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Skip Beat Chapter 162 drafts.

Many thanks to Shaea for allowing me to post this.

Scans from Shaea and cleaned by Matahata

DO NOT send this file to any manga hosters! Use FH's version. FH is releasing Shirayuri's translations.

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    just to let you know that I think you forgot a word in what Lory says in Page 5
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  20. Anyone already mentioned page 11? "She doesn't that..." sound like there is a missing word?

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  22. Mechie:

    pg #5: Mr President's bubble should be "I didn't {tell / inform} Yashiro anything about Setsu at all!"

    pg #9: I think Ren's bubble should be "... I was just thinking, could it be possible that you didn't sleep at all last night?"

    pg #11: "However, I'm concerned that if your sleeplessness keeps up, you will become more absent-minded".

    pg #11: "She doesn't {know?} that the Heel Siblings aren't going to be in the movie {/script?}...

    pg #14: "Exactly" or could be "Precisely"?

    pg #15: "from becoming berserk." should be "from going berserk."

    pg #16: "I call for everyone's understanding on this."

    pg #20: "This is bad... Ganbare {or Gambathe} Natsu-chan, you can't give up the control of this body.

    pg #21: "harsh carnivorous girl" is funnyyy :D but I think the word could be {fetish/gothic/erotic/provocative/racy/lewd/rauchy/X-rated}

    pg #24: "Besides, the next location doesn't have a cultural park like this."

    pg #25: "What kind of poisoned dregs, one-man terrorist is this?!"

    pg #25: It is only just recently that "Amamiya Chiori" became a stage actress."

    pg #25: "To make matters worse, it had been 4 years {since} the first debut..."

    pg #26: "Of course, it's only natural that I can't get noticed quickly."

    pg #27: either "recognises" (British English) or "recognizes" (American English)

    That's about it for now :D

    Otsukaresama *bows* ^_^

  23. pg #9: I think Ren's bubble should be "... I was just thinking, could it be possible that you didn't sleep at all last night?"

    What do you mean by this?

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  25. Otsukaresama, did you refer to the Japanese raws first? The corrections I am looking out for are errors in translations.

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    Somehow I do not like Ren of this chapter though. Kyouko is so cute and funny as usually!!
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  33. Thanks for posting! I really appreciate your effort to translate Skip Beat for those of us who need it right away. Unfortunately, this link doesn't really work on a Mac, is there anywhere else I can get it?

  34. Any chance you'll be posting the scans like you usually do?

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  35. THANK YOU!
    but can u translate wht was said in page 25
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  36. THANKS!! I can't predict what is going to happen! I think that Ren just has two options:
    One: Tell Kyoko to stop being Setsu and cause both of them suffer a lot (more problems)
    Two: Get two his limit and tell Kyoko his feelings (for accident or something like that, probably rejecting it later).
    I love this manga, but I would like to have everything now. I would be extremely sad if I cannot see the end of it! (I don't want that something like what happened with Skip Beat in MF happens here)

  37. Thank You so much for the latest release! =D

    Can't wait for the next chapter, i wonder wat'll happen when Tsuruga-san tells Kyouko that he doesn't need her as a protective charm anymore?

    I ♥ Kyouko! She was so ecstatic when uhmm 'what's her name again?'(sorry, i can't remember) said 'fairy'? She was so cute and funny!


  38. Ah! I didn't forsaken you!
    I just couldn't get on the computer till today!
    Cause I was at work all day and it was really busy! Then when I got home I went to church so yeah...

    I can't wait till the next chapter! >.<
    Nakamura-sensei likes to tease us and make us suffer....

    T.T Perhaps, Corn will finally be revealed!!

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  40. I wonder how its going to turn out. Is kyoko too far away for Ren to notice her? But the man seems to have a 6th Kyoko sense (as a love fool would have) plus its her fault that he was distracted at work... Or is Kyoko going to watch away till he leaves and ponder on the whole fairy issue... I think a real cliffy is yet to come... Maybe it will be at the point (if) he tells her he doesn't need her? Can't wait till the next chapter!!!



    i've been almost crying 'cause i had to do all kinds of school work and i haven't had time to be on the computer for whole 4 days! can you believe that? and then when i finally can spend few moments surfing around i find out there's been problems with the raws and stuff but that it's already sorted out...

    i loved the chapter. i really appreciate your work Mechie! I'll try to comment more, but now i have to start writing an essay and stuff..


  42. You know, I really would't like to be in Ren's position. He has been in love with her for so long that my heart breaks for the guy. How long is he going to be kept in such agony? Hang on Ren! You'll get the girl in the end but you will have to walk through the fire first.

  43. OMG OMG OMG!!! CHAPS. 162!!!!!!!! am so happy X3 ty mechgouki and the other ppl who helped u out!!!! hontoni arigatooouu!!! gonna download mediafire cuz megapload does't work on my PC ;)


  44. Hello...(^_^) I'm a new reader of your blog. I just read the ch.162 draft of skip beat. Looks good, will be waiting for FH's final release of this chapter as you suggested. Good Job 0'(>_<)'0 & thank you for your hard word. Hope you got a good rest after a long night of hard work.


