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Skip Beat PS2 Chapter 4 Ren Path (part 5)

Kyouko gets into Shiori spirit, and gets ready to walk towards Ren. She closes her eyes, and fills herself with thoughts of Shiori. She remembers the feelings of jealousy she has earlier today. "Don't touch my REN." She can feel those feelings getting stronger, and she knows she can do it. "I am Shiori!"

The "Action!" sound goes off in her mind, and she opens her eyes. She walks towards Ren slowly, eyes fixed on him. The possessive feelings are very strong. Her entire body desires for REN. And REN looks at her, surprised.

Shiori: REN, come here.
REN: Shiori...
Shiori: Please don't say things like "go back".
REN: I won't. You seem troubled.
Shiori: You being with someone... I cannot allow that.
REN: Including you?
Shiori: Hu, as expected of REN. It would be meaningless if you go down this easy. Hold me tight, just like that.

And so she enters his arms, resting on his chest.

Kyouko returns to her normal self. Realizing what she is doing, she quickly steps back, panicking. "E-e-e-e-excuse me!" Ren asks her if she managed to get a good feel of her role now. She confidently says yes. He thinks so too. "Really?" She feels really delighted by his encouragement. But then he adds, "Yes, but the decision still lies with the director." Truth hurts. Kyouko wants to practice more, but Ren doesn't think it's a good idea. The important thing is to remember the effect.

Kyouko feels really fortunate to have a senior like him. He's always guiding her, he's great, and she respects him the most. Yet "respect" doesn't seem like the right feeling. Admire? Worship? Grateful? She suddenly falls silent again. Ren asks her is she still uncertain. She says she feels bad for dragging him out to this. Ren replies it's returning her the favor of what happened to Dark Moon. She says that she was of very little help that time, but Ren tells her that's not true at all. She says she is really grateful, but stammers, unable to get the right words out, her thoughts disoriented. 3 way option here.

If she says she is so happy, she could cry, she surprises Ren. Then she says she's not going to cry, fighting back tears. It's just a strong feeling of gratitude, right? No, it's not love, she tells herself.

Ren says he understands, and suggests to go back. Kyouko doesn't want to go back yet, wanting to stay with Ren a bit more. She becomes silent. Ren says he's glad, because he thinks it's too early to return too. They've walked most of the places, so he asks her if she wishes to go anywhere.

Kyouko suggested fireworks. Ren is surprised, she actually prepared them. Ren asks her if she was planning on using them with someone, or alone. She says alone.

Ren says okay then, there's no meaning if she do it alone. He smiles at her gently, and she tries to control her heartbeat. She seems to be dazed, so Ren calls her. Kyouko asks Ren to wait, and she will get the fireworks.

Regardless of what happened, Kyouko brings the fireworks to where Ren is waiting. So they light them.

Kyouko is delighted with the sparks. Ren warns her about getting to close to the sea. She answers the reflection of the sparks on the waves look pretty.

Ren's sparks finished first, so Kyouko asks Ren to get a new one, and use hers to ignite it. Kyouko is really having fun. She couldn't have this much fun alone. She knows it's because Ren is here with her. Next her sparks ran out, so she relight her the same way.

Ren comments that Kyouko bought a lot of the fireworks. Kyouko asks if he thinks badly of her playing when she couldn't even do the shoot properly. Ren confirms not at all, he has felt her acting passion firsthand. She feels pain within again. After all, such a scene could not be acted out with a total stranger. She goes into deep thought again, so Ren calls her. Kyouko says she wishes to return. Wondering about her sudden mood change, he asks if he had said anything to upset her. Kyouko, having some doubts, wonder if Ren is doing all this just to patronize her. Ren eases her by saying that is definitely not it, he had fun too. Kyouko felt really at ease by him. It is as if it was a form of magic. She says sorry for saying such strange things, but he says it's okay.

Ren stands close to Kyouko. Both their sparks finishes, so Kyouko tries to use a lighter, but it won't work. He stands even closer. Fortunately, the darkness hides th red of her face. Ren tells her she's using the lighter the wrong way. In her fluster, she burns herself with the burnt end of the stick. Ren insists on looking at her hand, but fortunately, it is only a minor injury.

