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Skip Beat Chapter 153 scanlations.

Whew, I spent all night doing this. I uploaded the pics in one lump set.

Here are the individual pages. Thanks to they people who helped me with the raws. :)

I wasn't able to scanlate the last chapter in time, but thankfully, I kept my promise in being able to get this chapter done fast.


  1. KYAAAA! thank you!

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  3. omg are you seriuos? You were so fast... like speed of light FAST O_O lol
    thanks so much! This seems to be an interesting chapter! ^^

  4. Thank you very much, but the link doesn´t work :(

  5. I'm overwhelmed!!! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!

  6. Thank you very much, you're so fast as usual :-)

  7. Thank you sooooo much!
    Arigato Gozaimasu

    I think that's all I know...

    So fast!
    I can't believe that when I came home from school this chapter would be done!

    At last Kyoko has begin to show more symptoms of love :3

    And when I say love I mean the real love!


  9. Thanksssssssssssssssssssss! I'm going to read it right now! Otsukaresama deshita!!!

  10. um could you pleeeassseee post it TT_TT because the link doesn't work for me. *cries*

  11. What the... NO WAY!! you are done, you are the best, the best of the best, the best of the best of the best, thank you so much. it was so cool, I love the drawings, Nakamura sensei is a genius, all I could think about was or her playing a long or her been confused by his actitud but, but no. I´m dying to discuss, but I will hold so I don´t spoil.

    Pinkchan 001

    I have been missing you guys I have no one to talk about Skip Beat.

  12. yeyyyy yeyyyyy!!!ren's BODYguard!!!hehhehehehehhehe..i can't wait to see how she'll protect him..with her own body..bosebleed!!kyaaaaa:))))))))
    thank you soooooooo much for the translation mechgouki!!!!u are great as always!!!!

  13. thanx a ton........u r too awsome to b true


  14. ahhhh..i have a quick question..on the 11th page on the left there's some kind of top..and reino is no 1?? what's that all about?

  15. thank you for scanlating skip beat!

  16. just one thing - I love you! the best surprise on my birthday :)

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  20. woww~ so many thoughts, but I'll wait to share them here until we start discussing. Eeeeee~ =)

  21. Arigatou Mechgouki-kun,.. u make my day.. I just finally got home after all day, and thought about checking if the new chapter is out.. and here Mechgouki-kun already got it translated and posted... WOW! you are the best and the fastest translator on the net...


  23. Can anybody kindly upload the chapter to other hosting sites like mediafire? ;__; megaupload doesn't seem to work for me. Thanks so much.

    Thanks also for scanlating this *u*

  24. Kyaa~~
    Aarigatou Mechgouki-San!!! you are the best!
    Wow!! I cant believe it!! I just turned on my laptop and check your blog...hoping atleast the raws are out and what do I see...the chapter is translated already!!!
    You are great Mechgouki-san!!!
    I will comment again once I download the chapter!! just wanna say my thanks to you at first!!!!!

  25. @Zibibba: I saw that too!! I hope its not some kinda poll....NOooooo....I dont want Ren to be second to that Beagle!!! Uwaaah....

    I know!! Her being Ren's bodyguard is just too funny! Last time when she was Ren's temp-manager, Ren was the one protecting her...But I think if Ren keeps up with his appearance and attitude, he wont need any bodyguarding!!!

    I am so glad that now Dark Moon is on the verge of end, Ren and Kyoko still have reason to be together and meet often!!

    @Pinkchan: Me too!! I've been visiting here often hoping someone has some comments....Seriously, I cant believe Mechgouki san has the chapter out already!!!

    Sorry Pinkchan & Missinformed-san! I know I shouldn't say much...But i am just too excited after reading the chapter!!! It was awesome!!!

    Hats off to Ren's acting abilities...Even though I know its Ren, he looks just so scary!!! esp. on Pg-6....but couldnt keep it up...seeing Kyoko cry(Pg-9)!!!LOL!
    I loved Lory's inner monologue..."Thats the guy in love for you!!!" and Ren's face was so cute when he was revealing himself on Pg-20...

    And Kyoko's Sorry comments were soo funny...sorry for being in Love me and having weird president!!!

    Finally some advancement in the story!! Tsuruga-san-scale was very funny too...I was actually wondering why in last chapter showed Kyoko looking at each part of Ren's body, even his ear!..Now, I know it was for comparison to Tsuruga Ren Scale!!

    Waaah...I am a bit sad the chapter is out at this time...I sooo want to discuss the chapter but wont be able to come online till Friday night :(

    Well, I hope, when I visit here on Friday, there are lot of comments and counter comments for me to read!!!!

    @Wikusia: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!!


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  29. please name yourself if you commet as Anonymous.
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  30. Anyone who doesn't want spoilers, don't read any further in this post. ^^;

    Aw, Lost1Gryff =) Hee hee, don't worry, you don't offend me by discussing the chapter! I just didn't want to be the first one to do it! ^^; Good luck with whatever is keeping you busy until Friday.

    And ditto to pretty much everything you said. Especially Lory's inner monologue. And OMG, the Tsuruga Scale XD I know she kinda had to be to be able to make her Ren dolls to scale...but she is rather familiar with his physique! XD

    I thought this little frame was pretty cute: ^^

  31. Thanks so much!
    Uhh, I'm very happy with the direction, but couldn't help but think of TCP at the end.
    Kyoko being a bodyguard? I don't see how that is supposed to work... will she have to develop a new persona to look intimidating? She can definately do something like that, but she isn't particularily strong, so I don't think her job is going to technically be a bodyguard. What could it be? God I love SB.
    Tsuruga scale was so funny, Kyoko is incredibly weird, but I love her for it.
    This was a sweet chapter, can't wait for 154, but will have to.

    Tammy :)

  32. Haha I know, my first thought was, "is she going to be channeling Tsukasa in this arc?" =)

  33. Saya says ....

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the hard work you do and hope you continue to do it.

  34. tHANK U FOR ur wonderful work .
    i think her work as Ren's bodyguard maybe to keep ren from make trouble or lose his control he act as his past character and all his 5 years he didn't act his dark character maybe for this boss make kyoko his bodyguard and to let her know ren dark side (cuz he know ren love kyoko)like when they make kyoko his manager to only make him eat.
    ren dark hair is realy cool without light spot.

    zeroski 006

  35. Kp says....Thank you so much for your hard work!

  36. Gee, when people couldn't get from the filehosters, they come and complain to me. When I can't download, who the hell do I complain to?

