Sunday, April 03, 2011

Yoshiki Nakamura's message about the earthquake.

This image from Hakusensha magazine was done by Nakamura.

Translated by Vampirecat as:
Heart-felt prayers that everyone of the areas struck by the disaster can one day soon return to their former lives. Maintain love and courage and somehow please hang on!!


  1. I was wondering if it was at all possible to help you with this scanlation? It would be completely for free and anonymous. I'm pretty good at cleaning and typesetting, so send me an email if your interested : I also saw a notification in one of the skip beat forums about a proofreader and if you wanted i could contact him if your interested in him. He's real good. :) I hope that you might take my offer cuz i would love to help you in your project!

  2. @mittins

    How's this? You take my translation, and you release the finished product as your own, just remembering to add my name to the credits? How's that sound?

    Anyway, a proofreader is nice, but I need more of a language checker, someone who can tell me if I got some parts translated wrong, rather than advice me on grammar and spelling.

  3. Thanks for posting this up! ^.^
    Sigh I hope things work out ok in Japan...

  4. Hey mechgouki! hi again, and thanks again. Hmm i just posted a comment in the 173 section about your changes in pages 23 and 24, maybe ifyou have some timecould you tell me what you think?

  5. Heya, 174 raw is out!!

  6. A little late, but I hope everything turns out alright in Japan. They've been hit with some big earthquakes recently. And yes! I pray that the Japanese can hang on and stay hopeful.

  7. Hello mechgouki I was wondering could you help me translate the video game play I recorded of skip beat on the ps2. I want to show game play to everyone but then some people are ask for english subtitles so I being try to find someone who can translate. Thank you for take time to read this. My youtube account is ruekia and email is


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