Monday, March 07, 2011

My view on the situation.

Okay, first off, I'll like to offer my views on some of the more confusing parts of the plot, and ask you guys for your opinion.

First topic, Kyouko's reaction. On page 24, when Ren says Kyouko is doing something that would bring shame to LME, Kyouko's reaction is like, "OH MY GOD!! He knows!!" But then Ren talks about her behavior with Kijima, and she was like, "Oh, so that's what you were talking about." On page 26, she says his anger doesn't seem to be about that "delicate subject". Question is, what is this delicate subject that will make her so scared, even more than how she behaved with Kijima? I really have no idea, but Kyouko seems to be quite concerned if Ren knows about it. Does anyone have any ideas what this "delicate subject" is?

Next topic, on page 20, Kyouko sense that Ren wasn't giving his fake gentleman smile. On page 22, she sensed that Ren wasn't angry either. Yet, on page 2-3, she could sense his anger quite clearly. The question is why?

My guess, is that Ren figured that Kyouko's behavior towards Kijima, is more likely to be out of ignorance of her conduct and failure to recognize its consequences, rather than a willful act despite knowing what it results in. He probably also guessed that Kijima was the one leading her on. He's right about these, of course. On page 25, he tells her that he knows that she wasn't aware of her own actions.

The whole time in the party, despite Ren's nonchalant and gallant display, he was keeping an eye on Kyouko, and listening to her the whole time. He probably was angry. Until the part where Kyouko refuses Kijima, saying she must protect her purity. By that time, Ren probably figured, "at least she still has some self-control", and thus, wasn't so angry. When Kijima ask her who did she keep this vow to, Ren figured it was time for him to step in. (And did you see the look on her face? XD ) Anyway, that's the reason why I think Ren wasn't angry. What do you think?

And next, I'll like to offer my own opinions after hearing other people's opinions.

A lot of people have been saying that Ren acted like a manipulative jerk here, and he has no right to be telling Kyouko what to do.

I quite disagree with that. Is he manipulative? Yes. Is he a jerk? No. To be honest, I'll take an over-concerned Ren over an indifferent Ren any day. Even if we don't take into consideration of Ren's personal relation with Kyouko, Ren is still Kyouko's senior and superior. As his senior, he has every right to be telling her off should he find her behavior to be inappropriate, especially if it concerns the reputation of the company itself.

When you see your female friend acting frivolously with a stranger, and spending his money, you'll be tempted to tell her to be careful, would you not? Furthermore, Ren is more than just that. And he's her senior, who is supposed to guide her along. So, he has every right to do what he did, and say what he said.

Granted, it's rather cowardly of him to give her a lecture, while using the company and the president as a pretext and excuse. But given the situation, I think it's the best he could have done, considering he couldn't just tell her, "I'm telling you to stop because I love you too much!" So, yeah, he had no choice but to use the president as his excuse. :P

Next on the subject. People have been saying that Ren has been digging his own grave, and shooting himself in the foot, when he lectures her, not to spend a man's money, not to allow him to touch your shoulders or waist, not to let your guard down, and other things, etc. Perhaps he stepped in it this time, but perhaps, he didn't.

Remember that time after Shou kissed her, Ren gives her a very firm warning not to let it happen a second time? What happens later, is that he himself, gives her a light kiss on the cheek. Of course, he later had to trivialize it, letting her believe it is nothing more than a gesture of courtesy, yadah yadah, because she was so distraught over it, yadah yadah. But the point is, those rules, do not apply to him.

Ren is the exception to the "other men" rules. And he has exclusive rights. By giving her these ideas, she will be guarded against OTHER men. This greatly reduces the chances that she will be snatched up by someone else, thus leaving her all to himself. :) Or so he thinks at least....

The fact that Kyouko returned this line at him, "you want something from me?", means that she is aware that he is treating her, the same way which he doesn't want the other men to treat her. Basically, yes, Ren's little scheme may have backfired somehow....

Oh, on a related note, have you guys noticed this? On page 27, Kyouko is very apologetic, and Ren is smiling. Basically, he was thinking, "I have won now! I have you right where I want!" So, what he does next is set the terms of her surrender. :) "In exchange for not ratting you out to the boss, next time you will talk to me regarding everything!" Basically, he got her right where he wants her, and he almost got what he wanted! But he wasn't counting on Kyouko talking back, and making a counter-attack. Lol. Has anyone else noticed this? XD

I do have one question though. What was so special in Ren's "you will tell me everything" request, that she chose to react after that? She didn't say what was so special about that line. She didn't say anything like, "Is he trying to control me?" She just act surprised towards what he said, that's all.

The moment Ren made that request, Kyouko is stunned. What was so special or dangerous about that request?

And this is my prediction.

Ren is surprised by Kyouko's question. He is stunned for a while. Then he gives a shiny smile, and asks, "Whatever do you mean?"

Kyouko is taken aback by the smile, but presses on her attack. "But Tsuruga-san, you have been helping me a lot too. And now, you want me to report everything directly to you too. And you always hold my shoulders and waist too. Don't tell me, you want something from me too?"

Ren's smile turns into an angry stare. "I was actually believing that you have realized your mistakes, and you would watch yourself more carefully in future. But apparently, it seems you haven't learned your lesson yet."

The next pages then focus on close ups of Ren's angry face, and Kyouko's frightened reaction.

What happens next you ask? Well, what happens is that they jump ahead what happens immediately, and goes over to the part where they each have their interviews, and each of them gets a flashback/recollection of what happened in that conversation.

Let's face it, the author is fond of doing something like that. :P

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