  37. Anyway, the first page shows a picture of Kyouko as a little hamster, and Ren towering over her. I think the picture means that she will let him do whatever he wants.

    Someone in CSI once said that the submissive one is actually the one in control. I think it holds true in this situation.

  38. I love you! you work very hard for us.

    Thank you very much

  39. thnks so much m-san but wth is with the task i mean bodyguard i think that she should play Cains daughter or sister more fun than bodyguard also kyoko looks so cute this chapter in fox form and when she gets nabbed lol. T24

  40. sry now that i look think she's some type of squirrel . T24

    i just saw the link for the raws out yesterday and you translated it lightspeed-like.
    i'm wondering how she's gonna be his bodyguard, or will it turn out the other way round. haha. kinda turning out to be similar to tokyo crazy paradise (as in the bodyguard part).
    i love how ren was unable to keep his secret just because kyoko was so scared of him. haha.


  42. thank you very much.
    i can't wait for the next chapter to come out.

  43. @MissInformed I thought the exact same thing! I really liked Tokyo Crazy Paradise, so this makes me super excited!!

  44. Okay, I got some news. It seems that she isn't his bodyguard, but his lucky charm. :P

    I still don't get it either.

  45. I have edited some of the pages. More edits are on the way.

  46. Thank you so much!!! You are amazing!!!! I couldn't stop laughing through it. Which isn't always a good thing since I'm at school reading this, luckily not in class.


  47. I cant stand this. For some bloody stupid reason, blogspot images boost some of the random images to twice their original size. FOR WHAT?

    This is the last time I am uploading images directly to blogspot. I will use tinypic again next time.

  48. Do whatever is best for you oh great one.

    Ah, I just have to share this. So when my sister read this chapter, I asked her a question. What did she think Ren was doing during the 15 minutes he waited for her to pass by.

    The best (the best meaning the funniest) of the four answers she gave me was secretely looking like a young maiden because she still recognized him.


  49. grrr... why does it leave u hanging always!!!!
    *sigh* but i still love this :)

  50. OMG!!!! THAKNS!!!!!!!!

  51. Mechgouki-kun thank you again, I´m still high because I could read it the same day the Raws were out.

    And seen as Lost1Griff and Missinformed already
    started to discuss, and Aphro is out of town and can´t log in anymore, I´m next.

    First I love Kyoko Chipette it was so cute and really apropiated to her reaction in the chapter, and I agree with Mechgouki-kun her vulnerability would work as a container to stop Ren, in case his character take over him. I never expected Kyoko to get so scared it was so death on that I feel kind of silly for not thinking about it before, about the Trsuruga Ren scale or Kyoko has photografic memory or she is been ogling Ren, I mean her scale is so exact that physically it had to be him even if the character was totally different. After the first shock to me Kyoko was acting a bit of heart broken and confuse, so Kyoko may be getting there faster than we think. And Ren´s face in page 20 was priceless, that is the kind of image that you can´t help but turn in to an avatar. I also love Kyoko apologies, and the president is so sneaky, thank God is on the side of Love because if he have world domination on his mind I have no doubt about his sucess. I agree with Lory that Ren gave up to soon in his practice but it was for love so that makes me like him more.

    On the bodyguard/Lucky charm thing I agree with Zeroski it could be her job to keep Cain from taking over Rens body or could be her job to keep people away so they don´t discover he is Ren, Zeroski idea goes better with the lucky charm but it could be both.

    And LOL Rishiki, I love the answer your sister gave, and that was a really good question, so here are my sugestions.
    1.- secretly cursing Lory for setting him up.
    2.- slashing himself because he scare her like that.
    3.- trying to get ride of his smile before she could pass by and saw him.
    4.- all of the above I mean 15 minutes is a lot of time.

    I´m sorry for the long comment but I wanted to get it all out of my sistem.

    Pinkchan 001

  52. Apparently I didn´t get it all out because Im here again, but just in case the translation is lucky charm, what we all take as a lucky charm in Skip beat universe is Corn, the lucky charm Kyoko and Kuon used to keep their emotions under control so I know that my last comment was describing that but I just got a kick of the visual image of Ren hugging Kyoko as she was corn stone LOL.

    Pinkchan 001

  53. @Zibibba and Lost1gryff.. regarding that page#11 that you guys mentioned... looks like it's a "VD choco battle" contest - "the one successfully obtained choco from Kyoko??".. Reino is the entry#1, Ren is entry#2 and Sho is entry#3.

    seems like Reino is winning, huh?? he's the only one out of the three who got choco from Kyoko (by threatening her).. Ren got wine jelly for valentine, not choco, although it's special, coz nobody else has it, she made is specially for him.. as for Sho, gave Kyoko choco instead and stole a kiss, but didn't receive any from her..

  54. this chapter is really funny, I agree.. I like the President's reaction and Kyoko's sorry comments.. too bad is a short one.. only 26 pages??

    can't see how Kyoko's gonna be Ren's bodyguard/lucky charm.. well, the pres is doing Ren a favor by giving him a chance to spend more time w/ her.. they don't have much excuse to meet other than DarkMoon and occasionally bumping into each other in LME (but can't always count on that).

  55. Thanks so much for the translation! I'm so happy to know what they're saying. I'm so excited that I can't wait for the next chapter!

  56. Thannk you pikachan for answering that. I love getting new ideas to imagine what Ren does *has a very good and overactive imagination*

    And I must also thank you for putting the imagine of Ren hugging Kyoko as the corn stone. I can't get it out of my head. Which is causing me to giggle and smile uncontrolably.


  57. LOL Rishiki your welcome, I just had to say it once the picure was in mi head, and Skip Beat is the main culprit that people think I´m crazy, always smiling to myself on the street.

    Pinkchan 001

  58. LOL! On this topic about Ren hugging Kyoko like the Korn stone.

    My first thought was, "well, it's better than holding her up to the light to see if she glows...." XD

    I'm such a dork. I'm cracking myself up here. =P

  59. MissInformed LOL that so funny I can´t stop laughing. I don´t think Kyoko would be to comfortable either way but, but she is bound to complain more that way. My way would probably be to much for her to handle, she would be red from epic proportions.

    Pinkchan 001

  60. so great! thank you, mechgouki-sama!


  61. Mechgouki-kun do you watch ugly betty too because here in mexico the new season has just started yesterday I finally saw what really happen after. and is a mess I want things going back to normal soon.