Surprised at how close Ren is, she steps back. Her heart won't stop pounding. Ren looks saddened by her reaction. Anyway, Kyouko says it is time they return, so they cleared the discarded fireworks. She tries to control her thoughts. Anyway, they cleaned the area, so Ren says it's time they return. A 3 way option at this point.

If Kyouko stands still, Ren will ask her what is wrong. She says there is still something she wants to do. He asks about what. His face comes close to her again. Kyouko says the starry sky look pretty, she wish to see it with him. He says, "Shall we watch them together?" It sounds as if he was the one making the request. Kyouko stutters a bit, accepting. She wonders if she is willful for making such requests.

Ren spots a shooting star. Kyouko desperately tries to catch sight of it, but is not able to. Ren chuckles at her reaction. She asks if he made it up, but he insists it was there. He says another one just appeared. She tries to catch sight of it, but fails again. She comments it's unfair how Tsuruga caught sight of 2 in just a short time.

Ren offers out his hand. He says he will show her the shooting stars. Kyouko is hesitant at first, but she takes his hand, and says to leave it to him. She secretly wonders if he is this caring to others, and wonders how much she means to him.

Kyouko: Ah! Shooting stars! I see them too!
Ren: That's great. You won't be saying "It's not fair!" anymore, right?
Kyouko: I'm sorry for saying something like that!
Ren: So, what did you wish for?
Kyouko: That's right. I was so happy that I found them that I forgot to make a wish...
Ren: Well, let's continue until we find one again.

He continues to lead her by the hand again. He holds on to her the whole time. They didn't find any shooting stars again that night, but Kyouko is still happy when she returns to the hotel.

Anyway, regardless of what happened, Ren sees Kyouko to her room. She says she will do her best tomorrow. Ren says not to think too much in case it affects her sleep. Kyouko comments she had fun, but is tired. So they bid each other good night.


  1. *sigh* If only the manga were this far along. Thanks so much for posting such detailed recaps of the game, it's really awesome of you. =)

  2. OMG, Kyaaaaaaa~ Why did she stop! Andwhy can´t the Manga be like this? I loved Ren´s face at part 4 at the picture, really handsome^^ I guess, ifthe Manga would be like this, it wouldn´t be that funny and it would be too fast -.- And why isn´t the translation of chapter 144 coming out?! I CAN`T WAIT UNTIL I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT`S WRITTEN THERE!!! BTW: Thanks for giving us the summariey mechigouki-sama ^.^

  3. if the manga like this, it would be very quick to end :P
    but still, also love this version of AU so MUCH~

    thx for summary :P

  4. This is great. I made an extra blog to post this comment. I look at your blog every time I go on the computer and I even got it bookmarked cuz I look at it every five minutes while I'm on it,so... YOU'RE GREAT!!!

  5. finally:) kyoko and ren are getting somewhere...

  6. Hehe, I also bookmarked this page^^ But I´m checking it every 10 seconds, okay, maybe every 30 seconds xD I LUV Skip Beat^^ RenXKyoko 4Ever^^
    I´ve got a question: is there a name for this couple like "Amuto" (AmuXIkuto) or "Rimahiko" (RimaXNagihiko) or do we have to create one?

  7. Sigh, it must have been so hard for Ren to control himself with her practically throwing herself at him. Kyouko hurry and realize you love him!!!

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    Sigh as much as I wish for more to happen..
    I guess we'll just have to wait till the actual shoot.... >.<

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  11. OMG!! The only thing that I miss is the thoughts of Ren that always appear in the manga :) This would have been very funny if this was included. But I suppose that here this isn't possible because this game is from Kyoko's point of view.

    Thank you for this part ;)

  12. this was amazing! xD keep doing what you are doing i'm so glad i came across this website :D

    thanks for all the work you put into it

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    and kyoko looks evil in this pic.... >.< kyaa~ i cant wait to see what's next! great job mechgouki-senpai! b ^.^ d

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    i REALLLLLLYY want to buy this game but i dont know where to find it!!!

  15. I wish this was actually in the manga - that would be the best! (thought the little valentine's arc is satisfying me right now X3)

    Keep up with the good work! And good luck on your exams! ^^

  16. So good as always =3 thanks for the translations again! & @ Ouran-Girl08 there is a fan name for them, It's Renko =]

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    *back to being Mechgouki-sama's fan*
    Thankyou sooo much for your work! I can't wait for the next update...I wish the manga was so fast-paced. *sigh* Feel like this valentine arc is now being dragged...
    Hope your exams are going well!!! ALL THE BEST!!!

