks herself why. Yashiro gets excited by her reaction and asks her again. She answers there isn't any. While looking away. Yashiro doesn't buy it of course.

But Yashiro himself agrees that falling in love, isn't something as simple as flicking a switch on. Yet, the director's request might as well be ordering her to fall in love, so it's a problem. Yashiro says, love doesn't work that way. It starts when it wants to start. Kyouko gets thoughts that won't stop flowing.

Anyway, Yashiro tells Kyouko something big. He says that a kiss from Ren can make anyone fall head over heels. Kyouko says, "W-w-w-why would you say that? It's sexual harassment! A crime!" "Why would you call it a crime? It's supposed to be consented, right?"

Noooooo! Consented? A kiss!! The pure thought of it makes her panic. Kyouko believes that a kiss from the Emperor of the night must be the world's most powerful and terrifying curse. A curse like that can knock one whole page of the script right out of your memory!

Yashiro says to forget what he said, it was nothing. Kyouko wonders it was possible to fall in love with Ren like that. "Are you aware that you are thinking out loud?" "Ugh..."

Yashiro asks what does Kyouko think of Ren again. Another 3 way option.

If Kyouko's answer is admiration, Yashiro will say it was so close. He says if there was just one more step... He comments that respect can change into love. Kyouko says she worships Ren. Yashiro asks, isn't that like a fan? Kyouko insists she's not a fan, she's a believer of Ren.

Yashiro asks if Kyouko likes Ren. She denies it flat out, and says that worship and love are not the same things. She scares Yashiro with her face.

Ren approaches and Kyouko gets a shock, wondering how much he has heard. Yashiro makes an excuse to get mineral water, than he escapes. Kyouko smiles and says "Oktsukaresama". "Ren smiles back and says, "You seem to be saying something interesting." Fake smiles of course.

Kyouko says she was just talking about work with Yashiro. Ren asks if they talked about him. She denies, but then admits it. Ren says they can talk about it slowly when they return to the hotel. Kyouko realizes that she can't escape.

Anyway, all 3 of them were gathered to discuss the job and director's request. Ren says, "We are not talking about really falling in love here, more like the role's acting skills, so it's definitely possible." "Hearing Tsuruga-san say that makes me feel better." Yashiro comments the director really gave a hurdle. Kyouko says this high hurdle is more like a space wall beyond the clouds. Yashiro says it's a good thing that it's Ren. Ren says he doesn't mind, but Yashiro should not give Kyouko too much pressure.

Kyouko thinks about the kiss, and stole a glance at Ren's lips. She starts to reminisce about that time they practiced as Katsuki, and how he showed the Emperor of the Night attitude. She stared too long. Ren: "Mogami-san, is there something with my face?" Kyouko: "Uh, it's nothing! Just thinking about the order of your eyes, nose and mouth from top to down. Ren: "Of course it's like that. It would be a problem if the order is reversed, no?" She LOLs.

Ren asks if she has any plans later. She doesn't have any work today. He asks her if she wants to walk by the beach. Kyouko asks if it is really okay. Ren says it's dangerous for a girl to go by herself. She is hesitant, but Yashiro insists it's a good idea. Then Kyouko agrees. She asks if Yashiro isn't coming, and he desperately makes up an excuse of having important schedules to sort out, then he says they should just enjoy themselves.

Outside, they meet the director, who asks where they are going. Ren answers they are going for the walk, and the director was pleased. He says he's expecting Ren to lead her along. He then leaves. Kyouko's heart sinks again.

They talk about a convenience store some distance away. Ren says if she needs to go there, she should call him without hesitation. Kyouko says she will call for room service if she is hungry, and she wouldn't go out alone. Ren insists she must do what she says. Yashiro comments this situation is the reverse of the usual. Usually it's Kyouko who insists Ren eats. Ren comments that he will always welcome Kyouko if she wishes to dine together. All this while, her heart was aching, whenever she sees Ren's smile. At the lobby, Yashiro leaves.

Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 3 Ren Path (part 1)

Ren Path
Chapter 3

Lory announced that Kyouko will be taking Ren's Job. From that moment, it was like a new door opening to her life.

