Sunday, August 01, 2010

More updates

It's been exactly one year since the site is setup. Thanks for your support, guys. Anyway, 27th July was my birthday, but I was a bit busy. Some updates are added.

Anyway, I hope you guys can let me know when Chapter 161 is out. It will probably be out soon.

These are my views.

The watch is most likely directly related to the flashback he had earlier. Most likely the time set was something to remind him of something, something he would never allow himself to forget. The pain kept flowing back just now, that's why he sunk low in the showers.

What I predict happening is Kyouko asking him about the watch, and he will get really angry and upset with her. Then later being sorry about that and explaining to her that something horrible happened before in his life. This is what I think.

(Please respond to this part in the Chapter 160 section, thanks. ^_^)

In addition, I used the line "Care to join me?" The actual translation is something like "Shall we enter together?" Which one do you guys prefer? Do you think "Care to join me?" is appropriate here?


  1. Darn it! I missed your birthday!

    Oh well, may all your wishes come true~
    Even if it IS a late birthday present.

    *gives virtual cookie cake and card*

    I'm voting "Care to join me"
    It flows better than "Shall we enter together."

  2. Hi fellow Skip beat fan cum Leo! my bday was on 28 jul!! =D

    I don't think Ren will be angry with Kyoyko over her comments, but well, let's wait for the chapt to be here!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Kind of late, sorry (I didn't have idea).
    I want to thank you for everything you have done.
    By the way, I love the "Care to join me" phrase, it's great!

  4. A late HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

    About "Care to join me" both versions are ok but yours suits the situation better.

    What a pity you don't like glass mask... I'm really addicted to it these days! At first I didn't like it cause I thought it's just sooo typical shojo, but now I love it for that same reason <3

  5. As a person who speaks english "Care to join me" is accurate as Ren is in the shower "Shall we enter together." sounds wrong it is however difficult to tell which is right, as we dont know what tone of voice Ren is using e.g. Sultry/Sexy/Demanding so imagining the right context is up to the reader I suppose. T24

  6. wah Happy belated birthday Mechgouki!!!

    I like "Care to join me" better =)


  7. Hey Mech, happy late b-day~

    and as everyone else has said, i like "Care to join me" better~


  8. Happy Belated Birthday!!! ^.^
    How old are you now?

    And I think "Care To Join Me" is better too!
    Sounds more playful~

  9. Happy Late Birthday! And congrats on a year!

    I don't know what to expect from 161, but I can't freakin wait! xD only a few more days, only a few more days....

  10. Well, the reason that "Shall we enter together" doesn't flow is because English speakers don't say "enter the shower", but "take a shower"...

    I think something like "Shall we take a shower together?" would be more accurate and literal. "care to join me" is still accurate though, and liberal doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing if it flows better.

    I prefer literal over liberal, but it's really not that big of a deal (as long as it's still accurate)

  11. I forgot to answer the question.

    I'm not so bothered by the literal translation as far as using the word "enter." Even if it's an unusual choice of words for English, it's not like it would be misunderstood. The thing that's weird about it (to me, when I read it literally) is that Ren's already in there. XD The only one left to "enter" the shower is Kyoko. =P In which case, "care to join me?" seems reasonable. I also like "Shall we [take a] shower together?" as Chass suggested. =)

  12. Yeah, I totally am with you on the purpose of the watch and what probably will happen with Kyoko asking him about the watch. (Unlike some suggestions that the watch was to cover up for the possible ex-suicidal scars sustained during Ren's childhood years. Think that was ridiculous.) Cos I think the main focus is on the time stopped.

    We are both Leos. My birthday is today.

    Happy belated birthday to you! Thank you for all the hard work you have done to maintain this site.

    P.s. I prefer, "Care to join me?"


    Thank you soo much for your work!
    i hope u had a great bday!

  14. Happy belated birthday :D Hope you had a blast :)

    "Care to join me" will be apt whereas "Shall we enter together" seems to indicate if they should pass through a door together... And KISS technique (Keep It Simple Stupid) should be applied here to give a better impact :D And "Shall we enter together" sounds a tad bit formal :p

    I'm from Singapore and I really do appreciate your hard work of translating Skip Beat! for us. :) WE LOVE YOU ! (you know we do)
    Hmm , voting for 'Care to join me?' ! Cos it sounds more playful. ^^

    - J

  16. yep i agree with those liking 'Care to join me?'
    and ooh happy emancipation day!just thought i should be original...

  17. Mechgouki-saaaaan

    Happy happy birthday! I wish i could give you a present because you give us a very wonderful present every time you post up your scanlations or write the game stories. Thank you for everything. I hope your new age brings you more happiness =)

    Hope you had fun.
    Are you uploading 161?
    I hope you are because mangafox took out skip beat again. One manga stopped uploading, so everything is a bummer at the moment.


  19. Okay.. It's very late... but still... HAPPY (SuperBelated) BIRTHDAY!!! XD

    and I think "care to join me?" sounds naughtier and suits Ren better in his Cain Heel role... :)

    Kiyora <3

  20. Happy birthday!!
    I am a Leo, too.

  21. Happy Birthday!!!

    I'm voting "Yes" on "Care to join me?" as well. It's very close the literal tranlation and I think it quite suits the look on his face when he says it. (Tee hee ^_^) It's rather nonchalant, like it's something not unusual between the two of them, since they're creepily close siblings.

