Sunday, October 23, 2011

Most Revered Heroines.

Most of the time, the stories that you see, the role of the hero, the one who saves lives, protect the innocent and fights villains, is a guy.

But occasionally, there are some stories that feature Heroines. The savior of the story is a woman. Such stories are rare, but there is definitely a number.

I personally have 2 heroines which I admire the most.

Name: Shanoa
Appearances: Castlevania Order of Ecclesia / Akumajo Ubaware no Kokuin

Shanoa is a user of Glyphs. Using the Glyphs that are inscribed on her body, she is able conjure up various weapons and elements.

Near the start of the story, Shanoa lost much of her memory and personality. She was sent to track down her brother. He stole the glyphs and escaped, and ultimately died, revealing that he had wanted to save her from a similar fate. She later discovered her master's true plan was to revive Dracula, but she finally defeated Dracula herself.

Among the Caslevania series, Shanoa isn't just the strongest woman, she is probably the strongest character. With the right tools, she is capable of unleashing massive damage, and she is able to kill almost all bosses in one hit. None of the other characters in the series have as much power as her. Shanoa has the highest attack power. (Not the highest defense power though.) Unlike other Vampire Hunters though, she needs to use a powerful spell that almost cost her her own life to defeat Dracula, because she wasn't able to finish him off through normal means.

What I admire most about Shanoa, is her power.

Shanoa's choice of clothing is an odd combination. She wears a normal sexy looking bare-backed evening gown, but she also wears a half-plate armor in front. Not a very conventional combination, I'd say. I would describe her beauty as a "dark and eerie beauty".


Name: Angelique
Appearence: Neo Angelique (PS2 game), Neo Angelique Abyss (Anime, 2 seasons)

Neo Angelique first started as a game in the Angelique series, on the PS2. Later, the story was adapted into an anime spanning 2 seasons, with some changes to the plot. Several new characters were added into the anime. In addition, by the time the first season ended, it was already near the end of the game. In short, season 2 was largely original. Personally, I prefer the anime artwork much more than the game artwork.

Angelique was a seemingly normal girl, attending school with the hopes of becoming a doctor. Her world was constantly attacked by thanatos, creatures which drain the life of their victims. Only a select few individuals have the purification ability, the ability to fight the thanatos. Angelique is discovered to have a special purification ability. She can completely purify any thanatos that is already wounded, and she also has the ability to heal victims of the thanatos. Not only that, she is the Queen's Egg, which means that she can become the queen who will watch over the world. However, Angelique has the physique of an ordinary girl, which means she is incapable of fighting physically. (The anime changed that a little in season 2.) Angelique's powers also only work on a thanatos already wounded, which means a partner must aid and defend her. During dinners, her 4 partners insist on cooking every time, which means she doesn't cook. But she's very good at making desserts though.

Angelique is kind, gentle, beautiful, brave, and even selfless. I personally think that she is the very image of a perfect girl. Obviously a fairy tale, lol. What I admired most about Angelique is her personality.

Neo Angelique is actually a dating-sim game, which means she can have a romantic relationship with one of the 6 guys. There is a choice of any of the 4 partners, as well as 2 more extras. She doesn't actually get a chance to openly flirt with her 4 partners, except during the dinner meetings, where she can smile or wink at them. (Can have an adverse effect if she overdoes it though.) In the ending of the anime, she doesn't actually end up with anyone.

My greatest complaint is that Angelique can't have a harem. I mean, among the girls who deserve to get all the guys, Angelique probably deserves that more than any other girl. She deserves to get all 4 of the guys, to be honest. But sadly, that can't be possible.


So, there you have it. Those are the top 2 heroines I admire most. Who do you admire?

Some favorite nominations so far.

Aya (Parasite Eve)
Lightning (Final Fantasy 13)
Leyna (Saver)
Maximum Ride (Maximum Ride)
Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
Nanoha (Lyrical Magical Nanoha)
Tsukasa (Tokyo Crazy Paradise)
Sarasa (Basara)
Balsa (Seirei no Moribito)
Clare (Claymore)
Yoko (12 Kingdoms)

I know what some of you are thinking, but I don't consider Kyouko to be a world-saving heroine, and she's not really on the top of my most admired list.


  1. Those two characters seem good and are from two different types (so it seems). I never saw Neo Angelique, but i will keep it in mind.

    I like Kyouko as a heroine in a manga story, but if you are talking about a world saving heroine, i will have to say my fav one is Lena/Ley from the manhwa "Saver" by Lee Eun-Young. She is a strong girl that is the captain of her high school's kumdo club, she fell in love with her half-brother, without knowing it, what made his mother, and legitimate wife of Lena's father, hire assassins to kill her mother and her, and frame her for both deaths. But she was brought to a alternative reality where she discovers that she is "The child of the Prophecy" that will save the world from a cruel and psycho Queen. It covers her journey with some friends that she enconters along the way. It is a nice story that isn't "girly" since she doesn't need a "charming Knight" to rescue her, she can fight by her own and pretty well too. What i didn't like was that the story ended without giving answers to all the questions, but it did give some kind of closing feeling.

    As for a heroine in a anime, since i only saw a few anime stories, my only heroine is Balsa, a female spear wilder that works as a hired bodyguard, in the anime "Seirei no Moribito" or "Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit". The story follows her mission of protecting a prince from the assassins send by his father because he is the vassel to a egg of a creature from another dimension that was thought to be a evil one. Balsa is also a heroine that don't need a knight but that have a childhood friend that helps her in anyway he can. It is based on a two books novel, that i never read, but wanted to if i can find it on the net.

  2. Sorry i made a mistake, there are eleven books of the Moribito series but only two are translated in english.

  3. Personally, I don't consider Kyouko at the top of my list, even if we just look at female main characters.

    She might have a never-giving-up attitude, and she is a great actress. But I personally won't put her near the top of my most admired list.

