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How did you come to like Skip Beat?

Please post your experience with your first encounter of Skip Beat.

I first came to know about Skip Beat by the anime they air in my area.

BTW, they are reshowing Skip Beat again in my area. So I'm viewing the start again.

Truth is, when I first watched the anime, I didn't like it that much. It was funny and exaggerated, but not of the characters were likeable. Shou is downright rotten, Ren is just plain rude, and I didn't like Kyouko either. I didn't like the idea of someone joining showbiz for the sake of revenge. It's insulting to people who want to join for true reasons. I felt Kyouko could do so much better if she leaves it all behind her. Her revenge is a prison to herself

I continued to watch it. The exaggerations of the anime were actually interesting. Particularly the fight with Ruriko, it was interesting to see her actions. By the time I reached Episode 13, I started liking the series, and I decided that I'll follow the manga as well. Going deeper into the series, it's interesting to see how Kyouko develops as an actress, and seeing her relation with Ren becoming more interesting.

That's my experience. I probably wouldn't have known about it were it not for the anime.


  1. The manga caught my eye in a store (the art and title). I was curious that the heroine was described as a bit of an anti-shoujo heroine and I bought the first 3 on a complete impulse buy. That week I bought the rest of the series. I was into Skip Beat! about 2 years before it became an anime, I like the anime but the manga is what has my heart.

  2. Off-topic:

    Lovelyduckie, do you collect Seena ones too? Seena and Elwin ones are my favourite. :D


    To be perfectly honest, I felt the story had a very negative start. Fortunately I continued watching it instead of letting it go. The story gets better.

  3. Well for my own I was just searching for a Shojo manga and anime, I fell in Love with Skip beat! First I watch the Anime and then I start reading the manga. I'm French so the manga is right now only on Volume 7, but i'm good enaught in english so I can read the manga without any difficulties.

  4. I got a "DAISUKI" at my 13th B-Day, it´s a German Version of "LaLa" with Skip Beat, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight Alice Academy, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama and a german Manga (right now "A Kiss from The Dark"). First I didn´t like the drawing, but somhow I couldn´t stop bying the Magazin and I got into Skip-Beat-Spirit, then I got Internet and found MangaFox and OneManga, where I could read the Englisch Translations of the Manga, In German we´re at chapter 85 right now^^ The happiest day of my life was, when I found out, that there´ll be an Anime of SB^^ I LOVE SKIP BEAT, I CAN`T DIE IN PEACE UNTILL THIS MANGA IS FINISHED xD And I will definitively die if Kyoko and Sho become a couple!!!! (SRY for my bad English :P)

  5. I had heard a LOT about it on the internet and on anime video watching sites and manga reading sites so I thought that I would give it a try, but for some reason I just never committed to it. But than I just decided to read a few chapters and after that I feel in love with it.

  6. first i saw the anime...i thuought right from the 1st episode that it was a really great story!!i didn't like the details of the art (such as the lips slightly bent down) but by the 6th episode it didn't really matter anymore 'cause i was totally absorbed in the story:))) then..after the 6th apisode i was really frustrated for having to wait one week everytime to know what's gonna happen next..so i started reading the manga.. i was so addicted that i read it in a marathon of 2 days without sleep..and since then it's been a continuous agony:(((... when i can't take the waiting for the next chapter anymore i re-read my favorite part again (ch.79 -99 --->btw 20 ch means how many months???i can't possibly pity enough the people who were reading the manga at that time..oh the long waiting to know the ending of those arcs..sigh)..i think when it will be over the valentine arc will also become one of my favorites...
    but enough from me!!!:))))

  7. Well, there was a book fair and my school and
    I was a 6th grader who just started reading manga.(Fruits Basket x3)

    What caught my eye at that book fair was both the title and the art. I was a bit reluctant until I read the back and the summery said that she wanted "revenge" I paid 9 bucks and immediately started reading it.

