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Post your Skip Beat fanfiction here.

After some consideration, I decided to have a section where people can post their fanfics.

Host your fanfics on a fanfic site, then post your links here. (You can also post the entire thing here if you want.)

Use this format:

Title of Fanfic:
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If your fanfic is a lemon (story with adult content), make sure you state so.


For readers, post your reviews here.

Remember that anyone can criticise your work here. You can put up ShouXKyouko stories of course, but you better be prepared for the bloodbath that follows. :P

You can recommend other fanfics not written by you, but I will not add them to this list. (Problems can occur if you post something not yours.)

Current Releases:

Title of Fanfic: Valentine's Disaster
Author Name: Spherrow
Rating: Normal
Synopsis: Reino kidnaps Kyoko on Valentine's Day (for what purpose? *gasp*), Ren and Shou try to get her back. -- this is NOT a Lemon.

Title of Fanfic: Playing With Fire
Author Name: Spherrow
Rating: Lemon
Synopsis: Katsuki is asked to play a cameo in the Box 'R' Chronicle. Natsu takes this oportunity for a little fun. - This is a sexual themed fanfic, please do not read if you can not handle mature situations.

Title of Fanfic: Crazy Love Schemes
Author Name: MitsukiTenshi
Rating: Normal
Synopsis: A new band in LME shows up and those girls are determined to get Kyoko and Ren together. With new accomplices for Takarada-san president of LME and Yashiro-san will Kyoko and Ren finally get together? Read to find out! KyokoXRen

Title of Fanfic: Did you miss me?
Author Name: chaseafteryourdreams
Rating: Normal
Synopsis: Kyoko is Natsu and she gets lost into her character. She take revenge and probably finds love???

Title of Fanfic: Remember When
Author Name: chaseafteryourdreams
Rating: Normal
Synopsis: The past is replaying in the minds of 'them'. What did happen?

Title of Fanfic: Blow Out the Candle
Author Name: Spherrow
Rating: Normal
Synopsis: Ren and Yashiro deal with the yearly crisis that is Ren's Birthday. Somehow, this year will be different...

Title of Fanfic: The Kiss
Author Name: Spherrow
Rating: Mature (not Lemon, but not Normal)
Synopsis: Valentine's Day revisited. ...'“Thank you.” This close, I didn’t have to say it loudly. Perhaps I said it with more emotion than I intended, but the thought was there. What I meant by ‘thank you’ really, was ‘I love you.’'

Title of FanFic: Skip Beat's First Game Show
AuthorsName: LynnBeltran


Fan-colored concept art.

Not safe for work :D

Thursday, July 05, 2012 is a shameless thieving site. has stolen my works yet again. This time, they had the audacity to remove all the watermarks and warnings that I placed.

Here is an example of the credits page which they forged.


Falsified by Mangareader

They went as far as to falsify my pages. Mangareader is truly run by a shameless and unscrupulous bunch of assholes.

Skip Beat Chapter 190 Scanlations are up.

Get the file here.

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Back to livejournal again. -_-

I'm back to livejournal again. At least unlike Wordpress, it doesn't remove the blog completely.

Please discuss in the thoughts section. If the scanlation entry gets removed, I'll try to post it again.

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Thoughts for 183

Okay, just to be clear on one thing, regarding what the President said, he actually intended for a physical attraction between Ren and Kyouko without it leading to anything sexual. Well, it did advance in a way.

Anyway, there has been some discussion on what happened in the last page. Most people have said that Ren isn't one to do something stupid, like assault the staff etc. Most likely, this scene was entirely acted out, just that Ren took it one step higher. This is probably just a very realistic act, in short.

Regarding the spoofs, I don't have much, but I did come up with this one.

I know some of you may think it's lame. :(

It's all I can come up with now.

Guys, please give me your comments. If you don't have an account, please apply for a Wordpress account.

Please remember to comment in the 183 section.

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Skip Beat PS2 Shou Path Differences.