  4. Why do I even write articles like this? Obviously no one cares.

  5. I've never heard of Shanoa, but I'll be sure to check her out! I've watched a couple episodes of Neo Angelique but I can't remember much. Is she the girl who heals by singing, or am I mixing her up with someone else? But i know for sure that I've watched some of Neo Angelique episodes. From what I remember, it was cool, and Angelique wasn't your typical clueless, clumsy heroine-at least from what I remember.
    Concerning Kyoko, I like her because she's different in that she isn't obsessed with love, and her antics keep me interested in the manga. Normally my patience would have worn thin with such a long running manga and I would have just ignored it and gone on to something new. But i agree with you-she isn't a world saving heroine, neither is she on top of my heroine list. I think if there was an anime heroine for me to really like, it would be Sarasa from the Legend of Basara. I also liked Misao and Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin a lot. None of them were particularly helpless, although they had their moments to shed tears, but they picked themselves up despite difficult circumstances and did something about it.

  6. Tsukasa from Tokyo Crazy Paradise, this should be a no brainer!

  7. @Sharon

    I just browsed through Basara, and I'm like, wow. Among some of the mangas that were written and drawn by women, this one was greatly underrated.

    Some really good stories by women include Full Metal Alchemist and Fushigi Yuugi. But these 2 both receive good recognition. Basara was underrated if you ask me. I mean, it's a good story, but how many people even heard of it?

  8. @shadowscale

    Tsukasa from Tokyo Crazy Paradise, this should be a no brainer!

    Wrong. The no-brainer, is you.

    Things do not automatically get chosen for no reason. You fail to state why, how, and what you feel about it. Fail.

  9. @shadowscale
    I like Tsukasa too, but she isn't the world-saving type of heroine.

    I checked Basara and it seems interesting. I will put it in my watch/read later list!

  10. @mechgouki yeah, I think it is a bit underrated. I didn't actually read the entire manga, I mainly skimmed through it, but I watched the anime. It's 25 episodes I think. I'm probably wrong-I have a really bad memory :(. I actually found Basara because i had been looking for anime that came out before the 2000's with decent character designs and a bit of romance in them.
    I didn't know Full Metal was written by a woman! Wow. But i have watched Fushigi Yugi. You're right about them being popular-especially with Fushigi Yugi. I also liked Ceres, by the same author, although the plot kind of disappointed me. At the end of it, i was like, 'so the cause of all this blood and violence was because of you guys had marital problems???'
    About the Basara manga, if you're anything like me (who highly favors a sensible plot), I would let you know something about it-it might disappoint you a bit because I asked a question a teeny bit similar when i skimmed the last chapter-but mind you that I only skimmed it...let me know what your thoughts are if you read it in detail.
    the anime was nice focused probably only on the first volume. i liked it.
    @taninha...hope you enjoy it!

  11. @mechgouki
    I've never heard of Castlevania Order of Ecclesia but it sounds interesting. Have you ever read Maximum Ride it was a novel before it was a manga.The main character is Maximum Ride a girl around 14,15 ,or 16.
    She was experimented on and had lived in cage in a lab since she was a baby,she is a bird hybrid has hollow bones,tall,skinny lungs and blood like birds and a 13 foot wing span.
    Jeb Batchelor helped Max and her Flock escape(Fang 15yrs, Iggy 15yrs, Nudge 11yrs, Gazzy8yrs,and Angel 6yrs).Max is the leader and shes supposed to save the world. (not telling how though)Angel gets captured and the flock has to save her.
    Its written by James Patterson and the manga is drawn by NaRae Lee

  12. Also,what happened to chapter 181?

  13. @lo

    Thanks for telling me. 181 entry unpublished itself for some reason, I restored it.

    And that sounds like a bird, not a girl? 0_o

  14. The heroines both sound very interesting, might give Neo Angelique Abyss ago. Artwork is very pretty, sometimes it can be off putting reading something from earlier days and the style not very appealing.

    Basara, not heard of that one but heard of the other 2 that you mentioned. Will check that one out too.

  15. @mechgouki
    No shes just like a regular girl and has regular girl thoughts except she has wings.

  16. Sorry I've not been well. I'm just beginning to feel some better.
    I love Angelique. Neo Angelique Abyss was one of the mangas I found and read on my own and really liked. You are right in that she is really good. I truly enjoyed it. I haven't read the other one to know how they compare. One of the ones I really like is Glass Mask and its heroine Maya Kitajima. Its rather similar to Skip Beat. But still spoke powerfully to me.
    I will have to check out the others that come up. I'm so naive when it comes to manga. I've not read as much as everyone else.
    Thank you all for expanding my base of things to read.

  17. @Becca

    Don't bother with the Neo Angelique manga. It's only one volume and doesn't cover a fraction of the game.

    The anime, on the other hand, rewrote certain parts of the game.

    I don't like glass mask, but I really don't think she can be called a world saving heroine anyway.

    You didn't read my article at all, did you? -_-

  18. Mech,
    I read it. I wasn't saying either of them were "world saving" I was saying I enjoyed the mangas/animes.

    I'm certain that Maya Kitajima is NOT a world saving heroine. I doubt she'd be truly able to fight her way out of a wet paper sack. However on the whole the series spoke to me in that it dealt with holding on to your dreams and not letting people who would drag you down rule you. I feel much the same about Kyoko. She is chasing a dream for good or bad she will follow that. But I don't think she could save the world.
    I'm not so sure that Angelique could either. But she has some rather strong points.
    Honestly I'm not certain I've read or seen a a female who is strong enough to save the world. But as I have said I haven't been reading or involved in Manga/Anime for a terribly long time. So I don't have the background that you all do.
    As for the Castlevania.... Last time I played that game it was just a single player thing and had some guy with a whip snapping zombies, vampires and assorted ghosts and ghouls. I never finished it because it was boring. Although that was also in the 80's so figure the time frame.
    I'm certain there are female characters who could save the world. There were the ones in one of the first mangas I read who were powerful and skilled. However I can't recall the name. It was a LOT of fighting and blood. I wasn't terribly happy with it. Too violent for my taste. I tend to be a bit of a cream puff about this stuff.
    But yes, Mechy Dear, I read what you wrote. I always do. I may skip other people's posts but how rude would it be for me to come to your blog and not at the very least read your posts?

