Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

I have a present. It's one of Tony Taka's art collection.

Not safe for work.

Tony Taka is one of my top favorite 2 artists. The other is Satoshi Urushihara. Noizi Ito comes close.

Tony Taka did the artwork for several games from Sega, such as Shining Wind and Shining Hearts. He also did the artwork for some erogames as well. Shining Wind still happens to be one of my favorites till this day.

Personally, I believe that the right artist makes a huge difference in the popularity of the game. I don't think Shining Wind would be as popular were it done by some other artist. Likewise, I don't think Suzumiya Haruhi would be such a hot favorite too, if it weren't drawn by Noizi. I personally, hated Shakugan no Shana. I firmly believe that if Noizi wasn't the artist for it, it would be dead.

I kinda like the way how Tony Taka draws some parts. :)

I hope you guys like Tony Taka as much as me. :)


  1. Happy Valentine's Day ^.^


  2. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Hope it was a good one ^^

  3. Well, I spent my Valentine's day alone, as usual. But the real sad part is that it's the same for here as well. Only 3 comments for the whole day. :(

  4. Happy (belated)Valentine's Day Mechie~

  5. Happy Belated Valentines day, sorry have been busy reading your translations to the game and have neglected the upto date stuff, sorry to hear u spent it alone, hope you will find a special someone to celebrate it with next year

  6. @Ren88

    I don't really care about that. More importantly, where are my comments?

    And why are there no views on Tony Taka?

  7. I didn't comment on Tony Taka because I'm a girl. No matter how nice the artwork is, naked girls don't interest me too much :)

  8. Hmm..... How bout naked guys? >:D

  9. ooh~ naked guys eh? u gonna post 'em up?

  10. Well, Mechgouki, as I am an adult woman and have seen many things, I can put away all my feminine scruples and comment Tony Taka (why do you think no one comments here? As most of the Skip Beat! readers are young women and girls, and they mostly feel ashamed, or not interested, to comment erotic pictures of naked women...).

    I think Tony Taka is quite a skilled artist, but the girls are too inorganic, kinda synthetical. I see no real women there, not even idealized women - there are synthetic dolls without something, which would tempt me to be interested in (and if he paints naked men, it would be the same for me). But yes, they are pretty dolls. :-)

  11. I'm gona have to agree with Ebzenka, artwork is good but naked girls don't really appeal and same goes for the naked guys too.

    Personally I think less is more, leave it upto the readers imagination.

  12. Happy belated Valentine's Day!
    In regards to Tony Taka, I'm going to have to echo the comments of Ebzenka and Ren 88, at least to an extent. As a teenage girl, I am by no means averse to viewing nudity. However, I can tell you I would have been much quicker to respond, had they been images of naked men. I don't dislike his work at all, but to me it looks like stereotypical (although definitely high quality) ecchi artwork. That's not necessarily a bad thing though...
    It sounds like I keep going back and forth in my opinion. I guess I'm somewhere in the middle.
    I did like this drawing in particular:

  13. Sorry, I don't know why that didn't post with my username...

  14. Well, I think if someone paints naked women, it CAN be interesting even for women, if the picture is alive, if it wears an emotion, something more than good technic. That is why the nude women painted by great artists are considered as art, not only as erotics (Goya? Velasquez? the impressionists? and so on).

    Only emotion I see by Tony Taka is "this is a picture of a perfect doll in an erotic/kawaii pose, or both". I see no real feeling there. He mastered the art of drawing, but he lacks the real life.

  15. Oh my... That was quite... graphical... :D I agree with a few of the previous comments! It needs more "emotion". You know like how Nakamura (author of skipbeat) gives her characters expressions and body language? If the girl from this image had that, it would look beautiful. :)

    Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you find that lucky girl of yours in the near future! And when you find her, will you still please translate for us? :)

  16. I actually like the way Tony Taka depicts the female body. The one image looks almost realistic if it wasn't for the girl's face. I don't mind looking at images of naked girls or guys. I'm ok with stuff like that. It's only art. And even if it wasn't, I'd like me a hot naked guy (wink,wink).

    Anyways, can't wait for the next skip beat chapter. Thanx Mechgouki, keep up the good work.

  17. This is the part where I disagree with you guys.

    I like Tony Taka's artwork not because he draws naked girls. I mean, it's one of the reasons why I like this artist, but there are other artists that draw for erogames too.

    First time I saw his art was on Shining Tears. No adult content there. What I like about his artwork is the way he draws eyes and the rest of the face.

    You guys say there is no emotion, I disagree. From most of the artwork that I see, the way he draws the eyes, he makes them shine. The faces, he captured their expression well. The eyes are what really shine.

  18. I´ll say you really rock mechgouki! And i totally agree with you about Tony Taka, the way he draws is really awesome.

    Keep up the good work, everyone will be supporting you ;)

  19. If you tell me where to read Tony Taka's work, I surely will!

  20. Mechi - 171 raws are available on raw-bunko now!

    And on the whole Tony Taka thing... I DO see the emotion in the eyes of the subject, but I dislike how he does their noses.

    What really stands out to me, however, is how he does the coloration. He does a very good job there. The changes are very subtle, so his art seems very soft, and the curves of the human body seem very natural.

    Now off to see the raws!

  21. 171 RAW!!!!FINALLY!!!!!

