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This is Kyouko's escapism.

Previously, I had doubts about whether Ren really deserved Kyouko, considering all the mental torture he puts her through.

Right now, I'm having the same doubts for Kyouko. Does she deserve him? True, Ren hadn't been completely honest with Kyouko. But short of saying an "I love you", I think his affections are now quite visible. However, the response to his passion seems to spell out, "I'm afraid of you."

I did anticipate Kyouko in denial, and even attempt to fight against these feelings, trying to snuff them out. But the extent of which she had gone to, and will go to, that I did not see coming. Is this what she really wants? To turn away her own feelings? To turn away someone caring for her?

Anyway, perhaps there is still some hope. She wasn't as ignorant as we all thought. She interrupted Ren on purpose, because she knows what she was going to say. Even after those times, such as Ren kissing her, or trying to compliment her, when her feelings were stirred those times, she did not bring herself to try to put some distance between them. She was still worried, and still concerned for Ren. Perhaps she can still do the same.

About Kyouko's new image, I personally don't like it. I know some of you guys love it, but I hated it. To me, this is her vain and cold outlook. I don't know how many of you guys love it, but I couldn't bring myself to like it, no matter how good she looks.

And some people are wondering, why did the author skip the few days of events with Mio and Setsu. Well, my guess is, those times, she was forced to be someone else rather than herself, so, nothing special to report. It's the times she was being herself that we have to take note of.

About the cover page. Everyone is saying, she has boobs. Hello?! I'm a guy! But the first thing I noticed, is that she is pulling out an electronic heart from within her chest!! ISN'T THAT MORE WORTH NOTICING?! Am I the only one who saw that? Doesn't it strike any one else as GORY?

Predictions, I have none. I'm too scared to predict anything, to be honest. But, I do have a dramatized scenario that I am hoping to see, which will never happen in a few thousand years of course. Well, I personally love drama and passion, and can't get enough of them.

Scenario Script:

Kijima excuses himself from Kyouko to greet a few people. Kyouko is left alone for a while, deep in thought of her actions and Ren. "It's for the best..." She tells herself. "Soon, all this confusion will go away..."

Suddenly, someone places his hand on her shoulders. Surprised, she turns around, and sees that it is Ren.

Ren: Good evening, Mademoiselle. Might I have the honor of knowing your name?

Startled, Kyouko shakes him off, and takes a step away.

Kyouko: Tsuruga-san?

Ren: Did I startle you? My apologies. You are the most beautiful person here tonight. I just have to know your name.

Ren smiles at her. But Kyouko can tell that this is one of his fake smiles. And the way he calls her beautiful, it just doesn't sound like a compliment at all.

Kyouko: Tsuruga-san, what's wrong? It's me, Mogami Kyouko!

Ren: Mogami Kyouko? Hah. Really now. It's funny how you say that.

Ren says this as if he was repeating a bad joke.

Ren: The Mogami-san I knew, would never splurge on expensive clothes, or thick make-up! How much did that wig of yours cost?

(In Kyouko's mind, she was thinking, "What is he talking about? This is not the first time he sees me with make-up and costume on.")

Kyouko: What are you talking about? I didn't buy this!

Ren: You didn't buy this? Oh, I see what's going on now. That darn Kijima paid for you, didn't he? He paid everything for you, and you just jumped at the opportunity, didn't you?

Ren appears to be angry, and Kyouko is afraid again. At this moment, Kijima comes back.

Kijima: Is everything okay?

Ren: Everything is fine. Just fine!

Kijima: What's going on?

Ren: Do you mind? We're trying to have a conversation here!

Ren: You must be really feeling proud of yourself right now, Mogami-san. So how does it feel, spending someone else's money?

Kijima: I believe that's my date you're talking to.

Ren: Your date?! Oh, I see what's going on now.

Ren: So that's it. All he has to do is to be willing to spend money on you, and that's all it takes to get you for a date. I happen to be very rich too, just so you know.

Kijima: Okay, that's it. I think you've had enough to drink for tonight.

Ren: Get out of my way!

Ren throws Kijima with such a force, that he falls down. Kyouko is genuinely scared. Ren is angry, and the anger is directed at her. Kyouko goes over to Kijima to help him up.