  19. Hmm, I'm not really a gamer but Shanoa sounds really interesting. It's rare to see female characters that have attacking/fighting abilities (usually they're healers or mages, which can get old).
    I totally agree with taninha9 that Balsa from Moribito and Ley/Lena from Saver are AWESOME. Sarasa from Basara is great, too. My favorite, though, is Yoko from Twelve Kingdoms. >///<
    Some new entries to the list: Feng Lan / Prince from 1/2 Prince. Miria from Claymore. She's not really a "world saver" but Yankumi from Gokusen is a great female action hero and a "savior" in the story (in fact, she does most of the saving, period). Teru from Dengeki Daisy, Sunako from Perfect Girl Evolution, Maya from Glass Mask and Tsukasa from Tokyo Crazy Paradise aren't saviors per se but they are really admirable, strong ficitonal women. ^___^
    (I love threads like this, can't you tell?)

  20. I feel like I didn't explain my decisions all that well (at all?) up above and I don't know how to edit my previous entry, so here goes:
    Yoko from Twelve Kingdoms goes through a lot of character growth as she's thrust into an unknown and dangerous world. She becomes a mature, astute and extremely brave leader as the story progresses. Especially when you compare her former self with the person she becomes (all while saving her country and people) she really stands out as one of the strongest world-saving heroines.
    Feng Lan / Prince from 1/2 Prince is a "world saver" in Second Life (the virtual reality game that everyone plays in her world) and while she fights in a male body in the game she is still very much a "female character". Personally, I love her fierce fighting abilities, her dedication to her friends and the crazy blood-lust that takes over when she fights, hehe.
    Miria from Claymore (while not the main female character) is the cautious, dependable and analytical leader of her group of world-saving rogue Claymores. I admire how "honorable" (honest, brave, cool-headed) she is. While it's fun to read about a hot-headed fighter I personally prefer the serious, calculating action heroines most.
    As I mentioned above, Yankumi isn't a world-saver but she is the number one savior of Gokusen. Aside from impressive fighting skills she is also veeeeeeery honest and honorable and outshines all of the other characters in the story.
    Teru from Dengeki Daisy doesn't do any butt-kicking but she does "save" Daisy and she's an all-around strong-willed, intelligent, thoughtful heroine. Sunako from Perfect Girl Evolution is a brave fighter who excels at pretty much everything she does... she isn't a savior or a world-saver but she is an admirable woman (aside from the not being able to look at attractive men thing >__>). Maya's (Glass Mask) passion and dedication for life/acting make her admirable, even though she isn't a traditional heroine. And last, but not least, Tsukasa from TCP is another strong-willed, honorable, justice-seeking female fighter, and while she doesn't save the world she sure does fight to protect the people closest to her.
    I hope that summed up my choices better. ^__^ I know I kind of went out of the bounds that mech suggested but I couldn't resist listing some of the admirable women who come to mind even if they're not saviors. -___-'

  21. @Becca

    Angelique can be called the world-saving type. Simply because she has the power.

    Because of her physique, she is like other delicate girls. But she has a strong spiritual power. She can become the queen of the world, the one who will watch over and pray for the world.

    She might not be able to fight like a warrior, but she does have the power to change and save this world.

    That's why I believe that you are wrong.

    As for castlevania, saying that is the equivalence of saying Street Fighter is still just a little 2d game where people just jump around and throw fireballs at each other. Hey wait....

  22. @akashe

    Thank you very much for spending this much time on a detailed answer. You see, not much people are willing to spend time to back up their statements.

    For Twelve kingdoms, I don't really like her. But honestly, that's because I hate the whole story. I hated the entire story from beginning to end. Particularly the part about childbirth. I never hard anything more BS than that.

    As for 1/2 prince, I play valiantly in an MMO too, doesn't make me a hero. -_-' C'mon, good try, but that really doesn't count.

  23. @akashesattarra
    I love Feng Lan/Prince and Yankumi too! They are so funny! And if you like serious, honest and intelligent heroines that turn out to be model figures for girls, even if they are not the world-saving type, see Shuurei from Saiunkoku Monogatari. She is strong-willed, intelligent and conquered a position that only men could have! Besides there are tons of Bishies there!

    I started seeing Basara's anime, and i like it. She seems to be the lucky heroine type, since without any lessons she seems to have some fighting's skills. It's not my fav type of heroine but i don't dislike it. But it is still too early for me to say more, since i'm only in episode 8, and the anime only covers the first 5 of 27 volumes.

  24. *chuckles* Yes I'm well aware that it (Castlevania) has changed. Many things have in the last 20years. I was merely pointing out that I hadn't had any exposure to it since way the hell back then.
    Yes using your description, that does make Angelique a heroine capable of saving the world. It is a terribly difficult way to save it though. We have lots of people in the past and currently who are "good, kind, caring and praying for every person in the world" And so far they haven't been able to save us. For example I offer Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr and Pope John Paul. All prayed to save the world, all took steps to bring us to peace. They all in some form made huge impressions on the population of the world. And while they are all remembered they didn't save the world with their prayers. So I feel that in order for someone - ANYONE to save the world they are going to have to have fighting skills. But this is just my opinion, of course.

  25. mechgouki said...

    Why do I even write articles like this? Obviously no one cares.

    Machgouki-dono, you seem just too stressed and kind of depressed, this is not healthy at all you know. You put such a high expectation on people around you and get frustrated every single time. This makes you feel more and more sad and disappointed with the others and get down. This is no good, no good at all.

    You should try to cheer up.

    About your question. Well I really don't like main female characters, I don't know why. It's just that there is actually something in them that I can't stand. When they are too strong, I think they lack charm, but when they are too weak I just wish to punch them.