    When I first read it, I was like, that girl doesn't look like the girl on the cover. D:

    I was giving up hope when Sho started talking about how he used her and stuff. "Is she gonna cry? Ugh, how lame." I thought. Then, I flipped to the next page and saw her laughing and demons
    coming out! 8D After that, I got HOOKED! But
    I gave up my obsession because of Naruto. T.T

    1 1/2 year(s) later, I got bored with the
    search bar and typed stuff with "Fox" at the end. I randomly typed MF and found the site.
    I remembered my obsession with Skip Beat! and
    typed Skip Beat! into the searchbar and found
    it again! I was so happy! I went to the chapter
    where I stopped at and read all the way to the recent chapter in just 2 days. :)

    *happy sigh*
    I was so happy that I found Skip Beat! again
    that I gave up on Naruto. xD


  8. I was absolutely addicted to Skip Beat! from page 1.

    For figures I have the Max Factory and Kotobukiya Seena ones and the Kotobukiya Elwyn. I have the Max Factory Kureha, she is one of my favorite figures.

  9. actually, skip beat kinda technically started my manga/anime addiction. ^^

    i guess the real start was when i was 4, cuz my favorite shows were digimon and pokemon lol (but i didnt even kno what anime was then) then, like, 6-7 years later, i started watching bits and pices of bleach and inuyasha on the tv when my parents weren't looking. (by then, i knew sort of what anime was)i also started re-watchng digimon.

    but anywho, like cherryblossomangel, i discovered skip beat at my 6th grade book fair. (weird...) i remember staring at it like an idiot thinking "that's one of those japanese comic things, huh?" "the drawings are pretty..." and stuff like that. i finally picked it up, and read the summary on the back thinking "revenge on the guy who used u? that sounds like something i would do..." my friend showed me how to read it, and before i knew it, i was going to the bookstore to buy the next volumes.

    i now am the proud owner of 12 different series, 72 books in total so far. all thanks to skip beat. ^^ and it remains my favorite.

  10. I saw a beautiful costume on the cosplay.com website and it said it was from Skip Beat! (It was Kyoko in her angel costume from the Prisoner PV.) Anyway, I looked for Skip Beat! online and found the anime on Crunchyroll.

    From the first episode I loved it. I've been through something similar to Kyoko, so I identified with her very strongly. I felt the emotions that one experiences when they are betrayed like that were really well captured.

    Since, in the anime, we are following Kyoko's POV, I think it makes sense that Sho seems like the biggest jerk and Ren, at first, seems mean. Kyoko cannot be objective after such a strong betrayal, so now she sees danger everywhere and trusts nothing. So when she starts to realize that Ren is actually really nice, we know that she's starting to heal a little because she's giving trust that she could not give before.

    I love following her journey back to the loving person she was before. (It's a very difficult journey, believe me. You hate the other person- you hate that you ever loved them. But then you hate yourself too for the way you've become and you hate that other person even more for making you the way you've become. You don't trust anyone anymore, and people become uncomfortable with all that anger so you try to hide it but then it sneaks up on you and goes off like an unexpected explosion. Then you become embarrassed and scared that you've frightened the people around you and that they will hate you for not being nicer, like you used to be. And then it starts all over again with the "I hate the way I am, I hate that YOU made me this way.")

    Anyway, sorry for the long and passionate vent!

    After I finished watching all of the episodes for the anime I found out there was a manga. I stayed up late for 3 nights in a row when I was catching up. I was sooooo tired in summer school that week. But I didn't care because I just wanted to know what happened next! And now I'm all caught up, I can't wait to find out what happens next.

  11. I love reading these!
    I started before the 4th volume came out, so it's been a while. Like many others, the art caught my eye, and when I saw 'revenge' in the summary, I bought it. I knew I was hooked when Kyoko threw her mini hate demons at Sho. ^^
    - kokonut_soda

  12. I read the first volume when it was first published, and I was still just starting to read manga. I read the first volume, and I thought it was decent, but I didn't particularly like it (I thought it was kind've boring, and I had yet to read enough shoujo to comprehend how very anti-shoujo heroine Kyoko was). After a few more volumes were released(in america), I was bored and decided to give it another go. I was more and more drawn in as each volume went by, and Skip Beat! became part of my top three favorite manga list. For the characters, story, and, of course, the art.

