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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 1 (part 1)

Chapter 1

Kyouko wakes up with her head dizzy. She doesn't have a clue what just happened. Shou is there. He tells her she just won a rookie actress award, but she collapsed while receiving it. He was actually nice to her. She blacks out again.

Next iss Ren with her. Apparently, he carried her when she collapsed. (And fought with Shou.) He gets closer to her and shows her his emperor of the night attitude. She gets a little troubled when Ren edged closer to her, but he tells her not to worry, the doors are all safely locked, so no one can come it. This remark confused her.

Then she wakes up again. She asks Mouko about the actress award, and she asks did she hit her head or something? She actually messed while acting as Bo. Mouko also tells Kyouko the Love Me group is disbanded, and she will never have to see her again. Then she leaves.

The opening video plays at this point.

Kyouko then wakes up in shock. The whole thing with the 3 people was just a dream! Can you believe that? She wakes up, and then she gets ready to go to school after speaking with the Boss and Lady Boss.

Anyway, she can ponder about the dream she had. A 4 way option here. Regardless of the choice, she falls down from hitting a railing, hurt her knee, and almost lost Corn. Fortunately she found the stone quickly, but she's almost late, so she moves at top speed.

At school, some of the girls talked about Fuwa's song (which Kyouko admits herself was good). They then talked Kyouko being Mio of Dark Moon, and also about how good Ren's Katsuki is. Then they talked about Kanae, and the 2 hour drama in which she was acting with Hiou-kun. They then start to gossip bad stuff about her. Kyouko goes up to them. Here, is another 4 way option, but choosing to talk about Ren or Shou makes absolutely no sense.

If Kyouko chooses to ask them what are they talking about Kanae, she gives them the Mio look, and it scared them off to hell. They beg for forgiveness and run away. Later, Kyouko starts to dream about how school-life would be if Mouko was her classmate. But she knows Kanae probably won't be interested in such things.

After school, she has another job at the TV station from Bridge Rock. She travels there at top speed.

Kyouko dresses up as Bo. Ren calls out to Bo.

Ren explains that he thought that the footsteps were familiar, turns out it really is Bo. Kyouko calms herself, right now, she is Bo. Ren thanks Bo for the talk they had previously. (Keep in mind that he didn't meet Bo again after his act on Dark Moon.) Bo says she should thank him for his advice too. After that incident with Shou on the show, it was his encouragement that helped her. Anyway, Ren makes fun of Bo being a real chicken again, but apologizes when she seems offended. Ren pats Bo's head. "The ferocious chicken I first met now seems so cute." "What? Don't you mean the cute chicken you first met?!" It felt strange to be rubbed by him like that. But anyway, Ren does questions on language that Bo helps out on. He also admits he hasn't been sleeping well. She says, "What a shame, the number 1 most desired man, actually couldn't sleep!" "What has number 1 got to do with it?"

Bo tells Ren she no longer hates him, and considers him a friend too. "I'm so happy to have made friends with a chicken." "You're doing that again!" Ren seems to enjoy making fun of her being a real chicken. Anyway, it was time to go, so they both leave.

After her job, when Kyouko wears normal again, she coincidentally meets Ren and Shou together. You can just imagine the tension.

Shou taunts her about coming here for a low job, and it annoys her. Ren calls to her. She realizes she almost forgot to greet Ren when dealing with Shoutaro. She explains that she finished her job here and is about to leave. Kyouko reminds Ren he must rest properly when he can. Then Shou butts in. "Hey, don't ignore me! I'm a very busy person too!"

Shou protests that she shows encouragement to Ren but not him. Kyouko answers of course, since Ren was her senior. Shou reminds her, "Well then, in this jobline, I am your senior. S-E-N-I-O-R." She gives a very reluctant "..............otsukare sama desu".
"What a great difference in attitude, I can't sense any effort at all."
"Shut up. You asked me to say, so I did, didn't I?"

Ren tells her she shouldn't do that. A greeting must always be proper. Then he adds, "No matter how annoying the other person is, you should always smile and greet properly."

"Who are you calling the annoying person?!"
"Ah, my apologies, don't mind me. I wasn't particularly referring to you as an annoying person. It was just an example used."

XD :P ;)

Anyway, Shou still goes on about how her attitude was so different, and she's treating Ren like that just because they come from the same workplace. Kyouko protests the reason was more than just that, and adds that Ren doesn't have to compare himself to someone like that. She also tells she is truly concerned for Ren. Ren shows her the God Smile of course.

Then Ren turns to Shou and says, "Ah, this greeting is a bit late, but Good Afternoon, Fuwa-Kun."

Shou is struck dumb, unable to greet back. Kyouko says, "What is this. After all that preaching, you're gonna eat your words now?" Shou tells her to shut it. Kyouko comments that is something he always win at: acting like a child.

