Thursday, December 16, 2010

Skip Beat Volume 26 Specials scanlation.

Credits to Katherine for finding it, and translating most of it. I don't know who scanned this picture unfortunately.


  1. I've been far too busy lately. This is all I can manage to do right now.

  2. O: thanks for posting.. That's so funny xD Poor Kyoko..

  3. thanks! he´s such a child...*rollseyes*

  4. SO funny! thanks for translating this! ^_^


    Love it mechgouki!!!!
    your the best!!!!
    hahahahahahaahahahaha Shou and kyoko's fight will never get boring to me. I prefer Ren and Kyoko but shou makes it fun and sometimes reino... Hahahhaa
    can't' wait for dec 20!!!

  6. AAAhahahaaaaaa! I love this! Poor kyoko :D


  7. AAhh sorry, forgot to say thanks so much Mechgouki XD

  8. XD
    thanks for that
    itS' funny but he'S such a child XD


  9. Where's part one?


  10. haha! that's so funny!
    i love their scene!
    shou is just like a child!

  11. hahahaha!!! thats hilarious!!!! xD


  12. That Was Freaking Hilarious! Luv it! TY!

  13. Despite my best efforts, some shit-eating dumbasses still post without using a name.

    Guys, please do me this favor. The next time you see a stupid idiot post anonymously, don't bother reminding them to use a name, because they are too stupid to understand.

    The next time you see someone post anonymously without using any form of identification, tell that piece of shit to STFU and GTFO!

    Do not answer any of their questions. If you want to discuss what they are talking about, you can do so after I remove their message.

  14. Aah, what a nice little bit of SB to hold us over until ch. 168 comes out.

    Thanks mechgouki!

  15. That was so funny lol Sho really needs to grow up
    XD Thanks for posting it!


  16. Mechgouki,

    Thank you so much, I don't know why I stopped by here today knowing that it was days away from the time for the new chapter but here you have GIVEN us a gift. You are such a wonderful soul. Thank you so much.
    I do love how bothered Shou becomes over Kyoko. Where once she was obsessed with him he is now obsessed with her. Funny how that works.

  17. ha ha so funny!!!! wish there was more than a page but its still cute and good!!!
    Sho will never grow up!!! But its k because we like him the way he is... sometimes!!!
    can not wait till Dec. 20!!! so sad I will be out the country!!!! so am going to wish Mechgouki,
    A very happy Christmas & New Year!!! and were am going there is no internet service!!! ugh!! its a very remote place from humans!!!


  18. Thank you Mechgouki-kun, we know you are busy with work and we apreciate the time you spend on Skip Beat for us.

    Pinkchan 001

  19. Thank you so much mechgouki...
    Sometimes I think I much more like Sho than Ren because his silly act .... Huahaha.

  20. Guys, don't forget what I said. Make sure you flame the nameless idiots and the trolls.

  21. Great work! Thank you! Enjoyed my read!

  22. Mel: Dont worry mech!! we both me and Pi are on the look out for ya!! ;D

    Lil: We both were browsing around to find any skip beat translators and ended up in this website! we are happy that you are translating this!! xDDD

    Mel: yh thnx we were looking all over on google to find a website like this!!! xDDD

    Mel&Lil(best of friends!!!!)xXx

  23. Hahaa this is great! Poor Kyoko, Sho is so sillyyy it's almost cute. Although I am a super hardcore RenxKyoko fan, I must admit that Sho is getting cuter and cuter each time.

    Thank you for your work Mech! Happy Holidays everyone!

  24. its a funny page ^^

    Thanks Katherine
    Thanks mechgouki

  25. Haha!!! I love it! So great!

    aphrodite931 003

  26. Nice one...Thank you

  27. it was really funny. can't wait for the next chapter. amazing

  28. I have to agree with you on every word you said from "I am disappointed in this chapter" post.
    I love skip beat, i really do, But the fact the the author is stretching this out is killing me.
    Every chapter i have expectations (I mean who doesn't). I try not to get too lavished in my imagination but i do. It is (to me) imperative for Skip beat to increase their standards and shouldn't exceed what is reasonable. Because if there going to carry this out, make it enduring. It was good in the beginning but now, idk anymore. In other words, these disappointments isn't doing me any good. As for the next chapter, I'm expecting .. again, But i doubt i'll be pleased. :(

    Btw any news on season 2?? :O

    ~~Always will be a >>fan<< <3

  29. I don't think it's a horrible chapter, true you might feel that Ren was kinda a jerk for making Kyouko eat that thing with him but I also see it as a beginning in which Kyouko as well as we the readers get to slowly understand more of Ren's character and history.

    You may think that it's not a good chapter because the story is not advancing. To me this chapter is expanding and adding detail to what is already there in a cute and entertaining way. This adds personality to the characters and makes for a better story later on.

    Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait.

  30. i loved this i wisjed i have a voice changer XD thank you for translating but i was wondering if ther is a part one

  31. I have a question... was there a part 1? (I tried looking for it but could not find it)

  32. NVM found it thanks!! :D

  33. LOL... No matter how many times I read this, it cracks me up.

  34. hahahahahahah sOOOO funny!!!!
    Thanks dear mechgouki =)))
    i also red the chap 25, and it asnwered my question ^^ cuz in the anime and i dun remember well if its in the manga also , like a lil letters, says that she got her "lil me" back ^^. =D
    Thank you !!! =)))


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