Kyouko gets all fired up for this job.

Lory also tells her, regarding the Quiz, and accident had occured, so Mouko won't be taking part either. The staff suffered some injuries. Lory also says it was actually fortunate that they didn't take part in this. Kyouko knows it would have been very bad if they were hurt. It was a pity the preparation they prepared, but Mouko won't have to go to something she hates.

Lory tells her they set off tomorrow for the beach studio. He tells her to meet up with Ren, who is apparently waiting outside. Kyouko realized he was anxious to know the results too.

Outside, Kyouko informs Ren that she has taken his job. He asks about the other jobs. Kyouko tells him of the Quiz accident, so it's not possible to take that one. Ren looks at her really up close, and asks her what she thought of this job. She offers some polite words on how he can guide her along etc.

Kyouko is really happy to be taking this job. Ren baits her with a few vague questions and ask her about her thoughts on working with him. He asks her if she is happy, and she says yes. He asks her what about the other jobs. She thinks about Shoutaro, and gets angry again, and she says that Ren's job was her top choice. (One can tell he's baiting her to see how she thought of Shou's job.)

Ren says he's glad then. He was worried that it wasn't her best choice. She said that will never happen, and she will never refuse a job from Ren, and will treat it with utmost respect. She also adds that she likes Ren's appearence when he is working.

Kyouko comments it is almost unbelievable that she is to work with him and R-Mandy brand. Ren informs her that the director is famous in Hollywood. She starts to think about not just being equal with Shou, but to defeat him. She also thinks about smiling from a red carpet in hollywood. Ren says this may not be a far-off dream. She says she will work hard.

Kyouko then gets a little worried. She looks at her own body. Not enough curves. =_= She starts wondering why she was selected. Ren asks if she is worried. She says she's happy, but is worried if she is up to it. Ren says the director considered many things. She then thinks about going on a diet. Ren says she shouldn't skip her meals since she needs her strength. It doesn't sound convincing coming from him of course. He says he is used to that, but she protested he can't do that. Anyway, he says they are working together so he will be affected in some way too. Kyouko wonders why would the Director pick her. Ren replies she has aura. She asks him how did the director hear of her. He gets problems answering that one. (One can pretty much tell what he did here. :p ) A 3-way option here. If she asks him if she is not a good choice, he will assure her that is not the case. Anyway, she has no more jobs for the day, so he gives her a ride, and tells her the details. She thinks to herself, Tsuruga-san is really nice.

In the car, Ren tells Kyouko more. He told her about the director, who was very reputable. He is also strict, and has strange habits. (He also comments that there doesn't seem to be an ordinary person in this line of work.) Ren apologizes for scaring her, but she assures him, it's better to know what she's up against. Ren continues to describe the director. He has very high demands, but his works are renowned. Kyouko is determined to take the job. Ren advises her to take it as an experience, even if she doesn't make it. Of course if she makes it, it will be a great boost to her reputation. Instead of feeling nervous, she ends up feeling happy, working beside a great actor and under a great director. Kyouko asks Ren if she could explore the beach that they are going to, if they have free time, and he says there's no problem with that. She really hopes to see the night view of the sea.

Following day, the boss and lady boss of sees her off. The lady boss tells her not to flirt with men during travels. Kyouko assures her, that she is going there for work, and won't do something like that. They really worry too much.

Kyouko sets off in high spirits, ready to meet her destiny, determined on doing her job well.

At the beach, Kyouko enjoys the scene. Just being near the beach excites her. She gets too close to the water, and Ren and Yashiro calls her back. She hurries back, a little embarrassed about being so excited. The 3 of them start to talk about the place. Yashiro mentions something about the Crying Sands. Apparently, in areas where sands are cleaner, they make a sound when you step in them. Kyouko gets even more excited hearing that. Soon, the director shows up and greet them.

The director stares at Kyouko for a while, then comments how ordinary Kyouko is, and wonders if she is even the correct actress for Mio. Kyouko responds by giving him the stare. The director becomes impressed, and points out that those are the exact eyes he wanted. "You are the right person for this job."

