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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 8)

After what seemed like hours, when Kyouko cried her fill, she decides to get up, and leaves her room.

She feels she has to apologize to him again, properly. Even if he is not going to listen. She gathers her will, then proceeds to Ren's room. Halfway there, she catches sight of Yashiro and Ren talking.

Yashiro: You and Kyouko-chan are really going around in circles.
Ren: Please don't trouble yourself for any of this.
Yashiro: Like I told you, you misunderstood! There is no way that Kyouko-chan could say those things to you out of a whimsical mood!
Yashiro: First off, when I told Kyouko-chan that you can make any girls fall head-over-heels with a simple kiss, she hated the idea!
Ren: So she hated it...
Yashiro: On the contrary, it's not you that she hates. What she hates is the idea you can end a flash relation as quickly as it started.
Ren: So, Mogami-san is...
Yashiro: That's right. As I said, it isn't what you think it is.
Ren: I have not said anything on what I had been thinking so far.
Yashiro: Again, as I have said...
Ren: Mogami-san?
Yashiro: Ah, Kyouko-chan!

They both notice Kyouko. "Excuse me..." She wonders what to say.

Yashiro: Well, I've said all I needed to.
Kyouko: Eh?
Yashiro: The rest is all up to you now.

After saying this to Kyouko, Yashiro leaves them. Now it's just the 2 of them.

(At this point, I'll like to explain something here. What Yashiro talked about was what Kyouko was thinking previously. Something about "Kaze ni Koi". I don't think my Japanese grammar is that poor, but when I translate it literally, it seems to imply Ren falls in love with the wind. It's illogical no matter how I look at it. If I looked at it in a metaphorical way, it seems to be implying that he easily sets down a flash relation, which is what I chose. The grammar doesn't seem correct for this though. There's another possibility, which is that the true meaning is actually that Kyouko is afraid that once she gets into such a relation in such a way, she is unable to come out. OR, she is afraid that she can't get into such a relation at all. But if that were the case, than Ren would be sad, rather than relieved to hear it. So, I just stuck to that one.)

Kyouko is worried that Ren may not even want to see her face. "I'm sorry. You probably don't even want to see me right now. But I feel that I have to properly apologise one more time no matter what. Ren replies, "Okay then, come in. We shouldn't talk at the corridors." Is he letting me in? She complies immediately.

Inside, Ren offers her a seat. He asks if she wants some coffee, and she accepts. The aroma of the coffee somewhat calms her nervous self. It is a wierd feeling, yesterday, she was here to receive help for her acting, yet right now, it feels like she is on the death row. Ren hands her the cup.

He sits down too. They both stay silent, with nothing to say. This situation was like the meal earlier, but unlike that moment, there is no hostility now. Finally, Ren spoke. "About what Yashiro said earlier. Is it true?" (He is referring to the flash relation part, the Kaze ni koi.) A 3-way option at this point.

If Kyouko stays silent, she becomes so embarrassed that she hides her face. So Ren takes her silence for admitting it. ^_^

If Kyouko admits it, she immediately becomes embarrassed, so she covers her face. "I see..." There seems to be no anger in his voice, so she peeks at his face to confirm it, resulting in her heart jumping.

Anyway, Ren sincerely apologises for being angry with her. The unexpected apology from him made her heart tighten. Is he forgiving me? But why is he apologising?

Kyouko: You're not angry anymore?
Ren: Of course I'm not angry anymore. It was immature of me.
Kyouko: No! It was my fault to begin with!
Ren: Mogami-san, how about you? Are you angry with me?
Kyouko: I could not be angry. I was... afraid. Just afraid.
Ren: I see. It was too much of me...
Kyouko: No, that's not true. Tsuruga-san is not such a flippant person after all. I was feeling uneasy the whole time.
Ren: Unease? Is it about tomorrow's act?
Kyouko: No, it's not that. All this while, I was just thinking about Tsuruga-san. I probably failed as a professional.
Kyouko: This whole time, the importance of tomorrow's shoot could not compare to Tsuruga-san getting angry.
Kyouko: You'll probably dislike me even more now...
Ren: ...Mogami-san, I'm really sorry for making you so frightened.

Ren says he understands how she must be feeling. It's his fault this happened. Kyuko says, "It's my fault. To ask for a kiss simply for the sake of making my acting better... it's just..." Ren answers, that was not the reason why he was angry. Kyouko is confused. It's not about the kiss? Could it be because he thinks that I am special?

Ren asks her. "Mogami-san, do you feel the same way too?" Ren asks this with such seriousness, that when she looks into his eyes, her heart pounds furiously.

Kyouko: Feel the same way? As in, you are different from other people to me?
Ren: Is that not how you felt?

Kyouko knows that is true. He is unlike anyone else.

"Tsuruga-san is unique. There is no one else in this world like you." Ren smiles at her. "I feel the same way about you too. You are special to me. That's why it hurt me when you said those words."

