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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 4)

At evening, Kyouko is back in her room, depressed about her failures. At this rate, she may be fired. Even so, the director still gives her a chance. She lay in bed, thinking of these. She is unable to feel, for real.

Kyouko bites her lips, then she remembers Ren's words. If you get hurt, it will affect the filming. She immediately stops. She tells herself getting angry won't help, and she takes a deep breath. She feels that she is a small glimmer of light that can't be noticed by Tsuruga-san.

She feels that she really has to talk to someone. She has to ask for advice on her acting. But who? 3 way Option.

Like you have to ask who. :P

Kyouko calls Ren. He answers. She stays silent, but he immediately knew it was her. She wonders how he knows, he says he was about to call her himself. There is still much to discuss about her role. So he asks her over to his room, which she complies.

Outside his door, she apologises for disturbing him, but he says it's okay, he was the one who called her over.

Inside, he pours out some coffee. Kyouko comments that Ren's room has a great ocean view. They start to discuss about tomorrow's part. Most likely, she is unable to put all her feelings, and enter the role totally. He pinpointed the problem, to that the role itself doesn't have a complete image. This is not like a drama, where every part of the character have already been put into detail. The situation now is that she has to feel passion for the guy. Of course it's not going to solve the problem totally, but it's best to start with this. So what they have to do, is to "characterize" the roles.

Kyouko's spirits have lightened by this. Ren says it's good, she looked lifeless just a while ago. Kyouko says she's glad she came over to talk with him. Ren gives a calm, almost expressionless face, and Kyouko starts wondering about this "iron mask" of his. He comes back with pen and paper, and says to write all their thoughts down.

So they begin to set the character. Ren mentions about difficulty in becoming the character, if the age difference is great, so they set her age at 20. Next, Kyouko is to choose her name. Ren says Kyouko is really excited about this part. Kyouko says she must take it more seriously, but Ren tells her, there is nothing wrong with enjoying your work. Being passionate about it is a good thing. So she thinks of a rich lady name. Sumeragi Shiori. Ren almost laughs.

So the next thing, they have to think about how her passion would be. So Ren asks, what kind of men would this girl like? The moment Ren mentions this, the first thing that enters her mind.... another 3 way option.

First option, one who is headstrong.
Second option, one who is mature, and always accepting.
Third option, one who is always encouraging, and is never mean.

The first one is actually pointing to Shou. The second is actually pointing to Ren. And the third one, you're gonna get a kick out of this one! Guess who it points to!



Anyway, if Kyouko answers the mature person, she would suddenly think of how Ren always kept his anger in check, how he always treat people with respect, and it makes her heart race. But she immediately adds, "I wasn't referring to Tsuruga-san in particular." "It's saddening how you deny it like that." "Sorry! I guess your type will do too!" "Nevermind...." Realizing she probably offended him, she makes up an excuse of how anyone would like him. Ren became silent, but she knows he's not angry. (She has an anger sensor.)

Regardless of what she chose, they go into the next topic, choosing a name for Ren's part. So, Kyouko chose a name. REN. Capitalized. (Real creative. >_< ) Ren comments the name is the same, Kyouko says "REN" is to be in alphabets. So next is his personality. Ren asks if it is okay to be same as his. Kyouko suddenly comments that Tsuruga-san acts like a kid at times. Ren has no memory of that. So it appears that she was the only one who noticed. It sort of makes her happy.

So next, they set the characters' relation. They haven't started going out yet. Their relation was like love at first sight. And Shiori is in love with REN. Then Kyouko says there is still something on her mind. How does REN feel about Shiori? Ren asks Kyouko first, what does Shiori think of REN? Another 3 way option.

If she says someone she has not captured yet, she will talk about how she must get him no matter what, and she has the confidence to make her love him back.

Anyway, thoughts of Shiori are already filling Kyouko's head. Ren says that his role doesn't have a lover or someone he likes yet. Kyouko says Shiori will not let anyone else get in the way. Just pure desire, nothing more than that.

"I want you too."

Ren does this without warning, it almost makes her heart leap out. All sorts of thoughts filled her, but she figures this must be the acting role he has. She stiffens up.

Ren cuts off his act, and asks her what's wrong. She says she's not prepared yet, so he suggests practicing outside. At the sandy beach, she adds. Ren asks Kyouko have they thought of the situation why they were there. Kyouko has thought about it. REN was going there to do a job, but Shiori chased after and followed him there when she found out. She also referred it to like stalking a prey, or a final battle. Ren laughs, saying that is like Mio. Kyouko also agrees that Mio just wouldn't do here. Ren says that something more elegant is more suitable for Shiori.

Kyouko doesn't have any good ideas on that, so Ren suggest working outside. He puts on his coat. He also suggests that she puts on her coat to, so she goes back to her room before they head outside.

(They're wearing the same clothes again. >_< )

Outside, it is already dark, and the moon is shining brightly. Ren says they will do it from the same positions. He says they will also try ad lib, the same thing they did during Katsuki's practice for Dark Moon. Kyouko remembers that incident, they practiced this for his Katsuki. The situation is the same now. Now she is having trouble, and they will have ad lib for practice. Ren's Katsuki was amazing. She must do her best too.


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  7. Is it Hikaru? :D

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  8. thanks sooo much for translating all these for us! i'm so tempted to get the game but i don't understand jap at all. hopefully they'll come out with the eng version! =).

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  9. Thank you very much for doing this review. I really got very happy when I found your blog :) Keep up the good work!! ;)

  10. I knew it was Yashiro for the third option. Haha, I love that guy. And I adore your blog! I've been obsessed with Skip Beat since I read the first chapter of the manga. I searched online and discovered this! Great work and I can't wait for the next part. Ren rocks!

  11. >.< i can't wait for the next post!!! :)

    btw, does anyone know when this game will come out in english?

  12. I must request that no one talk about an English release here.

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  17. Great Job Mitsuki-san! It's perfect for Mechgouki-sama's work...
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