    Pinkchan 001

  62. so It was ren like what kyuko said in the end
    of the last chapter ....

    wow she will be his bodyguard ^0^
    cant wait for the next chapter

    Thanks for your hard work on it :D

  63. Oh wow! Thank you so much!!! :D

    It's so hilarious hahaha.. Especially when kyoko was curling up while apologizing hahah..!
    Thou it was weird for me o.o Kyoko has a lot of guts and it'll take more to scare her.. Her being so frigthened like that must mean that B.J. chara is so terrifying.

    Umm so Ren was used to be like that when he was younger? :O

  64. Okay guys, the edits are completed, what do you guys think?

    Sbcrew's scans are also up. But this time, I am more confident that my translations are more accurate. For example, the part in page 25 where she says she pretends to be Yashiro, and they left out the part where she said he has no heart.

    I'm very certain my translations are more accurate this time. What do you guys think?


  65. I only read the SBCrew scans just now to be able to be able to compare...honestly, I didn't care too much about reading them. I hesitate to say too much about it because I don't know who's in it. And not really knowing (much of) anything about Japanese, I can only comment on how it seems.

    One thing that does get on my nerves is when scan groups leave off the honorifics. It can be confusing when we know that something like that is meaningful.

    I prefer yours and unrelatedwaffle's interpretation of Lory's "that's a guy in love for you" bit. "I know what it's like to love someone like that" has a bit of a different meaning.

    The next to last page, I think SBCrew's might make a little more sense? I don't know what the Japanese said. When I read yours, when I read "from your eyes..." I thought it meant Lory was actually looking at Kyoko's eyes and studying her facial expression to see if Ren had been able to hide his true self from her. Is that what it's supposed to mean? When I read SBCrew's, it reads like Ren was able to hide his true self from her eyes, meaning she wouldn't have known if he hadn't admitted admitted it. It's a word order thing.

    I often like to look at the different translations just because, with my lack of knowledge when it comes to Japanese, I think the small differences in translation/transliteration/interpretation can be interesting. I'm especially fascinated with that last page...everyone has a slightly different take on what role she will be playing in coming chapters. It just makes me that much more interested to see what transpires.

    Last chapter, after reading SBCrew's scans, I was really confused after some parts, and I didn't really understand until I read unrelatedwaffle's translation. This time, IF I had read SBCrew's first, I don't think I would have noticed a problem with it. However, having read yours first, mechgouki, I prefer yours.

  66. ahgg, i want more.. :) keep me updated.. thanks!

  67. Ok I read the edits and the SBCrew scans, and yes yours makes much sense, like in page 2 the dialog between the 2 nameless girls they made it sound like it was Kyoko saying it, and I lost focus after that, that was a recurrent error on the scans od SBCrew when the manga had more interaction of characters it was hard to know about who they were talking about, and yes they skip it the has no heart dialog wich given Kyoko fairy tale taste, fits her way of thinking. I also like better your introduction in page 1, and about page 25 when I read "you´d like me to pretend to be Yashiro" I was thinking is she going to cosplay as Yashiro LOL. there´s one thing I like better in his scans page 11 the side note about the Valentain day contest, that was a doubt they get me out but I get that what you whant is take out the scans as fast as you can(wich we all apreciate) so you don´t bother with the the side notes. and finally I´m going with your translation of Guardian talisman not only because it makes more sense but because it supports my corn(stone)theory. :P

    Pinkchan 001

  68. @ pikachan: People already think I'm crazy for completly different reasons. But I do enjoy sitting in a public place and randomly thinking of skip beat moments. I either smile like a crazy person or laughing so hard that I can't stop. Both of which cause people to stare.

    @ MissInformed: Ah now I can't get the imagine of Ren holding Kyoko up to the light out of my head!

    @ Mechgouki: Like MissInformed, I like it when the honorifics are left on. I perfer your translations most of the time.

    I was gonna mention about page 2 but pikachan beat me to it.


  69. LOL Rishiki just a side note, my name is pink the color, but it was kind of funny to think what Pika could mean :P

    Pinkchan 001

  70. Thanks a lot dear! ^^

  71. @ pinkchan: Sorry, sorry. I was roleplaying (I'm such a pokemon nerd)when I typed that and didn't realize I typed that. *hides in a corner*


  72. No problem it was funny, and mostly I thought it will be a nice conversation starter, and Pikachu was 2 second choice for the meaning. theres no point in hideing I can still see you :p

    Pinkchan 001

  73. @Missinformed San - I totally agree with you on this. I too hate it when scanlators leave out the honorifics...I mean after reading so much manga :P, I kind of expect people to respect their seniors and in the manga use/misuse of honorifics totally change the intent....

    Ok! So, after reading your comment, I am reading the SBCrew scans and writing my thoughts as I read it.

    I am with Pinkchan, that on page 2, your translations actually make mroe sense and it sounds very people going in hysterics wondering if Kyoko is going to commit suicide....SBCrew's translation here seems very disjointed ...

    Yupp, I definitely prefer your translations especially around the pages when Kyoko is apologizing and Ren is trying to calm her down. It would have been ok if I hadn't read your translation but now SBCrew's translation here feels like I dont know, as if its missing something....Also, it seems like both your translations at several points have different POVs...I dont know ABC of Japanese so can't comment who is right and who is not, but your translation definitely seems more interactive...

    Gaurdian seems even odder than bodyguard...But I liked the translations on second last page, I felt it was a li'l more clear in SBCrew's translations...

    But overall, you are the best!! I seriously hope you will keep on translating for us!!!

  74. I have a lot of things to say....

    @Pinkchan: Ugly Betty!!?? I couldn't tolerate that series after Season1, episode3...I actually thought from the way Betty looks that the series might be somethign different but I just cant digest that character!

    On Skip Beat:
    I too was wondering why Kyoko got soo scared...Is BJ that scary...I mean Kyoko is someone who has pet blood-thirsty devils...for her to be scared of someone that she couldn't even move, is very surprising to me....

    As for your question about what Ren was doing during those 15 minutes...I think at first he would be torn between congratulating himself to be such a great actor and scolding himself for scaring Mogami-san...And after some time later, he would again be torn between scolding himself for scaring Mogami-san and being happy that even in this scary persona, Kyoko was able to recognize him....Like you said, 15 mintues is a lot of time :D

    On the lucky-charm thing, it would be funny that Kyoko is holding Corn and Kuon is holding Kyoko!!!