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  46. thank you Mechgouki, for chapter 162.


  47. I can't open the download. Are you going to post the new chapter like you usually do? I really hope so! >.<" Thanks so much for this Mechgouki!

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  49. Okay, I added the CDisplay program. For those who can't view, try using that first, then tell me.

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  52. Those having problems opening the file, drag and drop it into the CDisplay shortcut.

    Hmm, maybe I should have used a Zip file instead...

    Here's another translation for those interested.

  53. Any reviews on translation errors?

    And I counted 3 totally anonymous comments. Maybe I should have put the fonts in red, not just bold. -_-'

  54. there were a few typos from the version I downloaded, but it wasn't a bad translation. It flows more like natural speech. I really appreciate the work you put into this, Thank you!!!

  55. @Mechie:

    pg #9: I think Ren's bubble should be "... I was just thinking, could it be possible that you didn't sleep at all last night?"

    What do you mean by this?


    I added the conjunction "that" after the sentence "could it be possible that you didn't sleep at all last night?"


  56. Thank you sooooooo much for the draft !!!!

    it is such a promising chapter ^^,


  57. Comparing with Shirayuri's script, I think I made some big mistakes. :(

  58. Thank you mechgoukiiiiiiii...!!
    Finally I can read chapter 162 T__T Too bad there's no RenxKyoko scene here :(

    Ah, as for the comment, just a minor thing here and there. For addition, in pg10 "As she sleeps defenselessly, I can only imagine what how you are struggling inside". I guess you should cross out one of the "what" and "how"? Correct me if I'm wrong ^^ Other than that, it has been mentioned by others.

    Awwwwwww.. I want to know what's Ren decision. Will he tell Kyoko? Or will he not? Nanana, can't wait!! Also, I guess Chiori mentioned "Fairy" because of something else, didn't she? Hmmm.. Anyhow, we'll get things cleared on the next chapter!

    PS: just wondering, what does "Mou" mean in pg6?

  59. gahhh im currently having my exams and snuck to the laptop....just downloaded will read another day...^^ thanks mechie!

  60. Mou is something like Jeez. I asked the guys previously which they prefered, they said leave it as "mou".

    Guys normally say "mattaku" though...

  61. NOW i can comment as i like. i decided not to care about schoolwork this weekend anymore.

    hmm, i can't notice any big errors and/or mistakes... But it might be 'cause i suck at english sometimes... xD Your translation makes sense to someone who is Finnish. So it has to be understandable to anyone! :D

    ooh, i've never understood the diference between "mou" and "mattaku" :D thanks for clearing that one up! (i'll start learning japanese in two weeks~ yayyy!)


  62. WEEE a new chapterrrrrrr! thanksssss! xD good that the raw-mess was sorted out~ Your job is highly appreciated Mechie~ it just me or has Nakamura-sensei changed the style she draws Yashiro? he looks more... i don't know, handsome or something now :D

    something has happened to the comments.. don't let the comments dieee!


  63. Is Katherine here? Anyway, there's probably too many mistakes to even count. -_-

  64. Of course, Ren is a fairy!! A hottie fairy!!! xD

    Thank for translating! What we are doing without you!

  65. The CDisplay isn't working for me either...TT_TT

  66. I mean, I've already seen the raws and have a basic concept of what they're saying, but still.....none of the links work for me...T_T


  68. Ah.. I'm back.. been busy with things in life..
    first of all.. thanks for the translation as always Mechgouki-kun.. I can't believe you actually stayed up and got it all done in few hours.

    I just downloaded the Mediafire one, and looked at it. I think everything looks good. The typos or missing words were already mentioned by Mae in her comment above.

    @Mae.. on page#9.. the word "could it be possible that you didn't sleep at all last night?", that was not Ren's bubble, it's actually Yashiro asking Ren. It was just put in the same frame as Ren's image.

    As for page#15: Ren's thought "I'm certain right now, the situation is that girl doesn't hate me at all. She's probably just feeling troubled by many things."
    I don't quite understand it.. I mean it seems a little unrelated to what he was thinking about in previous text, about Kyoko being Setsu.
    I read the raw again, and I think it will make more sense if it's translated as "This situation with that girl (as heel siblings), it's not like I hate it at all. I was just feeling troubled by many things."
    But again.. I only know some Japanese, you know more than I do.. just my opinion on the page.

    As for page #28, maybe you could put down an explanation next to the word "Fairy" that Chiori mentioned.. since she actually said "Immortal butterfly" (refering to Kyoko), and it was just the way that Kanji was pronounced in Katakana that sounds like Fairy. That way it will avoid confusion of people reading it, since they might think Chiori really saw a fairy to say that and thus wondering where that comes from.. LOL

  69. @Mechie-Mechie going insane/upset
    Should I be worried...about you? .__.
    *pulls out gun just in case*

    Ok other than you going insane
    over the comments being dead...


