Monday, April 25, 2011

I am considering whether to continue or not.

Another group is doing Skip Beat, and they release a HQ version in 3 days, which is relatively fast compared to the previous groups.

I tried to improve the quality of my scans, by learning how to use Gimp. I also tried to improve on the translations. However, I'm not so sure that is enough. My end result seems to still fall short, compared to the other group, despite taking a whole week.

Anyway. I need help from someone who understands Japanese to help pick out mistakes in my translations. Previously, I had Katherine to help me, but she's stopped coming here. This would help me out greatly in the accuracy of my translations.

I'm going to try a few more times. But if I can't get a good quality scan within a timely fashion, I probably will have to quit.

Anyway, guys, I still need more feedback for Version 2 of 174. Please give your reviews.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

There has been some debate on whether Shouko slept with Shou.

There has been some debate on whether Shouko slept with Shou. 0_o Previously on FH, they were talking about this.

Personally, I don't think so. Shou lived quite a long with Kyouko, without so much as a kiss.

Shouko on the other hand, also seems mature enough not to do something stupid. For her, boundaries between business and personal are probably blurred, but I still doubt that she would do something that could compromise her work.

Someone was also saying, guys around Shou's age, always want it all the time. :P Assuming even if so, I still doubt that Shouko would just say yes.

You can tell that their relation is quite close, him asking her to bathe with him and all. (I had no idea they were even living together until this chapter.) But I still don't think something like that could happen. What do you guys think?

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I won't be working on a version 2 for Chapter 173.

The main reason is because mangastream has already released something better.

(I can't view anything on their homepage.)

To be honest, I think their translator is more accurate than I am.

However, there are still some parts I don't agree with them.
-Page 1, they translated it as "land of mysteries". The original text is fushigi no kuni, which I believe means Wonderland, as you can tell from the background. Also, I'm pretty sure the description is "dancing", not "out of control".
I was also considering to add in some of the text on the cards before. The words on the cards include: Loathe, hate, evil, happiness, peace, excellence, grudge, safety. There probably won't be enough space to add them, though.
-Page 20, it is debatable which interpretation of what Ren said is more accurate.
-Page 23, I'm not so convinced that this part is more accurate than mine.
-Page 24. The more accurate term should be "Playboy". This also makes it consistent with what she calls him in Chapter 150.
-Page 24. I'm pretty sure the "ayashi" here implies seductive/bewitching, not shady/suspicious. I think the original text is saying something like the gentleman is actually the emperor of the night in disguise.
-page 25, the last part, might not be a self-asking question, since she talks to Bo in the next page.

Apart from these mentioned, the rest of their translations are likely to be more accurate than mine.

When I was translating, I went over each page very quickly, to release it as fast as possible. Hence there were several mistakes. However, for page 20, and 23, I went over these pages many times over, asking for many opinions, and altering them several times. I am pretty confident that I got these 2 pages correct.

So, anyway, there's little point in trying to improve my work now.
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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Yoshiki Nakamura's message about the earthquake.

This image from Hakusensha magazine was done by Nakamura.

Translated by Vampirecat as:
Heart-felt prayers that everyone of the areas struck by the disaster can one day soon return to their former lives. Maintain love and courage and somehow please hang on!!