This raises her confidence. She says even though this is her first modelling job, she will do her very best. The director then informs her they will only be using her eyes for the CM, and she isn't too excited about the idea.

Yashiro makes an excuse to leave first (registration, paperwork, etc). He informs Kyouko that he will be the manager to both of them for this job. A 3 way option here. If Kyouko suggests all 3 of them go together, Yashiro will strongly refuse. If Kyouko says okay then, Yashiro happily leaves.

Regardless, Yashiro hurries of while the both of them stay behind. Ren helps Kyouko carry her stuff.

Anyway, Kyouko is a bit upset that Ren didn't tell her this particular detail about the job. Ren continues to encourage her. Another 3 way option.

If she asks him really, Ren assures her she will be just fine. Ren apologizes for keeping this from her. He made this expression which she thought was cute. She says she wasn't angry, just wished he didn't hide it.

Anyway, at the hotel, Kyouko is really impressed with the room, and the great ocean view. She holds out Corn to the sunlight. There was a knock on the door, so she opens.

Ren tells her she should make sure she knows who it is first before opening. He notices Corn in her hand. Anyway, they were about to start filming Ren soon, so they asked her if she wants to come along. It was a great chance, so she didn't refuse. Outside, they talked a bit about the cafe. Kyouko says she would be happy to watch Ren's filming, and Yashiro harps on those words. "I heard her the first time, you don't have to repeat it."

Yashiro asked Kyouko about the other jobs. Kyouko tells him about the accident for the Quiz, and it was cancelled. Yashiro said it was most fortunate she took this one. He then asks her about Shou's job. She gets trouble answering that one, so she just says the schedule made in unsuitable, and Ren's job was her top priority. Yashiro is excited about that comment. Ren acts nonchalant, and says they should hurry. Yashiro tells Kyouko Ren is actually happy. But she already knows it, judging from how worried he seemed, waiting outside the Chairman's office.

They started talking about the difficulties of this director, and this line of work itself. Ren is serious when talking about work. He says anyone who is afraid of getting hurt because of failure cannot do his job well. Yashiro agrees that a glass heart cannot survive in this industry. Ren adds that Kyouko will get fired up in difficult times. Yashiro agrees she has willpower, the kind strong enough to defeat Sawara.

Ren tells Kyouko, "I am really looking forward to seeing your acting skills." This makes Kyouko's heart race. It gives her courage. Yashiro says, "You really are a co-star killer. Any girl would be knocked senseless by that line." Kyouko's heart sinked by this comment.

Ren: "How rude, I never intended for that."
Yashiro: "I know you didn't. But those girls being swept away are a fact. I saw it with my own eyes many times."
Ren: "Well, I've never noticed any of that."
Yashiro: "Of course you didn't. It's normal to you."

Ren pointed out Kyouko is now a co-star. Kyouko says that is the case, but it wasn't the first time they met. She also added that she is immune to any killer beams. :p

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The job decision is not hers alone. Kyouko says she is in a very difficult position.

Ren and Kanae both apologize to her. But Shou say he hasn't given up yet. At this point of time, another 4 way decision, on who to talk to first. This part is very important.

If Kyouko chooses to fight with Shou, Ren will become very depressed, and he will leave. And Shou will continue to be smug. (More details in the differences section.)

If Kyouko says she is happy that Mouko asked her, Mouko will give this cute embarrassed expression. But she still doesn't let her call her by name. -_- Ren leaves then Shou leaves.

The real interesting part is if she talks to Ren, and says it is not his fault.

Shou: "Then it's my fault?"
Kyouko: "Your fault has been decided 4 million years ago!"

She tells Shou that Ren is nothing like him, he will never resort to dirty tricks. Shou insists that he's not going to give way. She tells him to stop doing as he pleases, especially about her. Shou claims that he has a reason for doing this, and he's not doing this simply because he's being selfish. "Who knows what plans that guy has for you?"

Ren: "That is not true. I simply respect her."

Kyouko can sense a great aura. Even one like Shou can't stay undaunted by Demon King Ren.

(I suspect the reason for Ren's anger, was that Shou was close to revealing Ren's intentions and his feelings towards Kyouko. Ren sent Shou a very clear message to shut up. If anyone is going to say Ren's feelings, it will be himself, no one else.)