  18. hi!!! I really like the way you told the story!! keep at it!! I'm sure everyone like it very much! ^_^

  19. The story is just getting better and better.
    Thanks for the summaries!

  20. Thanks so much for doing this! I love how the story's progressing, Renko is such a cute couple! I'm not one of those screaming fangirls, so I won't be going "Kyaaaaa," but I am going "Yay!"
    I bookmarked this page and I visit it everyday, you're the best source for translations of the game. I love Skip Beat! so that you so much for doing this. Thanks for the summaries and even though it's exam time, please come out with summaries soon!


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    KyokoxLen!!!!! >w<

    Sorry for my crappy english T.T
    Saludos desde Mexico =) (Greetings from Mexico)
    Btw.. Good luck with your exams.

  24. Please, please, please continue

  25. Wah, at first I thought I had to make an account so I could post a comment, but it turns out I don't have to!
    I just wanted to say I'm really thankful for these summaries you've been posting. I don't think I'll ever get to play the game, so to me, this is the next best thing. Reading this has also kept me busy while (im)patiently waiting for the newest chapter. You write detailed, yet to the point. It's quite pleasing to read.
    And I haven't even gotten to the plot in this game, it's so cute! The pictures are awesome too, I'd love to see more of them. I'm actually getting curious to see what the other paths are like ^^
    Well, I'd love to read more soon. For now, I'll round up this comment, 'cause I feel it's getting a tad too long ;)

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  28. Sorry guys, I've been busy lately. This is all I have now.

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    I can't wait for more OwO

  30. Thanks for continuing! I know what it's like to be busy, so take your time. We appreciate your efforts though.


  31. is nakamura the author for the game also?

  32. I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am that you're doing this. I downloaded the game myself, but it just isn't the same without knowing what's really going on besides their voices and the few Japanese words I know. You've really made my whole week! It's like a dream come true~

    Question, though; would you ever do a complete, word-by-word translation of at least the Ren path? I understand if you would never want to do it; that'd be a ton of work. I'm just curious.

    Thanks so much again! I can't wait until the next part!

  33. @lanugi
    "I downloaded the game myself"

    I'm glad that you're enjoying the game. But for personal reasons, I CANNOT support downloading of this game.

    I will be glad to answer any questions you have, as long as it is not a gameplay question.

    Please do not take offense, or see it as a discrimination against you.

    It's just that I have to support the purchases of this game. I hope you understand my position on this subject, and please don't be offended by it.

    I hope you will still continue to have a good time here.

  34. I completely understand. I know downloading is a sensitive subject for some, and in all honesty, if this game was released in the U.S., I'd buy it in a heartbeat. It's just with the buying of a Japanese PS2, the game itself, shipping, and not knowing if the game would be worth all this money, especially if I didn't know Japanese... I can't afford the risk, or even the cost in general right now.

    I completely agree with supporting the purchases for this game, and someday, I will purchase the game itself. It's just right now, I don't have a good income.

    No, thank YOU for being so nice and respectful about it. I'm sorry if I've offended you in any way.

  35. Are you gonna write any more? Please do ! i hope this isnt the end of the game ;P
    i really wanna buy the game
    its in japanese though which, well
    i could stare at the lovely art theyve produced for it but not understand what its on about

    either way, this plot SUCKED ME RIGHT Iinnnnn and im wanting MORE ;P
    pleaseee do update :) when you have time

  36. Wahhh! This is...surprising! I didn't know there was a game for Skip Beat...and now I've become a huge fan! Thank god I kinda just stumbled onto this website :D I love your translations, they're really good and the fact that you add pictures along with the translation is awesome :D
    Great work!

    -Hikari Takagouzawa

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  39. Don't worry lanugi, I'm not offended at all. The intention that you have is enough for me. :) I hope you continue to enjoy the game and this website.

  40. Yay! lol

    thank you very much! :)

    is this where the game ends??

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    It's really exciting and fun to read, since I can't play the game on my own.
    I'm looking forward to next chapter.

    Moni, greetings from Czech r. :)

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    Please please continue the story....
    Awaiting an update from you.....

    Lost1Gryff...who'll be really really lost without your updates....

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