Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 3 Ren Path (part 5)

In her room, Kyouko yawns, tired out. She decides to sleep early, so she dives into bed. The pain in her finger tells her that her right-hand is injured. It was probably that fall earlier. She looks for medication, but realizes she has forgotten to bring any. She has to take care of the injury before it gets worse. 3 Options at this point.

The logical choice is actually to call Yashiro. She would have figured that Ren wouldn't normally care too much about such things, and Yashiro is usually the one who handles things like this, and would have thought against troubling Ren.

If Kyouko calls Yashiro, he says it's absolutely okay. He says he has that medication. Kyouko says she will get it from him, but he insists on coming over to her. After a while, he arrives. He offers to help her dress the injury, since she can't use both hands.

He asks he about the injury, but she doesn't know exactly how she got it. Anyway, he finishes and she thanks him.

However, the best choice is to call Tsuruga-san of course. She calls him, with some apprehension. She asks Ren if he has medication, but he doesn't have any, as expected. It seems that she has to buy some from the Convenience store herself. Ren says he'll be coming along too, and he'll drive her there. She complies.

Ren drove a borrowed car to the store. They have just finished their purchases from the store. She says she's fine now. They talk about her injury. It was likely to be the fall from just now. He apologises for that, but she insists that she is still thankful for what he did. He bought some mineral water he wanted, which is not available in the hotel.

Anyway, Ren says she should not hesitate if she needs help. Kyouko says she had wanted to call Yashiro, but Ren came to mind first. Ren is delighted to hear that.

Ren asks Kyouko if she wants to stop by the viewing platform near the lighthouse. The moment she hears that, she immediately wants to go. Ren already knows her answer before she says it.

They reach the place. The view is great. But the wind is strong. The force of the wind pushes her towards Ren. Ren asks her if she is cold. Her heart beats faster again now that they are this close. She says only a little. So he finds the perfect excuse he needs. ^_^

He keeps her warm this way. She asks him if he is cold, he answers he is being kept warm too. :) She becomes unable to think straight. Ren says the scenery is beautiful. Kyouko agrees, stuttering. She wonders if is Ren treating her like a child, he says that's not it, but says nothing more. She keeps pondering about her situation, what it could possible mean.

Ren says the wind is getting stronger, so they should return. She agrees. He gets some coffee from a vending machine to warm them up. (Coffee? Wouldn't that make it difficult to sleep later?) So they return back.

Regardless of what she chose, after that, she goes to bed, thinking about her role of acting the girl who really likes Tsuruga. She felt confident, considering her partner is Tsuruga, she will be able to return his acting.

The sound of the waves soothes her, and she soon falls into a deep sleep.

End of Chapter 3.


  1. THANK YOU!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! REN X KYOKO FOREVER!!!!! can't wait to see what comes next! thank you for undating!

  2. Nice part!! Really curious about what will happen next, thanks for updating ^^

    I realized that, even they wet because they fall on the sea before, they don't change their clothes though :P You'll get a cold like that XD
    Guess it's more more job to change the costume again

  3. That picture of Kyoko and Yashiro looks like he's betraying Ren... Good thing Ren doesn't see.

  4. LOL, I can just imagine his "shiny" smile if he sees it.

  5. Yashiro looks better than Ren in these pics. For some reason, Ren is too lanky but Yashiro has a better height and width to him.

  6. Thank you so much <3
    I love the way you do the summary

  7. Ren is SNEAKY I LOVE IT. XD

  8. wat chapter & wat volume?

  9. lol yashiro looks like a paedophile in that pic

  10. Awwww!!! that is soo nice of Ren to keep her warm and I wish kyoko already notice his feelings

  11. LOL
    Exacly what I was thinking! But Yashiro is too RenxKyoko to do that xD

  12. I can't see the last picture. Is there a link where I can see the photo?


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