  13. i first watched the anime...i thought it was funny and cute..then i came across it on onemanga.com...that's it..my experience..:)))

  14. My experience? hmmm... well 2 years ago, I entered an online contest at theSpectrum.net to win some manga. Wouldn't you know it? I won! It was the first 10 volumes of Skip Beat! :D I read the books - over and over again XD - and I've been hooked ever since X3

  15. I first found it on onemanga when I was looking for a new read, but at the time I was going through an “no-more-shoujo” phase.
    The only thing I would read was tenjou tenge, so I was looking for something like that, however I found the story and I thought it had a very interesting plot, so I gave it a go.
    When I first started I was like “I hate this” because she was doing everything for him
    While he treated her like dirt, however after the confrontation with Shou I thought “hmmmm…” this might be interesting so I kept reading,
    and of course it was awesome, and now I am a Skip Beat addict.

  16. 4-5 years back, I was hooked to Pokemon and Cardcaptors <(^_^)> on Cartoon Network
    Recently, a friend who likes to watch anime told me about animeseason.com So I just thought to re-watch Cardcaptors...Browsing, I just thought to see some other anime too... I just clicked on the highest rated and watched animes...and there it was - skip-beat! Actually, the story sounded good and Ren looked cool ...so I started watching!
    Watching first episode was painful, I was really disappointed in the main characters, Sho was horrible and Kyoko wasn't much better...Seriously, I thought her as an idiot even before she heard Sho talking about her. After watching 1st episode, I thought to myself that if I don't like 2nd episode, I wouldnt watch it anymore...but by end of it, I actually started liking it, especially Kyoko's grudges following Sawara-san...and I was kinda curious to see what she would do at the audition. And after 5 or 6th episode, I fell in love with the story, Ren and Kyoko....
    Afetr watching the last episode (watched all over a weekend ^_^), I felt kinda cheated at the end, so I was just googling about skip-beat and came across manga-fox and I realized that manga doesn't end there.
    Skip-Beat actually hooked me to reading manga....and mechgouki-san made me addicted to his updates...*_*

  17. BTW, you should know Cartoon Network's dubbed Cardcaptor Sakura sucks. They censored out the fact that Xiaoron and Sakura like Yukito. :P

  18. Actually, while re-watching Cardcaptors, I was thinking that I dont remember Xiaoron liking Yukito, but thought that may be I forgot since I was watching it after 4 yrs or so...
    What you told actually makes sense =D

  19. I only started with Skip Beat 2 months ago. I saw the anime featured in Otakucenter and thought the summary was cool. I told myself to watch the anime but never got around it until a chat friend told me how amazing the anime is and that I'd definitely end up reading the manga to get the proper ending. Intrigued, I started watching it. At first, I thought it was boring. Even if I like cheesy stuff, I hate stories where a girl is too obsessed with a guy who treats her like shit. It just pisses me off. And then Kyoko does her turnaround and I was like, "Whoa... Nice." I like the idea of revenge through self-improvement. Weird but it kinda fuels me. But the vengeance part left me when I started enjoying Kyoko's antics more and more. This is probably the first manga that made me laugh so hard! And then before I knew it, I was hooked! I wanted to know more and more about how Kyoko would develop as an actress and how she would learn more about herself. I love Kyoko's cute character and her determination in doing things. It's inspiring me a lot.

    Then the anime series ended! It made me so restless! My friend was right: I wouldn't be satisfied until I read the manga. So I did. I'm still addicted until now. And the wait for Chapter 146 is really driving me crazy. Dx

    On a side note, I love Nakamura-sensei's drawings. I think the chibis are also soooo cute. It provides a good "atmosphere" in the manga.

  20. I'm heavenlysamuraigirl

    I found skip beat in a shoujo Beat Magazine. I read the first Exerpt. It only went to when Sho left and Kyoko was yelling at Ren on the television. So i didn't know what was going to happen.

    A few months later I found the rest of the chapter and started to read.

    Boy it sure wasn't what i was expecting. I did not expect to see her go psycho.

    then I left it for a little and found it again several months later on some site that host mangas. It wasn't Mangafox.

    I started reading and catching up.

    Now I'm up to date.