    *bows in respect*

  70. As for my thought on this chapter.. I don't think Ren will say it to Kyoko at all.. about what the President told him to say to her if Ren still decided to terminate the Heel sister's role. On page #15, Ren did think "there's no way I can say something like that" (refering to President's suggestion of the way that Ren should tell Kyoko of how Ren doesn't need her anymore).. so, I think Ren won't say it, he knows how Kyoko is, and that saying something like that will hurt her feeling, or worse make her feel rejected or feel so much of a failure that even her senpai (Ren) would terminate her role without so much as giving any advice or chances to reflect herself at all... will remind her of how her mom and Sho's attitudes towards her that showed how they don't need her even after all that she's done for them. She will be heartbroken and sad..

    So I don't think Ren will say it unless something else happens in the next chapter on this set when he sees her shows up suddenly in front of her, something she did or say that reminds him of his past and scare him enough to say it to her.
    hm.. I'm thinking maybe she will think her mistake on the whole fairy thing is funny, and mentioned it to him that he's a fairy prince, thus Ren was surprised and mistakenly thought that Kyoko is referring to Corn and she's closely to knowing who he was, so Ren must act cruel to her and cut her off or distance himself in order to not blow his own cover.
    But NOOOOO.. I don't want that to happen.. Ren can't distance himself from her.. she will wonder why and thought she was being hated.. and can Ren stand not seeing her for a long time.. I remembered his expression on his birthday chapter,.. when he was just finally seeing her again (on his birthday) at Dark Moon set after not able to see her for a few weeks.. he was so happy.

    so I hope next chapter is just her seeing the Ren next to Director Ogata and know immediately it's a Dark Moon shooting set. Ren will be pleasantly surprised to see her, but also troubled as being reminded again about his previous thoughts. She will probably walk over to greet them and the other cast like Momose and Kijima.. then ask the director why they are there, since she wasn't informed (u know how Kyoko feels about not being informed on the situation or changes of the projects she's involved in). And they will explain about the change of schedule and set, and in return asked why she's there dressing up in school uniform like that, and she's just say that she's currently shooting for Box-R there and was just walking for one set to the next one.
    and... however Nakamura-sensei wants to make it funny or unpredictable from here on.. LOL.. just don't make Ren said such cruel words to Kyoko like the Presiden suggested, and don't cut of Setsu from this arc.. *I beg you sensei*

  71. Thoughts on the chapter:

    After being forced to read all the
    posts on the Ren Tsuruga fanclub, I
    won't talk a lot about Ren.
    (It was a dare, I regret taking. x.x)

    Well this is new, Yashiro didn't
    go fanboy-mode.

    (except in Ren's inner-mind theater)

    BUT nevertheless, I love how he
    delivered the same lines Ren
    imagined in a depressing way.

    Ahh Yashiro I love you too much. xD

    YES!!! A mention of Kijima-san!
    My inner fangirl is satisfied
    just knowing sensei didn't throw
    him away! >3

    Hm...I'm curious on what Chiori
    said in that journal on New Year's.
    Call me nuts, but I really want to know.

    Is it just me or does anyone else
    want to see Dark Moon as an actual
    drama? That would be one kickass one!
    That and Box R! *happy sigh*

    Yes Kyoko you are seeing a fairy.
    Actually he's not really a fairy,
    he lied to you when you were 5, but
    he still counts! ...sorta.

  72. @Cherry-chi.. I agree with you.. one would think that Yashiro would go into fanboy mode on Ren (like Ren thought in his inner-theater mind, oh Ren knows Yashiro too well.. LOL).. well, Yashiro was all excited when Kyoko told him about her role as Setsu.. but I guess after thinking about it all night, he felt sorry for Ren instead, for being put in such torture.. LOL.. Ren wasn't wrong in what Yashiro would say, just he didn't realize Yashiro would pity him instead of mocking him.. LOL

    Yeah, it will be fun to see Dark Moon as an actual drama.. we know the basic things about DarkMoon character's situations, but sensei never go into detail on the actual drama.. we see clips of few scenes, and suddenly it's the ending coming.. to know the whole story would be interesting.

    as for Kyoko meeting Corn the fairy.. well, sorry but I have to correct you.. Kyoko was 6 when she met Corn, not 5. Corn/Ren was 10, and he's 4 years (well to be exact it's 3 years & over 10 months) older than her.

  73. Mechgouki thanks so much! You not only make the first translation, you also took the trouble of negotiating with FrankieHouse people to have all relations clean, I really appreciate this. And I look forward to the FH translation, becauseI allways read both versions. :-)

    Well, I think the plot of Dark Moon will have a deep impact on the happening in the manga, that's why we don't know anything about it. And the manga situation looks like great and dark revelation should come, but I am suspicious more and more - I bet Nakamura sensei is pulling our leg and reveals nothing, and we will be only more depressed after the next chapter.

  74. Thanks mechi! I really appreciate all the trouble you went through for this. Since you like it when people comment on your translations, I'll say that some pages didn't quite make sense and I know that just by saying some isn't much help and that you would probably want a real page number but I'm about to run out with my roomie to get some stuff for our dorm. I'll elaborate more later. Thanks and peace!