Ren tells Shou clearly to watch his words, and states their ethical conduct. Shou protests. "uh...Mostly, why is Tsuruga Ren so interested in such an empty talent? It makes no sense! After all, there are so many women you can choose from in showbiz!"

Kyouko protests at what Shou called her. "Who are you calling an empty talent?"

Ren steps in for her. "I won't allow you to insult her any more." Kyouko can see Shou's face changing. Mouko-san also steps in for Kyouko. She says she will also not stand for such boorish talk.

"So you're saying I'm being mean to Kyouko?"
"That's exactly what it is."

Shou realizes it's a hopeless situation. "I can't win against 3 people from LME." He has no choice but to leave. (They should play the Final Fantasy Fanfare music at this point. :D )

Kyouko thanks them both for helping. Mouko notices that Ren's clothes were dirty. He says must be from catching the piglets. Mouko gets angry at Kyouko. "You actually asked Tsuruga-San to help you catch piglets?!" Mouko was irate, but Ren said he really wanted to help. Kyouko apologizes again, but he assures her it was really okay, since he had fun. He leaves.

Kyouko thought about how Ren defended her, and her heart was beating really fast.

Mouko comments Kyouko is always in some kind of trouble. She reminds her to clean up the food used as bait.

Finally, everything is done. They locked the room properly this time. This is the last time they'll be seeing the piglets, Kyouko is sad to have to say goodbye to them.

Kanae has something to do, so they can't go back together. Kyouko becomes sad. Kanae says she shouldn't complain.

Anyway, after this, Kyouko's jobs are finished, so she considers what to do. Another 4 way option. This 4 way option doesn't say who you'll meet etc, but the differences are very big.

If she chooses Training Centre, she meets Sawara and Lory.
If she chooses LME, she meets Maria then Ren.
If she chooses to buy juice, she meets Asami, and then Shou.
If she chooses to return to Darumaya, Mouko-san drops by for a visit.

So let's take the one for Ren.

Kyouko meets Maria-Chan, who was happy to see her. Apparently she wasn't able to meet Lory, who went out. Maria could tell that something was bothering Kyouko, but she says it's fine. Ren soon appears. Maria-chan is happy to see Ren. Ren comments the 2 of them are getting along fine as usual. Kyouko takes this opportunity to apologize about his clothes getting dirtied. So that was what's bothering her, Maria says.

Anyway, Maria has to leave to contact her grandpa again, so she says goodbye to them. Kyouko is a bit worried that they will end up talking about the jobs again. Ren assures her they won't talk about it any more. Ren offers to give her a ride again.

Kyouko actually already ate a bento earlier, but says she would accompany Ren again for dinner, since he is planning on skipping this meal. She also adds that Yashiro would cry if he finds out. Ren comments she was like doing it for her sense of duty. 2 options here, she can either say it's not sense of duty, or say it's responsibility instead.

Not much difference between the 2 choices. Both leave Ren wondering for a while. Anyway, from the car, she sees a clear view of the night sky and the stars. Kyouko talks about fairies, and asks if Ren thought of her as weird. He assures her he never thought of her that way.

Ren takes Kyouko to an impressive French Restaurant. He paying for their meals, but he also has to give her several excuses to make her comfortable with that.

Ren orders in French, and it really impresses Kyouko. She comments that any lady would be charmed by this. Ren comments, "Well, it doesn't seem to have any effect on the intended target anyway." :p Kyouko thinks to herself, "So there's actually a woman who isn't attracted to Tsuraga-san." >_<

Anyway, it seems that Ren had a special reason for inviting her here, and it's because of the unique drink they serve. The color of the drink looks exactly like the stone Corn. It was also non alcohol, so it was okay for her to drink it. Kyouko was really impressed by this.


Ren is glad she likes it. They talk about Corn for a bit. Kyouko wonders what would happen if a fairy actually drank alcohol. Ren just smile at her gently.

Regardless of what happened, the next day, Kyouko arrives at the Chairman's office. She would have taken all the 3 jobs if she could. Sadly, he informs her that she can only take one job. Once again, he asks her for her preference. This is the last of the 4 options.