Kyouko: Kijima-san! Are you okay? Tsuruga-san! What are you doing?! This isn't like you at all!

Ren: What am I doing? What about you! What are you doing?! Just look at you! Is this what you really want? Is this the kind of woman you want to be? You're better than that!

Ren grabs her hand as she stood up. Kyouko is frightened, but is determined to stand up to him this time. She shakes off his hand.

Kyouko: Stop it! You don't know anything about me!

Ren: You're absolutely right. I thought I knew you. Turns out, I was wrong! Is this the kind of woman that you are? You'd just accept any gift from man? And if he buys clothes for you, you'd just go out with him?!

In anger, Kyouko slaps him as her reply. A slow pause. Finally, feeling sad, yet angry, Kyouko says something again.

Kyouko: So what if it is what I wanted? Why are you so angry? This is exactly why I didn't want to be near you! Can't you see? I am afraid of you! I am really, really afraid of you!

Ren: Well, you don't have to be afraid any more. Because after tonight, I will never get angry over you again. Ever.

Ren grabs a champagne glass from the nearby table, now all eyes watching them.

Ren: Cheers to you. May Mogami-san always gets what she wants.

Ren downs the drink in one shot, then dashes the glass on to the floor, shattering it. He turns around and walks away. Ren stops, turns back a bit to say something.

Ren: By the way. I have no need for any magic. There's no such thing as Magic!

He faces forward.

Ren: And I have no need for any protective charms either.

He mutters under his breath. "Everything was fine. Then I met you..."

Ren continues walking, and leaves.

End of Script.

Okay, so, something like this will obviously not happen in this universe, or in the parallel universe. But I love drama. As in, I really really love drama! Melodrama like this, I jump right at them! I was thinking, what could be the most dramatic scene possible, and this is what I came up with!

So whaddya guys think?! Is it dramatic enough? :D

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

I have a present. It's one of Tony Taka's art collection.

Not safe for work.

Tony Taka is one of my top favorite 2 artists. The other is Satoshi Urushihara. Noizi Ito comes close.

Tony Taka did the artwork for several games from Sega, such as Shining Wind and Shining Hearts. He also did the artwork for some erogames as well. Shining Wind still happens to be one of my favorites till this day.

Personally, I believe that the right artist makes a huge difference in the popularity of the game. I don't think Shining Wind would be as popular were it done by some other artist. Likewise, I don't think Suzumiya Haruhi would be such a hot favorite too, if it weren't drawn by Noizi. I personally, hated Shakugan no Shana. I firmly believe that if Noizi wasn't the artist for it, it would be dead.

I kinda like the way how Tony Taka draws some parts. :)

I hope you guys like Tony Taka as much as me. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Skip Beat PS2 Ren Path Good Ending (part 2)

A shine of light in the distance catches her eye. Over the horizon, the sun has started its ascent. The glittering reflection spreads steadily across the surface of the water. The face of the red sun finally emerges from the horizon.

"Tsuruga-san, look! The shape of the sun and the reflection. It looks just like a daruma doll!"

"Yes, you're right. It's really great how everything fits so well today."

"Yes, we're really lucky. We managed to see this even though its our first time here."

"It's beautiful."

"Indeed! The pure red color makes it look like a daruma even more."

"Mogami-san's face is also surprisingly red."

"That's due to the morning sunlight shone on me. To prove it, Tsuruga-san's face is red too. Almost as if you're blushing."

"I am blushing."

"Is that so....?"

He says it with such a serious expression, now I'm blushing too!

"Mogami-san, aren't you blushing too?"

"I have already been embarrassed too much already, so many things..."

"Okay, hush now."

My lips became heavy.
I feel my temperature rising, my heart beating faster.
But above that, I feel myself melting away in this gentleness.
Both my heart and my body.
As if I am immersed in light.
All my emotions were out in an instant.
This wasn't just an ordinary dawn.
My whole body feels warm.
It feels like I'm melting into the sunrise.
Yeah, it's probably the sunrise's fault....

Slowly, our lips part. Tsuruga-san's fingers gently caress my face, from my forehead to my cheeks. As if being pampered by his touch, my face leans closer.