    -Aphrodite931 003

  75. Thanks so much! I cannot have lived without you! Thank you so much for the hard work and efforts! You always make my day~! <3


  76. Thanks lots! You're so reliable, and it always cheers me up when I see a new chapter. ^ - ^ <3

  77. thank you for your hard work
    sorry about the comments

  78. Is Katherine here? Anyway, there's probably too many mistakes to even count. -_-

    I was caught up reading Baby Steps over the weekend, so I just saw this today. Anyhow...yeah. This time, there were a LOT of mistakes, more than I care to list. And since you've seen Shirayuri's version, which is more accurate (though there are some points I disagree with that I think you got right), I figured there's no need to list them.

    ~ Katherine

  79. Hi

    when will you finsh the last part of ren good ending + can you uplode it as viedo (a movie secn from the game itslef)

    thank you for all the hard work

  80. Thank you so much for this, I really look foward to your tranlations, so here you go, you deserve more of this coments.

    Now I wonder why was kyouko so suprised when she saw Ren's face? Was it because when she sae him she was reminded of Kuon/Corn? or maybe something else.

    Anyways I love how kyouko was compared to an eternal butterfly, normally butterflys being so ephimeral and beautifull the way she was called made me thing of eternal beauty and grace.

  81. Oh, just so you guys know, Franky House and Shirayuri's release is out. I think it will be on the Mangahosters soon.


  83. And so is Unrelatedwaffle's translation.

    you're amazing! \>_</

    - faye

  85. Thank you so much! As always you are the best! Please update PS2 soon!

  86. Okay, it seems everyone has problems opening the file, so I am using a Zip format. I'm really sorry, but I can't post them in page by page like I used to.

    I have something to apologise for. To be honest, this project that I did turned out to be a huge disappointment, even for myself.

    I actually had more time to review the translations and the words to use. I was actually confident that my translations would not have any mistakes this time. Until I saw Shirayuri's translation.

    I have corrected most of these errors, and updated the download links. (Using Zip this time.) It probably won't matter now though. :( I hope I do better next time.

  87. Don't lose the confidence and try again, Mechgouki! Any mistake done now can help you to do less mistakes in the future. In my land people say, no scholar ever fell out of the blue sky! Don't know if it can be understood, but it means everyone have to go the harder way to be professional. I'm looking forward to your next work.

  88. Thanks so much for this!
    The last two pages are very interesting! So the fairy turned out to be Ren huh? Tsk tsk that is hinting something, Kyoko.


  89. hi mechgouki
    so what do u think about the chapter 162 ?
    let us know ur predictions for ch 163!!!
    again thank u soooooooooooo much
    u r the best :) :) :)

  90. Ren is going to be Kyouko's fairy meaning he is gonna open her mind just by his existence and Kyouko will become THE evil actress ever because now she will understand whats that lovethingie is all about. She will be sth. like Angelina Joli in terms of famousness I believe, yes, and Ren by the way will be released from his darkish past and will be a man with a free mind an no rejections at all because of Kyouko who will be sth. like is mental sanctuary oh yeah. My imagination is stupid =D. Haha. But now I can go to sleep hehe. Btw what about those other guys? I mean Moko-Chan and ... oh my I already have forgotten the names of these two other man who like Kyouko too *lol*

  91. @Miffy

    *sulks* *sulks *sulks*

    You've forgotten Sho, Reino, and Hikaru.
    I am now sad.

    Well, Hikaru I can understand, but SHO?!
    (Hikaru is such a sweetie! I wuv him)

    Come on at least remember the artificial
    blondie who helped push Kyoko into Shobiz!
    (Well, indirectly, but he still counts!)

  92. My predictions for next chapter:

    Strangely, I don't have any yet.
    Yes, even after that wonderful cliffhanger.

    OK! I got one!

    I'll go with Kyoko turning into a fairy
    and running away from the real world
    with Corn because he married a fairy

    Accurate prediction right? 8D

  93. My prediction? It's in keeping with the many disappointments we've had before. Ren turns to see Kyoko and calls her over. He takes her aside and is about to tell her that the Setsu job is a lie, but as she gushes out plans for the character he realizes how dedicated she is. He feels too crummy about letting her down so he's about to lie and come up with some excuse to remove her from the role when she gets called away. Later she goes somewhere looking lost in thought when she runs into Yashiro. Yashiro, mistaking her mood, offers her support in getting over Setsu not being a real character for Ren's movie. Kyoko is shocked and Yashiro realizes that he's let the cat out of the bag. Kyoko asks to be excused and is too hurt to confront Ren or Lory so she goes home to contemplate why so many people lied to her about this job. Was it to test her? Did they feel sorry for her? Was there really a job? Did Ren feel she wasn't up to it but they all decided to lie to spare her feelings?

    It's not what I want or hope to happen, but I'm not feeling very hopeful today. Lies in mangas always end up hurting the characters when they find out. Then something happens to bring the characters to reconciliation and a bit of progress in the relationship is made. It's so cliche, but true.

