Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I need to ask this favor from all my readers.

Whenever the raws come out, and you know where to obtain them, please inform me ASAP.

The speed of my releases depend a lot on when I can get the raws. That is why I need to get them at the first chance possible. If I obtain the raws late, the translations will be delayed, often by a great deal.

This is my request. If any of you happen to know that the raws are out before anyone else, please make sure I am the first person you inform. Please make sure you inform me first, not another forum, not the rest of the world. If you get the raws, inform me ASAP.

To all of my supporters, I hope you understand that this is very important to me. This is a critical factor in getting the translations done fast, as I have stated many times. I could never stress the importance of this enough, yet every time I turn this into a big issue, the insults come my way.

If you guys like my work and wish to support me, then please do this for me. If you know where to get the raws, and I don't already know about it, please inform me by posting everywhere on my blog, and please make sure I am the first person you inform, not the MF forums, not the rest of the world. Please tell me you will do this much for me.

I have been called egotistical, self-centered, and even arrogant, for making such a request repeatedly. But I have a very good reason for doing so, and I hope you guys understand my position.

Other people may curse and swear at me, but I hope that you guys, as my supporters, can understand me, and the reason why I ask this.

To Xilan/Mini_yang,
Thank you for your help. Please continue to support me.


  1. don't worry U'll let you know when i hear about the next chapters raw! ;)

    ~~ kutiebear!x3 -

  2. i will let u know 2...


  3. If that's the case, you will be the first one to know (FOR SURE!!!)
    Thanks for your effort

  4. i will totally let you know mechgouki sama!!
    okay im saying this for the sake of commenting cos i noe u like them...


  5. jeez i hate people who do that i also think mangafox posts your translations sometimes as well. Quickvenom

  6. Why do they insult its probably cause people do this for free so asking to be first provider is kinda egotistical but hey your translations are fast and well done so just ignore the bastards.

  7. I'm sorry you felt betrayed! I'll do my best to let you know as well!! I don't think your being selfish its not that big of a request and i will honor it to the best of my ability as i am sure the rest of us will :D Cheer up neh and thanks a million for all your hard work!! xD

  8. um...hey...he apologized..why bring all that up again? *shakes head*...*sigh*... :(

  9. Deleted. Guys, do not respond to the trolls. It's likely to be the same person or group of persons using multiple aliases. Do not waste your time on them.

  10. Mechgouki I just wanted to say that I think you are perfectly reasonable and thank you very much for being so enduring and patient.
    And that nevertheless you never give up your good work!
    So thank you, you can always count on my support! :)

  11. If course! ^.^
    I'll always inform you first!
    And if they are in bad condition and I have free time I'll definitely clean them for you :D

  12. Thanks guys. I know I can count on you guys.

    Mitsuki, best to let me know about them first, and do the cleaning later. The translations are faster that way. :)

  13. Hi ... Just so you know I'm following it (: (MW - mangafox)

  14. i just read the spoiler written by pitas but i went to the website where the raws are suppose to be but i dont find them. the only thing i can tell is that this chapter will be boring.... i will continue checking for the raws and i will let you know dear.

  15. Don't worry! And thanks for your work!

  16. Raw out here :

  17. Here the raw

    Thank you for your work

  18. Err, I have a question, besause of people who are stupid enough to waste time instulting :

    What you want, is that anybody with information about RAW at disposition sooner should inform YOU first, before to loose time speaking of them to lots and lots of forum etc?
    It's not like you asking for being the only one these people could inform...

    Just, if somebody find RAW before anybody else, obviously, he must inform the people able to translate it BEFORE the fans, it's far more efficient to have a quick release of the translation.
    And of course, he can choose the translator he (or she) wants, but obviously, if you're the quickest one he (or she ^^) knows, the quickest way to have a translation is to inform YOU first...

    But anyway, the people finding the RAW decide who they're going to tell first... (difficult to force them to decide for you, but you can demonstrate that it's the best for everybody).

    Just in case : if I ever find any RAW in advance (very unlikely... But anyway...) : I'll tell you first ^^!

  19. Another troll message has been deleted.

  20. Anyway, guys, thanks for your support. I know I can count on you guys. :)

  21. thanks for the awesome translations~! seriously, dying from the LACK of skip beat in my life.

    <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 lots of hearttts.

    but the cleaning and typesetting aspect was sadly lacking, especially because i have hawk eyes from experience in that area. T.T

    therefore, i took the liberty of doing it for you. (really fast.)

    i credited you in it, don't worry. if you want to check it out...

    - xiah

  22. You used a file that is impossible to open. I cannot open it.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I love your work and will support you if ever I get a chance!!!!!