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Natsuru was a normal average student. But one day he finds himself turned into a girl. Not only that, he is a Kampfer, and he must fight other people who are also Kampfers.

Another anime series based on a light novel. Ironically, one of the rare completed series as well. Very few light novels were completed before they were adapted into anime series.

Personally, I can't say I like this one very much. The story is quite shallow, action is very limited, and there wasn't much humor either. I'm not sure why this series is so popular. It's interesting to watch as one of those gender-bender themes, but that's about it.

In addition, this isn't that much of an ecchi anime either. Even though this is the Blu-ray version, they didn't actually remove censors such as mist etc. The only uncensored part was found in the extras.

On a side note. I am a fan of Shining Wind. When I heard Akane's voice in this anime, I was certain that it was the same voice actress as Shiina from Shining Wind. Turns out, I was wrong, and ironically, the voice actress for Akane was actually the same person doing Kureha from Shining Wind. And even more ironic, the voice actress for Shiina is actually in this anime - she's doing the voice of the Lynx.


  1. I shared quite a number of anime, but I noticed that few actually talked about it.

    Nobody wants to discuss the anime series that I share...

  2. thanks for sharing this anime mech. I've to say that at first, I was interested, it sounded nice. But after the first episode I was there like, huh? And I totally agree with you, the story is shallow and as for the fun parts, well there are some but not much,really. The only character I found fun was Akane (kampfer version, of course). And really, from the beginning, I knew there was something weird about Kaede. And then when I saw the 10th episode, I was there like, why am I not surprised.

  3. Thanx for sharing Mech! I'm always amazed when japanese people try to use crappy german. I mean I like it, never thought anyone would like my language but they end up using it false pretty often. The word 'Kampfer' doesn't even exist! (well this is a special case we use our very own vowel -ä- for this -> Kämpfer should it be. But because no one can write that except the ones who have it on their keyboard, we use (extra!) for the internet a transcription -ae- which results in -> Kaempfer - but that might not look as cool as Kampfer?! It basically just means fighter) Well my point is that it just sounds so wrong. I always remember back when I first encountered the japanese weird affinity for german when I watched Bleach. I needed a while before I even realised that they used german for attacks. But it's awesome after all.

  4. Kampfer was cool I wish there was more though the anime ending was so half assed but I thought the OST was cool and downloaded it, I thought the president was cool although the protagonist never seems to go for her type in these kind of series.

  5. I don't always feel I have anything to share. When you post things about Anime I go and look at them. Because I've seen so little of it.
    I don't want you to think I hold no interest in it I just am so limited on things. My son would tell you I'm pretty picky about what I watch. But I just don't like lots of blood and gore. I prefer things that will distract me from the evils of the world...

  6. Hey mech, good day to you! :)
    thank you for take your time to read this :)
    i have a favor, can you translate this?
    i know you already quit but i miss your translation. please consider

  7. Hi there,
    I'm reading your newest post about quitting with tears in my eyes.
    Your blog was always my first source for the newest chapter and I had no idea about the competition about the fastest releases going on. I was always loyal to your site for about 3 years or more? Not sure. I feel really sad about you quitting, but I totally understand.
    Wish you all the best.

  8. i think you got it wrong. it's not about competition or who is right or who is wrong. it's about doing what you like to do. if you don't like it anymore then don't. but if you still do, then who cares what other thinks. you need stop depending on others' approval... and depend more on your personal enjoyments.



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