After hearing his words, Kyouko fully understands now. It wasn't that he was angry, it was that he was hurt. "I'm sorry." Ren says Kyouko shouldn't apologise anymore, he's no longer angry.

Ren says they should prepare for tomorrow's shoot. Upon hearing his words, she gets a shock. She had completely forgotten about something else that is important. Judging from her reaction, Ren realizes that she had been too caught up up worrying over him.

Ren says in any case, it is great that she had came over. Kyouko says she still doesn't have the right mood for it. She says she has to really put all her effort into this one. Ren says it's just like her.

Kyouko thinks back and recalls the feelings that she had felt. The pain and suffering she felt when she realizes she could be losing him. And the jealousy she felt when she saw the fans intimate with Ren.

But those feelings aren't enough, so she's right back where she started, having to rely on his help again. She finds herself looking at his face again.

Ren: What is it?
Kyouko: I just wanted to thank you.
Ren: Eh? I didn't really do anything.
Kyouko: No, I have been thinking a lot, and I am starting to really understand how Shiori is feeling now.

Ren asks her, what kind of feelings did she feel. A 3 way option at this point. This is the last of the choices.

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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 7)

If she chooses to go to the cafeteria, she will phone Mouko-san, who is totally unsympathetic of her plight. (But it turns out she wants Kyouko to hurry back sooner.)

The best choice is for Kyouko to decide that she should go see Tsuruga-san's filming. She knows that just cowering here won't do. She can't do her role if she is hated by him. So she decides to go see it. She walks there with heavy footsteps.

At the site, Ren is busily filming. Yashiro calls out to Kyouko. "Kyouko-chan!" He said it's great. He thought she won't be coming till dinner. Kyouko says it was hard to bear worrying alone. Yashiro agrees, it is not a good thing to worry alone. Kyouko also adds she wants to see him act, she likes seeing him in his role. But she starts to get negative thoughts again. Yashiro says he understands, after all, Ren can be scary when he's angry. But you'll be safe as long as he's working.

Kyouko watches as the director gives Ren stringent requests, which he follows. Yashiro actually tells Kyouko that Ren's state of mind is actually unfavorable. Kyouko almost didn't believe him. Yashiro signals her to look at Ren. The director tells Ren that his expression is too stiff, and perhaps they should take a break. Ren of course, insists that they should continue.

And so they continue the filming, but Kyouko doesn't want to see any more. Yashiro asks where is she going. She says she's going back to her room. The pain won't stop. She decides to return to her room, take a bath, and reset everything.

Regardless of what happened, Kyouko is back in her room. She takes a relaxing bath, and releases all those worries holding her.


"What will it take for him to forgive me?" When she thinks about how to use her acting skills, all she could think about was Tsuraga-san's angry face. She feels a tightening pain within. The fear that he may never speak with her again grips her, and she feels even colder.

She sinks into the bath. Then bursts out gasping for air of course. :P

She thinks about being hated by Ren. Those fangirls previously, they must have bigger presence then she does. She felt like crying, so she washes her face clean.

After her bath and her "image training", she goes down to the lobby. She wants to head to the cafeteria to get a meal, but she meets Yashiro along the way. He calls out to her. Kyouko asks him about the shoot. Yashiro says that Ren's parts are mostly done, so all that's left is hers. She gets into negative spirit again, thinking she has not done her job well. He tries to encourage her, saying there's still tomorrow.

Yashiro informs her that Ren is changing now, and invites her to join them for dinner. Kyouko turns him down, saying that Ren is probably still mad at her. Yashiro senses something amiss. He asks Kyouko, is Ren angry at her because of something which he had told her? "Like getting a kiss to make you fall in love? Something somewhere along that line?" Yashiro is spot on. Kyouko answers, "No, I'm the one who said it. It's my fault in the end."

"I knew it." Now Yashiro is feeling down too. "I'm sorry. All this is my fault." Kyouko says he's not to blame, it's some stunt she decided to try after listening to what the director said. Yashiro shakes his head, saying it definitely is his fault after all.

"What are you guys talking about?" Ren's sudden appearance shakes her. She turns around to see him coming over. "Ah, Ren. I was just thinking of inviting Kyouko with us for dinner. It's fine, right?" Kyouko whispers to Yashiro saying she should refuse. "I don't mind," answers Ren. Even though that was his answer, he says it in an absolute zero temperament. A 3 way option at this point.

The best option is to say thanks. Yashiro will rub it in Ren's face. "Ren isn't angry any more. It wouldn't be mature of him to continue to be angry." (He's probably the only person who dares to do that.) Yashiro assures Kyouko that she will be safe. Kyouko is very scared, but she goes along.