  22. eh... firstly happy valentines day(: im only allowed to use my com on certain days of the week which was why i did not comment.. secondly, i felt that you should put the "adult content" heading... coz basically i felt uneasy looking at them.. and as for art... well, im not an artistic person so no comments there(:

  23. ohh and err.. if the not safe for work thing was meant to be a warning, im sorry, i din get it. my apologise
    p.s. sorry for the poor spelling... i only got c6 for english ):

  24. HAPPY VERY BELATED VALENTINE'S DAY! I aplogize for my extreme lateness; school has been such a time-taker recently. ヾ(。`Д´。)ノ
    Ohmygieee; can't wait for summer!

  25. As to Tony Taka... I think you might have gotten more responses of the caliber you want if they had been non-ero stuff. xD I don't know about other women, but in addition to not being interested in naked women, I just glanced at the pictures and thought "riiight. moving on." Erotic pictures don't draw attention to the eyes and face, like you admire; they're made to draw all eyes to other bits. All I really saw in the first picture were an extraordinarily disproportionate pair of breasts, and in the second, the first thing I thought was "She ought to have some hair down there. D:"

    However, on second glance, I do commend him on his colouring skills. They are subtle, yet beautiful.

  26. @Frostcrystal

    Okay, try this one.

    The style in which he draws the eyes is quite unique, I would say. Compared to other artists, I like his best. Even then those like Nakamura or Noizi.

    Scrutinizing his art carefully, he doesn't draw the female characters with obvious lips, and the nose is very simplified. But for some reason, they work well in expressing the emotions of the character. He has the tendency of not being as detailed for many male characters though....

    The truth is, I like it when artists prove that they can go ero. It shows that they are more liberal in a sense. The less than liberal ones usually end up with limited variety.

    Shining Wind remains very popular. I believe the biggest reason is still the artist. The game is non-ero, but it still draws a large fanbase.

    Anyway, have you seen Noizi Ito's art? She draws Haruhi and Shakugan no Shana. She also did a few ero games too. Her artwork is really beautiful, and she is quite liberal at that. Which means she draws naked women too. :D

    I have to say I absolutely detest Shakugan No Shana, and I wish she wasn't doing it, so that it would fall flat and die.

  27. Hey Mechi~

    Thanks for always posting quick scanlations! I'd like to make a suggestion based on what I've read in the response section and from your site content.

    It's nice that you want to share your favorite artists work and that's not a problem. I think though that at times you tend to throw people off by posting ero/H - you should realize that your site is currently pretty much a shojo manga scanlation site, specifically Skip Beat, which is on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of type of content.

    Now put aside the fact that you can read Japanese. Let's say, for example, you like reading shonen manga like Bleach. You frequent a site that posts the Bleach manga but once in a while the owner of this site, which is a girl, posts yaoi images by artists she likes. Considering the site and its content, don't you think that there is a slight chance that the core target audience will be offended by the posted material?

    I, for one, am alright with ero and think Tony does pretty art. I'm female, probably like most of your visitors, and do find the ero stuff inconsistent and weird along with the Skip Beat content. Perhaps if I were a guy I'd find the imagery more of a treat.

    It seems like you really value visitors and their comments so I'd like to actually suggest that you split your site to having a Skip Beat section and misc section. In this way those that are offended by ero/H can enjoy the Skip Beat page in a normal manner and those who would like to know more about you and your interests can visit your other page to learn more about you. What do you think?

    I visit your site regularly but I really can't recommend your site to my female friends due to this. (I know they'll get offended) It's actually quite unfortunate.

  28. Thank you for your feedback, Emmy. :)

    But the outcome I was hoping for is that my audience will not become repulsed by such things and be more tolerant to it. :(

    I was hoping that they would say, "Hm, nothing wrong with hentai, I guess."

    I'm not hoping that they would go, "OMG!! Hentai!! YAY!!!" But I'm not hoping that they go, "ARGH!!!! NO!!!!!" either....

  29. And sorry, but I agree with what Emmy said too. Due to one post of yours, I am slighty put off to revisit your site. I am a great fan of your translations for Skip Beat, but not good with appreciating Hentai art. Its going to be weird for me to recommend this site to my younger niece and newphews (underage), so it would be safer if I took if off my favourites list.

    Do consider our comments, but if you are determined on your stand, all the best.

  30. Mechgouki I agree with about tony taka (he is one of my fav artist as is Noizi Ito and Satoshi Urushihara)
    as an artist myself nudity doesn't bother me, I have drawn some naked female myself, would you like to see them ^^
    I love how tony taka draw the eyes and hair have ever since I came cross his work.
    you really can't compare his work to other, because every artist has something different (style, eyes, feeling just something different)
    oh I've wanted to ask why don't you like shana? I've mostly read the manga, I haven't read the novel yet

  31. @Erm, what was your name again? lol

    Sure why not? :)

    I watched the anime, hated it. The storyline sucks. A secret world with secret beings fighting a secret war? Probably would have made more sense if they didn't set up replacements for people who are already dead. On top of that, we get a masked rider scenario, where people who are supposed to be on the same side fighting each other? That is just ludicrous. Fighting for the sake of fighting. And don't get me started on character.

  32. @ mechgouki
    I didn't give a name, but just call me yura-chan ^^
    I see, well I haven't watch the anime, and I always find there is some differences with anime vs manga. I do agree though about the replacement never could figure that out (I'm going to have to read it again) well I haven't found/watch an anime I haven't liked, but that just me, I always see something different in them. I have to say I like the lady with the book though in shana :)
    I notice that, why fight your allies? my theory is that they're war otaku XD
    anyway enough of that here is my art
    and if you like those :) please visit my whole gallery


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