    I like Kyouko, but she is also not at the top of my list.

    The kind of female character that I like the most is a girl who is not perfect neither is the strongest one, although she must be really strong (power/personality). She must have fears and insecurities but they can't avoid her to keep going on and keep fighting for her dreams.

    I think she must have two great goals, achieve success in her career AND in love.

    Usually the girl just wants to become the best in something and fears love, because she thinks it's useless and will make her weaker. So she becomes the overpower lonely girl.

    On the other hand, sometimes the girl just wishes to love and to be loved, her entire existence revolving around it. It's like the man she loves is everything and she doesn't have a goal or a dream of her own. I despise this kind of character.

    I think a girl must have a goal AND love. Love is the most powerful and amazing thing in the world, and true love doesn't make people weaker, but stronger.

    Finding someone that you love and who loves you back is just a miracle of God in this vast ungrateful world. Also, the happiness you get when you is able to achieve your dream through your own straight is amazing. But sharing this happiness with someone you care the most is even more amazing.

    I'm also the kind of person who believes in soulmates, so a girl who doesn't know who she really loves and during a period of time let herself being in love for more than one person... I really can't stand this.

  26. Well, I'm just babbling and not getting anywhere.

    I will just post two characters that I really like. They are not the "Saviour of the world" kind, but I think they are great, because they are not perfect; they are strong and weak at the same time, that's why I like them:

    Ringo Noyamano (Air Gear):

    Ringo Noyamano is the female protagonist and Ikki's childhood friend and a member of the Noyamano family that adopted Ikki into their household. However, behind her seemingly plain and unimpressive guise of a junior high school student, she is actually the successor and leader of the legendary team, Sleeping Forest. She is the current Thorn Queen of the eight 'Kings' in the AT world. She helps Kogarasumaru in times of trouble, under the guise of Croissant Mask (Croissant Kamen), "Kogarasumaru's No. 1 Supporter". Ringo is in love with Ikki, a theme that has been used, profusely, for dramatic and comedic effect throughout the series. She kissed him after the Wind King Versus Thorn Queen fight, which she initiated to stop his ascension into Kingship, once Genesis offered to be Kogarasumaru's underlings, which would effectively make Kogarasumaru and Sleeping Forest mortal enemies. Later, she confesses to him.

    Lele Cane (The One):

    Cane Lele was born into the fashion industry. Her mother, Ye Fei Yi, was Taiwan's top model, and her father was also a model, until a tragic airplane crash left Lele without parents. Therefore, it is no surprise that Lele hates the industry, thinking it superficial and unnecessary.

    Raised by her maternal grandmother, Lele reaches sixteen before she is sucked in by her mother's sister, Ye Fei Hong, a fashion model agent (and former model), convinces the reluctant Lele to model. Lele had been adverse to the whole idea, until she sees a photo shoot of popular American model Angus Lanson (that was actually Eros Lanson), and she begins to see modeling as an art form.

    When Aunt Fei Hong's magazine editor invites Angus Lanson to a meeting of all the top fashion ambassadors, Lele is invited to meet him and is very curious. She does not know that Angus' twin elder brother, Eros Lanson, is secretly accompanying his brother. When Lele is invited to NYC to start off her career as an internationally known model this obviously leads to confusion and is the start of the charming story of Lele's goals: fashion in NYC, becoming a top model, and love.

  27. Now, I'm late to go to the church so I gotta go, but when I come back, I'm gonna explain better why I like this two characters, ok.

    bye bye and cheer up.

    PS: I'm gpcat from mangafox forum ^.^

  28. @mech
    Haha, Feng Lan (1/2 Prince) is a stretch for "world-saving" heroine but (not to give out too much) she is currently fighting against a human villain who has gained eternal life through the game. So... the in-game battle has spilled into the real world and has serious ramifications (still not world-saving level, though).
    About Twelve Kingdoms, some aspects of the world weren't well developed (how *do* the magical storms develop and move around?) and Yoko was extremely annoying for the entire first arc of the story (until she grew into her new role, really). But, if you read the novels, there are an abundance of references to Taoism, Confucianism and Imperial Chinese culture. After reading so many fantasy stories centered around European/Western culture it was really refreshing to read a story teeming with Chinese philosophy. Just my two cents. :D

  29. I have'nt read any of those... should do that, I need more ass-kicking mangagirls in my database!
    But what do you define as a hero?
    Cause i like tsukasa from tcp alot, and though she gangs up with the gokudo she has a strong sence of justice, and also helps to take down a big "crime family" (dont remember what to call it, im a swede xP) that distributes dangerous drugs and thereby saves several people. She is superstrong and fast and really badass, but does'nt kill people, and is always on the weaks side. She tries to make the heartless tokyo a little better plase to live in and though she has a loveintrest, cause this is a shojomanga afterall, she is'nt comepletly controlled by him like most mangagirls. But one thing I object to in this manga is she was raised as a boy, like many badass girls in mangas, but in this one theres a good explanation for that.
    And we forgot someone who saves the world every day, SAILOR MOON xP haha im being a bit sarcastic, I mean she really does save the world and actually beats every foe, but she cant excactly compare to "guy-heroes".
    And now I just want to say im new here on this blog, and wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me my monthely does of crack, OH wait! wrong person, you give me my monthely does of SKIP BEAT! I wish I could stop, but the manga's just so good! xP

  30. Continuing my previous post...

    I like Ringo because she is strong, determined, brave, smart and quite powerful. Her fight with the protagonist is one of the most beautiful in shonen. She has an ideal of justice she truly believes, and even if this makes her an enemy of the man she loves, she keeps going on her own path.

    On the other hand, she is really kind and loveable. She is also insecure about her relationship with Ikki and even think she doesn`t deserve to be by his side.

    She had the initiative to kiss him. She was brave enough to tell him that she loved him.

    All this things makes her a really interesting, strong and charming character.


