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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 1 (part 2)

Kanae talks about the job, as if it was the worst possible job. Their job is to clean up the room of the piglets.

Mouko is shocked by the mess made by the piglets, but Kyouko is like, "WOW! So cuuuuuuuuute!!" Kyouko gives the Piglets names. Cinderella, Hansel, Gretel. One of the piglets Mouko is carrying licks her, and Kyouko finds that really cute.

During cleaning, Kyouko accidentally spills a bucket, making Mouko furious. Kyouko apologizes, but says she is happy that Mouko calls her name directly.

Anyway, after cleaning they talk again. Another 4 way option on who to talk about. Quite a long discussion on Ren or Shou.

If it's about Ren, Kyouko says he doesn't hate her. He also used to be someone she hates, now he's her respected senior. Kanae asks her what she hopes for, and she answers, she hopes to be standing on even levels with Tsuruga-san as an actor one day. He's not just a great actor, but great model too. Kanae comments it must be tough for Tsuruga-san to have a kouhai such as her.

If it's about Shou, Kyouko says he is someone she hates enough, to want him to cry in front of her while kneeling. Kanae asks, suppose she does get him to kneel in front of her begging for forgiveness. What next? After she accomplishes her objective, would she quit? Kyouko says, she wouldn't, Shou wasn't the sole reason she goes into acting. She replies strongly, she's not chasing after Shou, she's bringing him down! She says that with such force, it even scares Kanae.

After they cleaned up the mess and fed them, they prepare to leave. "Eh?? Are we leaving them here?!" "Well, if that's not okay with you, why don't you stay with them tonight?!"

Outside, Kyouko looks at the photos she took with her cellphone. She is suddenly called out by an irritating voice asking why she's smiling and looking at her cellphone. It is Shou.

He snatches her cellphone to take a look. He laughs at the pictures she took with the Piglets. She tells him they are Cinderella, Hansel, and Gretel. He LOLs and almost die laughing.

But anyway, he says she should take better pictures. So he used her cellphone to take a picture of himself. "STOP DOING THAT, YOU NARCISSIST!!" (Apparently, it seems Kyouko doesn't know how to operate most of the cellphone functions such as deleting.)

Shou comments that her job always involves working with animals. "Oh, didn't you previously dress up as a chicken too?" She denies it flat out. "What are you talking about?"

Kyouko tackles him, but he continues messing with her phone to search for Tsuruga's number, and talks about calling him. Kyouko climbs on top of him to get her cellphone back. Shou says, "Jeez, you're not a woman! You don't have a chest!" That pisses her off enough to try to strangle him.

Shou says to answer his question first before he gives it back. He asks her what she did last night. It appears to be another 4 way option. If she answers she was watching TV, he will say, "Oh, so did you watch my new song on TV?"

"WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO HEAR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!! My ears were about to fall off!"

"Ah, so you DID watch my performance after all.

"............ IT WAS JUST A PURE ACCIDENT!!"

He tries to get her to admit that it was good, but she wouldn't.

If she makes an excuse and said she was watching a video, it oddly turns into another discussion about Tsuruga Ren, and her pride in her work.

Anyway, after a hard struggle, Shou tosses the phone back to her. She tells him not to follow her before leaving.

Afterwards, she meets Yashiro, who wasn't with Ren. Kyouko doesn't know how to delete that stupid picture off her cellphone. So she asks Yashiro for help. He is glad to help of course, but explains that he has to put on surgical gloves first or the phone will short-circuit.

Yashiro sees the picture and gasps. Kyouko explains what happened. Yashiro says he understands, (but he is worried of course). He cheekily asks if she would be interested in putting Ren photos instead, but she replies that she would be too scared to use the phone then. Anyway, unfortunately, Yashiro is unable to operate the phone properly. Apparently, Shou had placed a keylock on the phone, and a correct code is needed. The only way to get it is to ask him for it, but Kyouko doesn't want to see him again.

Yashiro says he will handle this matter and get the code for her. He brews another evil plan, so he asks Kyouko for a favor. To take that can of tea to Ren!

Another 4 way options, with bigger differences this time. The best choice is to accept the request of course. Kyouko says to leave it to her. She meets up with Ren. They decided to have dinner together after her stomach growls. He drives her to the usual place. While driving, Ren asks her about work. She talks about the piglets. Ren asks if they were cute. She answers yes, and she shows him the photo on her cellphone.

That causes Ren to almost lose control of the car!!

Can you imagine what happened? That's right! Kyouko showed him the wrong photo! "Is that the cute piglet you're referring to?" Kyouko was like OMG I'm screwed! She desperately explains what happened, and he accepts it, it seems. "You don't have to fear me this much, it wasn't your fault."

They haven't decided where to go, so Ren teases her about going back to his home. 2 options, to either say okay or no. (If she says yes, she can make anything for him, he comments something about holding back for now.)

Regardless, they went to the usual restaurant. It is as though Ren already knew what she wanted, so before he hands her the menu, it was already on the Hamburger page. She asks for a Cheese Hamburger, and he asks for the same. (NOTE: An American Hamburger, and a Japanese Hamburger, are definitely not the same thing.) Kyouko spins some wild idea, thinking that Ren wants to eat Hamburger too, but doesn't want others to know. She says that anytime Ren wants to have the Hamburger, but wishes to hide this fact, he can always ask her along as a cover-up. Ren is confused of course, but just agreed.

He teased her by wiping the sauce off her face and licking it.

Her heart beats fast. She chides Ren and comments it was like sekuhara. (Sexual Harassment). (She did consider if they had looked like a couple at that time, but quickly dismissed it.)

Anyway, regardless of what happened, she obtained the codes from Yashiro.

If she chooses to confront Shou herself to get the codes, he forces her to eat meal with him before giving the codes. :P

The following day, back at LME, Kyouka met Maria-chan. Maria-chan said she got some new mail ordered cursing items. This one consists of 4 dolls. The Red doll is for Curse, the Blue doll is for Love, the Pink doll is for Friendship, and the White doll is for Longevity.

As you can guessed, another 4 option. The Red actually looks like Shou, Blue like Ren, and Pink like Mouko. The white one is Lory.

These 4 choices have varying results. The choice is, which one she thinks looks good. Her most likely choice is the Pink one. Given Kyouko's nature, she is unlikely to pick the one for Love. White is unlikely too. Although Red is Curse, therefore something she would like, it has a Shou feel to it, that's why she isn't likely to pick that one either.

If she picked pink, she will hug it so much since it looks like Mouko. Then Mouko shows up and tells Kyouko to stop calling her name while hugging something like that, it's freaky. Maria and Kyouko comment how powerful the dolls are.

If she picked red, she will notice it looks just like Shou. Maria asks her to take the doll. Kyouko didn't want it, but it would be rude to refuse Maria-chan. On the Street, Shou notices that the doll which Kyouko is holding looks like him. So he tries to snatch it. They both grab the doll until that voodoo doll broke. She tells him, "It's not my fault whatever happens to you, okay?!" She is actually worried if this means an accident will happen or something, but figures some glue will settle this.

Kyouko is unlikely to pick Blue, given her nature, but considering that the doll is supposed to look like Ren, it wouldn't be surprising if she takes an interest in it. Ren comes by. Maria-Chan hugs Ren. Kyouko feel that Ren is kind, and she didn't feel this kindness from before. Maria-chan pulls Kyouko to Ren and asks her to smell him!!


  1. Thank you, if I was playing the game I would be giggling right now, I want to hear his voice hiks

  2. I didn't realise you actually do the translating of the game aswell, wow you are dedicated.

    Has given me something to read in the meantime.


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