This section records some of the Shou Path differences. Not all the differences in the choices for the common path are detailed here, only the significant ones.

After Kyouko's phone is locked, if she chooses to get the phone herself, she gets angry, and tells Yashiro she has a score to settle with Shou. Yashiro asks her if she is okay alone, but she says she just needs to get the codes.

Kyouko goes inside Shou's make-up room. She says he hasn't left yet. Shou answers it's not that he hasn't left, he has been waiting here the whole time. Shou says they are to go out and eat. Kyouko says she came here looking for her codes, not a meal. Shou says the only way that she will get those codes is for her to eat a meal with him. Kyouko would rather lose the phone, but she thought of how difficult it was to get Tsuruga-san's and Mouko-san's number, and decided against it. So she has no choice but to agree. "I'm not paying for you meals though!" "That's fine, I'm paying."

Shou gives Kyouko a coat, saying he doesn't want her to catch a cold in this weather. But then he adds that idiots normally don't catch cold. "WHO ARE YOU CALLING AN IDIOT!?"

So they end up at the restaurant. Shou comments she keeps making this face. She replies that she doesn't have to smile, she's not a fan or anything.

Shou makes the orders without asking Kyouko. Kyouko protests that she hasn't even seen the menu yet. Shou says it makes no difference, she'll only order the same things too. She takes the menu and checks it. No hamburg on the list. "In the end, you only ended up wasting more time." "Fine, I'll just hurry up with it then!"

The beancurd was more delicious than she expected. Shou watches her, and tells her they get their beancurd fresh from Kyoto. "What do you want from me, a compliment?" Shou just tells her to hurry up, he'll give her the codes soon. He remarks that she is showing her fierce face even during a meal.

2 options here, to show an expressionless face, or normal face. If she tries to do it with a normal face, she will comment that it is kind of hard, considering the present company.

Regardless, looking at Shou's face, it kinds of reminds her of the past. She reminisces a little without realizing, about the time when she used to call him "Shou-chan", but she quickly shocks herself back to reality. Shou comments her face keeps changing the whole time. Anyway, she finishes, so she demands the number. Shou tells her the number is 1225. It's her birthday. He couldn't forget it, because during those days, she had always been working as an assistant there. Anyway, gotten what she needed, Kyouko leaves. Shou looks like he wanted to tell her to stay, but he didn't.

During the argument about the jobs, where Shou appears with a piglet, and Kanae shows up to interrupt them, if Kyouko chooses to respond to Shou first, she will state that he always acts like a brat. "I am not a child!" "Using a piglet as a hostage, doing as you please without considering others, which part of that is mature?" "I don't consider you as "others". "

Shou continues to taunt her. "It's a fact that we were raised together. I know everything about you. And you too know about me."
"I've been trying to forget everything about you!"
"But it seems you can't forget."
"I will forget! Once I have my revenge on you!"

This is where they begin the stare-down.

Kanae interrupts them. "Stop that now. Are you 2 trying to kiss in public?"
That surprises Kyouko. "Mouko-san, how can you say that?"
"The two of you were pitting your faces so close together. Right, Tsuruga-san?"

Ren doesn't say a word, but Kyouko senses a dark aura. It is a bad idea to start an argument with Shou again. "Tsuruga-san?" He seems to be in a daze. Is something wrong?

"Oh, I have to get this shirt changed."

Kyouko must have made Ren upset by arguing with Shou. She's always falling into this trap.

Ren advises her not to argue any more. Kyouko feels bad about this bad habit of always starting an argument with Shou. Kyouko offers to pay for his cleaning, but he says it's fine, and he has to go now. He leaves. Kyouko feels really bad for upsetting Ren.

Shou smugly comments, "It's so great to be finally rid of that guy."
"Isn't it about time for you to disappear too?"
"Now that Tsuruga Ren isn't here any more, you can stop acting like a good girl."
"What crazy thing are you talking about this time?"
"You don't want him to hate you, so you always act like a good girl. The way you treat him is totally different from the way you treat me."
"That's because the problem lies with you!"