    I've never really hated the characters. I love Kyoko and ren and Sho and Reino and Moko and Maria.

    I don't like those bitchy girls that show up once in a while. Momori (little doggy), i don't like her.

    But I love the series.

  21. I usually go around reading romance manga on the net. I had been avoiding Skip Beat because the "beat" in the title made me think of some lame predictable dramatic mangas in my past... but one day I got really bored and decided to read it. I fell in love with it after that and now I've bought all the translations available in this country.

  22. Basically,im an anime fanatic!!! ^.^ i always keep watch of new animes and view them. AND Skipbeat! is definetely one that I would definetely place as a TOP 3 favourite!!!

  23. i read the manga first before watching the anime. :] i remember seeing the title Skip Beat! in one of my Shojo Beat magz. i ran out of manga to read and was searching for titles in that Shojo Beat. and *poof* there was Skip Beat! :)) frankly i disliked the art in the first few chapters, but i liked the storyline about revenge on an ex lover. >:) i got hooked immediately; another *poof* and my whole vacation was through. haha.

  24. Well, for me it was the revenge element. I hadn't really seen any anime/manga with that element and it just got really addicting for me. x3

  25. Two years ago I has just gotten into online manga (after watching heaps of mainstream anime - solely revolving around shounen and perhaps more mature fighting animes), I read weekly the shounen jump chapters. When I started reading shoujo (which was unlike me) right after I finished Furuba, I saw Skip Beat!
    The art, like most people, didn't appeal to me. I started reading it and thought that it was pretty funny but soon dropped it at chapter 7. I didn't pick it up again until a couple of weeks later. I was bored so I looked at it again. I just went to a random chapter (which happened to be chapter 23) and was completely amused by it. It was Bo that kinda made me pick it up again, the whole chicken suit thing was appealing. haha.
    Anyway, I found it was pretty much my favourite manga when I was up to around chapter 50 (the only chapters I was aware of at the time that weren't on One Manga).
    Now I have all 18 volumes (English) and am awaiting the 19th volume coming out in a couple of days. Skip Beat (L)

  26. Haha, i saw it on mangafox, but since it was on the "hot mangas" list i decided NOT to read it. strange enough, now i'm all excited over it.

  27. For me...i decided to start this manga since i saw it was in the top 10 under popular manga...at that time, skip beat! had only 140 chapters..and i finished it in 2 days! At first i think it's only average...and i really hate ren for his sucky attitude...but it really starts to get interesting when she started auditioning...and very soon i had become a fan for skip beat! And ren too ^^

  28. I love Nakamura's work after I read tokyo crazy paradise..the story was hella cool!! so when I was informed that she went for another work (which is Skip Beat), of course I was so excited and I expected the best from her..but I tend to dislike Skip Beat the first time I read it because of stupid reasons like 1)it was about showbiz which I think it'll be ridiculous for me to accept (dunno why though)2)after she got dumped by certain villain (yes..that person is Sho), she dyed her hair which was totally unacceptable(because I like original hair color better)..that's really ridiculous when I think it back...-.-;;

    However miracles do happen as I was bored with nothing to do(I was bored with my manga collections already)so I thought of re-reading the manga I had dumped previously and instantly thought of Skip Beat..I read patiently although inside of me was already pissed..and when I reached a part where she's stalking Sawara-san..I bursted out laughter like crazy and starting from that I kept reading and found out Skip Beat has become apart of my life (or rather soul? lol)Now, although I kept collections of Skip Beat in my folder, but I still bought Skip Beat because it's worth buying!! sorry for this long comment, but I couldn't suppress my feeling because I'm extremely grateful to find Skip Beat ^-^ ~Ash Company~

  29. My friend told me about Skip Beat!, I like some pics from manga then I fall in love with Tsuruga Ren & now i'm an addict of SB ^_^

  30. well i just somehow randomly picked an anime on a list of animes online, so it just so happens to be i picked this one, at first i thought it was a load of crap ^_^, but for some reason i couldnt stop watching it so i become to like it so yh ^_^

