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Latest Chapter Discussions / Next Chapter Predictions.

Please discuss anything regarding the latest chapter, especially regarding that shocking scene. (Which many of us are recovering from. Myself included.)

Also post any predictions or what you hope to see in the next chapter here.

NOTE: Spoilers for those who have yet to read Chapter 145.


  1. I'm very interested in how Ren will act, and I'm sure that the next chapter will be full of Hate Demons. Fun. ^_^
    But I'm dying to know how Sho is going to explain that kiss to Kyoko. I can't wait!

  2. hm? I think Sho is gonna act like a jerk again after that.. with a winning smile saying something like "it's ur punishment, and I take that as my VD gift in return for that flowers." and walks away....

  3. I am still reeling from shock as well. I mean, really! Of ALL the things he could have done in that situation..a kiss! OHMYGOD! He's SOOOO gonna get it! I hope Ren demolishes him.

    But for some reason, I can't stop laughing. I'm really starting to enjoy Sho's character. Of course, I don't like Sho/Kyoko at all, and I know it's never gonna happen and that makes me glad, but this kiss was just hilarious. I mean, how possesive can Sho get? And does Ren really need another reason to kill him?

    It's just so ironic. Sho callously throws her away- that's the reason the whole series started. And now, he's definitely falling in love with her (as much as he'll deny) in spite of (and maybe even BECAUSE) she's out of his reach. I almost feed bad for him.

    And Kyoko! Oh. my. god. How will she react? I hope she attacks him. XD But she might like, faint from shock or something. I know Ren will kick him out of the studio with his gentlemanly smile and be like "I'm sorry, but it's against the rules of the studio to harass the actresses"...or probably make a thinly veiled comment in reference to the fact he'll protect Kyoko and kill him if he tries anything with her again, since he threw her away.

    OHMYGOSH. I really just can't wait for the next chapter. But I know it's not gonna come for a while. >.< And what will the series be like now? It seems like Sho's accepted at least that he doesn't want to lose his place in her heart. Will he try to keep her away from Ren? Or even make a move on her? XD Not likely, but still...how hilarious would that be?

    This is just too much. I raelly am dying to know how things are goin to play out...

  4. Kyoko will try to beat the crap out of Shou, they will argue and he will say some jerky things and leave and Kyoko wonders what was the meaning of all this.
    Then when Kyoko and Ren are left alone, Ren asks her how does she feel about Sho. She will be like "EEEh? I hate that bastard!" And then on the last page of the chapter Ren gets close to Kyoko and say "And how do you feel about me?"

    Such a cliffhanger! I can't wait... I think that again something really unexpected will happend, because this mangaka is so unpredictable :)

  5. Kyouko will most likely be the one to react. She'll probably kick him in the scene.

    I for one, am hoping that she will be too stunned, so that Ren is the one to react instead. I hope Ren steps in and sends him the "right message". Anyone hopes the same?

  6. so excited about the next chapter :)
    aside from how Kyoko and Ren will react, do you think ren will finally open the present? coz that present is somewhat the cause of the kiss don't you think?
    and i think the kiss might also be a way for sho to reclaim his spot in kyoko heart, cos hate is greater thann love according to Reino

  7. magicmelody2o2o:
    I think that as much as I hate the idea, the kiss with Sho kind of sealed the deal(at least for now). I kind of feel that she's going to come back to him first, but then he'll take advantage of her again, and then Tsuruga will be in the back, patiently waiting, slowly losing it...
    Then she'll leave him.

    i don't want that to happen!!!!she would be stupid to return to him!!!!grrrrrrrrr and i don't think ren would look at her in the same way if she did that

    @xsilverrosenx, kokonut_soda & mitsuki
    i know it's a love/hate relationship but!
    what can she possibly achieve by joining showbiz other then making sho fall inlove with her and prove him that she is not plain and boring???
    did she really had to follow him in this world just to prove this point??? looking at how smart she is and how well she studies she could've done something else... ok..so shortly my point is that deep deep down inside she still loves him (just a little), even if he hurt her so much!+being near him in showbiz will never help her forgeting him...
    probably:) (or not)

  8. @zibibba

    Her joining showbiz started as revenge...
    I don't know if she really wanted him to fall in love with her.. more like bow at her feet?
    And now.. well sure showbiz will remind her of him a bit but she realized that acting was something that she wanted to do for herself...
    Instead of doing what other people wanted...
    And well for the love thing..
    I still think is sibling/family love

  9. Re. to Zibibba:

    It STARTED OUT as revenge.
    (I remember in episode 4 that she wanted
    Sho to grovel and bow before her xD)

    Now, she's becoming a true actress with a REAL

    Which is to "Change into a new Kyoko Mogami" She always did stuff for others. Now,
    that she's learning acting she can do
    something for herself, experience more things,
    absorb more, and open up her own world.

