Thursday, August 13, 2009

Please give me comments.

My motivation for these summaries, depend entirely on your support. If I were to wake up one day, realizing no one is reading my stories, then I will definitely not continue. Your support is what keeps me going.

I'm also preparing for my exam at the same time. That's why I need support. All I ask for, is response. Lots of comments. I really don't think that's too much to ask. Please give me something to read when I come back here. It's not too much to ask, is it?

Some individuals have expressed to me their explicit discontent with me asking for comments. All I can say is, you're not obligated in any way to comment at all. If you think posting a comment is really too much to ask for, or you really don't want to do it, then please don't force yourself. If you really don't want to do it, don't do it.

To everyone else, thank you for your continuous support, and please continue to support me.

Please post your comments at the stories section. Random entries like this, I will delete after a while.

Edit: My exams are done. For the moment at least. Now I have work to do. Which is actually a good thing considering how hard it was for me to find a job.


  1. Agreed. If you want to ask for comments, that's your prerogative.

    1st time poster on your blog, so asking for comments isn't worthless.

    On another note, I've been reading your blog and am extremely grateful. Now finish chapter 4. ^_^

  2. Thanks for the summaries!!!!
    I'm sending you my support from Argentina .. ^_^

    Muchas gracias de verdad!!

  3. As I said in the previous comment, sorry for my attitude, and keep up the good work.

  4. You deleted the entry on the forums closing but it looks like they did it, fyi. Supposedly for a week, which sucks because it'll be hard to get info on the next chapter ;_;


  5. aphrodite931, giving you support from Sin City! ;p No seriously, thank you for taking time out of your day to write these summeries and post the pictures. Good luck on your exams!

  6. Hi.. thank u for doin dis n keep up the gud work. i luk forward to da next summer n gud pics! and gud luck wit yo exam. Again thanks a lot! :] i rly enjoy yo site n da summeries especiallt the pics!

  7. Sorry, lovermanga, I don't speak Spanish.

  8. I'm really thankful for the job you're doing!
    But, on question, have you allready started school?! Here in Sweden we start the new semester next week..I'm suffering with you!

    Well well, keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Sweden!

  9. I´m so, so grateful that you´re doing this, I mean every new thing that you do on your blog makes my day simply amazing, and I´m sure that I´m not the only one! :D
    (I´m such a skip beat freak x) )

    1000 thanx from Sweden

  10. good luck with exams. I understand, with my fanfics, if i don't get some reviews/comments, it doesn't give me you know... the push to continue

  11. Eternal Lover, will you be adding this site to your sig?

  12. It makes perfect sense to want some feedback every now and then, to know people are actually reading your work and most of all, enjoying it.
    That's why I don't mind you asking for comments at all, and am happy to write you a few of those ^^
    I'll continue supporting you, so please continue writing!

  13. I found something about the next chapter!!!!! PLEASE POST THIS AS A NEW TOPIC HERE MECHIGOUKI!!!
    "It’s a major unexpected cliffhanger and we have to wait a whole month to know what happens next. So, what happened in this chapter based on looking and not understanding Japanese except some kanji: It starts with a little narration of Shou, I guess because it is a scene of younger Kyouko happily giving younger Shou a box of chocolates. Kyouko is happily chatting with others until Ogata points out to her who’s here. Why, it is Shou with a totally huge bouquet of orchids. The smile on Kyouko’s face disappears. Passing by surprised Ren and Yashiro, Shou heads straight to Kyouko. Yashiro is getting really tense as he is probably thinking, first, the ‘hate’ chocolates and now, bouquet. Yashiro looks at Ren who is observing what will happen next. Shou says something and this made Kyouko furious. I think something about the flowers but then Shou says that it is her type before. Kyouko looks at the bouquet closely and indeed there are elements there that she likes butterfly-looking orchids and different decors like the lace, etc <-flashy stuff. Soon, Kyouko has sparkling eyes and blushing-shaking <- yes, she likes it. Shou says something again then tosses the flowers to Kyouko who catches it. Shou kept on saying ‘before’ and congratulates her about something. Then, he ends it with something about she is a good match with VG. Yashiro and Ogata freak out. Ren is just surprised. The other girl actresses seem to agree that Kyouko is a good match with Reino probably because of being dark. I guess they meant Kyouko’s character in Dark Moon ^^; Kyouko angrily protests. She puts down the flowers then starts pointing and shouting at Shou regarding yesterday. Yashiro wonders about yesterday and Shou, probably thinking about those chocolates before. Shou mentions about the chocolates again regarding what he saw what was written on it. So, Kyouko made him sit and she shows on the blackboard what was really written in the chocolates and how it ended up that way. This surprises Shou and Ren, who along with the others, are ‘watching’ the lesson. =P

