Saturday, August 21, 2010

Skip Beat Chapter 162 drafts.

Many thanks to Shaea for allowing me to post this.

Scans from Shaea and cleaned by Matahata

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

More updates

It's been exactly one year since the site is setup. Thanks for your support, guys. Anyway, 27th July was my birthday, but I was a bit busy. Some updates are added.

Anyway, I hope you guys can let me know when Chapter 161 is out. It will probably be out soon.

These are my views.

The watch is most likely directly related to the flashback he had earlier. Most likely the time set was something to remind him of something, something he would never allow himself to forget. The pain kept flowing back just now, that's why he sunk low in the showers.

What I predict happening is Kyouko asking him about the watch, and he will get really angry and upset with her. Then later being sorry about that and explaining to her that something horrible happened before in his life. This is what I think.

(Please respond to this part in the Chapter 160 section, thanks. ^_^)

In addition, I used the line "Care to join me?" The actual translation is something like "Shall we enter together?" Which one do you guys prefer? Do you think "Care to join me?" is appropriate here?