Kyouko explains to Kanae they still have to clean the food. Kanae gets angry. "Don't tell me, Tsuruga-san got his clothes dirty because he was helping you?!" She said that Kyouko should have politely declined. Shou butts in, saying that Ren is a troublesome guy. "He insists on helping, even when his help is not needed."

"Well it's better than some people who are causing problems rather than helping!"

"If I hadn't been here, than this piglet would have ran off somewhere, and you would never have found it. I deserve credit for this one." Kyouko is almost taken in for a second. But then she says, "In the end, it was still Mouko's fish sausage that got the job done!"

They start a stare-down again. Kanae says Kyouko can continue to argue for all she cares, she's simply going to go back and continue her job. Kyouko realizes that is the final warning to stop this. They both leave Shou where he is. He calls out to Kyouko but she ignores him this time.

After they cleaned up the piglets room and left, if Kyouko chooses to go and to buy juice, she will meet Asami-san. Asami congratulates her for a job well done as Mio, and adds that her performance in the PV really helped with its popularity.

Anyway, Kyouko finds out that Asami is also the producer for Shou's CM this time as well. Kyouko asks about the staff board's objection in using her. Asami confirms that such a thing did indeed happen. But Asami also declares that she supported Shou's decision. She firmly believes that Kyouko is a capable actress. Asami seems to have the wrong idea of Kyouko and Shou having a good relation. Kyouko declares very strongly that they are enemies. The reason why he chose her for this, is probably because he wants to get back at her. Asami says that Shou is confident of acting well this time, and has no intention of losing. Asami asks Kyouko to consider this job before saying goodbye. Kyouko continues to buy juice.

As Kyouko approaches the vending machines, she spots someone there. It's Shou! She doesn't want to meet him, but she doesn't want to run away either. A 2-way option here, to continue to buy juice, or go somewhere else. Not much difference. If she tries to leave, Shou will spot her. "Are you running away?"

Damn! "I wasn't trying to run away, it's just that I saw an eyesore in front of the vending machines."

Anyway, regardless of what she chose, she sees Shou buying another drink, and wonders what is he doing buying more than what he can drink. Shou tells Kyouko to hold out her hand. Kyouko responds as she is told, then she immediately asks herself, why am I listening to him? Shou places the drink in her hand and says "For you." Kyouko responds by telling him not to just toss everything to her as he pleases. "Refusing the kindness of others, aren't you a strange one?"

"I felt bad about just now. This makes up for it."
"Since when did you make up for it?"
"That's why I am giving you that."

Shou points to the drink in her hand. Really can't expect more out of this guy. Kyouko tells him very clearly, he should feel ashamed, using a pig as a hostage. That only makes Shou burst out laughing at her description of the pig hostage.

"If anyone sees you, you'll just be embarrassing yourself, laughing like that."
"That's okay, I needed the exercise anyway."
"What exercise? You were just laughing like an idiot!"
"Yeah, that's the equivalent of 30 situps."

Shou says he didn't expect Kyouko to be concerned over him laughing out like that in public. Kyouko makes fun of him, saying it would have made a juicy gossip story. Shou nonchalantly says that the office will kill that story before it even hit the papers.

Shou asks how long is she just going to stand there holding the drink. Kyouko looks at the drink before she opened it.

Kyouko: Hold it! Isn't this drink carbonated? What's the meaning of this?!
Shou: It's just carbonated drink, right?
Kyouko: You know I can't take carbonated drinks!
Shou: I know that.
Kyouko: Don't give me that crap!

Kyouko thrusts the drink back to him, and says he can have it himself. "What a waste of good intentions..."

Shou takes the drink, and opens it.


The drink sprays all over him.

Shou: Kyouko... Why you.... you shook it, didn't you!?
Kyouko: Eh? No, I didn't! ................... I think.

She is well aware that she has the tendency of shaking can drinks without even realizing it.