  14. Kyouko angrily shouts about probably Reino using her weakness. Then, when she points to Shou, she goes into shock upon seeing that Ren is also there, listening to her ‘lecture’. Kyouko goes in a daze and probably thought that Ren is going to get angry. Yashiro then realizes what happened. He looks at Ren who has his ‘heavenly smile’ on. I guess he understands what happened to Kyouko and those chocolates for Reino. Yashiro is relieved. Shou’s reaction isn’t shown while the two actresses are talking. Then, he smiles. I guess both guys are relieved that there is nothing romantic between Kyouko and Reino =P
    Kyouko is still facing the blackboard. She’s really scared of how Ren will react. She remembers Reino taking her little demon and her past encounter with Reino regarding Corn and Ren so I guess it’s like she failed Ren in protecting herself from Reino. Shou goes beside her and tells her something that made Kyouko dark again. She starts shouting and mentions about Dark Moon. Oh wait, I think she is telling him to whom she gave chocolates so she says it is less than 10 people including people in Dark Moon. Shou is surprised that he looks back at Ren. Shou asks what about Ren. Kyouko can’t seem to give a proper answer that Shou will accept and she can’t seem able to explain. In the end, she just says that it is none of his business. She looks away from him but Shou notices that Kyouko’s blushing and her ears are all red. Shou is very displeased. I don’t think that Ren and Yashiro can hear what they are saying though Yashiro thinks that it is related with Ren. Ren is looking serious and he’s somewhat scowling. Ogata then tells the others that the set is ready so they should go back to shooting. Everyone faces Ogata then he mentions about Kyouko. Ren turns around to probably call Kyouko. He looks stunned - shaken. Everyone else is totally stunned with the girls blushing. Shou has grabbed Kyouko’s collar and gives her a kiss on the lips. Okay, that is enough for Ren x Kyouko fans to go wild. I totally didn’t expect that. I guess those who were waiting for a kiss finally gets their wish but then, it is Shou who stole her first kiss."


  15. I found out about this blog yesterday, and tore through it like nothing. Thank you so much for doing the game summaries for us!

  16. I love reading your guide for the skip beat ps2 game. It's like reading an awesome fanfic but better cause you even include pictures! and thanks for posting up scanlations of skip beat too. =)

  17. There's nothing wrong with asking for comments. It only becomes a problem if you do it over and over again.

    But anyway, like I posted on the newest part of Ren's Path, I'm so grateful that you've done this. I was really worried that no one would ever translate even part of the game, and I'd be stuck clicking the options for Ren's Good End without really enjoying the story. But luckily for us, you've explained the choices you have to make, AND wrote a detailed summary of what's going on. Thanks for giving me something great to look forward to!
    And thanks for posting the scanlations of 144 and 145! I couldn't find the 145 raws, but I found the link to your blog at FH, and discovered your summaries for the Skip Beat VN! <3

    You've made me so happy~!

  18. That's great lanugi.

    I'm glad you're playing the game. Unless of course, you're playing on an emulator and using a copied disc. In which case, I'll be pissed.

  19. Hey, this might be worth posting in it's own post (if you want to of course).

    This was posted a few days ago by THE FrankyHoust administration account:

    "I as well as some of the staff members have received private messages in the past of registrants who have faced this problem ( some used the "Contact Us" form). You register, at times wait for days even months just to receive an approval ticket to post on the forums but it never comes. Some have no idea what to do while others have no choice but to give up on waiting.

    In the past FH used to get many bots, some posted pronographIC data while others went for ads. Thus the current system of registration was adopted to stop them in their tracks. So far it has worked to perfection to the point that a few humans get caught in the net.
    What to do:
    If you encounter such a problem or hear anyone encountering this ask the individual to send a PM to one of the webmasters/staff leaders (that includes me). Or use the contact us form- i usually get to that eventually. If you are a forum member who receives a PM of such a problem you can can report it in this thread
    We do not intend to prevent anyone that desires to join this community from registering. Help us make this small community better. "

    I know some people have mentioned their registration not being complete or that they were still unable to post.

    If people have registered but have not been activated (and can not send the PM then) they can let me know what their user ID is and I'll send the PM on their behalf.