    Sho Fuwa was no longer the motive anymore ever since she was in the LoveMe section. :)

    Even when she was doing the PV, she wasn't
    doing it for revenge(Well at first she was, but then, it wasn't for revenge), when she was acting.

    I STILL think it's love/hate relationship
    instead of "family love"


  10. hahaha I bet kyokos gonna kill him and ren too

  11. I think than ren will be so angry because of kiss
    but then he will be more wanting to do what sho did ...the kiss &&

    I really cant wait for the next chapter *_*

  12. still one more week to go until the raws...hehehehehhehehe...it's been a hell of a month!

  13. YAY! only 1 more weeks... hopefully it come out 2 days earlier than scheduled again as always... ^-^.. can't wait to read the raws, then read the translated one.

  14. Zibabiba has posted this.


  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Ugh!! looks like it's not really the chapter yet.. LOL silly me!! well, nevermind.. it looks like somebody took the pages from previous chapters to make prediction for next chapter, and edit the conversations?? Very well done, I must say... thanks for posting it anyway.. I will sit here, be good,.. and ... wait patiently for the next chapter.. just few more day... *talking to myself**...

  17. ok...so i'm back with some other news:D:D
    chapter 146 is on its way!!!

    summary at tatsukida.pitas.com
    quite unexpected and it left a lot of questionmarks!!!!! please share any of your thoughts about it here..i'm really curious to read other people opinion about this latest chapter(summary until we get to see the raws)


  18. I read the summary of the possible spoiler. My thoughts:

    I guess we'll see if the spoilers are true. It's possible this is another fanfic made. But I mean, it's interesting to the pitiful side of these people. These are pretty deep character flaws being shown. Ren, especially. I'm kind of happy to see him really explode or something for once but I do not like Kyouko crying.

  19. hm.. thanks for the link.. zibibba-san..
    the teaser is interesting.. seems almost true??

    ****SPOILER**** I'm sharing my thoughts about it below, for those who haven't read it, you might want to read the teaser summary first..

    I don't think it's out of character .. it's very Sho's character to not admit his feelings and be rude to Kyoko.. as for Kyoko, I did expect her to cry once she realized what happened (just from the shock of it happens, especially over petty things like that), she will be furious once she recovered from the shock.. I was wondering how the kiss happened, but now it makes sense that Sho would do something like that for an excuse (using choco to trick her, huh??)...
    as for Ren's reaction, he was furious at first, as expected, when it looked like they were in deep kiss (Sho holds her tighter and Kyoko just couldn't get away for a while).. but when he heard what Sho said about it afterwards.. he knew it wasn't voluntary, and I guess just a kiss is not a big deal to him as long as Kyoko didn't commit to it (considering his past w/ lots of girlfriends before, he probably kissed them a lot and thought he loved them, just to realize recently that it wasn't love?? so to him, those kisses probably didn't mean anything).. hm.. make sense??

    Well.. that's my opinion..

  20. Was the "it's not out of character" a response to me or the blog? Just in case, I don't think they are out of character except Kyouko slightly maybe. Flaws = personality flaws not characterization flaws.

    Shou was exactly what I thought.

    I think Ren, after an emotional day, is not gentle and caerful with his words as normal but if he was, I'd find him boring. What kind of monster would not have some fighting spirit after that? It's not the best choice of words since this is someone who wants perfection in her life but a light scolding lesson is good. He would be no good for her otherwise.

    The only thing that bothers me at the moment is Kyouko crying but I think it is more or less natural because it's not like she can be angry all the time. In her heart, she still loves fairy tales and romance and all. I just am slightly bothered because I think normally she'd fight Shou until he leaves then break down but I have to see the chapter before I can judge it.

  21. SPOILERS**** (i've been waiting for sooo long!!!)



    from franky house!!

    p.s. with only this images..the summaries seem correct..

