Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I won't be working on a version 2 for Chapter 173.

The main reason is because mangastream has already released something better.

(I can't view anything on their homepage.)

To be honest, I think their translator is more accurate than I am.

However, there are still some parts I don't agree with them.
-Page 1, they translated it as "land of mysteries". The original text is fushigi no kuni, which I believe means Wonderland, as you can tell from the background. Also, I'm pretty sure the description is "dancing", not "out of control".
I was also considering to add in some of the text on the cards before. The words on the cards include: Loathe, hate, evil, happiness, peace, excellence, grudge, safety. There probably won't be enough space to add them, though.
-Page 20, it is debatable which interpretation of what Ren said is more accurate.
-Page 23, I'm not so convinced that this part is more accurate than mine.
-Page 24. The more accurate term should be "Playboy". This also makes it consistent with what she calls him in Chapter 150.
-Page 24. I'm pretty sure the "ayashi" here implies seductive/bewitching, not shady/suspicious. I think the original text is saying something like the gentleman is actually the emperor of the night in disguise.
-page 25, the last part, might not be a self-asking question, since she talks to Bo in the next page.

Apart from these mentioned, the rest of their translations are likely to be more accurate than mine.

When I was translating, I went over each page very quickly, to release it as fast as possible. Hence there were several mistakes. However, for page 20, and 23, I went over these pages many times over, asking for many opinions, and altering them several times. I am pretty confident that I got these 2 pages correct.

So, anyway, there's little point in trying to improve my work now.
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