    Lele Cane is just a common girl. She is determined and kind. She is funny and childish, but as the time goes by she becomes stronger and more mature. Nowadays she is an amazing model and an amazing woman who is trying hard to help the man he loves overcome his darkness (does it remind you of someone? hehe). She is great because she doesn`t want to achieve success just in her career, she wants to be achieve success in love too.

  31. Sorry, I did not comment on this topic earlier because I did not know any of them as I've mostly read Shoujo romantic mangas...

    But if I may comment, I would say Yuuki Kuran from Vampire Knight even though I do not consider her an Heroine, she has saved a couple of lives so far, she is just too naive and a bit clumsy I dare say...

    Also, Shin Bia (Crazy Girl Shin Bia) might be considered as good candidate. She knows martial arts that have helped her not being bullied though when she got into the other world her strenght was not as it used to be. About Teru from Dengeki Daisy as Akashesattarra said, she did save Daisy so it counts for her a bit..but not my type of heroine at all. So if she counts this way, I may mention also Misao from Black Bird, she has saved Kyo-sama in certain way...

  32. Neo Angelique anime sounds interesting, I will try to find a copy and watch it ^o^

    I'm not into games as I only played FFVIII ^_^; I could consider Quistis as a femme fatale but not a "world-saving type heroine."

    As of the moment, I can only think of Hayate Yagami of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. I like her powers a lot, the Book of Darkness then converted to Reinforce. The Book gave her 4 powerful minions plus it can copy powers. Per Wikidpedia's words: "Can use all the power of those whose Linker Cores it has absorbed, partially or fully." Kinda reminds me of Peter Petrelli of Heroes. Good thing the Book was converted to the good side thus we meet the
    cutie version, Rein/Reinforce.

  33. well firstly i'd like to say woohoo i found the greatest heroines place you spoke of earlier ^_^ so excited! and i guess i really haven't read many female heroines type mangas they are a bit hard to find. but i do like kyoko for her "lack of love" which not sure its true since she loves moka-san her dearest friend and i love kaoru from rurouni kenshin though she seemed stronger in the samurai x film "reflections" though it was more emotionally i think. i like yuuki from vampire knights though i stopped reading it since she seems a little lost. i'm sorry they aren't "save the world" types but really i have a hard time finding ones.

  34. Well , I finally get to this topic after wandering around your blog :(

    To say that a female heroine saving the world ..I didn't remmeber that I have read that kind of manga before :(

    Come to think of it , I think I have read Freezing and that manga contain a lot of strong women who saved the world but I didn't like the story so I stopped reading that manga 3 months ago :|

    As for the two heroines you mentioned , the first one is more my type :D

  35. i'm new to the whole anime/manga realms so, unfortunately i dun know any of the heroines above, but your article gave me a brief information about them...if it comes to looks, then I'll choose the first one Shanoa, i love this style of manga heroines :)

    and tokyo crazy paradise is among my plan to read manga list, i'm just surprised you don't favor Kyouko , she is my favorite character ever even though she isn't categorized as a world saver :)

  36. @taninha9
    How could I forget Shuurei from Saiunkoku Monogatari? Now there's a female character bent on saving the world. And she has a really good head on her shoulders.
    Also, I thought of some more heroines. ^__^
    Takiko from Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. She is more cool-headed and reliable than Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi (she actually knows how to fight :O ). Genbu Kaiden on the whole is a more mature (and sad) story with more mature and reasonable characters.
    Yuri from Red River / Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori. She starts off as that loathsome kind of incompetent heroine thrust into circumstances too great for her to handle BUT she really matures into a capable warrior and leader who saves not only her people but also her man (many, many times).
    I know so many heroines; I read way too much manga. TT_______TT

  37. I don't know about 2 heroines above. So I don't know what to say about them
    But I have 3 character I like most my self:
    1. Aya Brea from Parasite Eve (PS1, PSP)
    She has powerful ability call parasite energy. She gain this power when she at 25 years old, n never grow older after then. Now she is about 39 years old n look as same as when she when at 25. She is half Japanese half western. She likes kyoko a lot, except her sarcastic, cold, brooding.
    Look at this:
    Aya tends to be pretty sarcastic, cold, and brooding, though she isn’t without a sense of humor. It can be said that she fits more into the “deadpan snarker” category. It doesn’t help that Aya has a bad habit of not being able to take people seriously sometimes, particularly when they express any sort of interest in her; she tends to brush them off. It’s easier for her to pretend that people are just being insincere most of the time.

    In any case, she prefers to keep things professional — mostly where a professional relationship is concerned such as her line of work, and very rarely does she ever like to get herself involved in any intimate affairs. Surprisingly, however, she can be pretty patient. It’s just that when her patience finally runs thin that she has a danger of losing her temper, going against that professionalism and letting her thoughts and emotions get ahead of her.

    Aya can be gentle and nurturing, almost maternal — especially with children. She does like kids, regardless of the fact that she’s never had any herself and she treats Eve Brea in a caring, motherly manner. She approaches with a welcoming nature to most people.

    She’s often self-sacrificing. This could be considered her greatest strength or weakness, as she has a penchant for putting the wants and needs of others before her own wants and needs. If someone is in danger, she can be pretty compulsive without always thinking things through. For instance, while working for MIST she developed this track record for acting recklessly and going against orders.

    There is one thing that she is not proud of: The guilt that weighs down on her. This is most likely the result of various incidents: her surviving the car accident that killed both her mother and her sister and being the sole survivor of the opera massacre that led into the New York Blockade Incident. As well, fighter pilots acted as a shield for Aya so that she would live to fight against Eve. One could very well interpret Aya’s inclination for self-sacrifice as a product of her survivor’s guilt. Aya dislikes it when people put themselves on the line for her, no matter how inevitable it is.