Ren: The sun has risen completely.
Kyouko: We managed to see the complete Daruma sunrise. It wasn't something we get to see everyday.
Ren: But what about Corn's stone?
Kyouko: Ah! I was like dreaming, I totally forgot!
Kyouko: But it's fine.... I got to see this with Tsuruga-san, that's good enough for me.
Ren: Thank you. This has been a good sign of things to come. The filming today is bound to be good.
Kyouko: Really?
Ren: It will be fine.

Once more, Tsuruga-san kissee me gently on my forehead. As Tsuruga-san's lips descends on my forehead, without realizing, I press my hands against him.

Ren: Is this supposed to be a cute way of stopping me?
Kyouko: Eh?
Ren: I wanted to kiss you more.

Panicking, I quickly withdraw my hands to my back.

Ren: That was hurtful, you know?
Kyouko: I'm sorry, I'm just not used to this...
Ren: That's okay. You'll get used to it soon.

Get used to...? I feel my face getting red again.

Ren: We've seen the whole sunrise. It's time we head back to the hotel.
Kyouko: Okay.

Tsuruga-san and I walk back to the hotel together. As we walk our hands hold tightly together.

At the set.

Director: Cut! Okay, that's a wrap, Kyouko-chan. It was totally different from before. How did you do it.

That was what the director said to me. Did he just say it was okay? I take a glance back at Tsuruga-san. He nods at me happily. That means, my acting as Shiori is a success?

Director: It's settled, we'll be using this. We managed to capture those fiercely seductive eyes. To think that a single night can change so much.

Hearing the director so happy, I can hardly believe it. "Thank you very much!"

I did it! I am really happy to have done my job well. But more than that, I am really glad to have partnered with Tsuruga-san for this act all the way.

In the end, the slump that I was in is totally gone, and the filming went well. The filming ended without a hitch.

At the office.

Yashiro: The R-Mandy advertisement was just splendid! Everyone is asking about Kyouko-chan's eyes.
Kyouko: Really?

Yashiro: Yes. Such seductive eyes. Known only as the Mysterious Woman, K. Such is the gossip floating around now.
Kyouko: So only the initial K is used...
Yashiro: In this fast moving industry, those guys will be out trying to find out the identity of K. It really makes me proud to have gone to the location filming with you guys.
Kyouko: You're just saying that, Yashiro-san.
Yashiro: I really mean it. Ren would agree with me too, right?
Ren: Yes of course. And, what about my part?
Yashiro: Eh? Of course it's great that Ren passed this one, as usual. But this time, Kyouko-chan was really great!
Kyouko: No! Tsuruga-san was even better than before!
Yashiro: You didn't have to say it with such force... Okay, I get it.

I felt embarrassed by that. Yashiro-san takes a glance at Tsuruga-san before turning around.

Yashiro: I have to submit a report to the President. Ren and Kyouko-chan, please go to the car first. Since you are both going to the TV station, Ren can give you a ride.
Kyouko: Erm, would that be okay?
Ren: It's fine.
Yashiro: Bye now.

Yashiro-san leaves us as soon as he says that.

Ren: How thoughtful of Yashiro-san...
Kyouko: Indeed. It's only just going to another workplace.

We look at each other and smile.

Ren: Well then, let's go.
Kyouko: Okay!

The credits roll.

The End

(A shame this is where the game ends. No wedding bells etc. -_- )

For those interested in listening to the ending theme, go here.
No Youtube videos for the credits, unfortunately.

Skip Beat PS2 Ren Path Good Ending (part 1)

For better or worse, the shoot ends tomorrow. There's a high chance she will be fired. Kyouko realizes this means the following morning will be her last chance to see Daruma cape. She did went there once, but she hasn't gone in the morning. But Tsuruga-san had already told her not to go wandering alone in the dark. And she couldn't possibly disturb him for this. So, she decides to stay in her room.

Just as she closes her eyes, her cellphone rings. The "Unidentified" number, lets her know that it is Ren. She answers the phone. It is indeed Ren.