    OMG! Missinformed-san! You are so amazing!! ROTFL!!! Ren holding Kyoko in light to see if she glows!!!! Thats brilliant...I just cant get the image out of my mind...Or may be instead of a squirrel, we can have Kyoko as a firefly with her tail glowing!!

    May be Mechgouki-san's next update would be Ren holding Kyoko in sunlight after finishing his story to see if Kyoko glows/glares/blushes!!!
    After the valentine's arc, I can not say that Ren wont be ever impulsive! Never know what that guy can do if his buttons are pushed!!!

    @Rishiki! Lol! Pikachan! I actually guessed it right away, that you must be thinking of Pikachu...I just love that li'l pokemon! He is just sooo cute!!! Pika pika pi....
    And regarding beating you to say something, I usually still say what I want to.... :P I need to somehow vent it out of my system too, you know! =D

    @All: Yupp, I too believe the bodyguard thing would be more like to protect BJ take over Ren...AND may be to make Kyoko get used to this character...We have just seen one side of Cain Heel, may be he might have his moments too...
    especially if BJ is based on Kuon, then Kyoko has to realize that Kuon is/was not *that* bad...OR like Ren-sama, she would be scared to death of Kuon Sama too.... :P

    I seriosuly cannot see Kyoko being a body-guard literally like Tsukasa in TCP...I mean Cain Heel is scary enough that he wont need any sorts of body-guarding!! I think it would either in the sense helping him to keep his character and prevent others to find his secret or like Mechgouki-san updated, some sort of lucky charm for Ren....

    Okk, so on another note...
    Is it just me or does anyone else too wants to see Yashiro-san's expression when he finds out that Ren and Kyoko would have a chance to 'officially' spend some time together even when Dark moon would be over....
    I can just imagine him...with a biiiig goooofy smile on his face and eyes closed, imagining *this* and *that* in his own inner theater and giggling about it!!

    AAaaaND What about Ren's gift!!!!!!!!! IT was such a topic in last arc and Nakamura sensei mentioned about the gift sooo many times and now nothing, zilch, Nada....

  75. @Missinformed.
    You read from 3 sources? I read from 4!! I also read the chinese ones as well! :D

    Anyway, I used "from your eyes" because I translated it literally "kimi no me kara". I guess I need to reword that part to prevent confusion. It meant Ren was able to hide it from her eyes. Needs a little rewording.

    Is that Ugly Betty the american drama series? They havent showed it in Singapore yet.


  76. Hi mechgouki! Thanks for the explanation. =)

  77. I loved EVIL Ren...Poor Kyoko though. It terrified her...but she's just as scary sometimes with her demons floating around her!
    Mmmm I wonder how her demons would fare around this scary looking Ren.
    Anyhow, that's so cute that he couldn't help to tell her who he was because it pained him to see her scared of him.
    I wonder Lory's little scheme, whatever it is, works. He planned this to make them get closer so I hope they do.
    I love KyokoxRen!
    Thanks for the scanlations! You Rock!

    -Lady Marmalade-

  78. @Shiroyuki-chan
    thanks for explaining :)
    although it seems unfair to consider reino as nr.1..because everybody from filming received choco as well and not by threat!!
    as for diferences..yeah..i thinks mechgouki is better.. example for pg 12 at the bottom your translation is funnier with the cow being born..haha..and for the other translation i don't like the fact that it uses tsuruga/mogami without the "san"'s weird like that also the part with tsuruga scale is easier to understand from you i told you before(i wasn't lying!!) GOOD JOB!!! and don't give up!!!
    but i still have a question: what's kyoko suposed to be??charm/bodyguard/guardian...

  79. Firstly, YOU ROCK. I LOVE YOU. I can't thank you enough for this.<333333333 m(_ _)m
    Also, can you please translate what Nakamura says on the free talk column? I'm dying to know!

  80. hey there...thank you again mechgouki-san..i posted my thanks first thing on the chat thank you again... ;p i was soo happy..u made them soo fast....urs were the first i read ;p

    and i send my hii too all the gagn here miss u 001, 003, 004, 005, 006

    anyway my comments for this chapter
    it was soooo cute seeing kyoko got this scared and ren couldnt hold the secret for her sake ;p
    another thing i think lory's intention of this is: 1- letting ren and kyoko spend more time together since he knows ren loves her soo much
    2- and this is more important is that since lory knew that kyoko and mou chan hated valentines day and they screwd on the whole love he is thinking of letting kyoko close to ren to let her recognize her own feelings for ren...dont u think so tooo

    well another thing...why they didnt bring anthing bout the gift she gave to ren on his birthday??

    and wat do u expect to happen in the next chapter...hope all u guys answer...yours nana 002

  81. This whole bday gift thing better be HUGE since we haven't seen it after this many chapters =P

    I think Lory's setup might be as much (if not more?) for Ren than it is for Kyoko. Because it'll demonstrate to Ren that Kyoko will stay by his side even when he's "scary" or "bad."

  82. @Iris.. Nakamura-sensei discussed this in the free talk column?? what's the link?

    @Mechgouki-kun... I like your translation better.. I tried reading the one in MF too, and yours is more accurate. Like the others, I don't care of the lack of honorifics in the other translations too.. the honorifics between Ren & Kyoko is what makes their relationship stage currently.. that she sees is as a respect for her senpai.

    well.. I like Lori.. whenever he has a plan.. it's always funny and it will work.. it's Lori afterall.. he always gets what he wants..good thing he's the messenger of love.. not into world domination.. LOL

  83. @Shiroyuki-chan, at page 23, when they are with Lory. Look at the left of the page. That's the free talk column. I'm really dying to know what Nakamura said! I read in FH forums that she said something about his arc being long(yay!).

  84. @Lost1Gryff, I didn´t think about Yashiro before, but now I am, and It will be so funny to see him in fan-boy mode. I love him like that.

    And about Ren´s gift I think now we may finally get a chance to know, once they finish talking to the president, he can thank her for the present. and we maybe Nakamura sensei will show it to us.

    @Mechgouki-kun: yes that Ugly betty, I saw the first episode of the new season last wednesday. If you want I can tell you what happened a resume of the chapter. and I´m not sure what is FLASHFORWARD.

    Lost1Gryff, I do like Ugly betty, is based on a colombian soap, that was really good but the american version is a mix between that soap and Devil wears prada. but I like it because makes fun of the stereo type of the 2 generation mexicans, is really funny how most of our customs are misunderstood for the american and sometimes even for the mexican-american, and to be honest, even if I dress plainly I love fashion.