    Aya feels somewhat alienated, being so different from everyone else with her superhuman mitochondria abilities. At times, she considers herself a monster; fearing of becoming the monster that Eve said she would be, and the fear of hurting the people she loves follows her. For that reason, and the fact that her Parasite Energy had a way of making the people around her uncomfortable, Aya doesn’t make a habit out of using her powers in front of other people.
    You can read more in:
    2. Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat (of course you all know here)
    3. Jill Valentine from Resident Evil (PS1, PS3)
    4. Claire from Claymore (Comic, Anime)

  38. @Greice

    Nice to see you here too. :)

    About Ringo, didn't she dress up in the Hentai Kamen style? 0_o
    Her dress code is not safe for work, lol.


    Well, I still don't like 12 kingdoms. C'mon, babies grows on trees? Well, at least it will make it easier when your own children asks you "Where do babies come from?" lol.


    Actually, Sailormoon DOES count, lol.


    I think Nanoha counts more, since she is the protagonist.


    Wow, those are some nice examples.

  39. @Everyone

    After some careful considerations of what you guys said, I think you guys are right.

    When I first created this topic, my main focus was on messiah-type heroes. You know, heroes like those prophesized, fighting a whole nation, saving the world.

    The truth is, most of the time, these roles are often played out by males, and it is extremely rare to find a woman having such a role.

    But now, I think I should expand the coverage a little. As long as the protagonist of the story is a female, who fights for what's right, saves lives, I think that should count.

    Right now, here are some of the popular votes.
    Aya (Parasite Eve)
    Lightning (Final Fantasy 13)
    Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
    Nanoha (Lyrical Magical Nanoha)
    Tsukasa (Tokyo Crazy Paradise)
    Sarasa (Basara)
    Balsa (Seirei no Moribito)
    Clare (Claymore)
    Yoko (12 Kingdoms)

    Right now, I think only Shanoa, Angelique, Aya, and Lightning counts as the messiah class. The rest on that list are still considered heroines.

    Any on that list I missed out?

  40. @MechGouki
    Actually you forgot Ley/Lena from Saver, Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin, Maximum Ride and the others i think you didn't consider them as world-saving heroines. And put Ley/Lena and Sarasa on the messiah list, because they are messiahs!

    You made me want to read Red River! *putting it on my long "see later list" *

    After these long explanations, i feel like i didn't explain my choices. Well mostly because they are strong females that don't need help from others.
    Lena is her real name but she always wears male clothes and that doesn't change when she goes to the alternative world, because male clothes are more confortable then the dresses woman use and are more pratical when fighting, so she is known as Ley in that world. She was a cold person that only knew to be a little nice to her friend from school and to her boyfriend/crush, the half-brother. In the beginning she only thought how to come back to her world so she could take revenge on her mother's death. She was very serious about that, and i don't think she was wrong in that. But in her journey in this new world, she realizes that she is the child of the prophecy that will save the world and after seeing the injustice and cruelty that reigned, she starts to care about all the people. Also she learns the value of friendship, as she encounters with new friends and allies. But she is a natural leader, a person that have the charisma to attract people to her side, to calm everyone's fears, to encourage them to fight, and so on. So, even if she is surrounded by friends that are strong fighters, she is still a role model and a hero to them.
    Balsa has a sad past, but she is indeed a strong woman that had a natural talent to learn to fight with a spear. It is told that she once was a merciless bodyguard that killed anyone that tried to harm her clients, but later she realizes that even if they were in the wrong side, they were humam beings that didn't deserve to die, then she promised to herself not to kill anyone while protecting another. I like the fact that she always took jobs protecting the vitims from the injust ones, but that she wasn't a "saint" from the beginning, instead she learned to be merciful and just to everyone. She also shows a maternal side of her, since for the short time she spent with the prince, she teachs him how was the otherside world (from the palace) and how to be a grow up man. She cares for him and protect him with all she have, from the bottom of her heart.

  41. @taninha

    I don't think Kaoru counts. She's not the main character of the series.

    There were lots of brave female characters in Shining Wind game too, but none of them could be counted, since they are not the protagonist.

    The general idea is to look for hero protagonists, that is played by a woman instead of a man.

    Maximum ride, I don't think that's the protagonist.

    Yeah, you're right about those being on the messiah or savior list. But however, the others on that list have powers, having abilities way beyond that of an ordinary person.

    I think Yoko counts more as a leader than a hero as well.

  42. I think I'm the only one who doesn't know any of these characters and has only heard of a few of them, but haven't played the game or read the manga. -__-'

    Hm...I admire most of the Miyazaki heroines. They are ordinary, not really perfect, and not drop-dead-gorgeous, but make up for it through bravery and optimism. Bravery in that she is determined to reach her goals and/or fight for whatever she believes is right. Optimism in that she refuses to let anything bring her down.

    Yeah call me pathetic or weird, but that's my opinion. Oh! and I adore the FMA heroines, too, even if they aren't the "heros of the story" per say, they kick butt! :D

    Hm...would characters outside the anime/manga/game category work, too?

  43. @Mechgouki
    Maximum ride is the main character I said that in my post. Now I see why you get so pissed when someone leaves out shit in there comment(I going to post my thoughts on 182 after type unless i have to leave)and Maximum ride is a world saving heroine it actually says she has to save the world.There is an official website.
    My bitch fest is over now ,sorry I just really like the series.

  44. Okay, fine, I get it. Maximum Ride counts.

  45. @Mechgouki
    Yes you are right neither Lena nor Basara (as far has i read it) have supernatural powers. They are messiah but at the same time non-messiah. Thank you for explaining why you didn't include them and Kaoru in those lists.

    I think others count too! Like Nikita or Electra!

  46. Would Tohru Honda count? She doesn't quite save the world but she saves the Sohma family in a her own way...

  47. Aya (Parasite Eve)
    Lightning (Final Fantasy 13)
    Leyna (Saver)
    Maximum Ride (Maximum Ride)
    Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
    Nanoha (Lyrical Magical Nanoha)
    Tsukasa (Tokyo Crazy Paradise)
    Sarasa (Basara)
    Balsa (Seirei no Moribito)
    Clare (Claymore)
    Yoko (12 Kingdoms)

    Did I get them all?