Kyouko: Tsuruga-san, what's the matter?
Ren: I was thinking, since the shoot ends tomorrow, we should wake up earlier so that we can go to Daruma Cape.
Kyouko: Are we going together?
Ren: If I leave you alone, you will go there by yourself.

It's almost unbelievable how he knows exactly what she was thinking. Just the thought of going together with him...

Kyouko: I can't. It is true that I want to go. But I'm really happy that you asked me for this.
Ren: Like I said, if you really want to go, then you shouldn't refuse.
Kyouko: But to trouble Tsuruga-san in the morning. And for such a personal reason too...
Ren: I said I wanted to see the place too, no?
Kyouko: Really? I guess you did. It's going to be a rare Daruma morning! I know you want to see it too!
Ren: That's right.
Ren: I want to see it too, dawn at Daruma Cape.
Kyouko: Yes. I'm a little scared to go alone, but I'll feel much safer with Tsuruga-san!
Ren: I don't know how much comfort that gives you. But we still must prepare for the cold.
Kyouko: Yes?
Ren: The morning will be cold. Make sure you prepare a thick coat or towel. I will be bringing one, so make sure you do so too.
Kyouko: Oh, I see.
Ren: So I'll see you at 5 am at the lobby.
Kyouko: Okay.
Ren: Goodnight then. I'll see you later.
Kyouko: Goodnight. Um, well...
Ren: What is it?
Kyouko: I still have some of the fireworks...
Ren: Then let's use the remaining ones together.
Kyouko: Really?
Ren: Of course. Goodnight again.
Kyouko: Yes! Goodnight.

As she hangs up, she clutches the phone close to her. When she said goodnight to him, she felt happy, but after it was over, she started feeling sad. This feeling, was it loneliness? The way she wanted to be closer to him, it was almost scary. It just doesn't feel right. She still doesn't understand the true meaning behind her feelings. Maybe she's just thinking too much?

Is she feeling this way because she has been hurt before? Admitting to that felt shameful.

She goes to bed with a fuzzy feeling. She wonders, is Tsuruga-san going to bed too at this very moment? The thought of this makes her face warm. She really must be......

Morning came. Kyouko had hardly slept, because of those fuzzy feelings. In any case, she is already here at the lobby to meet Tsuruga-san, and she brought everything she needed.

Ren came out to greet her, and he asks her if she had slept well. Kyouko looks at his face. He looks happy and well-rested. Doesn't look like he lost any sleep at all. Kyouko greets back and answers she slept well.

Kyouko says she's sorry for having him up this early. "Don't say that," he says. "I was the one who asked you, right? I'm the one asking Mogami-san out on a date."

D-d-d-d-d-date?! Did he just say "date"?

"You don't have to show such a shocked reaction..."

"Oh, I see. You are trying to help me improve my acting this way." What a way to find an excuse....

"So, is it okay to call it that?" Kyouko knows Ren is serious. Just thinking about it makes her blush. Yet, she still has doubts, thinking she will be hurt in the end.

"No, it's a date! It's definitely a date! 100% date!" She declares this with a burning spirit. Ren comments she didn't have to use such force. "S-sorry..." She feels embarrassed for suddenly changing her mind.

"Well then, shall we go on our date?" He invites her again. "Yes!" She finds herself instinctively answering and following again. No way she could refuse him. "This is our date. It's our private time," he adds. This makes her blush again. Ren just smiles at her.

They head outside. Dawn is not here yet. It is darker than she had imagined. The path ahead was only lit by their flashlights, making it difficult to walk. Kyouko comments that it was a good idea to have brought a flashlight. Ren agrees.

Kyouko tells Ren her heart was beating really fast last night. This gets his hopes up a bit. She says its because it felt somewhat like she was going out on an adventure. Ren says it's going to be a great day. Kyouko agrees. The truth is, she had some other reasons why she had felt excited. But she dared not ask herself why. She drifts off again. "Mogami-san?" "Yipe!" Ren comments that since just now, she had been acting kind of nervous. "Don't tell me, you still think that I'm angry?" "No, I'm just a little excited, that's all."