Shou comments she really has changed from the past. Kyouko answers, and who do you think changed me? "Ah, it was me. I'm the one who has changed Kyouko." Shou answers. It was Ren's turn to be displeased by that comment. Kyouko tells him to stop saying strange things, it was his fault she got hurt.

Shou asks her what was this big job she had. But she can't answer of course. He makes snide remarks about her definitely getting a small job after all. She argues that all jobs are important, and Ren agrees. He adds that all jobs have to be treated with proper respect, and every single person has a role to play.

Shou: "I'm talking to Kyouko here. Outsiders should just keep out."
Ren: "I'm merely teaching Kyouko about important things to understand about Showbiz."
Kyouko: "Exactly. We can't all be like you who goes around making enemies and picking fights."
Ren: "Speaking of which. You picked a fight with me first time we met."
Shou: "It wasn't a fight. You call something of that level picking a fight. Hah, how weak."
Kyouko: "No matter. Since it's you we're talking about, you were probably something pretty stupid."
Shou: "Stupid? You know nothing of what happened, so stop talking as if you do!"
Kyouko: "Oh, I know everything. It's precisely because it's you, it's very obvious that it was something stupid, ridiculous, and lame!
Shou: "Kyouko.... why you....."

End result, Shou loses the argument this time, and he is really pissed. He says he's going to get her for this, and she actually feels intimidated.
"W-what is this? You're going to resort to using violence since your words fail?" "It's not violence. It's just shutting your mouth up!"
"But you're using your hands!"
"Of course I'm using my hands if I'm going to shut you up! You won't get away this time!"

(Kyouko actually felt intimidated, but she seemed more concerned about getting banned from the TV station again because of Shou.)

He tries to grab her, but is cut short by Ren.

Ren tells Shou firmly to stop. His gaze is piercing. Shou says "I will do to her in whatever way I please." Ren tells him, "I will not allow that to happen." He adds "Mogami-san does not belong to you."

Ren's gaze becomes sharper, his voice is low, an evident growing anger.

Shou: "This is between me and her! Stay out of it!"
Ren: "I will not just stand by and let you hurt Mogami-san."
Shou "What did you just say?"
Ren: "Right now, Mogami-san is now under my protection."

This forces Shou to back down. He shakes off his grip.

Ren then says to Kyouko, "I promised to protect you." Shou is shocked, "What?! It wasn't just a lie?"

"It's not a lie, right, Mogami-san?"
"Ah... yes..."

Her face grows red. Kyouko remembers it was that incident with the Beagle stalker, Ren said he would protect her. It was long ago, but he still protects her now. Then she thinks about it, and realizes it should be different. "No, Tsuruga-san! It should be me to protect you! Please depend on me!" Ren, a bit stunned, just plays along. "Uh, okay then. I'm counting on you." This didn't sit well with Shou of course.

Mouko also arrives on scene. Kyouko is really happy to see her. Kanae whispers to Kyouko, commenting on what kind of messed up life she lives.

Shou: "What are you guys whispering about?"
Kanae: "That really doesn't concern you, does it?"
Shou: "What? You just came out of nowhere. Who are you?"
Kanae: "Doesn't matter who I am. I see no need to introduce myself."
Shou: "No need to introduce yourself? Hah, I guess you must be some unimportant person then."
Kanae: "I did not come this way so I can introduce myself to you.
Shou: "Then what are you doing here?"

How dare you talk to my Mouko-san this way! I WILL KILL YOU!!

Kanae stops Kyouko from going into killer mode. "You can't just get into a fight because someone taunts you. You'll cause a commotion."

Shou: "And why are you here?"
Kanae: "Why am I here? Besides a job, what reason does anyone have to be hear? Ah, I see! You're here to learn about the TV station!"
Shou: "What?"

Kanae shoots back at Shou with force, so he has no choice but to shut it. Kanae explains to Ren she was looking for Kyouko, as there is a Love-Me job for them to do. She also tells Ren that Yashiro was looking for him. Finally they all left.

Another 4 way option. More logical choice is to thank Ren or Mouko. Anyway, Kyouko realizes the job thing that Mouko said was real, not just an excuse.


  1. thank u very much for this...

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  2. This is great !!!!!!!!
    i am a huge skip beat fan
    i'm currently in my lesson and im soooo bored this was a great entertainment

  3. woooooooooow go skip beat yh yh yh baby

  4. Wow this is great, thank you ^.^ I love Skip Beat it so cute and funny. Does this game come with english subtitle?

  5. THIS AWESOME. i usually watching like child-ish anime, and when i tell my cousin to watch SKIP BEAT, he was like "ewww, no", 1hour later, he was like "OMG OMG this show is freaking awesome" HAHA. ANYWAY SKIP BEAT FUNY AND COOL

  6. waaahhh... this is cool... i now can see the characters and i need not to imagine... haha... thanks so much... this is so entertaining...


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