    What if that worked in real life? I lie to you, you're hurt and run away, I come to tell you that I had noble intentions in lying, you forgive me after a dangerous situation occurs and I save you. We realize we need each other and all is happy. For the moment.

  94. Mechgouki, why don't you upload the chapter on here anymore? I can't download stuff... :-( Thanks anyways...

  95. I <3 U Mechgouki!! I was able to open the chapter download thanks to your tip! You're the best!! :D

  96. Ah Sho Fuwa yes oh my.... but we haven't seen him for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!

  97. here now...seems none missed me ...but ok wat shall i do ...;p

    im sooo thankful for u mechgouki for the chapter and translation...thanks

    well bout this chapter..i agree with emmaline prediction of the story...its nice and painful...i think also kyoko might cry infront of ren that how much u hate me? or am i that independable...and leave the place out and cries somewhere...then dont know wat might happen? who wanna continue ;p

    nana 002

  98. Thanks for the encouragement guys. :)

    Sorry, I can't upload it page by page because I don't exactly own these scans. :(

    I'll try to update more of the PS2 story this weekend.

  99. Anyway, guys, any speculations on why Chiori called Kyouko the immortal butterfly?

    I personally think it means that her beauty is changing, and it can't be killed. What do you guys think?

    And what do you think of such a situation? :D

    Ren breaks it to Kyouko that he thinks she shouldn't continue as Setsu. Kyouko becomes desperate and says this: "I knew it! I wasn't good enough as Setsu! I's because I had so many NGs! I should have done exactly what Setsu would have done, and stripped to my underwear in front of Cain Nii-san! I'll do it! I'll strip to my underwear now!!

    Anyway, personally, I hope Kyouko finds the new choice of underwear really comfortable, and find it hard to quit using them. ^_^

  100. @nana 002

    "and leave the place out and cries somewhere"...

    Then Shou appeared unexpectedly at the direction of where Kyouko was leaving to and witnessed the whole situation. He teased Kyouko for being lame and not able to live up to expectations. Kyouko screams at him that its none of his problem and Shou retorted that it is because they are on the challenge of who is going to be a bigger star. They continued to argue and Kyouko couldn't stopped her tears coming and then there was silence from Shou cos he's feeling Kyouko's pain. He suddenly pulled Kyouko towards him and gave him a hug. In the distant, Ren saw the whole thing. And it pained him for what he did. Amamiya-san came towards them and both Kyouko and Shou automatically pushed each other away. Kyouko ended hating Shou even more..

    How's that? :p

  101. @Emmaline, sorry, you must have misunderstood, a fault due to my previous wrong translation. :(

    Kyouko knows her job is like Cain's manager. She isn't going to be in the movie, she knows that. My translation had that mistake...

  102. @Mae

    How's that? :p

    Hmmm, hows this. Shou pulls her towards him. She gets really pissed, so she throws a Shoryuken at him, then performs an Izuna Otoshi. :P


    sheesh Mechie :p

  104. I think Chiori sees Kyouko as an immortal butterfly because she keeps recreating herself. For Kyouko, each new role is a new persona. And perhaps like a butterfly, she attracts attention only when she emerges from her cocoon (acting a role), but the larval stage is largely unnoticed and overlooked?

    Regarding Ren firing Kyouko from her Setsu role, unless something really drastic happens, I don't think that's possible. With the situation as it stands, he won't be able to bring himself to hurt Kyouko that way.

    Anyway, I hope Ren gets to see her act out Natsu, especially after all the model training they did.

    ~ Katherine

  105. Izuna Otoshi? *lol*

    Well. I hope that Ren won't use any cheap lies, because the situation is too serious. But I bet he tries to avoid the truth by telling things just very narrow - he admits it is his problem, he asks Kyoko to forgive him, but in fact he will not tell anything. Or he speaks about his sad and unforgivable past with a very sad face, which should make Kyoko not to ask anything more. :-) But I would be very disgusted if it goes like this. I hope Kyoko will be a bit still in the Natsu-mode, which a) makes her look a bit more sexy (suits you, REN!), b) makes her easier in understanding people's lies and hidden motives. So she has now the real chance to get some answers!

    I really appreciate your hard work! C:

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    Kyouko thinks she found the fairy, but she found Ren instead. All of a sudden, she starts to reminisce about Corn, and starts to see how much Ren looks like Corn. She wonders if Corn would look like Ren when he grew up.

    Ren notices Kyouko in the crowd. Almost everyone else didn't recognize her. He explains to her that he has some free time, and says he could watch her filming.

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    Anyway, anyone else hopes that Kyouko gets used to these underwear? :D

  112. I hope she gets used to them enough to step out of the bathroom wearing just them...because she thinks Cain-nii would be sleeping all cocooned as usual. Ren. Nosebleed. Sure kill.