    @Nana: Girl I have missed you so much, how have you been?

    @Shiroyuki-chan: I agree, to me Lory screams World domination. If Nakamura sensei did a manga about Lory going to the wrong path, that would be a hit.

    I was thinking how everybody alse associate bodyguard to TCP, I´m ashamed to say I didn´t see it until you pointed it out. but after giving it some thought not exactly bodyguard but it would be cool if Kyoko Is ask to cosplay as a sexy girl so she can acompany Cain Hill, just like Tsukasa did all the time.

    @Aphro I miss you, are you back from your trip yet?

    Pinkchan 001

  85. Mechgouki-kun if is not too much of a problem I also will like to know what the Free-talk says, but don´t worry if you are to busy.

    Pinkchan 001

  86. @nana-002: Welcome back!! Its been ages to see you post something!
    I also think that Lory's idea behind is to
    1. make Kyoko realize her feelings for Ren...he already knows that Ren accepts his feelings for her.
    2. Its an opportunity for Kyoko to see Ren's bad that when Ren tells her about his real past, she might be able to handle it better...otherwise, she might get scared from his fearsome past...

    Even though we dont know much about Ren's past, but if BJ is anything based on early years of Kuon, then its definitely scary...

    One thing that just struck to me is that Kyoko said - "he wears the blood thirst as an armor around him"...May be the longer she stays with BJ, the more she might be able to learn about the inner BJ...and that this blood thirst is just an armor to save the kind heart inside or some thing like that....

    @Missinformed - Exactly my point, that Kyoko needs to get used to his bad-boy side too... :D

    LOL! Lory for world domination! Now thats something to see...

    @Pink-chan: I am really curious to know what Ren's gift is...I agree with you that these past 3 chapters were more revolving around Kyoko's job...but now that Ren is back on the scene, we might *finally* know what the gift is after more than 6 months *sigh*.....

    On kyoko accompanying Ren as a sexy girl, I dont think she would be doing that...after all, the Natsu she created is a super gorgeous sexy girl!
    But yeah, definitely it would be fun to see her some kind of cosplay and accompany Cain Heel as something other being in Love Me uniform....coz seriously BJ would kill her than being accompanied by her...

    Since we have already seen her as scary Mio and sexy Natsu, what do you guys think would her next role??

  87. Thththththththanks alot

    I am waiting for the next chapter.

  88. mmmm this all makes sice frankly....but still im really looking forward to it...the next kyoko and ren will be together...?

    and do u think sho will appear soon also?

    nana 002

  89. OK I agree in all the points you have about Ren but I think as this is a mission for Kyoko, the plan on her side seems a little to simple, I can´t shake off the feeling that Lory would have something up his sleeve, especialy reserve for Kyoko,I mean that man is anything but minimalist.

    @Lost1Gryff, if Kyoko was an actress in the real world, I think she would have to portray some protagonist best friend based only on her everyday look, but this been a manga and her been Kyoko, I would love to see her in a movie probably something historical either japan or europe just to see her in some teatrical get up, or as I have said before a futuristic cop production, or following the world trend a medical drama. but I cant decide if I want her to be evil, or nice, except the cop she would make an awesome cop.

    @Nana, I sure hope so, just the thought of shoutaro seeing Kyoko with Cain Hill puts a grin all over my face.

    I have a question to you all since Kyoko called Ren a Playboy, I have been thinking that shoutarou has been a playboy, but my question is do you guys think shoutaro was a playboy when he was in junior high? if yes how did he hide that from Kyoko? or did he even tryed to hide it from her?

    Pinkchan 001

  90. i dont think sho was a play boy in junior high.... ;p nana 002

  91. @Pinkchan: I would like to see Kyoko as a cop too!! Something historical wont be bad either...I mean when she was competing against Ruriko initially, she looked pretty cute...Also it would fulfill her dream of being a princess!!!
    I agree with you that this is as important mission for Kyoko as BJ is for Ren...I am really looking forward to how the story unfolds!!

    @Nana: Ha ha! I wish Sho comes as usual to taunt Kyoko and by chance BJ is present!!! More than look on Sho's face, I am excited about BJ's interaction with Sho! Poor Sho...NOT!

    I dont know if he was a playboy in junior high but judging from how popular he was in school and girls bullying Kyoko because of Sho, makes me think that Sho was probably a flirt even then!

  92. Mechgouki-kun, I found a link about the Ugly betty series, I hope it can get you out of doubt.

    Nana and Lost1Gryff, I´m not sure about how to answer my question, on one side he has all the characteristics of a playboy, on the other side theres no way that Kyoko would have been fooled for that long, so my theory is he was a playboy at heart but in order to bust his popularity he was playing hard to get :p

    we are still a week away do you want to play a game again to pass time?

    Pinkchan 001

  93. ok why not...but qat kind f game ...?

    nana 002

  94. @ Pinkchan: What you said makes sense....but I guess Kyoko was a girl in love, & so she was blind to Sho's shortcomings...I mean look at Mimori...She'll say that Sho is ignoring her blah blah blah, but one word/act from Sho will make her world alright again!!

    Besides, I remember in anime, when Kyoko goes to act in Sho's PV and sees him groping the director...Asami Haruki or something, she says something like -- 'how could i not see along your playboy way' or something along that line...

    As for game, sure! And if its interesting enough, may be we can continue at end of next chapter, coz I think after so many comparatively frequent chapters, its time for a cliffhanger and a month long wait! *sigh*

  95. I was thinking the same thing, we have been blesed with 3 consecutive chapters in a row there´s no way we could be so lucky to have four.

    So here are my game sugestions. feel free to choose the ones you like best, or add new ones that you will like to play.

    "the old ones"

    - the alfabeth game.
    - the token machine.
    - things it won´t ever happen in skip beat.
    - Add *one* sentence to the previous one.

    "new suggestions"

    -I like the last one with a little modification, I think it will move faster adding word by word, so... "Add one word to the previous one".
    - the "You know you are obssesed with skip beat when?"
    - Skip beat quiz.
    -guess the skip beat character? just type a dialog made by any skip beat character.
    - a Skip beat RPG with a strange setting. Like what will happen if the skip beat characters were on a desert Island, or Reality program, or joint a cult, or were on a contest to travel all around the world in 80 days( wich now that I think about it will make a great reality show).

    that´s all I have, but I will love to see some games you suggest.