"Excited? Is it because of me?" What a direct question! "Ah, n-no, i-it's not that." Kyouko feels being put into a spot here, and has to change the subject somehow. Kyouko starts to talk about that earlier incident when he was surrounded by friends. He doesn't even seem fazed by it. That sort of thing must have been an everyday situation. Kyouko recalls that time when they were trying to escape from fans on a bike. She goes silent again. There is no denying it this time. What she feels, it is definitely jealousy.

"Mogami-san, are you alright? Your face seems so red." What?! How could he possibly notice such details? "I was just thinking about stuff, that's all!"

Ren: To be thinking about stuff that makes your face red, don't tell me...
Kyouko: NO! That's not it! That's not it at all!
Ren: You're being a little too defensive now.
Kyouko: That's not it. It's just that, at that time, you were particularly kind towards one of your fans.
Ren: Eh?
Kyouko: I know it's embarrassing to feel so. After all, you are a celebrity with so many fans.
Ren: Don't tell me, you're jealous?

KABOOM! It's a home-run. She now feels like a fish in a barrel. "Your expression is showing like I'm bullying you." Kyouko replies, "I'm okay! Instead of saying jealousy, it's more like a child's possessive feelings, that's all. Please don't mind it." "I see," that's all he says, again with an expressionless face. He seems to be indifferent to it. Kyouko wonders if she is the only one feeling this way. Will he never respond to her at all?

Then she wakes up. Why am I thinking about such things? She follows him behind quickly. She knows that Ren isn't angry (anger sensor), but yet she can't tell how he feels. Since he said it was a date, he shouldn't be going so far ahead of her. She tugs Ren's jacket sleeve. "I was moving so fast. I'm sorry. It was a date after all..." "Y..Yes! You should be." Kyouko says, taking this opportunity to chide him.

"Well then, shall we walk hand-in-hand?"


"Well, the weather is cold. We should walk closer together because of the wind." Ren says, extending his elbow.

Kyouko is hesitant. "Well, the wind isn't blowing, so..." The moment she says this, a strong gust blows by. Silently, after seeing his smile, she held his arm. "How warm..." Kyouko makes some cute remarks about how Ren replaces a warm bath. Ren says it's the same case for him too.

Walking together like this, Kyouko silently admits they must look like lovers. Tsuruga-san, is he this kind to the one he loves? Thinking about this pains her, and she doesn't want to think about it any more. She knows her thoughts get too wild sometimes.

"Mogami-san, what's wrong? Is your face feeling cold?" ", it's not that." Ren holds both of his hands to her cheeks. "Tsu-tsuruga-san?" "Does this help to warm you up?" Ren asks. His touch was comforting. But his face was close. Too close. Really close. As happy as she was, it was beyond her acceptance limit. Looking at his face, she felt her heart may be stolen any time.

Kyouko says she's okay now and suggests they continue. At this rate, they'll never get to Daruma Cape. "Well then, let's continue walking together again." She felt herself instinctively holding Ren's hand again, like it was a natural thing.

They reached the place. Ren had brought her to the peak of the cape.

"It's still very dark," Kyouko commented. "Watch your steps. It's dark, don't stray too far," Ren warns her.

Kyouko's heart kept pounding the whole time she was with him. Dawn is approaching. Ren checked his cellphone for the time. They decided to stay there and wait. Kyouko stares at Ren's face under the dim lamp lights, the scene reminding her of somewhere from a distant dream. She tries to control her thoughts.

Ren puts his hand on Kyouko's shoulder and holds her close.

Ren: This way, you won't feel cold.
Kyouko: I see...
Ren: I'm glad I came here today.
Kyouko: I'm glad I cam too. With Tsuruga-san...
Ren: I'm glad I finally have the courage.
Kyouko: Courage? About Tsuruga-san? I could never refuse a request from Tsuruga-san. You're my senior after all.
Ren: That would be bad for me. It's like I've forced you to come here.
Kyouko: That's not true. I never hated Tsuruga-san asking me out.
Ren: That's good to hear. We wait for the sunrise here.
Kyouko: Eeh?! But nobody knows we're here! And we don't know how much time we have left, so...
Ren: I'll call them and inform them, don't worry.
Kyouko: I see... are we really going to stay here and wait for the sunrise?

Her question causes Ren's face to turn red and look away. "It's no big deal, really. I woke up early and had a can of coffee." Kyouko feels her heart escalating.