    I think all the Super Heroines from Marvel and DC comics count too, but I think it will be a good idea to leave them out for now, lol.

  48. @kaoruflores

    It varies on one's opinion on what is wanted in a heroine, but to me she counts! Brave, beautiful, and the definition of selfless and charity. :D

  49. @Cherry-chi
    Thanks! ^_^ I love Tohru for those reasons too. Especially how no matter what the problem she tries her hardest to help until the end :D

  50. Oops forgot to add also how she never judges and accepts everyone for who they really are :) I really admire that trait.

  51. Ok, so I just found your site and I have to say I love this topic (^-^). There are so many heroines that I really admire, but out of all the heroines I have encountered, I would have to say one that strikes me the most is Sora, from Kaleido Star ^^. She has so many traits that I really admire, like how she trained completely on her own for years, went to a whole new country by herself to fulfill her dream when she was barely out of high school, and gave her all in devotion to her passion for acrobatics. Her emotions are so powerful, and for me she is an all around loveable character ^-^.

  52. @Kaoru

    Who is Tohru?


    That doesn't really count as a world-saving heroine. -_-'

  53. @mechgouki
    Answering in place of @Kaoruflores, Tohru Honda is the female protagonist in the manga/anime "Fruits Basket". She isn't a world-saver heroine nor she has any power besides will power, but i guess she is a model for innocent and charitable girl's type. She saved Sohma family from a ancient and terrible curse, specially to Kyo.

  54. I liked Fruits Basket, was gutted she didn't end up with Yuki tho.

    When the series ended I felt kinda empty and sad. Hope Skip Beat doesn't give me that feeling when it does come to an end.

  55. @Ren 88

    Oh my gosh! I wasn't the only one who was aiming for her to end up with Yuki? *glomps*


    You never really did specify. You just asked "Who do you admire?" BUT then again, the topic mostly mentioned the world-saving heroines...


  56. @Mech
    Tohru is the main character of Fruits Basket and the only one able to help break the curse on the Sohma family.
    YES! Sailor Moon my goodness I used to wake up at 5am to watch her before school. How can I forget?

  57. I also thought the love triangle would be more complex in the end then what it was. I was a suporter of Kyo, but i loved Yuki so much too.
    I also felt empty; 1) because i loved it and didn't want it to end; 2) because the future of most characters were left almost in blank, just a few hints were given, we only know that Kyo and Tohru had a happilly-forever-ending life, with kids and grandkinds.

  58. I watched a few episodes of Fruits Basket. It was interesting, but I didn't like the idea of dragging ancient family feuds into the current generation, which I have seen it done at several times.

    The concept of touching a female to turn into an animal, doesn't quite call out to me.

  59. Yep, that concept is a misture of surreal and weird! But since it didn't have any second meaning i watched and read it until the end.

    To be truthful i like better the part that goes from the middle of the manga until its end, since it isn't focused on introducing the characters and their animal, but in how the curse began and how to break it. Besides it is revealed that Kyo met Tohru's mother before and that Yuki met Tohru before. There are some chapters dedicated to how Tohru's mother died and how she left the gang and met her husband (a very good story).
    HAHA! It sounds like i'm promoting this manga! I guess I am.

  60. @ Mech
    Though the anime is so nice and cute it goes more into an actual story in the manga and if you consider the events in the anime it maybe covers the first six volumes out of twenty something volumes. I actually think the story gets better after that.
    @ taninha9
    Woohoo a Kyo fan! I can sadly say that I seriously crush on him. He's so cute even though he's so... um... rough around the edges lol. I am a big fan of his ^_^ I think i just have a thing for red heads though since my crushes would be Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin), Kyo (Fruits Basket), and Kyo (Samurai Deeper Kyo).
    Now that I mention that one I liked Yuya in the beginning since she was like a tough girl type who wouldn't let things get her down to being I don't know weak I guess since she little by little depended more on him though she did manage to stay gutsy. I just don't know if she would be savior of the world type more just selfish bounty hunter type :)

  61. Hmm, well, when you think about it, most guys do turn into animals once they hug a girl. BWAHAHAHA!

    Okay, that was lame.....

  62. I just watched the second season of Darker Than Black, known as Gemini of the Meteors.

    The main character is a tomboyish 13 year old girl. She suddenly gets thrown from a normal life, into one where she has to fight for her life, including fighting a friend turned foe.

    She actually is considered a tragic heroine, since nothing about her life is real, they were all created. In the end, she gets sent into another world where she can live a happy life, but she can no longer remember anything in the old world, including the man she fell in love with.

    Well, doesn't really count as a hero-type though, she's too busy fighting for her own life, and struggling with her own conscience, or loss of it.

  63. @ Mech
    That anime does sound tragic :(

    And of your previous comment of men turning into animals when hugging a girl >:) sounds like you have experience, huh? ;)

    j/k ^_^

  64. @ taninha9
    i'm a big fruit basket fan *only watched the anime though*
    but i'm a die hard Yuki X Tohru fan
    so your spoilers about Kyo X Tohru living happily ever after made me :(

  65. @Maki
    So sorry! I gave out huge spoilers without realizing what i was doing!
    But since you are a fan give the manga a try, you won't regret, i think!?

    I like Darker than Black very much. I like the first season and the second manga better then the second anime and first manga.
    In there i would chose has a heroine Yin or Misaki Kirihara. It's true that Yin as a darker side, but still, she helped Hei many times. As for Kirihara, she is an inteligent female detective that prefers doing in-field work than get a promotion to a behind-desk career.

  66. @ Maki

    you have to read Fruits Basket, I never did finish the Anime. It did start off quite light hearted then story went dark.

    @ Taninha9

    The arc about Tohru's mum made me cry, it was so sad. Overall a very good read. Going to borrow the set from my sister again!

    @ Mech

    Is Darker Than Black Anime good? What's the genre for it?

