Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Izirae's Chapter 148 submission.

Okay, for those who didn't know, Izirae got into trouble with FH, so she had to remove her scans.

But along came some super-smart guy, and submitted her works on MF. BTW, did I mention that he got the first page as the last?

I think we should ask Izirae what to do, but I seriously don't think she gave permission for this submission.


  1. Is there anyway to contact the staff directly?
    LOL what an idiot. >__<

  2. Idiot Person...
    btw, I just read the chapter, yet again, it seems Izirae-San's translations at some places totally different from MEchgouki-San's....

  3. Izirae is using Bluelight's translation, not mine. :(

  4. http://forums.mangafox.com/member.php?u=174708

    Check here. The dumb shit just screwed Izirae.

  5. Popping my head in. You can upload your own version to replace hers, actually; anyone can. It'll just overwrite hers. (Make a note to the MF admins and they'll gladly oblige because they don't want to break scanlator rules either.)

    The problem with scanlations is that people assume "what's yours is mine and mine is everyone's," so everything is free game unless the group is REALLY outspoken about it. =/ I guess next time, just try and make it unmistakably clear to NOT share it.

    Oh, and an unrelated question. Mechgouki, would you like me to look over your 148 tsl? ^^

  6. Sure thing. I did some cross reference with Bluelight's though, some are more accurate then mine, but not all.

    BTW, the rejected the submissions. It's going to take a few tries, I suppose...

  7. I'll take a look at 148 tomorrow, since it's pretty late here.

    And I can try to submit your version if you'd like? They may be denying it because it's your own work, which seems stupid, but you never know. >>;;

  8. Sure, whatever it takes to get it done.

  9. I tried my submission again, if it still doesn't get done by tomorrow, please help me submit, thanks.

    Oh, the scanlator part, put in something like this:
    Raws:Xiaofan@billwang Translator:Mechgouki

  10. I have something to confess to, though. When I saw my Chapter being replaced, I was kinda disappointed. I wanted to say this to Zolloz. "What's the matter? Is my translation not good enough for your highness?"

  11. LOL niceeeeeee
    A post just for me x) I feel like super duper special!!!
    As for the upload on MF--I had absolutely no part in it--but thanks so so so much for adding your over mine. Some people are complaining about it changing back and forth with the scans, but either way, I give you many thanks!!!
    I'm sorry for not checking more often; I'm simply working on achieveing a higher standard of work, so I don't pay much attention to anything!
    I'm also going to make a post today so that I can apply for FH's scanlation team.

    The next chapter, LQ? I suppose so! But we should at least make it a white page. Looks like I'm doing three versions of the chapter lol
    I'm doing (hopefully) an HQ with FH, a chapter with you (yay!) and then my own because I do scanlate by myself, no matter what. I want to always have my own version of everything. How about this--I'll clean up the RAWS and then send them to you to add in text in MS Paint?
    We could make that work :D

    I've just figured out how to use denoisers, so the quality of my work has improved yet again!!!
    Now onto fixing the grays... :X

  12. Alsooo~
    I used unrelatedwaffle's translations. Japanese RAWS, Japanese trans--seems right, right?

    LOL Mechgouki you seem sooooo angry!!! I'm a bit scared O_o
    I don't think that people didn't like your trans, so much as they want the "cleaner" version of the RAWS. It's not like my work is any better than yours, though. OBviously lol.
    Me: English speaking
    You: Not
    I see a large difference in awesomeness D;
    At any rate, thanks much for your concern too :D
    It's refreshing

  13. We are all one big family :3

    Nice to see everyone caring for another ^.^
    Sorry to hear that you got in trouble Izirae-san

    But what I'm really confused is how and who?


    I hope you make it for FH!

    I think you will cause you seem soooo good at cleaning! ^.^


    Speaking of making something...
    I got in women's choir at my school! ^.^
    I'm a 2nd soprano <3

  14. I didn't know where else to post this, so, here it'll go!

    Here's the proofread version of 148:
    http://www.fairy-fountain.net/148 for mechgouki.txt

    Let me know if you have any questions, or comments, or whatever! ^_^

  15. Thanks Mousey! I always misspell ridiculous and unforgivable. >_<

    Yeah, about the Kokode, I didn't notice it the first time, second time, I left it alone because I didn't know how it fit.

    Your grammar makes the context fit better. I tend to translate it directly from Japanese, and they don't include these conjunctions.

    For Hannya though, I am 100% certain mine is correct. The Hannya is a white faced demon with horns and fangs. It's not the prajna-something, I'm certain.

  16. Yeah, translating from Japanese to English is a real time-eater because the structures are so radically different. You almost have to take a lot of artistic liberties with the translation for it to sound normal, because it's so fragmented otherwise. And that's one reason why you get many versions of the same chapter that look so different; all of them are right, it's just their way of structuring things is unique. @_@

    And I believe you about the hannya; I just ran it through my dictionary to check. Demon makes much more sense there anyway!

    No worries, ridiculous and unforgivable are really common misspelled words LOL. *grades papers as a job* If that's your worst misspelling, you're in great shape!


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