    ~ Katherine

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    ~ Katherine

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    Ok, in all seriousness, I really don't
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    Maybe in their honeymoon or in a love motel, but not exactly if she wants to date him. :3

    Just her wearing that is an invitation
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    *stares at what I just wrote*
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  127. LOL.. @Cherry-chi.. you reminded me of Chiori and her poison notebook.. LOL

    As for my predictions for the next chapter.. hm..

    well, Kyoko popped out of the crowd to see the fairy (or so she thought).. but the first one she saw was Ren, and then the rest of the Dark-moon casts and crews.. her first thought is.. "Eh? I didn't know DarkMoon is filming here today? Nobody informed me anything again.. *pouts*". Then she thought, it's funny that she saw Ren when she was expecting a clumsy town fairy. So to be polite, she went to greet Director Ogata, Ren, and the rest of the casts like Momose and Kijima. They were surprised to see her and in her appearance, so she explained that she's on location shooting nearby as well for Box-R. Then she thought of her earlier moments again and told Ren, "Tsuruga-san, *giggle* I didn't realize that you are such a clumsy fairy prince.".
    Ren was shocked to hear that, his mind if running . "did she already figure out that I'm corn? how?" and thus Ren beamed at her in his gentlemanly smile that means he's irritated and asked "what do you mean by that, Mogami-san?". Kyoko's paled, "why is he angry?" she thought. So Kyoko just stuttered out.. "I.. I was looking for a fairy in this area when I saw the crowd, thinking it was a fairy, but it turned out to be you, so I just thought it was funny that when I was looking for a fairy, I saw you instead.. *dogeza on the floor* I'M SOOOO SORRY.. Tsuruga-san, I will never never insult you by calling you a fairy again."

    how's that for next chapter??

  128. @shiroyuki-chan
    ooh, that could actually happen!... but i hink Ren wouldn't think calling anyone a fairy is insulting (well, we all know what kyoko is like, she misunderstands 70% of everything that's said to her... :P)

    hmm.. i still don't have anything that could happen in the next chapter... my mind is completely empty of any god ideas~

    I didn't think Kyoko's underwear would give us so much to talk about... xD


  129. I can't believe people still think I'm a girl. >_<

    Anyway, I think that Chiori and Kyouko herself are overreacting. You see, it doesn't matter how sexy the underwear is, because the whole point of underwear, is to be underneath your clothes :P

    You see, the only time when how sexy the underwear is actually matters, is when you take it out and show it to others. :P

    This manga is taking a turn towards a little smut. I kinda like it. :D Anyone else?

  130. Speaking for myself, that shower scene with Ren was AWWWWWWWWWEsome!!! <3 I don't mind that kind of "smut". =)

    Mechgouki, if you want people to realize you're a guy, you probably ought to change your avatar to a male character. I mean, a handle like Mechgouki seems gender-neutral, so people rely on the avatar for hints. Unlike, say, a name like Ren (Lotus), which for some reason is always given to a GUY in the manga I find: Skip Beat!, Strobe Edge, Crown, Shounen Hakaryuudo, for example.

    ~ Katherine

  131. Agreed with Kat! should change your avi,
    Mechie-Mechie I mean everyone in the
    online world rely on a little avatar box
    to determine gender.


    Mechgouki + Girl avatar=
    98% people thinking you are a girl
    regardless of the "neutral handle"

    Mechgouki + Boy avatar
    Most will think you are a boy.

    Others won't automatically think you
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    Since some girls have avatars of "hot bishes"
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  132. In the point of the underwear, I have to side with Mechgouki, allthough I am a woman. I never understood very much the difference between "sexy" and "normal" underwear (Of course, I am not talking about some "special underwear" made just for the purpose of having sex, but about the type you can normally wear). Does "lace" mean sexy? But underwear with lace could be very decent. Or should it be "lack of material"? That does not necesarilly mean it is sexy. What Kyoko wore looked to me quite normally. It was just pretty and good fitting. Well, nothing you would wear in the public, but underwear is obviously not intended to be worn so. ;-) If decent women would be doomed to wear plain organic cotton all their life, world would be very boring... :-)

  133. What Kyoko wore looked to me quite normally. It was just pretty and good fitting.

    But what about the one she was holding up when Chiori spoke up? That lacked material and what there was was mostly lace. It's practically the next thing to a G-string and waaaaaay skimpier than what Ten-san provided. Of course, some women are comfortable wearing that sort, but Kyoko...? While it would be nice if she were to get to the point of being comfortable wearing them—if only to see Ren's reaction—I kind of like seeing her freak out over them. =)

    ~ Katherine

  134. @Maya.. well, yes.. of course Ren wasn't insulted about being called Fairy at all.. he was worrying about his secret being found out, it was just Kyoko misunderstanding his gentlemanly smile with him feeling insulted since Kyoko couldn't think of any other reasons, because Ren smiled like that immediately after she called him fairy..

    Let me continue the chapter prediction then..

    After Kyoko apologized along with her full-blown dogeza on the floor.. Ren *sigh* *she misunderstands again, she thinks I'm upset at being called fairy.. *relief sigh* oh well, at least that means she wasn't referring to Corn, she was just being herself and chasing after fairy anywhere she goes.* *chuckle*
    Ren grabbed Kyoko's arm and pulled her off the ground, "Mogami-san, I wasn't upset at all, please stand up. It's embarrassing, there are lots of spectators around." and Ren smiled his genuine smile at her to show that he wasn't angry anymore. Kyoko stared at him *then why was he angry earlier?? I don't understand this person at all.* ...