  22. Zibibba-san.. again thanks for the image spoilers.. well, at least the first part regarding what Sho & Kyoko was talking about when Ren and the others turned away were correct... the choco Sho shove into her mouth, and that it ended up w/ a forced kiss..
    Seems like it was a real summaries then.. if they got the whole 1st part correctly, they might have read the whole raw chapter.

    Kilimonian-san e...
    it was my opinion for the blog...
    but thanks for responding... you make a good point too..
    on Ren parts.. he's probably reacting a little rude w/ his words because of the emotional day.. not his normal gentlemanly self.. I think maybe because he can't show his anger in public but he's irritated, so he's somewhat taking it out on Kyoko w/ his criticism on her making a big deal out of losing 1st kiss?? ..

    I kinda analyzed about how he felt regarding 1st kiss, as a guy and actor, probably not a big deal to him.. but for a girl like Kyoko,.. he should know it's a big deal, to lose it over such petty reason (or so she thought since she believed that Sho meant what he said).. She didn't know Sho acting cocky on purpose to get her attention..

    I'm thinking on Kyoko's reaction to his words.. maybe she would take it as a constructive scolding like she normally did.. the others (the other 2 actresses, director & Yashiro) might think Ren is a little heartless to say that..
    what will Ren say next?? more criticism like how she had delayed the shooting production because of her petty personal issues and her childhood friend's interruption?? That would make Kyoko jumps up and busy apologizing to everybody.. I can only imagine that..

    But oh well, have to see the chapter to find out.. I have a feeling it's another short chapter.. whatever Kyoko's reactions to Ren's words, we might have to wait 2 more weeks to find out..

  23. I saw the raws and Kyouko was normal. It had sounded like broken down on the ground bawling so I was confused.

    And yeah, that was my point about the emotional day. I'd hate if he could keep his composure so well. It's very nice that his face is natural (god, he looks great natural) but I feel like his words aren't sharp enough to really be taken anything more than slight criticism... not yet... I hope he kind of is slightly pitiful in the next chapter and is more critical in his words. But I doubt it, I think he will continue advice role and challenge her to do better.

    Also, he is an actor but he also has slept with other girls thinking he was in love but now realizes he didn't love them. I think he brings that to the table as well as his acting past.

  24. I totally agree with Kilimonian-san...
    just read the whole new raw ch.146 as well.. wow, the whole teaser was true after all.. ^-^
    yup.. seems like just a light criticism this time.. others (other than Yashiro) hadn't seen how sharp his words can be towards Kyoko in the past... so they didn't know.. to Kyoko, this type of criticism from Ren is probably just the beginning of more upcoming sharp words??

    he was furious at first thinking they were in long deep kiss.. then he sighed after Sho left and he found out it wasn't a voluntary kiss on Kyoko's side. At least I think he's relieved that it wasn't like Sho and Kyoko are getting back together again..

  25. Shade-shewolf says...

    I think that Ren is jelous because kyoko is currently devoting all her thoughts, attention and feelings to Sho. He feels left out. He knows that aslong as her heart belongs to sho,(until she lets him go, get overhim), she will never have any other feelings of love for anyone else. And sho just narrowed her heart to only have room for him. And Ren knows that.

  26. I'd like to see Kyoko beat the crap out of Sho...I hope he gets it...what a jerk! The poor girl is going to be scarred for life now...How dare he kiss her?!! Didn't he say he didn't like her as a woman? SURE! He says he just did it to take the candy away but that was his excuse to kiss her...because he's actually interested in her and it kills him that other guys do notice Kyoko and find her attractive...Ha! Stupid Sho!

    I really hope Ren starts doing something about Kyoko. Obviously he likes her but I hate it that he's not doing anything about it...And he better do something about Sho...And Kyoko needs to realize she does like Ren. She thinks she only feels admiration and respect for him but deep inside she likes him. Oh boy...-sighs- The drama....

    Anyway, it was a rather shocking chapter and can't wait for the next one. :)

    -Little Lady-

  27. Kyoko is in denial.. the past painful experience made her cautious, refuse to identify any love feelings, and thus turn her eyes away from it... Ren, he's hesitating.. he didn't plan to fall in love at all while pursuing his main goal in japan.. he can't help falling in love, that's why he's holding back..

  28. i just had a revelation..hopefully a bad one!
    i think this whole vday chapters are going to end with a v-day 2010 finish arc release...and maybe with another kiss..
    i mean there are still a lot of things to resolve..not only with kyoko..but also moko-san..and lory's plan...ren's present...pffffff :((


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