Sunday, December 05, 2010


There are various sites like these all around, they promise to provide a download that you are looking for, and when you try to enter, they want you to pay. And even if you did, you will still not be getting what you want.

These scam sites simply capture what people type in to search engines the most, then offer that as a download, and demand that you pay money for it.

DO NOT PAY ANY FORM OF MONEY TO THESE SITES. They are nothing but scammers.

Sometimes, when you search for torrents or files, you see something like :
"[Sponsored Links] Skip beat 167 download".
If you see these sponsored links, it's most definitely a scam!

They always use the same process. Provide a link which looks like what you want. You click it. They show all forms of high speed download. You click it to see the download. Then they pop up an error message saying only members can download. They say registration is free and prompt you to provide your email address etc. Then you register. And then they come up with some payment listing, saying all you have to do is to make this small payment, and you can get everything. FUCK THIS SHIT!! This is nothing more than an attempt to cheat your money!

I will not tolerate anyone posting scam links on my blog!

And everyone, make sure you are fully aware of these scams. DO NOT BE TAKEN IN! These sites will not have what you want, and you must never pay them!

Be wary of SMS scams as well.

Advertising sites, and sometimes even the newspaper and tv, tells you, that you send an SMS to a certain number, you enter a contest to get a chance to win something, like an iPhone or PS3.

IT'S BULLSHIT! They put in very fine print that each sms costs around US$3. And they claim it's a legal service. The hell it is! DO NOT BE TAKEN IN!