    Well.. regarding the underwear issues.. Kyoko is too modest to be showing that off to Ren (not just those type of underwear, but to walk around in any underwear at all).. I mean Setsu probably would, but from the last chapter, Kyoko couldn't make herself do so even when she (Setsu) didn't have her pajama and didn't have other choices. That's why Kyoko said she needs to shop for some nightwear for Setsu. Wearing those kind of lacy skimpy underwear was just because that's something Setsu would wear, so she bought them to fit Setsu's character, not to be shown off to anybody. I bet she would also get some pajamas for Setsu. So yes, Kyoko would keep wearing those type of underwear just because of being Setsu, but she will never have to show it off to anyone. During the day, alone with Cain or in public, she's wearing Setsu's clothing, and at night, she would probably have Setsu style pajama from now on. So Ren would never know nor see those underwear.. but Ren and any other guys could guess from Setsu's outfit what kind of undergarments she would be wearing, it's just all up to their imagination, if Ren even want to take time/risk to imagine that.. LOL..

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  138. Sorry.. I deleted several of my posts because for some reason it was giving error messages and so I had to repost several times, and then suddenly it posted them multiple times.. :(

  139. but Ren and any other guys could guess from Setsu's outfit what kind of undergarments she would be wearing, it's just all up to their imagination, if Ren even want to take time/risk to imagine that.. LOL..

    But Ren didn't get any sleep that night, right? He'd immersed himself in his Cain Heel persona, which is how he managed to make it through. But Yashiro's comments (about Kyoko sleeping defenselessly and so on) were making Ren remember a lot of what Kyoko looked like asleep wearing that sexy-cute cami? Maybe he did get to see it! Maybe that's one of the things he's not confident about restraining himself. ;)

    ~ Katherine

  140. wow comments are kinda low this time...
    hiya!i managed to get by my exams!
    mechie i cant read the new chapter in that format...even with your link so i ended up googling and reading someone else's...i sincerely apologise....
    @katherine i totally agree with that!and i actually want to see how ren reacts to seeing Kyoko in that kinda of sexy underwear...
    as for smut,i dont mind it at all,just that its kinda a lost hope for us now.Nakamura always, always, gets our hopes up...i know that it prolly wont happen...except maybe Ren was looking for something and saw it in her plastic bag,teases her about it,end.T^T
    anyways i know i cant wait for the next chap!(again)

  141. oh,and Ariel Lin withdrew from playing Kyoko for the Taiwanese version of the Skip Beat drama,i think.And Tsuruga Ren is no longer Jerry Yan!its Choi Si Won from Super Junior...
    im getting impatient,its been postponed for like nearly 3 years already...right now i dont care about who's playing which character,i just want to see the finished product!

  142. You're kidding me. My user name is genderless?

    Okay, would someone like to make a guess where my name is from? Hint, check this site url.

    Anyway, regarding the underwear, let's face it. Even if it's the most white and most decent kind of underwear, you're not exactly going to be wearing only them in public. :P

    If you do, it would be considered sexy all the same, regardless of the kind of underwear. :P

    Bottomline, I still don't think the two girls should kick up such a big fuss. The point is, unless you're going to reveal it in front of someone, it won't matter. And reviewing on some celebrities like Britney Spears, having underwear on (regardless of how sexy it is) is far more decent than having no underwear at all. :)

  143. BTW, I just want to hear from you guys.

    Did anyone get any dirty thoughts at first for this chapter when you heard Yashiro ask Ren, "Maybe you didn't sleep at all last night?" :D

  144. Mechgouki, I figured your URL came from your handle. Cyber Akuma Mechgouki doesn't ring any other bells for me and "akuma" is genderless. If you meant "gouki" ... hmmm...
    (n) (arch) instruments of torture

    Cyber Demon Mechanical Instruments of Torture still sounds genderless to me. =)

    ~ Katherine

  145. I looked up Cyber Akuma
    It is a guy thing...

    is a video game character from Street Fighter

    "he also appears in mechanized form as "Cyber Akuma (Mech Gouki (メカ豪鬼, Meka Gouki?) in Japanese)"

    So yeah..

  146. I see. I never did get into Street Fighter, so only the initial set of Street Fighter characters are kind of familiar.

    ~ Katherine

  147. If anyone wants to read it the frankyhouse version of 162 is at I dislike fighting games cause my friend would always have the character's special move like one guys laser beam which had no counter and took out 50% of health or Ryu's Ice Palm blast however Cyber Akuma does ring a bell, at this point no idea what will happen next chapter ive run out of ideas and ive given up on seeing the Bday present anytime soon maybe at the end of this arc to save Ren from the darkness after he confesses his past to Kyouko. T24

  148. BTW, Billwang's 162 is out.

    I don't think they took FH's scans though.

