Monday, March 14, 2011


I was watching Bakemonogatari. Then I realized, Shinobu doesn't wear underwear, she uses a band-aid. 0_o This screenshot was taken from the anime itself.

The story is about a seemingly normal guy, who turned back after becoming a vampire, but still kept his regenerative abilities. One day, he meets a girl who has a problem of having no weight, and he tries to help her. After that, he helps others with encounters of the supernatural.

The title itself is a word play of Bakemono and monogatari. Adapted from a light novel series, you can easily tell that the author is fond of puns, and word plays.

This anime uses an abstract way of telling the story. It uses a series of flashing signs, photographs and other artworks inside. To be honest, it's irritating. They probably also dragged a story which could have been told in a shorter timeline. Too much time is spent on off-topic conversations. It's a little bit ecchi in the sense that it is largely suggestive, there's very little nudity. There's also quite a number of gory scenes.

Anyway, for those interested in watching it, here they are.

It's 720p, subbed by Coalgirls.


  1. You make it sound like a bad show. Is it?

  2. Don't get me wrong. The storyline is actually interesting. It's the way it's told that is unconventional. Think of Melody of Oblivion and End of Evangelion. That kind of abstract progress.

  3. Duly noted~ Unconventionality is something I can respect. After reading the synopsis, it seems rather interesting ^^

  4. I think I stumbled across this at some point and lack of sleep mixed with a crab that made the Hitagi girl floaty I sort of stopped watching after a few episodes fearing I had encountered some sort of brain melt :D The fact she has a plaster in place of underwear is mildly disturbing but one can't help but stare :O I may re-watch the anime after sleep and caffeine!!
    And urg End of Evangelion still haunts me to this day, i own the dvd and still have no clue as to what just exactly went on lol XD

  5. I wouldn't say it is as nearly abstract as Evangelion was.

    Btw, I think the band-aid thing was a BD rip only feature because I certainly didn't remember that watching the TV version

  6. End of Evangelion is just that. I don't think anyone ever completely understood it. It's insane, to be honest.


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