"When it's about you, I always find myself acting like a child, losing my composure, behaving badly to get what I want." Ren admits. What Ren said made her really happy. Beyond words. She says she never expected him to say something like that.

Ren finally admits, he was jealous over her. Ehhh?! He's jealous? Kyouko comments that she will really be scared if Ren is indeed jealous. Ren asks "Why is that so?"

"Because there is no man around me to be jealous of."
"Really? It didn't seem so to me..."
"It's true! There is no such person. We are all actors."
"Well that's true... Speaking of which, it was the same feeling Mogami-san had about the fan..."
"Please forget about it. It is not something which actors should be having..."
"I certainly do have those feelings."
"Tsuruga-san too?"
"Is it that strange for me to be feeling jealous?"
"No, it's not that.... I just didn't think Tsuruga-san would have a love interest..."
"So, I see.... I've been fighting a losing battle after all..."

Kyouko starts feeling pain again. A long time ago, Ren had already mentioned that he liked someone. She had almost forgotten about it. She starts to wonder if she is in a bad position to be, so she steps away.

"I.... I am a little envious.... this person Tsuruga-san is thinking off..."
As they continued talking, she has already stepped further away. He looked like he wanted to say something, but didn't.

"Cold..." Kyouko feels the cold running through he body.
"Well, looks like this towel came in handy after all."
"Yes, it is."
"Come, sit here. It will be sunrise soon." Ren covers her with the towel.

While Kyouko is seated, she opened the purse containing Corn again.
"Ah, you brought Corn with you," Ren comments. "Yes, I wanted Corn to see the sunrise too," she replies.

"Well this is awkward... it feels like a third party watching over our date...."
"Eh? But I had thought that it would be great for Tsuruga-san to see it too."
"Yes. When the morning light meets will corn, a dazzling aurora will show! I didn't want to see it alone, that's why I really wanted to see it with Tsuruga-san."
"this really makes me happy..."
"I'm happy too!"

Out of the blue, Ren asked her an honest question. "Mogami-san, do you like Corn a lot?"

"Yes I do..... But, it is different from falling in love..." she answers.

At that time, all she could think of was Shoutarou. It's a painful memory that hurts just to even think about it. She tries to seal those memories of Shoutaro away. "Furthermore, I have already decided never to fall in love again.

"Is it because of that guy?"

Kyouko is very clear who Ren is referring to. He didn't seem to like it when she speaks about him.

"I'm not blaming you."
"I see..."

Ren certainly does not seem angry at all. But this actually makes her feel darker inside.

Ren says, "In fact I have someone that I feel that I am truly in love with. Yet I cannot say it out." Ren's words shake her up inside even more than the coldness of the air.

"Why is that so?" Kyouko asks. Ren simply stands up, as if he did not hear her. Whatever is causing Tsuruga-san pain, she wants to know. He must have been suffering, yet she had no idea. Still, she wanted to be a part of it. Was it a form of possessiveness? It hurts inside....

"Mogami-san, there's still a lot about me that I have never told you..."

"You can start telling me now."

"I can't.... I don't have the courage to say it out. I could never bear it if Mogami-san hates me because of what I say."

"I won't hate you! No matter what it is.... I could never hate Tsuruga-san." She had almost lost him, there is no way she would let that happen again.

Ren is still a little hesitant, but Kyouko promises not to judge him no matter what it is.


"That's right. Please tell me."

"I am a man, who has lost the right to be happy...." His expression and his voice carries the weight of a deep wound.


"Please go on." Kyouko is actually more apprehensive, feeling nervous what he has to say. But she has already made up her mind to listen to her story, and she has long decided that he could never be a bad person. Of this, she is certain. She had to hear it.

It is a brief instance, but she noticed that Ren shook. It was not from the cold, it was as though he was afraid of what he wanted to say. Whatever it was that scared him, she wants to protect him from it. Kyouko knows very well it is presumptuous of her to be even thinking so, yet she couldn't help herself.

"Tsuruga-san will become happy! Tsuruga-san is not someone who lost he right to be happy."