    Their picture seems to be wider than FH's. They probably have their own scans.

  149. I still don't think the two girls should kick up such a big fuss. The point is, unless you're going to reveal it in front of someone, it won't matter.


    I think Kyoko and Chiori had a normal reaction.
    I mean they are JUST GIRLS for crying out loud!

    "Sempai likes that kind of underwear?! I feel betrayed!"


    Sure underwear goes doesn't get shown
    off in public, but they weren't thinking
    about that AT ALL! xD

    People DON'T automatically think,
    "Pfft, whatevers they're JUST underwear
    it's not like I'm gonna wear them in public"


    And reviewing on some celebrities like Britney Spears, having underwear on (regardless of how sexy it is) is far more decent than having no underwear at all. :)

    Oh the irony, Britney Spears got caught
    wearing no underwear in one magazine I was
    browsing. xD

  150. Hi
    when will you uploud the last part of ren good ending.

  151. (Did anyone get any dirty thoughts at first for this chapter when you heard Yashiro ask Ren, "Maybe you didn't sleep at all last night?" :D )

    Ahem, ahem. Me, of course. It seems we both concentrate on things that REALLY matter, and not on some side effects like the kind of underwear which is never seen at all in the end... *evil smile* Reading this words, my fantasy worked on a very high level. :-)

  152. New chapter is coming but comments are really slow. :(

    So anyone else has any predictions? Or stuff you really want to see?

    I hope Kyouko drops her bag. Ren helps her pick her stuff up. And then he sees the you-know-what. >:D

    What do you think will happen next? :)

  153. Oh the irony, Britney Spears got caught
    wearing no underwear in one magazine I was
    browsing. xD

    That was my point. XD

    No matter how sexy the underwear, even if it's a thong, it's still more decent than having none on. :P

  154. Britney Spears is a 15 minute has been I hate hearing about her she has no talent or skill what so ever ruined a generation of young girls *sigh* I hope Kyouko doesn't let the fame get to her, I hope we get to hear a more dramatic plot twist focusing on just Rens story almost feels as if by doing that the author wants to end the series Kyouko might reveal her relationship with her mother to Ren then Ren might tell her about his past. T24

  155. ^ Meh, at least it's a lot better than
    the comments I've been hearing about Miley
    Cyrus. :3

    My prediction will remain the same,
    since i'm too lazy to come up with a
    "real" prediction. xD

    "Kyoko turns into a fairy princess and
    lives in the Land of Faeries!"

  156. I meant to comment ages ago. Mechgouki finally said something close to what I was thinking about the underwear. I was thinking Ren would see the underwear by mistake, BUT the reason would be because the screaming fangirls would grab at Kyouko not realizing she was Mio and thinking Ren was talking to a normal high school girl. The bag would somehow be ripped and everyone would see this girl with Ren and naughty underpanties LOL. Gossip would be all over the place. It's been a long time that Ren and Kyouko have been hanging out together and there has been no gossip. Also, they keep talking about how Ren has no scandals and just talked about how Kyouko is anonymous. That would totally bring her into the spotlight and they would be followed like Brangelina. LOL As far as the fairy thing, I don't really see a big deal will happen for that. I think she will just think he does kind of look like a fairy and remember how she was fooled before (that time by the water in the morning after the stalking) but nothing will come of it as usual. Anyway, back to the undies, if Ren saw those undies he definitely would not reject her as Setsu. Oh and she knows that he's filming for DM since Yashiro told her, she probably just didn't know where.

    As far as your comment Mechgouki about this manga turning into smut and did anyone else think Yashiro meant something else when he said Ren didn't sleep all night...I wish I had thought of that! Now I'll always think he might have meant that, but he knows Kyouko is way to innocent. Nakamura's Crazy Tokyo Paradise was a bit smutty so I do see hints of it in this manga. It's pretty funny but very subtle.

  157. Oh and about Mechgouki being a boy, I think I always thought that. The way you talk and also your name is very masculine. Mech is masculine and Gouki is masculine so it seems obvious to me, but the girl avatar can be confusing I'm sure.

  158. Oh, the fan-girls ripping the Kyoko's bag is very good idea. But my bet is, it is not Ren who sees it. It would be Sho Fuwa. He would see it, because he seeks Kyoko, as he saw the incident with the band and Heel family (was taken with a camera, I think) and he will know, if Kyoko is Setsu(the woerds "you are lower than Sho Fuwa!"). He sees the underwear and he definitely changes his opinion that Kyoko is unsexy and uninteresting. :-)


    this is the link to summary of 163

    nana 002

  160. ...Only it's Chinese~
    Thanks anyway, though.

  161. Dear god the cliffhanger for 163 is killer go to Frankyhouse forums they have the summary there but it looks as if we finally get a turning point in Ren and Kyokos relationship. T24

  162. hm.. no it's not in Chinese, it's in Japanese (the summary posted in Tiebadu). I couldn't understand much of it like that.

  163. ok.. someone translated it to Chinese.. I still only understand part of it.. LOL

  164. Skip Beat chapter 163 RAW from frankyhouse, T24


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