  67. @Ren88
    Yes, that Arc was so sad! But i loved it so much!
    Darker than Black is a shounen anime/manga set in a world not so far from now, but that have more tecnology. In a simple way, it revolves around Hei a mercenary that works in some missions for a certain group and his many oponents from rival groups (some supported by foreign countries). Hei, just like all mercenaries from the others groups, has adquired supernatural powers because of a incident that happened some years back. And all the world fears those humans and want to know how and why it happened, so some of Hei's missions are related to some clues about it.

  68. Darker than Black is actually seinen.

    Genre is science fiction and supernatural.

    Some years ago, due to an unknown incident, a certain zone of Japan was turned into a chaotic area where the laws of physics are warped. In addition to that, various humans all over the world acquired supernatural powers, at the price of their conscience and morals. These people are known as Contractors.

    The first season follows Hei, a contractor, as he works on missions for the Organization.

    The second season still features Hei, but the main character is actually Suo, the girl I mentioned. The story follows her, how she gets targeted by various organizations, how she suddenly turns into a Contractor herself, and other shocking revelations about her real past.

    Overall, the story is very good, but very little is explained, even after 2 seasons and a short ova series. Season 2 is more farfetched than season 1 in my opinion.

  69. @taninha

    Those are not the main characters. Hei is.

    As for Season 2, Suo is the main character. While she actually does fight, it's difficult for me to consider her a heroine, largely for the reasons that she's too busy fighting for her own life to save others. She could have turned out a lot worse, but she didn't, and that's a good sign.

  70. I don't know about you guys, but I firmly believe in causality. Basically, cause and effect. There is no such thing as an effect without a cause. There is no such thing as things happening because of magic or miracles. Everything happens for a reason.

    Personally, that's why I never really enjoyed Fruits Basket and Death Note. Where is the science and explanation behind the results? They say it happened, can they explain how it happened?

    For Fruits Basket, it was the same case when I was reading Harry Potter. You cannot have a 6kg cat turn into a 60kg person. It defies every law of physics. Matter cannot be destroyed into nothing, or created from nothing, and mass does not just dissipate, and come back again.

    Well, I think I'm boring everyone. Anyway, I think they are good stories, I just don't like them that much, because of that.

  71. @ taninha9 & Ren88

    i wish i have more time for manga and less time for work, but we aren't all as devoted as Mech-kun :( ...

    i have Fruit Basket in my must read list now, now i wanna know what happened to my dear Yuki :(

  72. @Mechgouki
    Oh the famous Lavoisier's phrase "In Natur nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything transforms" (don't know if it is the rigt translation).
    But not having enough evidences to prove its veracy, it doesn't mean it is false or impossible. Maybe in the future there will be means to find the necessary evidences, and it will be considered true by them, just like many things were in the recent years.

    Yes, in the back of my mind is always running "how is that possible?!" or "that's absurd!", but that doesn't mean i can't ignore it and enjoy the story. That is what i do, and that is why i like fantasy stories.

  73. @Mechgouki
    I know Yin and Kirihara aren't the main characters, but between then and Sue, that is indeed the main character of season 2, i still prefer them as heroines than Sue. I can't say she is a heroine, exactly what did she save? All the major work was done by Hei.

    By farfetched what do you mean: forced, unbelieveble or incompreensible?
    But i agree with you, many things aren't explained, specially the story around Yin in the OVAs and season 2. That i couldn't understand.

  74. @taninha

    I disagree. Possibility and impossibility are relative, they are mere concepts.

    The question to be asking, isn't is it possible, or is it impossible. The question to be asking is how can it be possible. Can you explain how it works? Can you explain it with cause and effect?

    How do you explain a person turning into a cat? It works by magic? It works by a curse? That doesn't explain anything.

    Regarding the farfetched part, it would be the creation of an entire world. That, and another planet near this one would result in a gravity field tearing both of them part. :P

  75. I enjoy both real and fake I don't think too hard on it I only judge by if it was fun to read or not :) I guess I'm just simple minded like that lol.

  76. My favorite heroine is Shurei from Saiunkoku Monogatari. She is clever, hard-working, big-hearted, stubborn and basically unimpressed by men who try to rule her just because she is female. She beats them at their own game every time. It is rare for a truly intelligent female character to be allowed such leeway by the author. Usually the really clever women end up as manipulative bitches at best or evil villains at worst. Not Shurei. She is the cleverest character in the story, though young and inexperienced, and also missing some vital information, yet she manages to work with whatever she has at hand to save the day, as well as all the people around her.

  77. @Mechgouki
    Yes, i can't explain humans turning into animals, nor do i think it can be explained in the future, t least not in the way it is presented in the manga.
    When i was saying that in the future some things can be explained and proved as true, i was refering to things like supernatural fenomenons (like Death Note - never saw it but i know the general theme), time traveling and similliar.

    About Darker than Black, i was a little forgetful so i had to go to Wikipedia. It is indeed strange but the whole plot awas since the beginning. Common, 2 gates misteriously appear and some people suddenly transform into contrators or dolls? The only explanation i can come up with is something related to Earth's magnetic forces being altered and creating the gates, and as a consequence human DNA being modified. But that would take some years to have an effect and it would affect ALL living creatures. Besides the stars/planets in the nightview were replaced by satellits somehow connected with contractors and dolls. I can think the connection would be made by somekind of microship, but how could it be possible without any country/nation being involved in that gigantic project?

  78. Yeah I know, that part can't really be explained either.

    Well, a lot of stories are based on "impossible" situations, or warped science or supernatural/fantasy.

    To be honest, I didn't really think of Darker Than Black science fiction, even though it incorporates elements of science inside. It will be closer to a mix of SF and supernatural, I guess.

  79. I'm just commenting here becuase I can't find any post closer to the recent date.

    But no, what's happening? You've been removed from Wordpress as well? I've been so busy lately I've barely had time for anything else than school. D:


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