"I'm not. If Tsuruga-san hadn't given me courage, I could never have come this far." Despite her efforts at trying to cheer him, she is the one feeling like crying now. Her head hangs low.

"Mogami-san." Ren puts his hand on her back, startling her a little.

"I must look like a fool right now. I thought of wanting to protect Tsuruga-san. I am always getting your support, but when it is my turn to give... But even so, right now I feel I have to protect Tsuruga-san no matter what. But as usual, I can do nothing right... So regretful..."

Ren's gentle touch was really comforting.

Ren: I never wanted, or hoped for someone to love...
Kyouko: Tsuruga-san....
Ren: And yet, I just can't stop the feelings I have for her... Mogami-san, the one I love is you. So you don't have to feel regretful. I have always been saved by you. Even now, you've made me happy, to the point it's almost unbearable.

Is this a confession? To me? Tsuruga-san says that he loves me? Kyouko can feel her whole face turning red, all the way up to her ears, where she can't hide it even if she wanted to.

Happiness. That was the only way to describe how she is feeling now. A surge of happiness that can't be stopped.

I am loved by Tsuruga-san. To the point where it is unbearable. I, can no longer suppress my own feelings too...

"Mogami-san? You didn't hear me? Shall I repeat that one more time?"

"You don't have to. I feel the same way too. I love Tsuruga-san, and I can't stop these feelings that I have."

"Then don't stop them."


It's okay, right? To feel this way? To let it be? It's all right to love Tsuruga-san. Aaah, what should I do? Even though this cold is hitting me, I feel warm inside, as if I am floating.

Ren puts a hand over Kyouko's shoulders and brings his face closer to hers.

Kyouko yet again fills her self with doubt. He loves a person like me? Suddenly, I really want to believe it. I just couldn't believe it. It's so unbelievable, yet I want to believe it so much...


Such enchanting lips...
As if floating towards me....
... I want to touch them....
... I want to kiss them....
Te!! WHAT?!?!
W...What am I thinking?!

Kyouko felt her her heart pounding so fast, it could explode if it pounded any faster.

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Kyouko is starting to realize her true feelings.

When Ren held Kyouko's hands, and looked at her, smiling, it was then when she came to that realization. Ren's action towards her brought forth an emotion that she sealed away, never wanting to bring it out. That emotion is love - a feeling accompanied by so much joy, but also accompanied by so much grief.

When Ren held her hands and she came to that realization, she heard a sound echoing within. The sound of that sealed emotion unlocking. She called it a dreadful sound, proving how much she had wanted to keep it from coming out. In page 26, 27, 28, her reaction was that of pure shock, mixed with the fear of falling in love again. She was afraid of what it meant. This reaction is very unlike her previous reactions to Ren, such as Ren saying that he believes her reason for acting, Ren kissing the corn stone, and Ren giving her Queen Rosa rose. Those times she was surprised, she was probably even blushing a little, but she was definitely happy. Which is a far cry from this current reaction.

Seeing how Kyouko reacts to Ren, I can say this does not bode well for him. Already, the pure thought of seeing him again in an official party is causing her so much unrest. It is very likely that she will intentionally try to avoid him. At least for the time being, until she can get everything sorted out.

Ren had always been cautious not to advance towards Kyouko too much. He is aware how she would react. She doesn't respond well to his Emperor of the Night mode, and Ren is afraid that if she becomes aware of what he is trying to do, she would just erase his existence from within her. However, in order for that which he desires to reach fruition, Kyouko realizing her own true feelings is an eventuality, a requisite. How she reacts upon that realization is the variable. Ren is most likely aware that that is no guarantee that she will react positively to it, but it was a chance he had to take. Sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith, and hope you fly.

For the boxes inside of her, there are 2. Page 30's ending message indicated clearly that this is another within her. It is a different box from the one we see all the way from the beginning.
(Note that the one on Mangareader is wrong. The person who owns the box is not the one who can open it.)

This is all my conjecture, but here is what I can say. The first box, is one of hate. It can not be unlocked by the person who owns it. When Kyouko came to hate Shou, the first box was entirely unlocked. Shou was the one who unlocked it. All her hatred was released that instance.