    Pinkchan 001

  96. Pinkchan, you always come up with good games...
    * The alphabet game is good....we change it a li'l to say the next word starting from the first word's Kyoko -- Ogata -- Asami -- Izuka etc...

    * Personally I think Iam all out of ideas for the token machine :(

    * things that wont happen in Skip Beat was an awesome game and we can definitely continue with that.

    * Making sentences word by word is also a good idea...

    * I definitely want to guess the SB Char. from the dialog!!

    Any other game, I am all for it, but it doesn't seem like anyone besides us both is interested in playing... :(

  97. i wana play...u i liked the one with guessing character from a dialogue..and the one with things never happen in skip beat....

    so count me in nana 002 ;p

  98. Sorry I didn´t comment yesterday I was out of town and have just came back.

    Yes!! we are on in the games, I don´t think is a problem that is just us 3 once we start some people will join in latter.

    so we will try 4 games this time, if you get tired of one we can just erase it later, or if you don´t like one you can skip it.

    G1- alphabet modificated.
    G2- things it wont ever happen in Skip Beat.
    G3- making a story word by word.
    G4- Guess the skip beat character.

    Pinkchan 001

  99. I´m first. :D

    G1: Amamiya (this one was kind of redundant, but I wanted to ask if is ok to repeat from the last alphabet, I say yes because we did like 3 alphabet in a row) :p

    Amamiya: Kana-chan! over here.-points to a sit next to her-
    Moko: here chiori-chin! your ice cream, strawberry pay your favorite.:D
    Amamiya: Kana-chan you know me so well. -she hugs moko-
    Moko: Don´t be silly, and hurry so we can go shopping later.

    A lightning strikes, and Kyoko was watching everything from a distance.

    G3: Morning

    G4: "This is the world of the animal Kingdom! the weak herbivores will only have fate of being eaten by lions".

    Ok about the G4 I think we could always repeat a character as long as the dialog is diferent, but is your choise. it was funny:D

    Pinkchan 001

  100. Alright! The games started :D

    G1: I didnt understand how we are playing I am playing both ways :)
    Asami (Haruka)

    [I think since usually most Japanese names end with 'a' or 'o', I think we need to introduce some more categories in this...what say?]

    G2: Amamiya: Kana-chan! over here.-points to a sit next to her-
    Moko: here chiori-chin! your ice cream, strawberry pay your favorite.:D
    Amamiya: Kana-chan you know me so well. -she hugs moko-
    Moko: Don´t be silly, and hurry so we can go shopping later.

    A lightning strikes, and Kyoko was watching everything from a distance.

    Suddenly enters Maria: Aah, Onechan!!!
    Kyoko turns around looking for Maria...Maria comes running in the room and hugs Moko.

    G3: Morning came

    G4: A -- Waah! Pinkchan! Its so difficult...I dont remember this dialogue at all!!! I am not sure but is it *Sho*?
    [Yeah, I think we can repeat characters....after all there are only handful characters....]

    G4: "What a fearsome girl...not afraid, will not accept defeat, has perseverance"

  101. Sorry it took so long. I agree Lost1Gryff, what categories you suggest for the G1.

    G1: Ilusions.

    G2: from Kyoko Mogami the writer of "What egotistic Manga men want" and "relationship for dummies", comes her latest self-help book: "EASY STEPS TO REVANGE AND SUCCESS"

    when Revange is all there is in your head, remember to do it in style. PRE-ORDER IT NOW!!!

    G3: Morning came late

    G4: My Quote it was Kyoko ch 13
    it was Kuu, that was a good one Lost1Gryff it took me too long.

    "Even if is Gods will even if it´s destiny I shall destroy it, Even if... I must go against God"

    LOL I now realize, that G4 is just an excuse to post my favorite Skip Beat Quotes. :p

    Pinkchan 001

  102. I have started hunting the raws for the new chapter but, is not out yet. but we may see it soon. :D

  103. im lost guys here..and i couldnt sign in tell me now what i shall do?

    any news of new chapter or spoilers ??

    nana 002

  104. Oh sorry nana we are playing 4 games

    the first game G1: we have to write a word "theme related" that starts with the last word from the previews comment. we are stilldeciding what is the theme.

    the second game G2: is a game in wich you write something that it would never happen in skip beat, it can be anything, a song, Lory wearing a business suit, Yashiro in drag, Ren in an eating contest. This game can have you laughing for days.

    In the third G3: we are going to write a skip beat related story, each of us is going to write a word every comment, so the story would progress so far we only have "morning came late ... " but I´m really looking foward to see what are we going to come up with.

    in the last game G4: we have to guess the skip beat character base on the quote of the last comment, once we guess we can write a new quote, and if someone didn´t guess our quote we say wich character was from.

    As I wrote before, we can skip any of the Games if we feel like it and once we are boare with one game we should drop it.

    and I still don´t have any news about the raws once I find them you guys are the firt to know, and as a personal policy I dont read spoilers but if I find any I will post a link for you guys.

    Pinkchan 001

  105. @Pinkchan: LOL!! ROTFL!! Your G2 is awesome!!! You are pretty good with ideas! Seriously, this was really too good!

    For G1, I think we can go with anything that has a big impact on SkipBeat Corn, Wine Jelly, Rose....besides the names ofcourse! what do you think?

    G1: Shotaro!
    [I dont understand why Sho doesnt want to be known by this name....what does that mean...does anyone know???]

    Yashiro-san came running into Ren's changing room and found him engrossed in a book.
    Yashiro: "Really Ren! They have been waiting for you for your next shoot for last 10 minutes!"
    Ren: "Aah! Gomen! I'll go now"
    He marks the page he was reading, keeps the book and leaves.
    Yashiro was about to follow him, but being the curious cat he is, couldn't resist knowing what book kept Ren away from his acting....
    He takes a look at the book - Its ---

    "Relationship for Dummies" by 'Mogami Kyoko'!

    [Soorry Pinkchan for again stealing your G2, but couldn't resist...When I read the title for this book, I had to make Ren read it :D]

    G3: Morning came late for Kyoko
    [Can we add two words? One makes it moving very slowly]

    G4: I read the prev. chapters just dont remember much[prefer the anime]...The chapters after Ren's problem with Katsuki, I have read several times! :D

    For this quote: Duh!! Ren's most romantic dialogue!!!