If she tries to refuse or come up with an excuse, Yashiro will latch on to her hand, making sure she can't escape. Then he drags her along. ^_^

(Note: Up until this point of time, it was just simply referred to as a meal. It wasn't until much later, where this meal was indicated as dinner. Furthermore, the sky is still bright, which made me wonder if it really was supposed to be dinner.)

Anyway, regardless of what happened, they are in the cafeteria sitting together. None of them has said a single word. Yashiro opens his mouth first. "Ren." He shakes Ren's shoulder. "What is it, Yashiro-san?" "I'm sorry! It was me! I gave Kyouko-chan those ideas!" He declares apologetically with both hands on the table. Yashiro confessed it was he who gave Kyouko the idea about the kiss with such an easy-going attitude. Ren just retorts how "easy-going" that was to ask something like that. These words really stabbed Kyouko. Yashiro protests that request might as well have came from his own mouth, Kyouko-chan should have nothing to do with it.

Kyouko can see Yashiro desperately pealing to him for her sake. Yet she is unable to say anything. She couldn't even look up. At this rate, things would only get worse. Suddenly, Ren gets up. He says he's finished, so he will be returning to his room now. Yashiro persuades him to stay. Ren just smiles, saying he ate the minimum amount needed. (Yashiro wasn't talking about the food.) Kyouko feels a stabbing pain, thinking he probably wants to be away from her. She wants to apologise, but she stays stunned, while he turns around to leave. Yashiro calls to him again. Ren just replies he wishes to be alone. He then leaves. Yashiro wanted to chase after him, but he stays behind. He and Kyouko both sighs.

Yashiro says in the end, he wasn't able to follow up on anything at all. Kyouko insists it's not his fault. Her easy-going attitude would offend any professional. Yashiro says that's not the reason. He knows it too well. It's because they're talking about Kyouko-chan here, that's the reason. He says Ren treats this matter with Kyouko very seriously. She is important to him. Kyouko doesn't understand any of that. Yashiro says he can't be the one to tell her.

Kyouko is confused. Is there another reason for Tsuruga-san's anger? Yashiro asks her how does she feel. He asks her to recall back the previous incidents. She thinks for a while, but she does not give any satisfactory answer. "So, what do you think might have happened if he does kiss you?" This stabs her. "Tsuruga-san is not such a flippant person."

Yashiro: Well, that is indeed true...
Kyouko: So the reason has to be the kiss itself.
Yashiro: A kiss is not a small matter to you too, right?

Yashiro continues in vain to convince Kyouko. "It's only because it's Ren, that's why you can ask this, right?" That is indeed true. Yashiro tells her, in any case, he will be back to normal by tomorrow. But Kyouko is not the least convinced, and is still feeling down. She feels her chest tightening.

Kyouko says she will return to her room. Despite Yashiro's protests that she hasn't really eaten anything yet, she still leaves.

Kyouko walks towards her room in her hotel. She looked downwards the whole way, not having the mood to look at anyone. She is fighting back tears.

Back in her room, she thinks to herself. What should see do? He must still be very angry. It was a terrible thing to ask. It's not like they have a special relationship. What if she never sees him again outside of work?

She starts to cry softly. It would have been a lot better if this was one of his usual anger fits. Could he forgive her like what he usually does? She hold her knees and sobs, thinking of what Ren thinks of her now. What if she did like him? Is that why it's so painful to be hated by him?

She continues to cry. She tells herself not to, she needs those eyes for the shoot tomorrow. But the tears won't stop. But even so, the importance of this job could not compare to the graveness of being hated by Tsuruga. What a failure as a professional... That's how he would chide her. But wait, he won't chide her like that again. Just the pure thought of that makes her heart ache. She wishes it will all just go away.

This isn't love. Love shouldn't have to hurt this much, right? Yet, why won't the pain go away? Why does it feel like she's drowning? She never knew such a kind of love exists.

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Skip Beat Quiz / Trivia

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Have fun!

How did you come to like Skip Beat?

Please post your experience with your first encounter of Skip Beat.

I first came to know about Skip Beat by the anime they air in my area.

BTW, they are reshowing Skip Beat again in my area. So I'm viewing the start again.

Truth is, when I first watched the anime, I didn't like it that much. It was funny and exaggerated, but not of the characters were likeable. Shou is downright rotten, Ren is just plain rude, and I didn't like Kyouko either. I didn't like the idea of someone joining showbiz for the sake of revenge. It's insulting to people who want to join for true reasons. I felt Kyouko could do so much better if she leaves it all behind her. Her revenge is a prison to herself

I continued to watch it. The exaggerations of the anime were actually interesting. Particularly the fight with Ruriko, it was interesting to see her actions. By the time I reached Episode 13, I started liking the series, and I decided that I'll follow the manga as well. Going deeper into the series, it's interesting to see how Kyouko develops as an actress, and seeing her relation with Ren becoming more interesting.

That's my experience. I probably wouldn't have known about it were it not for the anime.

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