If she says Ren's job, Lory says Ren will be happy, but she still has problems believing it. Anyway, he says the results will be out the next day. Kyouko gets herself mentally prepared.

It automatically jumps to the next day. That was quick.

Once again Kyouko is back at the office. Lory will announce the job she is taking, just before Chapter 2 ends.

The path taken here is decided from all the previous choices made. From here on, there will be no more 4 way options. Most of the options from here on will be 3 way options, one towards the character, one neutral, and one away.

As I have mentioned many times before, Ren's path is the most default path, the best path, and the most logical path. This is the most challenging job, but also the best person to work with. Basically, Ren's path is like the most guaranteed.

Furthermore, in order for Kyouko to get to Shou path, she has to go against everything that has been laid out in front of her. In other words, she has to do some really stupid things to get to the Shou path. That's why Shou path is a very unlikely situation to happen.

I will be covering the Ren path from here. I will be more detailed than previously. This will be DETAILED.

Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 2 (part 2)

Kyouko sees Kanae later, and tries to hug her, but Kanae stops her. Kyouko says it's been a while. Kanae says what does she mean by a while, they were taking care of the piglets a while ago together. Kyouko says she is just happy to see her. Mouko just tells her to hurry up and calm down. She adds that Kyouko always go overboard with her imagination. Although Kyouko is always strange, she seems even stranger today. Kyouko says it's because of the jobs. Another 2 option, to talk about the quiz or not. There's not much difference here.

If Kyouko asks Mouko about the Quiz, Mouko says she hates variety. Kyouko thinks that Kanae is sure to refuse this job.

Anyway, regardless of the choice, Kanae says she will accept it. Reason being Koenji challenged her in the afternoon. (You can tell their argument has more elegance than one of Kyouko and Shou's.) The truth is, she was having some regrets, and thinking of turning down this job.

A 4 way option again.

If she thinks about not being able to work together, she will encourage Mouko to take it. Kyouko then gets a rub in the head. How long has it been since she felt like this?

This is better choice.

If Kyouko thinks, "What would Tsuruga-san say?" She will suddenly blurt out, "A failure as a professional." This obviously pisses off Kanae. :P

Eventually, Mouko says she accept. She had done some research on this quiz. It wasn't just about brains, it was about brawn as well. It's not going to be a walk in the park. She asks Kyouko if she is ready for it, and she readily answers yes. Kyouko suggests wearing the pink overalls, but Kanae says she would rather die.

Anway, Mouko talks about the jobs. Since Shou went against his staff to pick Kyouko, Mouko asks if there is any possible chance he missed her. Kyouko says none, and her situation was similar to Mouko's and Koenji's. There was definitely no love between them.

Anyway, they will have to prepare for the piglets again later.

Okay, here's something I have to say again. Like I said, this is the worst job. It's nothing related to acting and performance at that. And everyone knows variety shows are for the amusement of the viewers. The only reason Kyouko should ever have to partake in this is because of Mouko.

Anyway, after this, she meets Yashiro.

Yashiro asks who was she waiting for, she replies she was waiting for Mouko. Yashiro then talks about Ren's job, how he was really looking forward to working with Kyouko. Shock and horror!

Yashiro also finds out that Fuwa's job is among one of the choices. "What a fate" he comments. "It's not fate! It's a curse!"

Kyouko says she wishes to take all if she could, but that doesn't seem to be possible. Anyway, here comes another question on the jobs. You guessed it, another 4 way option. The question is actually which job does she think is the most challenging.

If she answers Ren's job, Yashiro says Ren will be happy. Kyouko is confused, but Yashiro explains that Kyouko will get more fired up the more difficult the task is. The best way to get closer to Ren's level is to work with him. Yashiro also asks Kyouko what is her motivation for improving her acting. The answer is obviously not because of Shou.

If she answers it is the numerous problems that come with Shou's job, she will also tell him that Shou went against his staff to pick her. Yashiro is surprised. Kyouko says she doesn't know what Shou's intentions are, but Yashiro already figured it out apparently. Yashiro says that Kyouko will get more fired up the more difficult the task is, so she doesn't have to worry.