  22. Happy belated birthday. =]
    I think adapting to the language you're translating into is more important than keeping a perfect, literal translation. So yes, 'care to join me' sounds better ^^

    And thank you so much for continuing to translate Skip beat.!


  23. I also like the "care to join me?" better

  24. Happy Birthday !
    It's belated but I did not know until now.
    I hope it was a wonderful one =(^.^)=

  25. Oh hey, happy belated birthday :-)


  26. happy birthday and thanks for sharing.

  27. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    God bless!!!!!

  28. Happy Belated Birthday. Again thank you so much for the translations. "care to join me" is slightly more suited to the situation.
    The Silver Dragon

  29. Thanks for the comments guys. The raws for chapter 161 will be up soon. If it comes, please inform me first, thanks guys. Make sure you tell me first, not the forums. ^_^

  30. aye aye captain!


  31. hey mechgouki i found this website that this web uploads raw SB chapters, soon they will upload the next chap :3 >>:
    btw its in chinese, I was able to read it because i have google chrome to translate it in english ^^

  32. oh yh sorry but happy late birthday! :3

  33. A belated happy birthday!

    Regarding the shower scene, what Ren actually says is "Will you join me?" The tense was indicative, not presumptive, so it wasn't an invitation. My preference is for a literal (rather than liberal) translation.

    About the watch, I agree that it's a reminder of something Ren/Kuon doesn't allow himself to forget. Way back in ch.67, during Ren's conversation with Bo (Kyoko), he holds his wrist, covering the watch, when he tells her that he's "not allowed to have someone that important" at this time. I suspect the watch represents why he's not allowed, perhaps something to do with that flashback.

    ~ Katherine

  34. Oh, yeah. According to a summary of ch.161 that I just saw, Kyoko doesn't ask him about the watch, but we get to find out a bit of Ren's reaction to the shower scene. ^_^

    ~ Katherine

  35. i´m really looking forward to chapter 161!!! :)

    i know i´m also late, but happy belated birthday, mechgouki-san and thank you very much for what you´re doing!!!


  36. Regarding the shower scene, what Ren actually says is "Will you join me?" The tense was indicative, not presumptive, so it wasn't an invitation. My preference is for a literal (rather than liberal) translation.

    I am absolutely certain that nothing in the original line indicates "Will you join me?".

    The original line is Isshou ni hairu ka. Indicating entering and together. Nothing of what you said has any relation to the original meaning. I am totally certain that you are wrong.

  37. Choosing from the options you provided I would prefer.. "Care to join me?"
    I think the watch defineatley relates to his flashback.. There will be some sort of situation regarding it probably..

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! *sings*

    I cant wait till the next chapter is translated! Im restless! lol

  38. Ah, I just found your blog, and I have to say that I really love it! I love the PS2 summaries, and the translations of the manga chapters, so thank you for them!

    I was also wondering if you are going to make summaries for Sho and Moko's paths for the PS2 game. I'm really interested to see Sho's. I know he's a real jerk and all, but I find something really interesting about him. I'm one of the ones who are on the fence about who Kyoko will end up with. I wouldn't mind Kyoko ending up with Sho if he deflates his ego and shapes up, but I think everyone agrees that Kyoko will end up with Ren. (Which makes me happy, too!)

    Thank you for all of these updates you do, and keep up the hard work!

    this seems like only the summary of ch.161... nobody uploaded the actual chapter yet.. it's taking longer this month.. we are still waiting for the new chapter upload

  40. Yeah the raws are out !

    Thanks for your awesome hard work ! :)

  41. oh no!! NO!!!! im spoiling my self!!!!!! this is torture!!!!!! NOOOO!!!



    yay.. it's out

  43. I am absolutely certain that nothing in the original line indicates "Will you join me?".

    The original line is Isshou ni hairu ka. Indicating entering and together.

    Yes, the original line was "Isshou ni hairu no ka?" However, the meaning of "hairu" is not limited to entering; it can also mean to join, to be included, to set in, among other meanings. Also, the fact that Ren was already in the shower gives his use of "isshou ni" the nuance of joining, not simply together.

    ~ Katherine

  44. Hairu can indeed mean joining. As well as entering. Isshou still means together.

    From the context here, I still have every reason to believe my literal translation here, "Shall we enter together?" is correct.

    I have faith in my own translations.

    I can fully understand if you chose to believe your own version as well, but I would appreciate it if you don't declare here that your version is the correct one.

    This is something I am fully confident of, and I would prefer not to argue over it.

  45. Happy Birthday.

  46. bad the last two pages it seems like ren has given up on kyoko "i have no need for this protective charm"
    oh no this scares me.
    imagine if ren gets over kyoko and then kyoko realizes she likes him and it wil be too late
    okay ill stop ranting

  47. @ anonymous;

    I'm pretty sure he was speaking in refrence to the watch and was truly considering Kyoko as a protective charm. Something that surpasses the watches relevance and keeps him on the straight and narrow better. Atleast that's what i think i could be wrong lol we shall see though >.<

    Happy b-day Mech!!!!