The second box, which had never before been mentioned, Kyouko sealed it away, all her forbidden memories and emotions inside. I think it's pretty easy to deduce what emotion this second box signifies. The emotion called love, and all the joy, and all the sorrow that it brought to her, she sealed it all away in this box, never wanting it to be touched a second time, never wanting what lay within to be released ever again, with so many locks on it.

Like the first box, the locks of this box cannot be unlocked by the person who owns it. And it is only expected and natural that Ren would be the one to unlock it. As many people have suggested, Ren has been unlocking the locks of this box one, by one. He did not unlock all of them in one go, he has been slowly unlocking them all, and Kyouko only realized it when the last one is gone. Now this box is completely unlocked. What happens after this is a mystery.

On page 30, the person in her flashback is likely to be Shou, from a time long ago. It is sad for me to see that such memories she had, was with Shou. She described that the she remembers this feeling, and what she feels with Ren now, is what she felt with Shou long ago. I am personally not too optimistic about this. Her memories of Shou is wrapped with hatred. There is a chance that she will associate what she went through with Shou, to be an inevitable result of what she is feeling now. She will probably assume that falling in love will mean going through the same pains that Shou brought her, and shun it away.

She also described this feeling, the same way she described in chapter 157. It is a deep concern, that when she realizes she may be in love, all she could recall was what she had with Shou. It's going to take a lot for her to get through this. Her realization leaves her feeling terrified. Her relation with Shou brought her so much pain, that she never wants to have to experience all of that ever again. Her reluctance to go to the party just shows how much she wants to avoid him now. We can only hope for the best now.

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I predict that Kyouko will go through a series of phases and stages, before she finally comes terms with this. This is quite similar to the Kubler-Ross model and the stages of grief. But unlike the model, I believe certain phases takes place concurrently. Sometimes, there is no distinct time difference within the stages.

These are the phases which I anticipate Kyouko going through.

Phase 1: Shock and Horror
Kyouko already went through this stage, upon realizing the possibility of what she may be going through.

Phase 2: Denial and Avoidance
Normally, these are separate phases, but apparently, Kyouko is going to do both. She will be avoiding the whole issue, and be avoiding Ren as well. She will also try to deny what she feels as love.

Phase 3: Retaliation and Escapism
Kyouko will attempt to fight against her feelings. She will believe that she will be better off without these feelings that she have, and attempt to snuff them out. If you put it out of sight, you put it out of mind. She tells herself all sorts of things to forget it. You will only be hurt in the end. You don't need love.

Phase 4: Confusion, Sadness, and Frustration
Upon realizing that she cannot hope to fight these feelings, mixed feelings come in. Confusion is the most likely one, making her uncertain what to do. Memories long forgotten will also start to come back. She will remember the sadness and happiness that she once had. She will also feel frustration and fear, from her doubts. "I don't know what to do...." "What if....."

Phase 5: Confrontation and Self-reflection
Kyouko will face her fears. She will attempt to understand the way she is feeling. She will ask herself these questions: "What do I really want? Is this really love? Do I really love Tsuruga-san? What does he feel about me?" Kyouko will also look at her memories, and understand what they mean.

Phase 6: Acceptance and Advancing
Kyouko accepts the truth. She moves on, towards what she really wants.

This is what I predict happening next chapter.

Kyouko dresses in ordinary clothes to the party. She blends in perfectly in the crowd, and doesn't stand out. No one notices her. No one, except Ren, of course. She tries to get away, but he catches up with her. He asks her if something was wrong, but she denies it of course. She acts very uneasy.

Later on, there is a dance in the party. Ren invites her of course. Kyouko tries to decline, saying that she doesn't know how to dance etc. Ren insists of course, saying that he will lead her and show her. She complies.

As she is dancing with him, all sorts of questions fill her head. Is this what it feels like to be so close to Tsuruga-san? Has he danced like this with many other girls?

After the dance, it fills her, both with a sense of release, at the same time a sense of longing. Ren tells her honestly, that he was afraid of his own past. He was confused, and hesitant, but not any more. He has the courage to move forward now, and he owes it all to her.

Confusion kicks in. All forms of feelings flow into Kyouko. Being unable to deal with it, she decides to run out from the party.

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