Anyway, Yashiro had to go, so he leaves.

Kyouko meets up with Koenji. She taunts Kyouko. Kyouko called Koenji Kanae's stalker. She also says they won't lose to her. Koenji asks Kyouko, "Are you taking part or not?" A 2 way option. To say she's always on Mouko's side, or say she will appear.

Not much difference. Anyway, Kanae herself appears, and they start some exchange of choice words. Kanae shows a lot of faith in Kyouko. They left soon. Kyouko is glad that Kanae praised her.

It's time to clean the rooms of the piglets again. When they brought back the cleaning equipment, they realize that the piglets have escaped. They have to split up to search for them.

Kyouko bumps into Ren. She explains the problem and he offers to help immediately. Kyouko seems hesitant, so he asks will he be causing her problems. 2 way options, more or less the same.

Ren suggests rather than blind searching, it's best to set a trap and use food as bait. While setting the food, Kyouko loses her balance and almost falls down but Ren catches her. Ren asks if he can continue to hold her hand. She says he shouldn't treat her like a child. That wasn't what he meant. -_-

One piglet soon appears. They corner it from both sides. Kyouko tries to catch the piglet with a net, but she ends up catching Ren and the piglet, and herself inside the net. :p She couldn't even explain how she got inside herself. :P

That's one caught. Kyouko realizes that Ren's clothes got dirtied and panicked. She makes a big fuss about it, and tells him to take them off so she can clean them.

Then Shou shows up and asks Kyouko what is she doing talking about taking a guy's clothes off. :P

They both explain that they aren't doing anything indecent, but also state that this is not his concern. "Is that so?" Show indicates to her that there is another piglet by his feet, which surprises her. Kyouko tries to coax Gretel to her. "That big brother over there is scary. The big brother over here is nicer."

She imagined Gretel saying "I like the visual series one better!" Once again, this drags into another bickering of Shou making use of others.

Shou says, if she wants Gretel back, "Drop that guy's job and join my promo video!" Needless to say the job arguments had started again.

Shou points out this will solve the problem she has of deciding which job to take. Kyouko says, "That's none of your business." Shou says "My job is involved! It is my business!"

Ren says, "So you're saying, you can't persuade her without resorting to threats?" Shou protests, "I can't be happy about this! You're always throwing a wrench in my plans!" "Plans?" "Nothing to do with you! It's between me and her."

Kyouko can sense the scary rising anger in Ren, directed at Shou. Ren tells Shou clearly that Kyouko does not belong to him. Shou says Kyouko has always been his worshiper, just like this piglet now. That statement is painful to Kyouko. Ren says, "Must you always talk about the past? You're giving Kyouko problems again."

Ren comments that Shou could have mistaken her from someone else. Shou argues that will never happen, even if she has changed her whole hair.

Ren: "Anyway, you who do not work in the same place as Shou, shouldn't tell her what to do."
Shou: "Well then, you who work in the same place can?"
Ren: "No. That is her own decision to make."

Shou makes some comments about Ren taking care of his favorite junior, but Kyouko claims that she isn't his favorite junior. He says she still doesn't get it. Anyway, Shou says even though he doesn't work at LME, he is making an offer, so he is a client.

Mouko-san comes out to call her. (She too probably realize that everyone wants Kyouko.) She says they still have a job to do, so she has to drag her away. There is still one piglet left. Kyouko points out Gretel is at Shou's feet. Kanae asks why is it there. Kyouko answers Gretel likes Visual series. And if she wants it back, she will have to take his job. Kanae then uses fish sausage to bait the piglet and caught it.

The settled everything. Mouko says with that settled, it's time to discuss business now. She points out that Shou appears to be saying unpleasant things to Kyouko and Ren, which he denies immediately. Another 2 options about Shou, more or less the same.

Anyway, Kanae declares that they don't have to worry, Kyouko's job has been decided to be the quiz. She then whispers to Kyouko, that their job together as Love Me should come first, and she can't do it alone. Mouko-san actually pleads with Kyouko, which gets her very excited.

But Kyouko announces that this decision is still not hers alone. (Seems everyone wants a piece of her. :D )