  20. I don´t comment because my english is horrible but you know, what you doing like post raw of skip beat make me fell soooooooooo happy x]
    so I am reallyyyyyy grateful!!!

  21. Thanks alot for scanlating! i know it must be a tiring job...
    im just realy happy that someone like you trasnslates the chapters for us skip beat fans, and really quickly too!! :D

    keep up the good work!

    oh and i started reading your ps2 game walkthrough like it, even if i dont have the game

    hey do you think they have the game in english??

    thanks again

  22. Hi, please do not discuss anything about an English version of this game, thanks.

    I'm sorry, I don't think I can allow it.

  23. thank you sooo muck for doing those translations! it drives me bonkers waiting for onemanga to do it. much apprechiate it. i hope your going to carry on doing it. and thanks again for putting on the ps2 stories, is that all of the story though?

  24. hey .. thank u for ur hard work

    we really really apreciate it... even if u dont think so.. well thanks anyways.. and i would love if you continue with the game..!! im having a good time with it!! though i would love for them to translate it into english to play it !!

  25. that comment above
    was from me.



  26. :o I found this blog yesterday after mad searching for the skip beat game. Your amazing for posting all this, all the great pictures too :D please keep going and i'll keep an eye out for your next post. :) Jenny

  27. Thank you for everything, but you overdo it on the "attention thing." It's kind of annoying. We understand you want comments and such... But, you can be an attention whore. If you want support, you have it. But, there's really no need for all of... this. I don't know your gender, but you must be a girl.

  28. Okay, now, I'm certain you're intentionally trying to piss me off. You did not read anything that I wrote, apparently.

    I mentioned my gender, and I mentioned very clearly to identify yourself when posting.

    I don't believe you're not posting this with the intention of pissing me off.

    Stop wasting my time, dammit!

  29. If you don't want to support me, you don't have to. I made it very clear in this post, if you don't want to do it, don't force yourself.

    In fact, I'll rather you not comment at all if you have nothing constructive to say.

    Don't make me repeat myself again, please. If you don't feel happy about commenting, then PLEASE DON'T!

  30. This is the second time I have to speak in such an unpleasant tone. I hope it'll be the last.

  31. Well, apparently.. you figured out I have an edge of season. You keep on stupiditly asking people to put your link on their signature. And well, if we don't want too, we don't have too. But, what bugs me the most is that you keep on bugging us to put it on our sig. And also how you are alway complaining about you have school work and exams, and how you hardly have any time for this. If you are going to complain then don't even bother posting this stuff. Why even bother for support, if this is the god damn internet. Your acting as if someone is in the hospital or dying. Trust me, we are reading your stuff, but all this little stuff... just for a ton of comments. So not worth it. Adieu, and farewell.

  32. P.S, if I'm "clearly" wasting you time, then don't bother typing you useless stuff down. -_-

  33. Oh my god, Mechgouki! I love you! You are just plain awesome, keep at it!!! Just ignore the crazy person above, obviously they are jealous of your skills and they are bored and have no real life. Keep at Mechgouki, good job!

  34. Listen very carefully, fool. Listening is not obviously one of your abilities. News flash: You're not the only person reading this place. You obviously fail to notice the amount of people who want me to continue.

    If you don't think this is worth it, please get the hell out. And don't give me that crap you're not posting this just to piss me off. If you don't like what I am doing, why are you still here to whine about it?

    And you still have yet to identify yourself. Somehow, I'm not surprised.

    Do yourself and me a little favor. Leave and don't come back. Don't even post some stupid response. Just go.

  35. D: Mechgouki, did you mean me?! T-T Or the person above me? I hope you meant that demon flamer above me!!

  36. Sorry, I should have made it clear I was railing at that idiot.

    I would never insult you, RandomizedRamen.

    Sorry about my outburst. There's no point. Next time I'll just delete the trolling instead of responding to it.

  37. Alright, yay! I hate stupid noobs like that. I guess, they have nothing to do on their hands and they felt like picking on someone. D< Obviously they are jealous or possibly some 40 year old dude, stuck in their mom's basement playing runescape all day. xD

  38. TheElephantThatStoleYourSkipBeat!Mangas.September 5, 2009 at 9:33 AM

    Hey, there's no need to be rude here. Be grateful that Mech spends his time doing us favors. D:<

  39. Thanks for posting this summaries, They are just PERFECT!

  40. I'll keep on supporting you no matter what! ^-^


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