    Yupp, you got it right. Its Kuu.[I just love Kuu's character! I wish he would renter sometime again soon...btw, how is it pronounced? Kuu as in 'coo' OR 'Kyu -Q'??]

    "Can you still smile as if nothing happened?"

  106. I just saw my, last post was comment : 111

  107. actually there's a spoiler on baidu..if anyone can translate it would be great!!! from what i hear (and i hope it's wrong) ....oooohhhhh sis!!


  108. I think the spoiler sounds amazing. Ahahaha. I think those two playing...those roles...could be /hilarious/.

    I want to cry though if the next chapter really won't be til May 5 ;_;

  109. Thanks Lost1Gryff, but I have to say the G2 you did of Ren was awesome, I was shaking because of my laugh and hitting on the bed with one hand for over 5 minutes, and I swear I never saw it comming:D

    G1: Ornaments

    Ren: Mogami-san, I have been keeping something from you all this time, it was because of a promess I made with the president, but I´m finally free to tell you. I´m Corn...

    Kyoko:...(she goes to him, picks him up, and points him to the sun to see if he glows)
    LOL this was, made by copying MissInformed, sorry :p

    G3:Morning came late for Kyoko, after

    Sure you can put 2 words if you want to, because there are really short words.

    G4; it was Mio, with that I worked up a sweat, you are good at make me think, they are so criptic and representative at the same time.

    "Do you have any idea how much courage and perseverance it took... in order to obtain this embarrassing thing!!??"

    the raws are not out yet but the spoilers have begun to spread here is a link because I don´t read spoilers.

    Pinkchan 001

  110. Sorry I haven’t been on. Life caught up to me.

    @Pinkchan: So if pikachu was the second option what was the first?

    @Lost1Gryff: You guessed it right away?! You win a cookie *hands over virtual cookie*
    I don’t feel the need to vent things out of my system when someone else already has. Other people put things so much more elegantly than I .
    And Yashiro fangirling-I men fanboying would be so much fun to read. Just imagining it puts a goofy grin on my face.

    Your games seem fun. And I can’t stop laughing at the G2s.


  111. Sorry I haven’t been on. Life caught up to me.

    @Pinkchan: So if pikachu was the second option what was the first?

    @Lost1Gryff: You guessed it right away?! You win a cookie *hands over virtual cookie*
    I don’t feel the need to vent things out of my system when someone else already has. Other people put things so much more elegantly than I .
    And Yashiro fangirling-I men fanboying would be so much fun to read. Just imagining it puts a goofy grin on my face.

    Your games seem fun. And I can’t stop laughing at the G2s.


  112. Ah double post. Sorry. My computer is being a butt muncher.

    - rishiki

  113. @Lost1Gryff: I like your topics for the G1, I tryed to make it that way but I´m not sure that, was what you wanted.

    And I can´t be sure but I think his name is pronounced "Coo", has a way more japanese feeling that way, "Q" is a bit to american but we need someone that can read japanese to explain that for us.

    @Rishiki: you should play is a great way to pass time, now that we are waithing for a new chapter, the first time we played this game we made over 200 comments, it was the super long wait, we had to do something in order to survive our skip beat deprive, but it was so funny, sometimes I feel like re-reading them. :D

    And well the first thing I though was a song, it was the kind that gets suck in your head and you have no way to get it out, "Pika pika, Shu-chan, pika pika, pika pika" but that song always makes me thing of the song "Glowing dream" I´m a die-hard fan of Gravitation music, the best pop-rock music of any anime. :p

    Ugh the wait is killing, I most pray for a charitative person to scan the chapter for us.
    *Goes to pray*

    Pinkchan 001

  114. @MissInformed
    hey!!!wait... 5th MAY???????????????????? 2 months pause???? what the "heel"???boooooooo..
    i haven't seen the raws yet but i already feel depressed...boooo nakamura booooo!!:((

  115. There´s some doubt between if ch 155 will be out on may 4 or april 5 we cant know until the raws are out. Any way a month wait is still enough to be depressed.

    Pinkchan 001

  116. Hahahaha, what the "heel" XD
    I hope it's not really May, but we shall see. =/ A month wait is never fun, but it's expected. Longer than that is just painful. ;_;

  117. @Lost1Gryff,... "Kuu" name is pronounced like 'Coo'.

    @MissInformed.. it's a month, should be out April 5th.. the writer at the teaser site made a typo, she just corrected it.
    it's that time again, a month wait (skip one issue) after every 3 chapters of half a month each.

    the games seem fun.. I laughed at the G2.. it's a great idea..

    hope the raw is out quick.. it's out in Japan, but nobody scanned it for us yet. Still have to wait.. this chapter seems fun.. Not sure what Lori's intention is..

  118. Aha, thanks Shiroyuki-chan. =) I actually juuust came here to correct myself since I just saw that. ^^; Phew, what a relief XD

    Pinkchan, XD I just saw what you wrote. =) Hee hee, that's fine. Hahaha, Kyoko picking up Ren to see if he glows is even funnier, hahaha....
    (I'm grinning like an idiot now...I have to stifle the laughter because it's too hard to try to explain to my husband why I'm laughing. XD)

  119. @Missinformed, Shiroyuki-chan and Rishiki: Join us in the games! Its way too awesome way to spend time while you are waiting for Skipbeat. I think in the chapter where there was a month and half wait, the comment mark hit over 500!!!And that long wait became bearable...
    Since we have to wait for another month after this chapter, it would be cool to play these!!!

    @Rishiki: Welcome back! Seeing you after a long time!!
    Well, I am a Pokemon fan! My first anime :D , well along with Cardcaptors!
    btw I just say whatever I want to...If I keep thinking that others write in a more elegant way, I'll just depress myself :D

    Now on to the games:

    G1: [Again S *grumbles*] Sawara-san!

    G2: [Lol! Pinkchan: Kyoko lifting Ren!!! Can she actually manage that??? May be with her devil power!!]

    Kaori: Hey Nachan! What are you watching?
    No Response
    Kaori: Hey Nachan!!
    Yumika: She wont listen, ever since the first time, she saw the trailer, she keeps rewatching it and is glued to the screen whenever its on.
    *In the mean time, trailer ends*

    Natsu with stars in her eyes: He is soo cute! I wish I could meet him in real life...
    Yumika makes a face behind Natsu's back...Kaori is totally confused.
    Kaori: Who are you talking about?

    Natsu: That super hot! Cain Heel!

