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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 2)

Kyouko can choose to react calmly or coldly towards Yashiro's comment. But where's the fun in that? ;) Best option, overreact to it.


She scares the hell out of Yashiro. He says she doesn't have to deny it this strongly. She insists it wasn't a date. He says he understands and pleads with her to calm down. She says she can't be calm, as this would cause trouble for Ren too. Ren says he doesn't particularly mind. She calms down, and says if it's no problem with him, it's no problem with her too.

Soon, the staff are all gathered at the lobby, getting ready for the shoot soon. Kyouko and Ren already have their costumes on. (Finally they change their clothes. :P ) Kyouko still has some doubt, and she is not confident at all. Yashiro and Ren both encourage Kyouko. They managed to motivate her. She gets in the right spirit, and becomes ready to do this. After all, Ren is the co-star.

The set is prepared at the beach. Kyouko is wearing a long red dress. It was something which Mio would wear, so she wonders if she should be like Mio. She goes into deep thought, concentrating on how Mio would act if she was in love with Tsuraga.

The director gave instructions to Kyouko that she is to keep her eyes on him as she walk towards him. Then the director says, "Start!" Kyouko opens her eyes, and fills herself with thoughts. "I want him no matter what." "He belongs to me." "He cannot escape. I won't let him." "I won't let anyone else have him." She walks towards him, eyes fixed on him.

The director yells "CUT!" of course. "Kyouko-chan. You look at him as if you're about to kill him!" :P He points out that she was acting as Mio. He talks to her in private. He says he did choose her because of her powerful eyes as Mio, and he wants that powerful stare which Mio has, but the situation is different. What he wants is someone who is madly in love, deeply passionate for Ren, that kind of feeling. That's why Mio cannot do.

He tells her in detail, she should look at him with seductive eyes, yet full of desire, possessing pride and dominance. (Did you guys get any of that? Cos' I sure didn't. @_@ ) He tells her it's okay, anyone who's been in love before should know about that feeling. He pats her shoulder and say they'll try again.

She isn't supposed to be in love again. How could she feel it? Ren seems worried about her. She is stumped, she couldn't get a good idea of how a girl loves a man.

The director shouts "Start!", but shouts "Cut!" almost immediately. The director just shook his head. The next few takes were unsuccessful as well. By take 7, she can no longer go on. She just couldn't do it. She couldn't even bring herself to look at Ren. With little choice, the director says for everyone to take a break. They will continue again at 2 o'clock.

Kyouko just couldn't do it. She couldn't feel any love at all in her act. She just couldn't feel a deep passion for that man.

Ren and Yashiro come over to her. They are worried about her. Kyouko feels terrible for causing this much problems, but Ren and Yashiro tells her it is okay. Ren adds that furthermore, if she places too much pressure on herself, it will only make her unable to act properly. Yashiro suggests getting lunch together for a change of mood. Kyouko is thankful, but she declines. She says needs to be alone for a while, so she'll return to her room. She turns away from them and returns to the hotel.

Kyouko returns to her room, tired. It feels as though she is running away. Yet she is unable to change the fact that she cannot play the part well. She wonders what she should do. She thinks about the clam-shells, Corn, and the legend of the crying sands. She decides to go there again. So she sets off, holding Corn in her hand.

Kyouko came to the exact same place they came together in the morning. She thinks about the legend of the princess, but doubts the princess would offer blessing to an acted love. She tells herself not to feel down. She looks at Daruma Cape. There should be enough time for her to go there. So that's where she heads.

Back at the hotel, Ren is outside Kyouko's room. He knocks on the door, but there is no response. Yashiro also goes up, and sees Ren there.

Yashiro makes full use of this oppotunity to tease Ren of course. XD Yashiro insists that Ren is especially worried about Kyouko. Ren says as a co-star, of course. Yashiro says as usual, Ren isn't going to admit his special concern. Ren just replies he can believe what he wants to believe.

Anyway, Kyouko isn't in her room. Yashiro is wondering if she ran away, but remembers she did the same thing in her Mio act previously, so she should be fine. To find out how she is, Yashiro gives Kyouko a call.

That is when he finds out something. There is a ringing sound coming from the inside of the room. Kyouko did not take her cellphone with her. >_< They decide to search for her. Yashiro is to search inside the hotel, Ren is to search outside. Yashiro asks Ren to call him if he finds Kyouko. Yashiro also adds that Ren should have a talk with her. So Ren sets off, having an idea where to look.

Kyouko arrives at the Daruma cape. She is glad she came here. She thinks about her job, and starts to worry about being fired. She just couldn't get the right feeling. Furthermore, she is afraid of something she cannot explain herself. Is an acted love anything like true love? She starts to hurt inside. "What am I to do? I..."

"Found you."

Kyouko cries out in shock. That voice behind her almost made her heart jump out. Ren apologises for startling her. It's good that he managed to find her. He says he had searched the clam shores and the crying sands spot before here.

Kyouko: Eh...? Tsuruga-san, you were searching for me...?
Ren: You weren't in your room. I was a little worried.

He adds that he isn't worried that she will run away, but he just wants to make sure she is alright. Kyouko is happy to hear that, but it doesn't change the fact that she can't do anything about her predicament.

Ren says they should talk. He will listen to anything she has to say. Kyouko doesn't know how to begin. A 3 way option at this point.

There is not much difference. Anyway, Ren smiles at her, and says that she can always depend on him. He says she should tell him everything. She slumps. She says her confidence has shattered. He tries to cheer her up, and says she should not look so gloomy, or it will be like Mio. That didn't lift her spirits of course. So he says they should try to think of something together.

Kyouko thinks to herself. Ren is really kind. But is he so kind to me because I am his co-star? She thinks carefully about her position. She wonders if she should confide in him. 3 way options at this point.


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  4. Damn, in the end she protests.... I was so happy last time that she didn´t >_~ There will be no problem to act as if she was in love, cause she just has to look at him like she did before when he was acting^^

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