Friday, March 11, 2011

Skip Beat Chapter 172 Version 2.1 is now up.

I updated everything accordingly in the Skip Beat Chapter 172 Scanlation section.

But for those who want it in a rar file, here it is.

I have cleaned up all the pages manually, and corrected and edited any mistakes. If you have already read previous versions before, please read it again. More corrections have been made in 2.1.

This release has been my best work so far. It's almost as good as HQ. Please read it.

(Post reviews in the Chapter 172 Scanlation entry below.)

I am sick of these people who upload to other manga sites but don't bother to update them. Nevermind the fact that they didn't bother to ask for my permission, but they never bothered to check if there is an update, and leave the old ones up there like forever as well. They don't ask me for permission before uploading to other places, and they don't bother to update the content there.

Anyway, basically, I don't get everything right the first time. Sometimes, there's a few mistakes here and there. But the important thing is, I correct it. My first focus is time, of course I won't get everything right the first time. So if you read my works on Mangareader etc, it won't be the most accurate.

Anyway, something else I really wish to say. I noticed a lot of my regulars disappearing. Such Aphrodite, Cherry-chi, Katherine etc. :(

Sometimes, I piss people off without intentionally wishing to do so, and it causes them to leave. Sometimes, I don't even know that I pissed them off. :( Sometimes, I say things I don't really mean, like I was having a bad day, I worded it poorly, or I say something you don't like without knowing. I mean, sometimes a "No, thank you", turns into an "Are you crazy!?" when it comes out of my mouth, lol.

Anyway, even if you're not among the people I mentioned, if you have left, I hope you can come back. Sometimes I just have this natural ability to piss people off without even trying, and I hope you don't leave because of that.