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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 1)

Ren Path
Chapter 4

Kyouko wakes up early, refreshed, woken by the sound of the gentle splashing waves, just before her alarm clock went off. She decides to go for a morning walk, hoping to hear the crying sands. Despite Tsuruga's warning, she felt it should be okay.

She goes down to the lobby. "Mogami-san?"

Imagine her surprise. (And fear.) She says good morning immediately. Ren greets back. Then he asks her where is she headed.

Kyouko: Uhm.... yeah, I was thinking of getting breakfast, so I'm going to the cafeteria!
Ren: The cafeteria doesn't open until 30 minutes later.
Kyouko: Oh! I see.
Ren: Yashiro has already explained this yesterday.
Kyouko: Ooo.. Ha...

Ren sighs. He knows what she's up to. He says she could have called him if she wanted a walk by the shore. She says she couldn't have troubled him this early in the morning, especially since most people are still asleep. She hopes that he wasn't angry. He says it's fine, since she probably was in a difficult position to ask.

Kyouko asks Ren why is he here so early. Now it's his turn to be fidgety. ;) He answers a morning walk help improves health and lifestyle. Kyouko is impressed by that answer. (She actually believes it?)

Apparently, Ren knew exactly what Kyouko was planning, so he lay in ambush here. ^_^

Anyway, Ren knows that she wishes to see the crying sands, so he says to go there. Kyouko says she heard from people at the lobby talking about crying sands near the Daruma Cape. Ren comments it is close to where they were yesterday.

Kyouko almost loses it again, thinking about how if Shou hadn't butt in, they probably would have visited there yesterday. She quickly recovers herself, reminding herself not to go off the deep end again. So Ren and Kyouko heads there.

They reached the spot. Kyouko steps in the sand. She is amazed that it really does give off a "Kyu" sound. Even Ren is impressed. Ren notices something oddly familiar about Kyouko's footsteps. Kyouko gulps, wondering if he is thinking of Bo. 3 options at this point.

To choose to say it is like Bo, will be like digging her own grave.

Best choice is to probably pretend to not hear him. She talks about bringing back some sand to change the subject. Ren talks about foreigners referring this to musical sand or singing sand. Kyouko starts imagining sandman dancing and making music, and she hums some tunes.

Ren talks about this sort of thing being something she likes. He chuckles at her.

Kyouko: Sorry... I'm being weird.
Ren: Nope. You're just being you.

Kyouko felt irritated, at the same time embarrassed by that comment.

Anyway, regardless of what she said, they see some markings in the sand. They are scribblings of a heart and some initials. It must have been left by a couple on a date last night. Ren remarks it must have been tough considering the wind last night. Kyouko asks is Ren thinking that those people must be a stupid couple. He says that's not what he was thinking.

Kyouko: So, you wouldn't do anything like that?
Ren: Well, that really depends on the person involved. And about you.
Kyouko: M-me?!
Ren: I was talking about what you're drawing.

Kyouko is actually drawing something in the sand, but she didn't fully noticed it herself until he pointed out. She draws a face of Corn, but it doesn't look at all like him. "Does Corn have such a round face?"

Ren wrote out "Corn" in English, and Kyouko wrote out in Katakana. Kyouko's and Ren's faces came really close. Suddenly, he warns her of danger, then he pulls her away. The tide has come in, and it washes away the writings and all, erasing everything. Ren says she doesn't have to look this sad. He adds that it's a good thing they aren't drenched this time.

Ren comments she really likes Corn. Kyouko confirms, but explains it is different from love, it was like she really misses him. She says her heart races every time she thinks of him, and it always gives her such a warm feeling. Ren says he is envious. How wonderful it must be to carry such memories. (For a moment there, she thought Ren had meant that he was envious of Corn.)

Ren says it's about time they head back. He says they will go to Daruma Cape next time. Kyouko agrees, determined to be there next time.

They head to the Cafeteria, where Yashiro is waiting to greet them. He says they were both gone, so he figures they must be together. Kyouko apologises for not informing him. Yashiro says it's okay, since she will be safe as long as Ren is with her.

Ren tells Yashiro that he is grinning too much. Yashiro says it's normal. He asks where Ren and Kyouko went. Ren says it's just a normal walk. Kyouko says they went to the crying sands spot near Daruma Cape. Yashiro was surprised it existed, and says it's good that they found it.

Anyway, Yashiro talks about the legend of the crying sands. (Kyouko's eyes sparkles at that.) Yashiro says it is a tragic love story. (His glasses shine.) He talks about a war in the area that happened long ago. The son of a shogun, fell in love with the princess of the enemy shogun. The boat they were on capsized, and they drowned. And the crying of the princess reached the sands.

Kyouko immediately worries about being cursed. Yashiro tells her that no one has been cursed so far. He tells her what legend this place is famous for. The couples that have a date by the shore will be together forever. Kyouko comments the princess is kind.

Yashiro cheekily states, "In other words, the 2 of you who went out on a date this morning, your future is set in stone!" 3 options on what response to give.



    And wow... Ren is being rather...forward...

    I can't wait to read what happens next! (Especially after what mischeivious Yashiro said...)

  2. Really wondering what will happen next XD

    Yeah, i think there should be changes of clothes or something, when i saw the collection on CGs i think they are all in one day, consecutive events.
    It's nice to know the real story ^^
    thanks XD


  4. Almost didn't recognize you there, kaze.

    Yeah, they never change their clothes. :P

  5. Loving the summaries, can't wait to read what happens next!

  6. Kyoko didn´t even protest when Yashiro said they were on a "date" xD And Ren finally doesn´t hold his feelings back anymore )like he does at the Manga)^.^

  7. What makes you think she didn't protest? I'm not even done with that part yet.

    Ouran Girl!! Please!! Put my site in your signature!!! PLEASE!! THANKS!!!

  8. Thank you so much for these detailed stories!! There is so much more pandering to the fans in this game, I love it. Ren is awesome as always.

  9. .. KISS. MUST KISS... 0.o WHEN!? lol

  10. there we go im vampiress kuroi kaze again... ^^

  11. man, you change your name more often then they change their clothes. :P

  12. Finally got an account, thanks again for doing this, if you wan't I'll volenteer to but a link in my sig too...

  13. Thanks, Hana, that'll be great.

  14. Thank you so much for posting these summaries! I can't wait until you continue! :D (I'll be sure to direct all of my friends to your site ^_^)

  15. ahaha! yea, i feel better using that then my real name.... and thanks again! ^^

  16. Nice to see such a detailed description.
    The game itself... I know saying she won't be save is an excusefor Ren to be with her but I still don't like how she's treated like she can't do anything by herself. Missing her tough personality from the beginning of the manga *sigh*
    I should play my rom too.

  17. I don't think she is any weaker?

    And Ren isn't protecting her, he's supporting her. Hey, I'll like to see him get very protective of Kyouko too, but we might as well be dreaming about it. >_<

  18. OMG! KawaiiiI!!! so adorableee! I love youh for writing this game plot out! its VERY VERY entertaining and its saving me from depair :)
    Luv It!

  19. ...

    *runs off to fan-girl-land*

    I'll write next chapter xD

  20. YAY! Fan-girl-land~! ~MOE RULES~
    Ahare the love~ Alll the beeeeaaauuutifuuull moe loove~!


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