    G3: Morning came late for Kyoko, after 'waiting' :P

    G4: That's Moko-san! Giving Kyoko her B'day gift!!

    "I cannot do that...leaving this interesting matter alone?"

  120. @Lost1Gryff, I forgot to answer one of your questions above... the reason Sho doesn't want people to know his real full first name "Shotaro", it was mentioned by Kyoko as Bo that time she first got the Bo job.. he's embarrassed at the name, apparently the name "Shotaro" is quite an old fashioned Japanese name.. sounds like something lots of Japanese would name their little cute boys back in the 50s? Anyway, he thinks the name is soooo uncool.

    ok.. let's try the game..

    G1: (do we start w/ next letter? T) Takenori (Sawara-san's last name, LOL).

    G2: In the Love-Me locker room.
    Moko-san with a horrified look on her face..:"A..Amamiya-san, I didn't realize it, it's horrible".
    Chiori: "What happenned, Kotonami-san?"
    Moko: "It's Kyoko, whatever you do.. never let her drink alcohol, she's... she's.. *horrified face*.. she KISSED ME!!"
    Chiori: "EEEEEH???"
    Moko: "Well, we had a slumber party last night at my house, I sneaked in a bottle of wine just for the thrill.. I never thought...*horrified face again* that she could turn into a Kissing Monster when she's drunk.. ARGGHH!! it's MY FAULT, I shouldn't have let her drink!!"

    Ren and Yashiro walked past the Love-Me room and overheard the conversation.
    Yashiro: "EEHH?? Kyoko-chan is..??"
    Ren, kept a calm mask, thought: "Maybe I should invite her to cook me dinner tonight? I have a collection of champagnes in my liquor cabinet!" *smiles*

    Ah! sorry, the G2 turns out longer than I intended.
    [**And sorry Spherrow-san, I steal a little of your idea about Kyoko being drunk after reading your last fanfic. Hope you don't mind. ^-^, I just thought about it, and couldn't help it, had to type it out.**]

    G3: Morning came late for Kyoko, after 'waiting' for the..

    G4: was it Yashiro-san who said that?? I can't recall...

    "You also sensed something?.. about that girl."

  121. i think Chinese raws are out but did i call it or what i knew bodyguard didn't sound quite right with Ren it should have been emotional bodyguard i don't know the words for that in Japanese but Kyoko is playing Cain Heels sis (Setsuka heel) she's apparently gonna be a punk rocker girl (wht type of girl is that lol).

  122. @T24:
    I wish you respected those of us who don't like to read spoilers and didnt tell us here what role Kyoko is going to play. It just spoils the story. Next time, please post a link here instead so that interested persons can go and read.

    On to the games:

    G!: Izuka-san [Hope I spelled it right, the one playing Mio's mother in Tsukigomori]

    G2: "hmmm mm hmmm"
    "la la hmm mmmm"

    "Ne onesama What are humming? Please sing it aloud...I want to hear it!"
    "No, I dont sing that well. Its just heard this song and its stuck in my mind"
    "Please, Please! Onesama!"
    "Ok, Maria chan! for you..."

    [In the mean-time]
    Ren thinking: "Maybe I should invite her to cook me dinner tonight? I have a collection of champagnes in my liquor cabinet!" *smiles*
    *hears something*
    "What? Is it Mogami-San singing??"
    Ren and Yashiro-san walk closer to the source of singing.
    Ren thinking to himself, "I knew it, Its mogami-san, I can see her pink uniform from here, may be I can ask her for dinner now"
    Reaching closer, *Listens carefully*

    Kyoko singing:

    "I kissed a girl and I liked it! The taste of her cherry chapstick, I kissed a girl just to try it"

    Outside, Ren faints!!!

    @Shiroyuki-Chan: Your G2 was so funny! When i read that I just remembered this song by Katy Perry!!

    G3: Morning came late for Kyoko, after waiting for the unexpected....

    G4: No it was not Yashiro-san who said that...It was Kyoko in Natsu mode saying this to her senior at TBM when Chiori pushed her down the stairs.

    About your phrase: I think its Kuu and Lory talking about Kyoko on the phone...and Lory was the one who said that. But I am not too sure....

    "Just now you were looking at me like the hand of Salvation"

  123. @T24: About what type of Punk rocker girl would be, I think it would be some female version of Sho or Reino....
    Speaking of Reino, it would fun for him to have interaction with Kyoko in this mode!!!!

  124. sry didn't think it as much of a spoiler i am new to forums please forgive me.

  125. YAY!! people are joining in :D

    @MissInformed, when I was writing that G2, I did visualize poor Kyoko, trying to Pick up Ren, I was LOL, that was not an easy task. And I gave up trying to pretend people think I´m Crazy either way, I may as well give them a reason :p

    G1:American(Sorry if you guys find my G1 too abstract)

    Ren: Mogami-san, I came to say good bye...

    Kyoko: Tsuruga san, you are going away, why?

    Ren: I have been keeping something from you all this time, it was because of a promise I made with the president, but I´m finally free to tell you. I´m Corn... And as the King fairy, I have to go back to my kingdom.

    *Ren changes hair, his wings grow, and he takes off flying to neverland, spreding fairy dust every were*

    Kyoko: I knew it, I was right, they said I was mad, and they didn´t belive me, HAHAHAHAHA.

    LOL I was trying a different version.

    G3: Morning came late for Kyoko, after waiting for the unexpected confession...

    G4: Lost1Gryff that one was easy is Ren in the Kuu arc
    "Dont play dumb, anyone could tell from that face of yours"

    T24 welcome, no one is mad here, Lost1Gryff was just saying that is more polite to avoid spoilers, because some of us love to besurprise by Skip beat, but please come agan and comment, or play the games.(wow one could say I was trying to sale something)

    pinkchan 001 (I think I pass to my denial stage about ch 154)

  126. Okay, I think it goes without saying that telling me the raws are out won't help at all unless you actually give them to me.

  127. The link for the raws is

  128. Hi Mechgouki,

    I just found this Raw 154 by chinglan

    Would really appreciate if you could have some time to translate it :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  129. I also found a mediafire link

    I wish you a nice weekend too
    and would also be very happy if you did the translations this time again for all of us.
    Thanks =)

  130. YAY here is the megaupload, for you mechgouki-kun I hope it works this time.

    if not let us know to see what can we do.

    Pinkchan 001

  131. LOL not `spoiling yet but poor Ren

    Pinkchan 001


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