Shou: What do you mean you think?! You definitely shook it! Now I'm completely wet!
Kyouko: ..... sorry...
Shou: Oh? You are actually apologising?
Kyouko: It's not like I did it on purpose.
Shou: Sorry isn't going to cut it. You're going to have to do something about it.

Kyouko gets a bad feeling about this.

Next thing she knew, she ended up in Shou's changing room. Shou goes to change, and tells her not to run.

"Jeez, why do I have to do this?"
"That's because a certain someone sprayed juice all over me!"
"Fine, fine, just hurry up."

Kyouko is actually feeling nervous, and she tells herself not to feel that way, since they did live together once. She could still hear her heart beating. It is an upsetting feeling.

Shou asks Kyouko to pass him the shirt. She takes it, and passes it to him.

Kyouko: H....Hey! Put on your clothes before you call me!
Shou: That's why I'm asking you to hand it to me.
Kyouko: This is Sekuhara! (Sexual harassment.)
Shou: I'm the one being watched here. If there's anyone getting sekuhara, it's me. And this isn't the first time you see me like this. I thought you'd be used to it by now. We did live together once.
Kyouko: Don't bring that up again! Face that way and change!
Shou: What's with you? Are you embarrassed?
Kyouko: W...What are you talking about? How can that even be possible?
Shou: Your face is turning red.
Kyouko: You obviously saw wrong!

Shou realizes that she's just going to deny it completely. Kyouko pants, out of breath. She just can't get used to this. Anyway, Shou is done, so he calls her.

Kyouko: So, what's it going to be?
Shou: I'll hold you responsible for the cleaning, of course.
Kyouko: Fine, hand it over, I'll get it cleaned.
Shou: Unfortunately, this requires a special cleaning method, so I will have to handle it. You just need to pay for the cleaning.
Kyouko: Even though you say that, I don't have too much money with me.
Shou: That's fine. I'll just have you use all the money you have now.

Eeeek! He really is the devil!!

Next, she ends up going to a restaurant with him.

Kyouko: Why can't you just take cash?
Shou: The sum is 5 figures. Having you pay for a meal, you should consider that a bargain.
Kyouko: But the meals here are very costly! I'm not trying to brag, but I really am very poor!
Shou: I know that.

Kyouko is pissed off. Who's fault was it that I am so poor?

Shou: I wasn't really expecting much from you anyway. Fine, a drink will do.
Kyouko: Fine then. But I don't want to hear you pressing me about the job.
Shou: Oh, that has already been decided.

Huh? What is he talking about?

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Thoughts for 182

Well, this chapter was unsurprisingly, another large monologue from Kyouko. To be honest, this chapter had not progressed much since 181. It still left her wondering what the hell just happened. I honestly think this chapter was just filler.

My next prediction.
B.J., after coming out onto the set with his make-up on, will scare the hell out of even more people. Murasame would be especially shocked, wondering if he is even human.
Yashiro would be desperately trying to get through to Kyouko after the failed call.
Kyouko would notice something about Cain Heel's act, as if something changed in him.

Well, that's basically what I predict. Not much else to say.

Some people have been wondering, what does the last page saying "bare-handed" means. Did you guys forget? Yashiro breaks any electronic device just by touching it. If he doesn't use gloves, it will break down. How could you guys forget? It's like his special trait, lol.

About the ringtone spawning fairies, I think Yashiro set the ring tone that way to indicate that it is a call from Kyouko-chan. No other special meanings there.


Kyouko's outfit for this chapter reminded me of Iori Yagami. For those who don't know who that is, I have a picture here.


Anyway, what do you guys think? I really think the outfit design is similar. Please remember to tell me what you think.


BTW guys, I made some spoofs. :D

Tell me what you think of these.






Give me your feedback. :D


Please respond accordingly and post in the 182 section.

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Most Revered Heroines.

Most of the time, the stories that you see, the role of the hero, the one who saves lives, protect the innocent and fights villains, is a guy.

But occasionally, there are some stories that feature Heroines. The savior of the story is a woman. Such stories are rare, but there is definitely a number.

