Sunday, September 18, 2011

My thoughts for 180.

I was surprised by a few things. It seems that Kyouko still hasn't gotten round to the idea of sleeping in the same room as Ren. In fact, this time, she went out shopping just so that she could pass the time.

For Ren's past, I think a lot of us guessed it wrong. I had always been under the impression that Kuon had snapped after Rick died. It appears that he turned violent before that. We now have a rough picture of what happened. We have bits and pieces of his flashbacks, but we can now piece most of them together. After the fight, Kuon gave chase, and Rick chased after him. During that chase, Rick got knocked down. It was after that, he went to Japan to become Tsuruga Ren.

Ren feels that he is losing to the darkness that is Kuon. I say that if he wants to conquer that darkness, he is going to have to first accept that it is a part of himself. It is not a disease that manifested from externally, it came from within, and it is a part of himself. He shouldn't be trying to fight it, instead, he should be trying to understand it.

About the fight that happened at the start. Some people offered their opinions about it. Some say that it was racism. Some say that Kuon looks totally American. Some say he was picked on for other reasons. Personally? I don't care! Whatever the cause was, it's not important.

There is one important thing I really don't quite understand. Ren had already known, that if he was going to be B.J., he would have to bring out this darkness. How would he conquer this darkness that was Kuon? Quite some time ago, he made up his mind, that he would conquer it. But what was he planning to do? He wanted to conquer this darkness, yet he took a role that requires it? Was he actually planning to create a new darkness, without ever bringing out Kuon? Or was he trying to bring out the darkness intentionally, while keeping it under control? Perhaps he is disappointed by the fact that the darkness controlled him instead?

And upon hearing what Kyouko said, Ren realizes that he had failed, and instead, brought forth Kuon. If Ren's Kuon side was not what he had intended to be part of B.J., then what was he planning for B.J.? Could it be possible that he wanted to play the role of B.J., while being fully conscious of the fact that he is merely acting out as B.J., and not truly desiring for violence?

Anyway, one more thing. Towards the end of this Chapter, Kyouko called him Tsuruga-san. I personally think it is fitting, because he is definitely not being Cain Heel right now. And it's very impressive that she actually saw through that. He is most certainly not being Cain Heel right now. He is currently the Ren whom Kyouko had always known.

Page 23 show something very clear. Ren is clearly in despair. But when he despairs, it's always the thought of Kyouko that saves him.

On page 23, I was like, WTF? Ren imagines Kyouko calling out to him, naked? No amount of cold shower is going to help that, lol.

My predictions for next chapter. Well, actually I don't have any. But I do have something I really hope to see. I really hope to see this. Ren, in his sadness, asks Kyouko if she could comfort him. Kyouko readily agrees, saying that she will do whatever she can to make him feel better, even if it's just a little. She soon realizes what she just agreed too, when Ren lays her on the bed. Still, she is powerless to resist, unable to resist.

Well, at least she won't have to worry about sleeping any more, cos she won't be getting any! >:D Everyone wins this way, right? ^_^

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