  31. My sister told me maybe 3-4 times that I should watch this anime called Skip Beat which was still ongoing (I think it was on episode 9) so I saw it on crunchyroll & I loved it , it was soooooo funny XD
    so I saw all the episodes & then googled skip beat found the manga & read it to catch up with the story
    Now I am a Skip Beat! addict XD
    I have read the manga from the beginning to end maybe 3-4 times :D
    I am more obsessed to it than my sister who introduced me to it :)
    Skip Beat is one of the mangas that I read that made me believe that there are really interesting stories in manga & it made me read more manga works
    thank you Nakamura Yoshiki sensei

  32. Honestly...I had that moment when I just wanted to read sooooooo many shoujo series in one day.
    I kept passing this series by, really. I just kept ignoring it after reading the synopsis. ^^;
    But after awhile when I finally gave it a chance (after reading Nakamura-sensei's other series: TCP)it was a HUUUUGE surprise how it got me soooo addicted to it.
    There was finally a series I know that would take the top spot on my favorite manga list. :']
    Even after reading other series...nothin' ever comes first but this one♥
    After reading some other series, I got so tired of looking for one that might be as great as Skip Beat...nothin' ever satisfies me anymore so I was kinda sad especially since I have to wait excruciatingly for the next chapters to come out.
    But I don't regret ever falling in love and still loving this series. You've got to hand it to Nakamura-sensei...this is the most unusual, AMAZING shoujo series I've read. (I know someone who said that this was like a shounen story in shoujo style xD which kinda fits Skip Beat so much)

  33. i noticed SB coz it's always one of the popular mangas in mangafox..that time,SB already reached 100+ chapters..keep reading n became a fan..hohohhoho..i like SB coz it's different..the plot's not entirely bout love,it's just perfect..plus,kyoko n her inner-demons-floating-around-thingy are juz hilarious..i even managed to influence my rum8 to read it...(she watched the anime 1st)now,she's a huge fan of ren-sama..that goes to me 2...huhuhu

  34. It definitely made a good first-impression on me!

    While reading mangafox forum entries, I kept hearing Skip Beat!
    I never new what it was about, but one day I decided I'd look it up on onemanga. The plot facinated me, so a few days later I read it. After I started... I couldn't stop! I'd be on the computer for as many hours streight reading it! I was so in love with it!!
    And when I got to the last chapter readable, I'm like "D: I HAVE TO WAIT? T~T"

    After reading alot, I think all of the character are cute, funny, and important!
    I could go on and on with a never-ending rant, but I'd rather get to the point.

  35. Adashi-san desu
    Hi, I have been reading your post of the SB game. Actually I found your site thanks to a friend who recommended it to me. Is pretty nice. Specially cause you post the new chapters very fast. Thank you.
    About how I come to like SB it was the same as you, because of the anime. I found it on youtube but it was not complete (episode 16) so I get disappointed X( left it and occuped myself in something else, then I just forgot about it by 3 years or so and one day again looking for something to do on the net I remember I was watching an interesting shojo anime that was kind of different to the typical love triangle, so I also happened to remember there was a girl in a pink suit, something about the showbiz and then as it was magic the name pop out on my head (weird ha?)And I started to watch the anime again. When it ended I could not believe that was all, so I googled it and found the manga in onemanga.com. Since then is almost like an obsession, I´m always looking for the next chapter. I get anxious. I have seen the anime like 5 times by now, have read the manga 2 times in Spanish and 2 in english and don’t get bored of it. Actually I´m going to do it again this Christmas perhaps =). Is the first time I like a manga so much. My love for SB is sooo big that I happened to create a fan fiction about it parting of the end chapter 152. I have never done that before. Every single story I find about SB I read it. The only thing I haven´t done yet is Cosplay, but probably next year hehehe. Maybe I´m sick, or probably I got an illness named SB madness who knows? hahaha.
    However I really enjoy read SB and fortunately I am not the only one XD.
    I hope to find a Tsuruga Ren for myself hahaha!

    PD: Sorry if there is some miss spelling or awful mistakes in my grammar (I´m actually trying to improve my english) cause my native language is spanish. Well I´m going to get back to the reading of the ps2 game you posted. Thanks again. Matta ne! >_<


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