I personally have 2 heroines which I admire the most.

Name: Shanoa
Appearances: Castlevania Order of Ecclesia / Akumajo Ubaware no Kokuin

Shanoa is a user of Glyphs. Using the Glyphs that are inscribed on her body, she is able conjure up various weapons and elements.

Near the start of the story, Shanoa lost much of her memory and personality. She was sent to track down her brother. He stole the glyphs and escaped, and ultimately died, revealing that he had wanted to save her from a similar fate. She later discovered her master's true plan was to revive Dracula, but she finally defeated Dracula herself.

Among the Caslevania series, Shanoa isn't just the strongest woman, she is probably the strongest character. With the right tools, she is capable of unleashing massive damage, and she is able to kill almost all bosses in one hit. None of the other characters in the series have as much power as her. Shanoa has the highest attack power. (Not the highest defense power though.) Unlike other Vampire Hunters though, she needs to use a powerful spell that almost cost her her own life to defeat Dracula, because she wasn't able to finish him off through normal means.

What I admire most about Shanoa, is her power.

Shanoa's choice of clothing is an odd combination. She wears a normal sexy looking bare-backed evening gown, but she also wears a half-plate armor in front. Not a very conventional combination, I'd say. I would describe her beauty as a "dark and eerie beauty".


Name: Angelique
Appearence: Neo Angelique (PS2 game), Neo Angelique Abyss (Anime, 2 seasons)

Neo Angelique first started as a game in the Angelique series, on the PS2. Later, the story was adapted into an anime spanning 2 seasons, with some changes to the plot. Several new characters were added into the anime. In addition, by the time the first season ended, it was already near the end of the game. In short, season 2 was largely original. Personally, I prefer the anime artwork much more than the game artwork.

Angelique was a seemingly normal girl, attending school with the hopes of becoming a doctor. Her world was constantly attacked by thanatos, creatures which drain the life of their victims. Only a select few individuals have the purification ability, the ability to fight the thanatos. Angelique is discovered to have a special purification ability. She can completely purify any thanatos that is already wounded, and she also has the ability to heal victims of the thanatos. Not only that, she is the Queen's Egg, which means that she can become the queen who will watch over the world. However, Angelique has the physique of an ordinary girl, which means she is incapable of fighting physically. (The anime changed that a little in season 2.) Angelique's powers also only work on a thanatos already wounded, which means a partner must aid and defend her. During dinners, her 4 partners insist on cooking every time, which means she doesn't cook. But she's very good at making desserts though.

Angelique is kind, gentle, beautiful, brave, and even selfless. I personally think that she is the very image of a perfect girl. Obviously a fairy tale, lol. What I admired most about Angelique is her personality.

Neo Angelique is actually a dating-sim game, which means she can have a romantic relationship with one of the 6 guys. There is a choice of any of the 4 partners, as well as 2 more extras. She doesn't actually get a chance to openly flirt with her 4 partners, except during the dinner meetings, where she can smile or wink at them. (Can have an adverse effect if she overdoes it though.) In the ending of the anime, she doesn't actually end up with anyone.

My greatest complaint is that Angelique can't have a harem. I mean, among the girls who deserve to get all the guys, Angelique probably deserves that more than any other girl. She deserves to get all 4 of the guys, to be honest. But sadly, that can't be possible.


So, there you have it. Those are the top 2 heroines I admire most. Who do you admire?

Some favorite nominations so far.

Aya (Parasite Eve)
Lightning (Final Fantasy 13)
Leyna (Saver)
Maximum Ride (Maximum Ride)
Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
Nanoha (Lyrical Magical Nanoha)
Tsukasa (Tokyo Crazy Paradise)
Sarasa (Basara)
Balsa (Seirei no Moribito)
Clare (Claymore)
Yoko (12 Kingdoms)

I know what some of you are thinking, but I don't consider Kyouko to be a world-saving heroine, and she's not really on the top of my most admired list.